Lee Bum Soo Joins Timeslip Dr. Jin and Kim So Yeon and Park Min Young in Talks as Female Leads

Well, well, well, this certainly slightly negates what I said not a day earlier about A Gentleman’s Dignity surely creaming Timeslip Dr. Jin when both premiere on May 26th. Today news broke that Lee Bum Soo has been cast in Timeslip, which pretty much means he’s the real second lead and Jaejoong is there for the pretty hot young thing quotient. I can live with that. Now I’m SOOOOO torn. On one hand, AGD has smexy ahjusshis in Jang Dong Gun, Kim Min Jong, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Kim Soo Ro. That’s a whole lotta manly man sizzle. But I simply LOVE Lee Bum Soo, he won my heart forever more in On Air and Giant. I know my roboty Song Seung Heon is going to get eaten alive, but as long as he brings the pretty, I’m good with that. Right now I’m leaning towards Timeslip, and the two actresses rumored to be joining increase my interest. Continue reading

A Gentleman May Compete Directly with a Time-traveling Doctor for Weekend Ratings

That is the ratings question come this May. SBS has confirmed that its recently started filming Kim Eun Sook-penned super hot ahjusshis drama A Gentleman’s Dignity will be trying to recapture the success of Kim Eun Sook’s last drama Secret … Continue reading