Fresh-faced Young Cast Starts Filming C-movie Adaptation of Popular Romance Novel Summer’s Desire

I still remember the time when this novel was popular, but it feels like so long ago I’m not sure the audience is out there for another adaptation. There is a movie version of Summer’s Desire (泡沫之夏) coming along, produced by HK star Gigi Leung and starring a bunch of fresher faced young stars. Many folks may remember the 2010 drama version starring Barbie Hsu (Da S), Peter Ho, and Huang Xiaoming, which was all sorts of turgid to watch and weirdly miscast for me, with Peter looking rapey and/or constipated, Huang Xiaoming sleazy as all out, and Da S giving off morose pissy vibes the entire way.

The original story is not my favorite but the drama version basically amped up every glaring flaw about it with the dysfunctional relationships and unlikable characters. Doesn’t help that I prefer second male lead Luo Xi over stalker pants male lead Ou Chen, but then again, am not a fan of female lead Xia Mo so maybe it doesn’t matter that she totally picked the wrong guy at the end of the story. This time around, at least the cast is closer to the age of the story leads, with newbie actress Huang Chan Chan as Xia Mo, HK-actor Him Law as Ou Chen, and cute C-actor Yen Yu Hao as Luo Xi. Once again, so rooting for Luo Xi here. Continue reading