City Hall: My Whoa Drama

It recently dawned on me that I’ve been blogging away (randomly) without once honoring the drama that transformed me from a passive watcher to an active discussion participant.

A year ago, I would have done ten successive posts about this drama. Alas, I think I overdid the love and backed off lest people started to think I was a crazy freak. By jove, it has been too long, I think I’m ready to talk about City Hall.

City Hall is my undisputed favorite drama of 2009. It’s going to be a cold day in hell before it falls off my top 10 list in any way shape or form. But what I want to discuss about this drama is to hold it up as my Whoa Drama.

What is a Whoa Drama, you ask? A Whoa Drama is that one drama where as you are watching it, your mind continues to be blown as you start to see K-dramas in a hitherto different light.

You love what you are seeing, and with each successive episode you love it even more. Afterwards, you can’t do anything more than to think about it all day long. And it may or may not spur you to delurk on a forum or call everyone you know to make them watch it so you can talk about it with them.

Maybe at that time you think you are watching the best thing ever committed to small screen, and later you concede maybe it wasn’t, but at the end of the day, you simply loved it more than you recollect loving anything you’ve watched.

City Hall is my Whoa Drama – it changed for me the perception of what a K-drama could deliver that I craved (a mature, sexy romance in a feel-good story with fantastic actors).

I had watched over a dozen dramas by the time I started watching City Hall, but it was City Hall that taught me to pay attention to all the details and inspired me to critically analyze my dramas (or at least attempt to).

I love City Hall to bits, and someday I will do a proper review of it. For now, this is my shameless attempt to feature a post on City Hall and share some gorgeous screen caps of my favorite drama couple of all time – Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won.

I loved their chemistry, I loved their development as a couple, and their happy ending literally made me so happy I think I floated around for weeks on end, having their fictional bliss blend into my real world. If that is not a Whoa moment, then I don’t know what else is?

With that said, what is your Whoa Drama?


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  1. My “Woah Drama” is Alone in Love. I’ve seen it three times now, and my love for it grows deeper with each watch. I’ve been watching K-dramas since 2005 and never really felt the needed to purchase DVD sets of anything mostly because, well, I’m stingy. ahahah. I mean, there were definitely k-dramas that I loved, but not enough to own. But after seeing AiL for the third time, I wanted the box set and promptly ordered it online. For me personally, that says a lot. Man, I really love that show!

  2. I discovered Kdramas when I discovered Rain, so the first ones I ever watched were A Love to Kill, Let’s Go to School, Sang-doo, and Full House. None of these made me fall in love (and one made my want to spork my eyes out).

    My Woah Drama is Coffee Prince; after that there was no going back for me. When I fall, I fall hard. And forever! 🙂

  3. On that note – does the koala household have the DC of Damo? Worth it? No? 70 extra minutes of bliss?

    So, yes…Damo.

    Not the first, in my top 3, watched it easily 3 times, adore every freaking second and cry like a babe every time.

  4. I LOVE your definition of a Whoa Drama!

    A Whoa Drama is that one drama where as you are watching it, your mind continues to be blown as you start to see K-dramas in a hitherto different light. You love what you are seeing, and with each successive episode you love it even more. Afterwards, you can’t do anything more than to think about it all day long. And it may or may not spur you to delurk on a forum or call everyone you know to make them watch it so you can talk about it with them.

    Mine would have to be Ruler of Your Own World. A pal downloaded for me the blurry 100MB version because that was the only version available at that time. I loved the drama so much I watched it twice, even though I couldn’t even see the faces of the characters clearly! I became friends with the guy who fansubbed the drama and kept hounding YA Entertainment to release ROYOW with English subs. YA eventually did, hurray!

    ROYOW changed all my kdrama expectations and made Winter Sonata (my first drama) look utterly superficial and silly. It will forever be in my all-time Top 5. My goal is to recap ROYOW one day. I’ve watched it four times and will never tire of it… ever.

    Thanks so much for this post!

    • Ha, I (sorta) hounded the girl on YA’s facebook page to have them release Chuno but she said it was too expensive but they MIGHT someday. So basically it aint gonna happen.

      Instead they consider releasing crap like Punch, Star’s Lover, or Princess Lulu! I guess they can get SBS shows cheap. I told them to consider Green Rose instead.

  5. My WHOA drama – MISA and MISA forever.
    A drama which made me appreciate K-melodramas.. Autumn Tale what? Winter Sonata what?

  6. I have no idea why I came so late to this party. I have two Whoa dramas. MISA and then Resurrection. To me they broke the mold of what I expected from kdramas and made me fall so hard I felt I couldn’t breath. Makes my first drama Winter Sonata look like my first crush which seems so insignificant when you know what real love is.

    I suspect Comrades will do the same.

  7. my whoa dramas of course is city hall. i love it very much, i see it many times over one year. it change me so much, and m whoa actor is cha seung won, he is so handsome and cool. i love csw.

  8. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon would always be special and will always top my K-drama list on almost all categories I can think of.

    BUT, my Whoa Drama is indeed CITY HALL!!! With reasons stated (word for word 🙂 ) by the ockoala already.

    Thanks for coining this term. I now will not feel bad because I will not have to compromise City Hall as my number 2 drama anymore. It is now my Whoa Drama! ^^

  9. City Hall upped the ante for me for kdrama after Kim SamSoon. I loved the cinematography, lighting and the script. Of course, the actors were wonderful, too.

    Looks like Secret Garden will be another winner. The Mayor (which Mi-Rae replaced) from City Hall was the VVIP pervert in Secret Garden. 🙂

  10. I’m late in replying this but YAY City Hall is my Whoa Drama!!

    I still can’t do a proper review of this drama as I love it so much and feel that I still haven’t squeenzed out every bit of it yet before I can make a review that’s up to standard that can match the drama itself. I would write tiny bits of the drama as I think of it; but they’re just bits and pieces that has no coherence at all.

    It’s like I feel so close to it that I can’t write about it with a certain subjectivity (I guess there’s a certain level of subjectivity required in order for me to write a good review). Sigh. Still very much love it at this moment.

    I do look forward to seeing your review on CH in the future though!!

  11. I just finished City Hall. I mean twice, cause I watched it alone Sunday to Thursday nights, while watched it again with my mom and sis on weekends. And How I love it, and how I thank you for talking about it so you made me watch this wonderful romantic drama!!!! I can’t commit myself to another drama cause I’m so involved with CH I can’t think of anything else. So all I do is listening to the OST when I can, when I can’t I reproduce the songs mentally, and I think back of scenes, and depending on what scene I begin to cry or smile.
    What I like the most is that CH is truly romantic drama, not only KSA and CSW are a hot couple, but a romantic one, and their love feel so real and realistic that it transcends the screen. No doubt this is my favorite couple ever, and I don’t think any couple could beat them, but I hope some get close.
    The trick is that this drama gives me higher expectations on love. I mean, I want a guy who pull me like JG pulls MR for a hug, while walking in episode 16, this moment I rewatched like ten times, cause it was so perfect and natural. The way they dance in the last episode, looking into each other eyes… omg it melts me. The scene when they’re in the yacht makes me giggle with joy. The fingers in the taxi ride scene … leaves me speechless, I’m just tearing from thinking of it. I could go on forever… so, to make it short I’ll end with the kiss. I mean The Kiss, hottest kiss ever. Love all the sequence, watched it like 20 times??? Can’t tell.
    One of my top dramas, could it be the best one? Or the most loved one?
    The only thing to keep me looking forward is The Greatest Love. I mean is CSW, and I just want to watch him again, I’ve been downloading his movies and I’m even considering watching Athena…. So, yes I’m lost and hopeless. He’s my new and only crush.
    Finally, you said “I love City Hall to bits, and someday I will do a proper review of it”. Can I beg you?, please do it!!!!

    • I finished CH a little over 3 weeks ago and it still haunts me every second of everyday. In the early mornings, at work, when I’m eating, doing my business, before I go to sleep, etc. I so desperately wish to be a part of their love story or hope to find what they shared in CH. It comes off so natural and real. It’s a drama where you’d want to watch every second of it. I’ve re-watch CH over 5 times, I think. Some episodes, over 10 times. I’m sleep deprived and simply just…not me anymore. I’ve always been a fan of KSA, but CSW…I’ve come to admire. I cannot express enough in words of how CH has impact my life. I only wish I could have watched this back in 2009. For some odd reason, I completely stopped watching K-dramas after 2007. Recently started again when Secret Garden aired. I hope KSA and CSW reunite in the nearest future. I don’t care what it is…a CF, MV, drama, movie, variety show…etc.

  12. It’s only through OcKoala’s land, I found City Hall. While you are doing your best doing recaps for Best Love (of which until now I’m so afraid to watch as I don’t want to mess my mind with wonderful chemistry between CSW and KSA in City Hall vs CSW and GHJ), I found my Woah drama which was City Hall. I have always love KSA’s drama and films and i dunno somehow, I almost missed CH. And for me, the best OTP is both of them (beside YEH and KJH). Now, bcause I’m watching CH again, I decided to read your post about CH. Thank you for giving such joy 🙂

  13. Ironically, my WHOA drama was Greatest Love. Currently watching City Hall (for CSW) right now and whilst it’s a good series, it just didn’t hit me straight in the heart like GL did. Blame it on my weird taste in men. (Ah yes, I do find the man-child anti-hero Dongko Jin immensely appealing.)

    With that said, I swear CSW is a male succubus with his own gravity field. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if his female co-stars fell for him. I mean, KSA was kinda being blatant about it on her Me2day!

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