Lee Jong Seok Declines Offer for K-drama Younger and is Not Enlisting for Military Service on Rumored February 2019 Date

There was a two-fer news featuring K-actor Lee Jong Seok to end the week, and both are actually connected. The K-media first reported that Lee Jong Seok was going to be the leading man in upcoming K-drama Younger, and then would enlist after that in February 2019. His side quickly debunked the rumor, saying that Younger was offered to Lee Jong Seok earlier this year and he already turned it down, and further he would not be enlisting in February 2019. I personally think he should enlist as soon as he can and get it over with. As for Younger, it’s the drama about a 40 year old woman who loses her job and career, so reinvents herself as a 27-year old to restart her life. Clearly this drama is moving forward even without Lee Jong Seok and I’m wondering who will be the leading lady other than the first name to pop into mind Jang Nara, except she’s already done this once before with Baby-faced Beauty. Continue reading