K-stars Post Yellow Ribbons on SNS Marking the 6th Anniversary of the Sewol Ferry Sinking Tragedy

Social distancing life of spring 2020 will not and should not stop the gathering of friends, family, and caring people in South Korea to memorialize the 6th anniversary of the Sewol Ferry sinking. K-stars were posting about it which is great because I forgot this anniversary so there is good from stars commenting about public events. It was April 16th, 2014, has it been so long already?, when a typical sailing from Seoul to Jeju island on a ferry packed with high school seniors and other passengers hit a small atoll outcropping and just sank like a rock.

Wrong and poor communication from the captain and crew increased the number of deaths as passengers stayed put waiting for help that came too late because the ship was sinking too fast due to being overloaded with freight in violation of it’s weight in order to make more money. Everything about this tragedy could have been avoided: safety protocol wasn’t followed, regulations were ignored due to greed, and everything that could be done wrong was done wrong. I still can’t get over the death of basically an entire high school graduating class of seniors on top of every single person who perished, may there be peace for those still living and those who are gone.

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