Second Official Poster for When I Was Most Beautiful with Im Soo Hyang, Ha Suk Jin, and Ji Soo Now Switches Favor of One Brother Over the Other

Hhhmmm, interesting of the production for upcoming melodrama When I Was Most Beautiful to keep viewers on their toes over which brother leading lady Im Soo Hyang will end up with. From the first poster she’s all Ghost pottery making with Ha Suk Jin‘s older brother while poor lovelorn younger brother Ji Soo sits on the stairs as the lurking third wheel. In this new second poster, Im Soo Hyang and Ji Soo are in white couple’s attire in a wedding walk pose while Ha Suk Jin and second female lead Hwang Seung Un are paired up in black couple’s attire on the other side. There were a couple of year during the early Hallyu era when K-dramas was fixated on the love triangle involving competition between two brothers, or two sisters, and even fauxcest, but that died off until now when it’s being resurrected like a 2020 COVID era rebirth. Please at least give it some fresh spin.

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