Yoo Seung Ho in Chill Fall Fashion 1st Look Pictorial with Xiumin of EXO


The twin assets of being young and beautiful typically append the third attribute of coolness. Youth and good looks elevates the visual and adds a veneer of hipness to whatever action is going in, and in the case of 1st Look Magazine pairing together actor Yoo Seung Ho with idol band EXO member Xiumin, hanging around grandma’s home on a lazy afternoon feels legit chill. They also pull off every single outfit in this fashion spread, from the tight torn jeans to suspenders with white jeans, not to mention way too much paisley-esque patterns. If this is the fall 2016 fashion then it’s not bad, and I even see socks on Yoo Seung Ho even with the too short pants that for so many years have been paired without socks like socks was exiled for misbehaving. Looking good boys! Continue reading