Upcoming Chinese Program Beloved Inn Reported to Be Copycat of Popular Korean Reality Show Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast

I really think the Chinese audience would be as turned off by the wholesale idea copying of popular K-ent variety shows if they knew the backstory of where the current popular C-versions are from. The Rap of China is the most prominent show under scrutiny for the straight up copying in format and concept of Show Me the Money, and it’s popularity doesn’t validate the plagiarism but the likelihood is that most viewers watching don’t know about the copying aspects and just like the show because who wouldn’t since it’s based off a popular K-version that’s already paved the way for the successful format.

Another hit C-show Chinese Restaurant has been alleged to have copied Youn’s Restaurant, and now it’s followup show taking over in October called Beloved Inn has a synopsis exactly like currently airing hit show Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast. It’s about running a local inn by a couple that tests their love and commitment in living a simple life, and also showcasing the culture of the local area. Sigh, I hope the SARFT ban is lifted because it’s so easy to criticize the mainland productions for such unethical idea stealing without attribution and even worse monetary payment, but it frustrates to see it lead to wholesale demonizing of the culture and people of China since many also hate seeing this happen. Continue reading