Chinese Authorities Clamp Down Further on Period C-dramas, Orders All Off Screen Through June

If you’re in the middle of watching a period C-drama, whether historical, palace intrigue, fantasy, supernatural, or just any period real or made up that happens to look vaguely of the past, get ready for immediate watching blue balls. Chinese broadcast authorities have leveled up on it’s earlier in the year edict spurred on by the runaway success of Story of Yanxi Palace that court intrigue dramas cannot feature “plotting” or sensationalize real life historical figures and time periods in a way that features extravagance (glorifying a luxury lifestyle) which was considered incompatible with the core ideas of communism and socialism. That was back in early February and now a mere one month later the powers that be have decided to tighten the restrictions, ordering immediately that any and all period C-dramas be removed from television broadcast and/or online streaming. This covers even stuff that’s fantasy and made up, as long as it’s a period setting then it’s donzo for the time period. It’s supposed to last through June but who knows. Glad I’m not on that train, sucks to have a drama disappear midway. Continue reading