The Big Confession Confirmed for Episode 14 of Playful Kiss

I was pretty much 99% sure the kiss-in-the-rain was going to happen in episode 14, based on the previews for episode 13. But some awesome Playful Kiss fans lucky enough to be in Korea posted confirmation on Baidu today that the scene in question has just been filmed.

They even snapped a few grainy shots of leading man Kim Hyun Joong during the shoot, which lasted until nearly 4 a.m. and involved both leads getting drenched over and over. And yes, there was a heck of a lot of kissing going on, apparently to find the perfect position and shot angle. Lucky Jung So Min.

I hope this makes everyone happy, what with the written previews for episode 13 making everyone depressed. You need rain to have rainbows, right?

[Credit for BTS pictures as labeled and posted originally on Baidu Kim Hyun Joong bar]


The Big Confession Confirmed for Episode 14 of Playful Kiss — 26 Comments

  1. yay!!!!! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
    so excited for this week’s episodes!!!!
    now cant help but feel so giddy about it!!!
    i cant really wait to see their version of the kiss in the rain!!!

  2. GLAD!!!!!!! I would like happy ending!!! been depressed about the part where i may think he’ll give up Hani for the sake of his dad’s company sponsor. 4am? woahhhhhh poor the artists!!! Hope it’s a great HIT world wide, they deserved it!!! How do we vote? please let me know as I dont know how to read Korean.

    Thanks 😀

  3. you know… i would think that the sole emotion that would dominate me right now is EXCITEMENT so it caught me by surprised, especially since i’m not his fan, that i would be JEALOUS reading this… it only lasted a 6-7 seconds but the jealousy was there.. and intense. lucky lucky JSM.

  4. You’re absolutely right…. you need rain to get rainbows.

    We’re going to dread the rain that will come in episode 13, but we’ll be elated to see the rainbow in the following episode.

  5. is it me or does anyone else think that they may want to hire bodyguards for jung so min? haha i can hear fan girls sharpening their pitchforks already haha

  6. yay! can’t wait for thursday to come! jung so min you’re soooo very lucky to kiss by my boyfriend weehehe. joongmin couple the best!!!!

  7. wooohooooo that’s a rocking news , but what are we going watch for the remaining last two episodes , the honeymoon ? or BSJ-OHN in the medical school ?
    I’m so sad that the show won’t last for 20 episodes 🙁

    • please please i want d honeymoon. loved dat part in d anime especially d end scene where Irie shows us how much he loves Kotoko. I feel PK wouldn’t be complete without d honeymoon scene. I dom’t think they can squeeze in d marriage though.. will probably save dat for youtube.

  8. I think we should all be prepared for a disappointment. KHJ fans are scary so once again, Jung So Min will literally clam up. Don’t blame the PD, blame the fan club for watered down kisses. This is my reaction after reading a fan account.

  9. i think the three kisses that always give me goosebumps when i watch are the goong kiss, iswak rain kiss and the DWL kiss (they are not strictly my all time faves just that they always make me jumpy) and everytime someone mentions them i have to go see them again….so all throgh PK i have been rewatching the rain kiss because everyone keeps mentioning it…i wonder if this version is gonna be able to top that one….while i would feel for Jung So Min for getting drenched till 4 am in the morning for this scene, i really dont..She’s kissing KHJ!!!

  10. i am so excited for this part..
    i wish it would be so HOT and heavy…
    my favorite KISS in the whole wide world is something done like that: in the rain..
    i have a folder full of pics of very artistic/Hot/innocent kisses on the rain (do i seem weird) anywa, i really hope its something that the audiences would think like, “WOW that was WAAAYYyyyyy GOOOOoooDDDDD..!!!”
    and a kiss where triple S like me would scream, “ANnnnnnDWWWwwwiii!!!”
    i am hoping that the kiss would make me so jealous with jongsomin, cause it means it would be way good…!!!

    • Hopefully, it won’t be a repeat of d BOF kisses. The BOF kisses were terribly disappointing. The lead girl kept her lips primly compressed throughout the whole ‘kissing’ and her eyes tightly shut…it gave me the impression that she either (1) hated the whole thing/was wishing herself far away or (2)was taking a quick two-second catnap throughout (probably tired from all that tight shooting schedule lol). She did the same routine in Hearts of 19…jus left me feeling cheated and annoyed

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