First Peek at Kim So Yeon and Joo Jin Mo in the Upcoming Movie Russian Coffee

Neither Kim So Yeon nor Joo Jin Mo have been on the small screen in quite some time, and I’d rather both stick with movies and eschew dramas unless the right script comes along. I’m still shuddering from the mess that was Dream. Both are currently filming the period movie Russian Coffee (also known as Kapi, which is the Korean pronunciation for Coffee).

The story is set in Emperor Gojong’s reign in the late Joseon era. A secret mission of Japanese spies attempt to assassinate King Gojong to prevent him from declaring the formation of the Korean Empire during the period of Korean royal refuge at the Russian legation. Joo Jin Mo is Russia’s best shooter Ilichi, Yoo Son plays Sadako, a woman who namipulates Ilichi, and Park Hee Son will be King Gojong. Kim So Yeon will be playing Joseon’s first barista Tanya, who carries out the secret mission with Ilichi. Continue reading