Korea’s Longest Running Webtoon Sound of Heart Gets K-drama Adaptation with High Kick PD

Holler if you want something different from K-dramas because one is on the way. There’s a new project in the works that might be the next unexpected hit, or at the least something appealing to a different demographic than the makjang majority that controls the drama hour remotes in Korea. The longest running webtoon in Korea, hosted on the biggest search engine Naver, just confirmed a drama adaptation coming this fall. The webtoon is called Sound of Heart (or Sound of My Heart), which sounds cheesy and all about romance but is far from that as it aims for finding humor in the daily life.

The drawings are what I called visually unappealing, maybe an adult blocky version of Japan’s popular kiddie toon Crayon Shin Chan. The webtoon has been running since 2006 by artist Jo Seok and is described as a slice of life, absurdist, snarky story about the life of the main character who is basically a stand in for the webtoon writer. He bakes in current events and random daily mundane asides into an addicting long-running webtoon that is published every Monday and Thursday and gets tens of thousands of comments per issue. The drama adaption is still in the works and the only attached name is the PD from Unstoppable High Kick and High Kick Through the Roof. Continue reading