First Impressions on MBC Weekend Drama Can You Hear My Heart

I am so so behind on K-drama watching, having pretty much only followed 49 Days for the past few weeks. I’ve dropped Midas and The Duo for now, and my goal is to finish the brilliant President this weekend and finally crown it the best K-drama of 2011 (so far). I know folks have asked me to pick up New Gisaeng Story, and I’m waiting for a little more feedback from Thundie before deciding whether I want to pick up a 50 episoder. I did finally watch both episodes of the new weekend drama Can You Hear My Heart and my initial verdict is – mixed feelings on the story, but leaning heavily on the thumbs up side for the entire package.

I teared up and smiled my way through the first two episodes, and if a drama can touch me so sincerely right off the bat, I think it’s probably a drama worth following. The story is a standard family-twists-and-struggles-of-the-rich-and-poor fare, but there is something honest and luminous about this drama. If I keep watching it, it will be for both the amazing performance Jung Bo Seok (officially my ahjusshi crush) is putting forth as a kind and mentally-simple father, and the eye-popping Moon Geun Young-in-Autumn-in-my-Heart-esque performance Kim Sae Ron is delivering as a girl who wants so desperately to have a chance at living a normal life. Continue reading

Upcoming MBC Drama Can You Hear My Heart Casts Its Leads Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Jae Won, and Nam Goong Min

MBC’s current weekend drama Flames of Desire is burning up the screens with its epic pathos, but its successor looks to do an about-turn and go the cheerful, upbeat route. Earlier in January, rising actress Hwang Jung Eum was cast as the … Continue reading