Things are Pretty Awkward in New Stills and Teaser for When I Was Most Beautiful as Im Soo Hyang Wins the Hearts Brotherly Affections of Ji Soo and Ha Suk Jin

A love triangle involving two family members can’t end well, even if one conveniently dies of a terminal illness at the end and frees up the other two to be together. With Ha Suk Jin being a race car driver, I could see him perishing in a fiery crash and then younger brother Ji Soo and female lead Im Soo Hyang find their happy ending without the awkwardness. And it does look so awkward in the new stills and teasers for When I Was Most Beautiful premiering next week, I haven’t picked a brother yet because I’m agnostic until I understand their characters and intuitively decide who is a better fit for female lead. I just hope Ji Soo doesn’t spend the entire drama being a puppy dog and moping from a distance because that will get old fast, even if he does look tremendously appealing in that endearing way.

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Second Official Poster for When I Was Most Beautiful with Im Soo Hyang, Ha Suk Jin, and Ji Soo Now Switches Favor of One Brother Over the Other

Hhhmmm, interesting of the production for upcoming melodrama When I Was Most Beautiful to keep viewers on their toes over which brother leading lady Im Soo Hyang will end up with. From the first poster she’s all Ghost pottery making … Continue reading

So Many Throwbacks in Poster and Teaser for MBC Melo Romance When I was Most Beautiful with Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, and Ha Suk Jin

It’s going to be telling of your age/generation if you thought upcoming MBC romance When I was Most Beautiful straight up copied a scene from Ghost. Now I’m humming Unchained Melody again, damn you pottery wheel skinskip! I then checked … Continue reading