Red Carpet Fashion at PIFF 2010

Well, it’s not awards season in drama land yet, but this’ll do, drama fans, this’ll do. It’s red carpet time at the annual Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF)! There were very few misses, thankfully, but also very few hits. It’s like everyone just walked the fine line of “safe awards dress.” I won’t tell you which one I loved, and which one I hated, until the very end. But I don’t think it’ll be hard to guess

Charlie Chaplin’s Korean Granddaughter:

A Little Lady and Her Ah.Ju.Shi:

My favorite look was actually a surprise for me: Lee Yo Won looked perfect from head to toe. It may have been black hence boring, but the cut, the drape, the form, all exquisitely aligned with her figure, hair, and makeup. My least favorite shant be disclosed, but smart cookies can guess. 😛


Red Carpet Fashion at PIFF 2010 — 8 Comments

  1. hehe… like i said before… i thought ghs looked like a fashion terrorist although now that i take a look again, it’s not THAT bad… but still bad.
    lee yo won worked for me as well but truthfully, no real hits for me… well, except for won bin but his attire had little to do with it. plus, he looks totally cute with kim sae ron.

  2. OMG Won Bin and his co star whose name I forgot!!!! MATCHING STYLE FTW!!!! So cute! I love her coat, me wants *grubby hands*

    My favorite dress + make up + accessories combo is Park Sol-mi’s.

  3. i hear GHS say somehwhere that the reason she has been dresing like that for all the award functions is because she gets invited as a director to them….so the question is aren’t women directors allowed to look pretty??…i think they are

  4. Woah! if you didn’t say so, I couldn’t tell that was Lee Yo-won at all, with Ryu Seung-ryong. The rest are recognizable, but although now I know it’s her …. I still cannot quite ‘see’ Lee Yo-won. But yes, loving the whole tasteful elegance too; without looking too ‘trying too hard’ or being too fussy.

    Also liking Jeon Do-yeon’s sculpted golden tan and simple, sexy class. Though perhaps a tad less peekaboo at the bottom would be preferable (for me).

  5. what happened with GHS?

    umm… Lee Yo Won, yeah even she comes with Ajusshi RSY, this couple look great as daughter-father

    simple elegant yowon, yeah, not sexy but georgeous

  6. i looked and looked, and could not detect any likeness to Lee Yo Won, so I’m just going to not remark, lest I comment on the wrong person (I know that some commenters are saying its the top pic, but really, I just CANNOT bring myself to belive its her).

    However, I like Su Ae’s look! It’s kinda warrior-goddessy lolz. Plus she looks so incredibly clean, in both her makeup and hair, which is a look I’ve always liked, especially on these beautifully boned actresses like her, and Cate Blanchett.

    However, rather than disliking GHS’s look the most, GHJ’s wedding cake of a dress offended my sensibilities the most. Hmm actually, gimme another minute to decide which one I detest more….

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