Playful Kiss Episode 14 Written Preview

Hold your horses, people. It’s coming. All good things come to those who wait. In the meantime, here’s an appetizer. Tomorrow’s Playful Kiss should include the following events.

Written Preview for Episode 14:

Finally, Seung Jo and Ha Ni confirm their mutual feelings for each other. Seung Jo tells the parental units that he and Ha Ni will get married after they graduate from college. The entire house is filled with happiness and warmth. Ha Ni feels like she is living a dream.

Seung Jo and Ha Ni separately go and resolve matters with Hye Ra and Joon Gu, respectively. When Ha Ni sees Joon Gu, she feels like she has wronged him so much. She doesn’t know what to say to him. Seung Jo shows up in front of them.

Seung Jo introduces a new game for the company. Ha Ni checks her grades and is in for quite a surprise….

[Credit: translation from Korean to Chinese @ baidu Playful Kiss bar, translation from Chinese to English done by me]


Playful Kiss Episode 14 Written Preview — 30 Comments

  1. thank you thank you so much! i always go on your site for the juicy stuff. it’ll hold me over until the next episode. i’m so excited, ahh!

  2. i literally melt everytime he smiles. oh, & in episode 4 when he’s playing his guitar at the beach. omgee… i died, happy me.. goodness. i was so excited to see episode 13, that kiss had to be one of my fav kisses out of k-drama! i love how he man handles her.. now it just saddens me that there is only 3 more episodes. i wonder how they’ll pull everything off?…

  3. thank u soooo much for the translation of episode 14 preview… it helps me go through the day while waiting for your episode 13 recap 🙂

  4. ok can I ask something , is it the written preview of episode 14 that was shown at the end of epi 13 or did I miss something ?

    • Rainyrain

      The written preview is from the MBC release. Each week MBC releases a short 1-2 paragraph written preview for the upcoming episodes of Playful Kiss. Actually all dramas do this.

      So when I post a translation of a written preview, it’s just that. Not a translation or a recap of a video preview.

  5. Haven’t watched all of Ep 13 yet because I travel for work and I’m stuck at hotel with shite for internet. So frustrated.

    But this made me smile… I’m sad it’s ending and happy for characters all at once.

  6. Thank you so much for the translation. Although I have watched all versions and am pretty familiar with the plot, just reading the preview gets me all excited about tomorrow’s episode. I have been waiting for so long to finally see them openly express their feelings for each other…

  7. thanks ockoala!!! episode 13 what a ride it was!! but in the preview for episode 14, i thing a notice is that seung jo smile’s was different, maybe because his feelings are now out in the open, his happiness can now be seen.

    what a rainfall for episode 13!!!

    • first of all…thanks ockoala!!! ^.^ i luv the preview….and true to what jeankaycee said…. i think his smile was a bit different after he was open with his heart and he said “its become fun” hehehe….can’t wait to see more of “his love to Hani” scene….yippy!! ^0^

  8. did u notice that some scene from the preview shown in the end of epi 12 as a preview for epi 13 ( the first preview they showed for epi 13 ) like when SJ was playing with his tennis racket and smiling or when he was in his appartment eating while lost in his thoughts , they didn’t show both scenes 🙁 , I’m so sorry they cut so many scenes to come to only 16 epi , the show really worths a 20 epi as it was planned at the begining 🙁

    • I think we will get to see them in Youtube, have you subscribe yet? They will not waste all the hard work of shooting without sleep.

    • i notice that too..!! .l0l. but sadly….they cut some of that to fitted 16 episode…hope it can be watch at special episode by Pker Team on YouTube… ^.^

    • Just be glad there is going to be 7 episode YT special with new material.

      MBC (or SBS or KBS) is as likely to pick up a season 2 of PK as soon as pigs fly, and learn to speak Korean.

      Much as I enjoy PK and think its generally a good drama, its ratings are the worst in recent and not so recent memory. To say its ratings were abysmal is an understatement.

      Sorry, Bianca. Go watch They Kissed Again for part II of the story.

      • we could always pray for a miracle and hope that it becomes super popular everywhere else! esp Japan, which seems to be a benchmark for Korean broadcasting stations and China, which is like the motherlode!

      • Dear ockoala,

        Thank you very much for your response. I am really sad about it, and I hope too for a miracle. The rating is low but I think only in Korea, because in other countries it has an impact, and it is a shame they don´t consider that.

        Thank you for your time.

        Best Regards,

        Bianca 🙁

  9. Thank you for your recap…I look forward to it every Wed and Thurs. Thank you for being so opened mind…

    Here is the long preview for ep. 14.

    BTW- why is Hani running away from home? This happened in the animae when Seungjo character was jealous and acted cold toward her when Keita was after her.

      • it that so…? i guess its all about their promise…. Hani should pass in her exam and SJ will give her an answer about her confession….poor Hani…. T_T

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