Behind The Scenes of the Rain Kiss Shoot

They say all good things comes to those to wait. Let it be said that I have been very good at waiting. Until now. Wahhh, I want it to be Thursday night already! More behind-the-scenes pictures from Playful Kiss are starting to trickle out about the rain kiss shoot Saturday night.

I also have to say that this hair-do on Seung Jo now takes the cake on best style since the drama aired. It’s taken awhile to get here, but I think we’ve hit the jackpot, ladies and gentlemen. Behold not-curly-not-straight-but-full-bodied hair on Seung Jo.

Once again, Kim Hyun Joong fans are amazing at procuring goodies of their favorite guy. Let’s all enjoy and continue to build the excitement. The plot development in this week’s episodes were some of my favorite parts of the story, and I cannot wait to see how PK executes these emotional ups-and-downs.

[Credit for pictures to SarahΒ & Blue and Hyununiversal]


Behind The Scenes of the Rain Kiss Shoot — 21 Comments

  1. the fans KHJ are amazing!! thanks for the pics!!!
    cant really contain my excitement for wednesday and thursday!
    i’ved been stalking different blogs and sites for any news for PK!!!

    i pray to the drama gods that PK version of kiss in the rain would be worth all the wait!!!

  2. Dear ockoala, you’re tempting me to read beyond the first couple sentences of this post but I shall resist! Instead, I wanted to stop by quickly. Really. If I read anymore, I am gonna fail this Bio midterm tomorrow. But I did give into reading the spoilers for episode 14….what can I say? My brain would much rather learn about updates for PK than memorizing all this photosynthesis crap. I’m gonna wait and pray to God that Wednesday and Thursday comes quickly, as in lightning speed. Oh wait, tomorrow there are new episodes of SKKS! How could I forget? Ahhhh Moon Jae Shin!!!!!!!!! :squeals: Can we share him? πŸ˜›

  3. hehe… i’m like you, except less patient… it’s been almost 2 days ive given up being good and whining to my screen for it to be thursday already… lets skip monday and tuesday (even tho we do have great dramas during them) and even wednesday!
    if not for me being busy trending 24hr/7 on twitter for the past 2 days (i know that’s immature), i would have gone CRAZY from waiting… and the fancams/photos/fanaccounts are both soothing and deadly… because each time i hear more news about the rain scene, my impatience raises a few more bars on the scale…
    honestly, i dont want to get my hopes too high for the kiss itself, but as you said, this is one of my favorite moments in the story, and definitely THE moment in the serie where i squeal the most… thanks for making me wait, its about time, BSJ…
    as for the hair, it’s not my fav KHJ’s hairstyle but it’s my fav BSJ’s hairstlyle!!! (when it’s not wet and tousled, that is)… the straight one was too stiff all i wanted was to mess it up.

    • V, I do agree, best hairstyle in the show. Anyway that guy can carry any wierd stuff & yet still look good. looking forward to this week.

      Looking forward to Ockoala recap for ep 13 & 14, due to time difference & my work I don’t get to watch till a day later.

  4. Thanks πŸ™‚
    dunno how will I be able to wait till wednesday and thursday , eventhough wednesday’s epi will be heartbreaking but I’m eagerly waiting for it becoz I want to see how both OHN-BSJ will be struggling to come over their feelings towards each other becoz we know ( from the diries at least ) that BSJ will also suffer from his decision to give up OHN for the sake of his dad’s company and will suffer more when he will see a totally broken OHN πŸ™

  5. i can’t wait for friday to come cos thats when the subbed episodes will be out! wonder if they will air a long preview for ep 13..


    The moment of the anime I like best is when Naoki Irie heard Kotoko’s friends talking about Hani being proposed and that she’s gonna accept. Rather than the kiss, I’m more excited to see that face on Seung Jo. I’m a sucker for karma.. ha!

    (ok, who am I kidding?? I’m hyper about the kiss as well!! LOL)

  7. Oh! I love his hair! I agree this is the best style so far. I am not going to be able to watch any of the episodes until Friday! Very frustrating! I will have to avoid peeking at any of the recaps so as to not spoil it for myself.

    ockoala – I am now addicted to your Pi! I watched 2 more of his dramas over the weekend and I must say he is a really good actor and has the most beautiful, expressive eyes! I can’t wait to watch more of the dramas he has acted in.

    • Oooh, which two did you watch? I don’t mean to belittle your appreciation of Pi (btw, thanks for understanding that he is all mine, but I do share), but there are two YamaPi’s in the acting world. We call it Pre- and Post-Nobuta. Nobuta and earlier works are much more raw and real to his personality. Post-Nobuta works are Johnny-sized Pi to fit the leading man role.

      I love this boy to pieces, but post-Nobuta Pi is a pretty bad actor. It’s almost like fitting a square peg into a round hole. BB was my fave Pi work post-Nobuta, the rest of his dramas I haven’t even finished watching them all.

      Also, Yamapi is has been wide-criticized for having “dead fish eyes” which convey no emotion. I find he does well in certain scenes and not others. I think Pi has this certain style that some folks just enjoy watching, like me. He’s adorkable! Glad you like what you’ve seen so far.

      • I watched Kurosagi and Proposal Daisakusen, so if I am correct on the drama release dates, I have watched the post-Nobuta.

        Yes adorkable describes him perfectly. Ugh! Who can say that those eyes are “dead fish eyes”?! His eyes never fail to draw me into the scene. Well I am not surprised because I like KHJ’s acting and they say the same kind of things about him. You know these guys have to start somewhere and on occasion a raw/real performance works for the better in a drama. I think so anyway.

        Although sometimes critics and even the normal viewer like me, make me question my drama and acting tastes, I eventually just blow it off. In other words I have learned to just ignore the negative and if I like it well that is good enough for me.

      • hehe. those two are my guilty pleasure dramas… the ONLY reason i LOVED them was because Pi was in it… but i LOVED them to death… honestly, I was obsessed with them when they first aired… kurosagi was especially nonsense.. but it was entertaining nonsense. ^^

      • ^^; rather than criticism, the deadfisheyes label is just a fandom joke based off the fact that he used to stare blankly and rarely smiled in photographs. People just took the nick and ran with it.

        IA, post-Nobuta, he’s only really shone in ProDai. I loved CB but I hardly think he was right for Aizawa. And while he was pretty natural in BB, Naoki was just so flat. It’s too bad that Johnny needs him to be a leading man instead of a supporting chara πŸ™

  8. Dear Ockaola, I went back and rewatch the ISWAK kissing scene and it was just as good as I remembered. My favorite part of the whole story comes after the kiss when Zhi shu asked her dad for permission to marry her. The conversation between the dad and Zhi Shu’s answers were soooooooooo touching. It showed that Zhi Shu is loving her for who she was and he knows perfectly well what he is getting himself into. That was the time when I felt like it was worth it to watch through all her “dumb-love-struck-behavior”. Anyway, I love the korean version; however, I am worried that the PK rain kiss scene will not live up to all the hype and anticipation… guess we will find out in a few more day.

  9. Read this from an eyewitness account:

    “Suffice to say the man came on very strongly…”

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t all end up on the cutting room floor….

  10. Hello
    I’m trawling sites looking for preview of ep 13. I’ll be coming back here for recap of ep 13 on Wednesday. Thanks for recapping PK.

  11. i’ve watched the ITSWAK ten times and still i love the proposal and wedding episode…i can’t wait for the pk version for that…super like…

  12. gosh i have i already seen the ep 13 and the confession will be shown in episode 13,i am extremely positive!!!!! i just died from pure HAPPINESS!!! πŸ™‚

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