Kim Woo Bin is Captivating in Posters and Trailer for Heist K-movie Criminal Designer

For those bemoaning why so-and-so actor has already gotten drama leading and Kim Woo Bin still hasn’t, I don’t think that criminally hot namja is losing any sleep over it. He’s already the lead in the upcoming Korean heist movie Criminal Designer (formerly known as The Technicians) costarring the underrated Lee Hyun Woo and the always entertaining Go Chang Seok. I watched the movie trailer (linked below with English subs) and found it intriguing more for Kim Woo Bin than for the snippets of the set up, which frankly feels like a low rent version of Thieves.

That’s not a bad thing actually since Thieves had too many characters (and super stars) cluttering up the screen without a really compelling story tying it together, relying more on a glittery Macau location shoot to smooth over the nonsensical elements. A story oriented smaller scale heist is fine with me, and this talented cast is further rounded out by Kim Young Chul, Shin Goo, Im Joo Hwan, and Jo Yoon Hee. The movie comes out on December 24th and will be coincidentally going head-to-head with The Royal Tailor with Kim Woo Bin’s Heirs leading lady Park Shin Hye. Continue reading