Ultimate Bromance: Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin

YamaPi (Yamashita Tomohisa of NEWS) and Jin (Akanishi Jin formerly of KAT-TUN), starring in the third series of my chronicling the ongoing saga of real life bromances, this time in J-entertainment.

Today our leading men are boys who met as boys, and became men together. Who, as the current rumors go, are no longer friends, much less BFFs. Let there be said that bros before hos does not extend to bros before Johnny.

And for those of you who don’t follow J-pop, YamaPi is the one who looks like crooked-teeth Kim Hyun Joong and Jin is the one who strongly resembles a smutty Choi Si Won.

To be honest, of all the J-pop boys, I feel like Jin is the strongest vocalist of the bunch, and the wild child. It’s for the best he pursues his own path, I just wish it weren’t true that he and Pi don’t talk anymore.

Even magazine spreads love to highlight their real life bromance:

They show up for performances together and even crash each other’s concerts:

They go carousing in Roppongi nightclubs together:

They get caught frolicking in the surf and vacationing together:

But there was always someone waiting in the wings, a perpetual third wheel who longed to have Pi all to himself, whose personality clashes with his own bandmate. Kame, who was the co-leader of KAT-TUN with Jin, and starred in Nobuta wo Produce with YamaPi and released a single Sesshun Amigo under the name Shuuji to Akira.

I mean, this picture says a thousand words by the simple placement of their faces:

But alas, all bromances must come to an end, usually when a woman comes between them. This time, it’s a Kame+Johnny+fame+fortune. And this is what we have left to look forward to.

An MV of their playful days of being goofy together with a watermelon:


Ultimate Bromance: Yamashita Tomohisa and Akanishi Jin — 10 Comments

  1. lol before I start reading this, Pin were spotted together and paparazzi’d at a summer festival sporting matching yukatas just weeks ago. I think they’re still talking at least ;D

    • *I meant before reading the rest of it

      Jin as Siwon is interesting. I’ve never associated Siwon’s manly face with Jin’s rather … feminine features. Pi will always be prettier than HJ for me, crooked teeth, horrible perm and all xDD

  2. @ celestialorigin

    Yeah, Pi is so dorky, its sad when he’s forced to do a sexed up image.

    @ mirin

    Oooh, Pin was spotted together this summer? Yay, another bromance saved!

  3. Ahahahahhahahahaha I SO loved the Kame 3rd wheel potshots!!!!!!!!!!!

    But I don’t think it was Pi whom Kame was secretly pining for all those years. Rather it was Jin. I’m no Akame shipper (I’m just not into slash), but the 9104037847 Akame fanvids on YT will give you all the evidence you need. Jin’s a couple of years older than Kame, so back when Jin was a strapping, football (or was it rugby?)-playing youth, Kame was still this half-formed 13-y.o. trapped in a 10-y.-o. girl’s body. And oh, those videos show it all: how Kame would look at Jin and be all touchy-touchy. And he would look at Jin the way a 13-y.o. girl looks at her upperclassman crush. (I should know, I was that girl too. And probably so were you =D) Watching the vids you’ll actually feel sorry for Kame, lol.

    Personally I’ve come to the conclusion that Kame has always envied & resented YamaPi despite their NwP/Seishiun Amigo collabs. And the Pi-Jin closeness was probably part of it.

    Pi and Jin’s bromance always felt hetero, no gheyboi vibes at all. (But that photo of them on the beach makes a good case against this assumption lol.) I think Pi being his goofy baka self would make a good buddy, to just chill with and do silly guy things together. Too bad Jin and Pi aren’t as close as before. I always thought that Pi had this calming, taming effect on Bad Boi Jinny. Oh well.

  4. hi, it’s my first time here : ) just want to comment because tonight seems to be full of pi-jin info for me. i just read another blog which featured their bromance/friendship, brushing aside rumors that theirs have been strained lately.

    i’ve seen the classic watermelon video, which is only one of a series i think. and in those vids, most of kat-tun were joking along with yamapi, and i couldn;t see kame. poor kame :/ i think that was pre-NwP?

  5. LOL I’ve never read a bromance on them before!:D

    I really really like Yamapi! He’s my favourite celeb right now and yes, it was only after my friends said it that I realise people think he looks like Kim Hyun Joong! I never thought so though, but it’s okay cos I love them both:P

    My website’s called thoughtsramble.livejournal.com and you can get there by simply clicking thoughtsramble. It’s a site that’s solely based on giving reviews and summaries on dramas that I’ve watched and loved/hated.

    Haha and on a random note, I love Buzzer Beat yo, and has anyone watched the video of Jin and Yamapi on Music Station for Loveless? It’s seriously hilarious, I wish they are still talking to each other!

  6. Haha. Loved this. Personally, I think most j-pop idols are either BFF or hate each others’ guts (though we probably never know the full story)

    Talking about Pi, I’ve always been partial to his friendship with Ikuta Toma. IDK, they were sooo cute and dorky together. I guess their growing-up together kind of makes me think they’re close.

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