Official MBC Stills from Playful Kiss Rain Scene

I really have nothing more to add, other than I can sleep and rest easy tonight. Snug in my bed with no worries about tomorrow’s Playful Kiss episode 13. It’s going to make me a really really happy koala. For fear of everyone’s losing their sanity at the next picture, I’m hiding it after the jump. Don’t be mad, okay?

Now this is what I call a real kiss. If the PD allows them to move their lips and stay locked for more than ten seconds, it will be a worthy Itazura na Kiss kiss.


Official MBC Stills from Playful Kiss Rain Scene — 39 Comments

  1. There’s quite a lot of activity/commotion leading up to epi 13 don’t you think? There’s more postings on the forum as well as other KHJ fansites. Thanks ockoala for the written previews short and long! I was like squirming around wondering what the heck they were saying in those previews until your godsent recap came on!! So much anticipation for tonight’s epi. I’m looking out for your recap as usual! The new kiss pixs are a real ‘teaser’ alright!!


    Quotes from staff on set and Kim Hyun Joong himself:

    The episode that will air on October 13th will show the two main characters kissing, and the staff on set joked, “They didn’t even mess up. It was really natural.”

    Kim Hyun Joong said, “I have had the most kisses with Hani (Jung So Min’s character) this year. I’ve gotten so used to it.”

    The last line sure sounds like a sneaky way of saying “I like kissing her”…its ok, your fans know you better than that KHJ 😉

    (At the photos – Is this a k-drama kiss without closed lips?? *gasp*)

  3. Oh my!

    *runs around like headless chicken*

    I am two eps behind (getting sidetracked with Baker King/Giant/SKKS/Daemul) but I really must catch up.

  4. one word….WOW….a real kiss in Kdrama….the last one was from a year ago- City Hall (of course, from none other than our MiGuk 🙂

      • I agree..prosecutor princess is ‘The KISS’, but wait…how about Personal taste?? and Goong??? i think they are the kiss too..i mean real kiss…

    • Just had to comment on the kissing in Kdrama. Probably the best kisser I’ve seen is Kang Dong Won in Magic. All the other kisses look unnatural to me including the Prosecutor Princess one (didn’t watch the drama, just youtubed the kiss hehe).

  5. I was staring at this kiss pic on allkpop for quite some time. It’s the kind that makes you tilt your head to get a better look.

    I’m too afraid to hope for the lips to actually move. I would really love to be surprised though.

    • haha…..same as me…^.^ i actually watched the clip over and over again and focusing on the kiss!! i wish they cut it a few seconds longer so i can make sure if the lips are moving or not….hehehe….WOW….can’t wait..!!! O_O

    • lolz. i’d say that too, except the episode hasn’t aired yet. here anyways… its 9pm local time for me. i’m just gonna sit tight and wake up tomorrow morning to a shiny new recap!!!!

      yayayayaya! go koala-power!

  6. “Now this is what I call a real kiss. If the PD allows them to move their lips and stay locked for more than ten seconds, it will be a worthy Itazura na Kiss kiss.” LOL! Whew, it was hot just looking at the pics. I’m sure that kiss will surprise all KHJ fans. Can’t wait for tomorrow. That scene will probably have a million of playbacks and cause the server to shutdown completely.

  7. I’m with you…. I can sleep well tonight after seeing these pictures.

    Is it me or is the room temperature getting hotter around here?

  8. I’m sure with all the NGs and rehearse kisses, KHJ must have kissed JSM more than 20 times in this period of shooting PK. I really like them together, they make such a cute and lovable couple.
    And I don’t know what’s all the serious debate and fuss just over our darling sweet Hani’s dream of the future in being nurse when SJ become a doctor.

  9. wow… you can sleep after having seen this? i know i will get another sleepless tuesday/wednesday night for sure… i’m freaking excited about this… and so seems a lot of people… i know it’s not funny but i find it hilarious that ep 12 recap on DB just exploded with litanies of comments… over 300 in less than a day..
    This drama is something huh?

    • omg, i’m subscribed to DB and i only got the notification of the new recap this morning.. when i looked at the page BAM i saw this thing that says 360 comments

    • yeah, can we do that? complilations of all the hundreds of comments from all the episodes from all the blogsites that recaps/discusses PK so they would be inspired to do a second season.

    • we have to first get the comments translated to korean, then sent to the producers! can’t wait for the subbed episode to be out 🙂

  10. GAHHHH!! I think i just died and went to heaven kekeke!!
    Wishful thinking…what if because of this episode the rating shoots up, way off the charts, and then with the help of crazy fans (i.e., us people in web and everywhere) we’ve managed to convince mbc to extend the series to it’s original 20 episodes and even better add the next sequel ah hahaha!…
    Right I think i just went delusional but you can’t blame me! I think I’ll be clinically depressed once the whole series wraps up :(( I need a life!

  11. and that my co-PKissers are the kiss the we are all waiting for.
    so excited, im squealing like a piglet when i saw the pics!!!!

    and regarding the comments for the episode 12 recap from DB.
    its amazing how playful kiss brings out every possbile defense, explanation, criticisms and opinions from everybody.
    i think whether we like to admit or not, whether its good or bad, playful kiss manage to touch us in one way or another or else why anybody would care to read and submit comments.

    so guys see you later in episode 13!!! as we said before, its gonna rain so dont forget your umbrella!

  12. thanks thanks thanks ockoala, Love love love your recap…

    anyway for my thought on his episode…
    even if it hurts me to see HUNJOONG kiss another girl, (huhuhuhuh TT_TT wish i were Jong so min) what i want is for the kiss to be something that every girl would be envious of, angry at jong so min for the honor and crying about by the end of it…

    i really wish that the kiss would be as long as 1-2 minutes..
    i don’t want this kiss to be innocent..
    i don’t want this kiss to be playful..
    i don’t want this kiss to be mischievous..
    i don’t want this kiss to be naughty…
    i don’t want this kiss to be quick…
    i don’t want this kiss to be sweet..
    this kiss….
    I want this kiss to be PASSIONATE…
    with Bold letters of L – O – N – G..!!
    and with the essence of it being TRUE
    and with the hotness of FIRE in it as if there real life depends on it!!

    cause for me.. confessions with kisses should be that way…
    and since it id under the rain there should be added fire to make the raindrops become STEAM due to its hotness..

    and lastly … ^___^
    i want “THE KISS” to give of the words through Seungjos’s actions as
    “YOU ARE MINE…!!”
    “YOU ARE MINE… ”
    “…and MINE ALONE..”

  13. Hmmm.

    I just watched the raw version of Episode 13. My reaction? Meh. Closer to the anime version than the ISWAK version, which was way hotter, more romantic and passionate, particularly in terms of the build up, than PK. Maybe I just got swept up in the hype.

    On the plus side, there appeared to be lip movement and possibly tongue.

    I hope I am not ruining it for anyone!

  14. haha…yup…there got a bit of lips moving…and possibly a real french kiss?? if that’s true…then the kiss is kinda HOT!!! ^0^

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