Ariel Lin – An English Pictorial and MV

Ariel’s pictorial from England

Ariel Lin just released an photo pictorial album chronicling her recent trip to England. Most of the scenes are shot in and around London and Cambridge. Ariel is so puuurty, sigh. One of my favorites actresses in quite possibly my favorite country, I am tickled pink with delight! (Now if only she had gone to Oxford instead, I would be tickled pinker with delight).

The title of the pictorial book is A Wonderful Voyage. Apparently Ariel was hit on A LOT by British blokes left and right when she was traveling. Anyone surprised by that? She said that she really longed to visit England and was able to combine pleasure and work into this trip. She’s such a workaholic, but we’re the beneficiaries of her hard work ethics, no?

Ariel also released a music video for a single she recorded just for this trip. To be honest, Ariel is not cut out to be a songstress, she has a very reedy and weak voice. However, the song is cute, and she doesn’t butcher it, so it’s also a win in my book. The MV was filmed concurrently with the pictorial book.

MV for Let’s Fall in Love When the Flowers Bloom

Now when is Ariel coming back to the small screen? The TW-drama adaptation of Skip Beat has been languishing without any forward momentum. I hope she goes ahead and takes another project soon. I miss Ariel and her lovely spot-on acting.


Ariel Lin – An English Pictorial and MV — 4 Comments

  1. i know exactly where the last pic is taken! [Cambridge – in front of the graduation hall, opposite St Mary’s church. Right smack in the middle of Cambridge.]

    hahaha.. i wish i knew she was coming so i can at least be an impromptu stalker slash paparazi.. haha.. when was this?

  2. @ Monica

    *Gasp* You totally could have stalked her! Since I know you’re in the UK, I’ll let you know next time I get word any Asian star is headed to your neck of the woods.

    @ therainhouse

    She’s lost A LOT of weight for two reasons (1) when she filmed LoCH2008, they asked her to lose 5 kgs at least so her face could be slimmer and more youthful for her character, and (2) afterwards, she had her brain surgery to remove a benign tumor, and she’s since been that skinny and hasn’t put back on her early days roundness.

    I like her in all her incarnations, there was a rumor that she met with SETTV execs and may be to discuss an upcoming drama? I have my fingers crossed.

  3. @ ockoala, yeah, I’ve heard how the operation affected her.

    Whoa, 5 kg? Didn’t know that at all.

    Actually, I’m kinda hoping that she’ll go into films like Barbie did. But, a drama’s good too.

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