First Stills Of Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden

SBS released the first stills from its upcoming weekend drama Secret Garden, starring Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin.

What are my thoughts? Ha Ji frickin’ Won as Laura Croft? I seriously can’t believe this woman can get more kick ass, and then she gets more kick ass. She looks so much more believeable holding a gun that any other K-actress her age (Su Ae looks delicate, Kim Tae Hee looks uncomfortable, and Lee Ji Ah looks like a gangster moll).

She plays a stunt woman, and there is a fantasy gaming element involved. She trades souls with Hyun Bin and they most assuredly fall in love.

I just have one more thing to add: SBS, where the hell is the first stills of my Binnie!!! Even if every single one of my drama friends aren’t looking forward to this drama, my excitement is more than enough to make up for the lack of interest elsewhere. Because one of my drama fantasy pairings is about to come true in this drama.


First Stills Of Ha Ji Won in Secret Garden — 13 Comments

  1. My first thought was also Lara Croft, and then Tifa from FFVII! In the best way possible, though, because damnnn, Ha Ji Won is looking hot! I’m still a bit nervous about the fantasy element of this drama, but at least we can be sure it’s going to be visually pleasing.

  2. Sweetie, I’ll happily be lapping this up w/ you. wanna start a bet who’ll be proclaiming her omygee squeeeeeee it’smynewcrack fastest, come SG time?! ( memememememe) Who am i kiddin? it’s H!J!W! x laura croft x our binnie. did i heaart SQ/WS writer? Hell NO! and what is piquing my interest is binnieboy is going on and on and on in his too serious thespian/dorky way on SG in a super long PIFF mag interview i’ve yet 2 read. I do trust my boy, he has yet 2 disappoint me (granted MFL nevr existed) he’s cut his hair longer than the crew cut as highsch dongsu, shorter than WW’s and Goddess Ha and we’ll see it @ PIFF. i’m contented.

    • Thank you, twinnie. I felt so alone *sobs* but then felt an all-consuming desire to see them look at each other for the first time on screen. ARGHHHHH. IthinkIthinkIthink….I may be more excited about SG than Athena. Because Athena only has 1 obsession of mine, but SG has two. ARGHHHHH. Promise you’ll come spazz with me, okay?

  3. lol. i’m still hyped up about athena more than about secret garden BUT….
    Ha ji won KICKS ASS…. i think she’s one, if not THE, most mesmerizing charismatic actress of her generation… and gorgeous to boot. when i first saw the stills on allkpop, i literally stopped dead with amazement.
    she pulls the look perfectly.
    i’m still not quite clear about secret garden concept… i thought it was a romance (which it is) so the stills took me slightly by surprise because i didn’t quite connect romance with tomb raider… haha.

  4. Ok, I’m sorry, but I LOLed. That’s totally a Lara Croft outfit. Don’t get me wrong, Ha Ji Won looks badass and v sexy, but I’m suddenly VERY worried about this drama. And Binnie. God, let this be a good drama. I couldn’t stand if it tanked and Binnie were to start his military service with a bombed drama on his resume. I’d love if he went with a bang, you know? I’m fairly sure his fans will remember him anyhow (I will, no question about it), but still, a success is way better than a flop.

    *stares at pics* *blinks* *chinhands* Yup. Worried.

    • Thanks. ^__^ If you read my earliest posts, AKP was seriously started so me and my drama chingus could gab about the most random topics. Like fauxcest. *giggles* Am still boggled by the love, but very appreciative of it all.

      • Haha, I vaguely remember reading your reviews on Thundie’s and checking out your blog afterwards. One of the first posts of yours that I read was the tribute you paid to Park Yong Ha that made me all nostalgic and everything. Dang, and that was only a mere three months ago! I seriously love all the random posts you write ’cause they’re humorous and fun to talk about. 😀

        Heh. Fauxcest. Heehee, like F.oD!

  5. I agree with what you said that this girl’s more convincing on holding a gun than other stars who tried a similar scene before. 🙂

    Although I’m not really anticipating this drama, I think this is going to be a great series.

  6. Ha Ji Won!!! Lara Croft is right. 😎 One of the few actresses I would watch read the phone book. Ok, so I may have wailed a little when JH bailed, but Binnie is a heck of a replacement.

    The old soul switching thing could so go either way – but imagine Binnie acting like he’s got HJW’s bad ass soul…..that alone is worth a long long look.

    • Momosan, I have to admit I’m more looking forward to see a bratting a-holey prince-complex HJW being a jerky Samshiki!!

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