Ultimate Bromance: So Ji Sub and Song Seong Heon

Back by popular demand, the ongoing saga of real life bromances in Korean entertainment. Today our leading men will be Mr. bedroom eyes and Mr. cheekbones. Yes, it’s time we took a trip down memory lane with So Ji Sub and Song Seung Heon.

Hanging through the times:

Having fun in a subway and in a pojangmacha:

Doing the couple walk at Mr. Greasy’s wedding:

Bro-support at movie premieres:

Side-by-side for your enjoyment:

On a talk show, with bad clothes and Yonsama:

(edit: yoonah kindly correct my mistaken assumption – the above is in fact the three-mance of PYH-SJS-SSH in action on a talk show – PYH just looks like  a Yonsama doppleganger is all)

I seriously contemplated making it a three-mance, including their very good friend the late Park Yon Ha, but looking at his pictures made me want to cry so I didn’t. Still sad about his passing. Have a picture of them back when things were the way they were.


Ultimate Bromance: So Ji Sub and Song Seong Heon — 10 Comments

  1. I think it was mousie pondering while watching R#1 whether SJS has a perpetual sourpuss face. and I rem telling her, no, esp when he’s in couple’s outfit w/ his SSH.

    Now you have given us pretty pictures to seal it in stone!

    • Oh NO WAY! Thank you, yoonah! It’s a blurry pic but the entire styling from head-to-toe screams Yonsama, so I guess it was a logical mistaken assumption. I will correct it ASAP.

  2. HOW did I miss the couple walk at that wedding? ZOMG, they only needed to wear matching couple rings and one would think…

    Anyway, I was squeeing up until I saw that pic of Park Yong-ha. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I. Just. Can’t. I don’t even know why his death hit me so hard, but it did and I get all emotional and feel like crying when I think about it.

  3. I would love to see pics of the three SJS,SSH, PYH, on their Facebook. I have seen pics of SJS, SSH together but not pics of the three together. I would like to see pic of the three with PYH, wearing his normal colored hair! He will always be a part of that group!

  4. I would love to see Mr Song and Mr. So publish pictures of them with Park Yong Ha. He was a very good friends of theirs and even with his passing from one dimension to another has not changed, anything. It breaks my heart. He was a part of their friendship group and he still should be. Never showing the three together, is like he was never part of their group. I find it sooo incredibly sad!

  5. Never heard of this friendship-bromance untill a few months ago. I certainly didn’t know anything of PYH’s had being a part of this “pact”…So sad that their friend has been gone. And yes, all they need is a couple ring and a matching haircut to actually be the ultimate “bromance”!

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