Playful Kiss Episode 14 Recap

Episode 14 of Playful Kiss (Mischievous Kiss) was a soft landing for everyone involved, be it the participants of that rainy kiss or us viewers. There were heady emotional moments, quiet heartfelt embraces, and plenty of professional development from everyone involved.

Ha Ni annoyed me for a split second before she regained proper use of her brain and finally womaned up and did something without Seung Jo. This episode also showed that, while Joon Gu would treat Ha Ni like a goddess for the rest of her life, perhaps she needs to be with someone who treats her like a human being, for the good and the bad.

Seung Jo as a boyfriend isn’t bad overall, but his patience and understanding of Ha Ni convinces me that he’s the best fit for her. I already know that Ha Ni is the best fit for him, but now I buy into the coupling both ways.

I finally realized why PK may be so polarizing amongst the viewers. It is quite possible that the character of Ha Ni strikes a raw nerve – liking or not liking her choices in life appear to subconsciously trigger our own validation of our lives. Depending on our own personal values and code of conduct, as well as our age, Ha Ni is either a negative depiction of a young girl struggling with her pursuit of love, or a positive example of a person persevering through all odds to achieve the most ordinary of goals.

So with that in mind, let’s all agree to disagree and allow everyone to have their own interpretation and evaluation of Ha Ni, Seung Jo, and PK in general. Whether stand alone or vis-à-vis the other adaptations of Itazura na Kiss.

Episode 14 recap:

The PD appears to know that he has a good thing on his hands, because the episode starts off a repeat of the rain scene, with some edits to sequence in various places. Nothing terribly exciting changes, except the editing monkey was locked back in his cage, because this time the rain kiss doesn’t cut away to the umbrella resting on the ground.

Finally, we get to watch the kiss unobstructed, and it’s lovely in its poignant way. It’s conveying both Seung Jo’s heat-of-the-moment expression of his feelings, as well as a softness that matches well with his tendency to remain dispassionate about everything.

Back at the house of Baek, the parents are discussing their living arrangements. Ha Ni’s dad has clearly delivered the news that they are moving out yet again. While Seung Jo’s parents try to persuade him to stay, Ha Ni’s dad is firm that he’s not comfortable with the situation.

Ha Ni and Seung Jo return to the house drenched, to the shock of all the living room denizens. They are about to go upstairs to change when Eun Jo blurts out to Seung Jo that Ha Ni is moving out. This stops Seung Jo in his tracks. He laces his fingers through Ha Ni’s, and announces he has something to say.

He states his intention to marry Ha Ni, in his usual monotone Seung Jo-no-compute-voice-gradations sort of way. Rather at odds with the emotional heft of the announcement, but whatever, everyone else registers the proper amount of shock and amazement. They won’t get married right away, and will wait until after they finish college and the gaming company is back on stable financial ground. Seung Jo finishes his speech requesting permission from Ha Ni’s father, again in the same tone like he’s ordering a cheeseburger at a drive through. I love you, Seung Jo, but please up the intensity a teensy weensy bit.

Everyone is taken aback, and Ha Ni’s dad asks if he is serious. Ha Ni’s dad reminds Seung Jo of all of Ha Ni’s shortcomings – she isn’t very accomplished, isn’t very smart, isn’t a very good cook. After each insult of Ha Ni, Seung Jo merely answers with a smile that he knows. Why no one is warning Ha Ni she is marrying a robot boy? Ah right, because she knows as well.

Ha Ni’s dad continues that while she has many inadequacies, she’s got a bright personality and a forthcoming nature. Once Ha Ni decides on her path in life, she will unwaveringly continue down that road. Ha Ni is adorable in her own way, and Seung Jo once more smilingly concurs. That’s the power of love, I suppose, the ability to love someone not because they have loveable traits, but because your heart has found its home.

With tears welling up, Ha Ni’s dad concludes that since Ha Ni has always loved Seung Jo, he has no objections to this union. With his consent, Mom is beyond ecstatic, jumping up to hug Ha Ni, telling Seung Jo what’s with his uber-cool behavior. Everyone is thrilled, and party-pooper Eun Jo sighs and mutters that he knew this would happen all along.

After they shower and change, Ha Ni is standing on the balcony when Seung Jo walks over. He remarks that the rain has stopped, leading Ha Ni to add that after the rain is when the sun seems even sunnier. Seung Jo tells Ha Ni he’s off to bed, and she turns and grabs his arm gently. He wonders what she wants, and she shakes her head with a grin, and a little girl worry that Seung Jo may wake up tomorrow and revert to cold indifferent Seung Jo. Good point, Ha Ni. Genius boy robots are notoriously glitchy.

Seung Jo asks her whether she’s asking to sleep together tonight, to keep on eye on him, of course. She quickly demurs, and then he envelopes her in a back hug that just warms my cockles. That boy is sure making up for years of affectionless existence, what with the kiss, the handholding, and now the back hug, all in the same night. Ha Ni turns around and hugs him back, both of them remarking that they never thought this would happen, Seung Jo liking Ha Ni back. Mom is watching and recording this entire encounter from the staircase, with Eun Jo the perpetual sourpuss in tow.

Joon Gu is sitting alone at the restaurant, sighing over the events of the night and angry at himself for scaring Ha Ni away with his amorous advance. Seung Jo and Ha Ni are sitting in their respective rooms, looking out the window at the same time. The camera frames them the same way it did in episode 3, except the emotional gulf between them is no longer wider than the Pacific Ocean, but more like a hairsbreadth.

Seung Jo overhears Ha Ni sighing, and asks whether she’s going to sleep. She slinks away, but her happiness radiates from her very pores. It’s so utterly relatable, when the person you like reciprocates the affection, it generates pure 100% undiluted joy. Seung Jo breaks into a mile-wide grin himself, looking for all the world like a man who has taken a herculean load off his shoulders and is feeling light as a kite for the first time in forever.

Joon Gu makes a delicious meal intended as his apology to Ha Ni. Her dad comes back to the restaurant and tries the food. His face falls a tad when he hears that the lunch box is intended for Ha Ni, and that Joon Gu went so far as to create food that are play-on words of their names.

Ha Ni tells her friends about the breakthrough in her relationship with Seung Jo. She really needs to thank these two busybodies for it, frankly. They congratulate her, one of them even saying Ha Ni is her personal idol for accomplishing something after four long years of sticking to it. They wonder what’s going to happen with Joon Gu, and Ha Ni says that she will talk to Joon Gu, and Seung Jo will be talking with Hye Ra.

Joon Gu comes to school with his apology lunchbox for Ha Ni, and sees a new sign put up by Mom announcing Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s impending marriage. Seung Jo goes to end things with Hye Ra, who confesses that this foregone conclusion has come faster than she expected. She knew Seung Jo would figure out what his heart wanted.

Seung Jo wonders how Hye Ra knew, and she responds that Seung Jo’s mom has always known, hasn’t she? To Seung Jo, Ha Ni has been around too long, like a problem he couldn’t solve. And perhaps he simply refused to solve it, and find a solution he wasn’t ready to accept. Seung Jo notes that Hye Ra really does know him very well.

Hye Ra asks if Seung Jo still feels tired now. Seung Jo doesn’t feel tired anymore. He was tired because he was struggling and fighting against what was there. Once he gave up and just gave into his feelings for Ha Ni, it feels like all the weight has been lifted. He smiles and says that it’s actually quite fun now. Hye Ra tells him that he’s here to apologize, so he shouldn’t be crowing about his newfounded happiness.

Seung Jo agrees, and delivers a sincere and official apology to Hye Ra. He tells her that he wasn’t jerking her around, he seriously thought they were very compatible. It was comfortable being with Hye Ra, who knows that he was running from Ha Ni and chose to be with her. Seung Jo apologizes, to which Hye Ra tsks him for being too candid even about this. She tells him she’s not able to pretend she’s fine with it. When Seung Jo’s face freezes at the thought that he hurt Hye Ra a lot, she jokingly defuses the situation by saying she’s just kidding.

She stands up and offers him a handshake and felicitations on his upcoming marriage. He says that its yet early for marriage, so Hye Ra says it an early congratulations then. When they shake hands, she notes how warm it feels, especially since she needs to shake him off her life now. Seung Jo tells her that she really is a great woman.

I’ve never really disliked Hye Ra, much as I joke about sucking out her brains. She merely represented the other woman, which we viewers are wired to dislike. But from the beginning until the end, she was a great friend to Seung Jo, and an honorable rival to Ha Ni. A salut to you, Hye Ra. You never had a chance, you knew it, but you still went for it without becoming a crazy psycho bitch. For that, I applaud you.

Joon Gu sits in the cafeteria depressed about the sudden announcement of Ha Ni’s marriage, and not to him. He looks at Ha Ni’s picture on his cellphone, and gives his specially-made lunch box to the cafeteria ahjummas to eat. The ahjummas inhale the food, proclaiming that it’s the most delicious meal ever. They tell him he can sell this lunch box and should go into business. Joon Gu has zero interest, only murmuring about whether Ha Ni has eaten yet. Oh Joon Gu, can you stop sporking my heart? I kinda need it functional.

Ha Ni calls Joon Gu, who sees the caller but elects not to answer because he knows what message is about to be delivered. Hye Ra is playing tennis as a way to distract herself after getting dumped. She flashes back to her time with Seung Jo, however brief and inconsequential in the scheme of things. Tennis sunbae watches her over-exerting herself on the court, and he goes to buy a beverage for her from the mini-mart. She tries to open the can and accidentally jerks the tab off. Tennis sunbae tries to comfort her, and she ends up crying on his shoulders.

Joon Gu is releasing fireworks at the bank of the Han River. He hums the song that he sang for Ha Ni at the graduation party, about how she is his life’s direction. Ha Ni goes to the restaurant to talk to him. Joon Gu tries to act like everything is normal with his smiling attitude, but he asks Ha Ni to go home today since he’s too busy to talk.

Seung Jo unexpectedly arrives at the restaurant and walks up to Joon Gu. He tells Joon Gu to talk with him, to which Joon Gu replies that they have nothing to talk about. Seung Jo just tells Joon Gu right there that he likes Ha Ni. While they don’t need Joon Gu’s consent to date, they still want to tell him otherwise Ha Ni will feel remorse and guilt. Seung Jo asks Joon Gu to stop liking Ha Ni. If Joon Gu stops, then everything will be fine.

Joon Gu tells Seung Jo that he has liked Ha Ni for four years, what’s this nonsense about letting her go. Ha Ni interjects to apologize, and Joon Gu gently tells her she has nothing to apologize for. She apologizes again, and thanks him for everything he has done for her. He turns around and tells her that she sure doesn’t have taste in men. If in the future she comes crying for him, he won’t take her back, is that okay?

When Ha Ni doesn’t respond, Joon Gu tells Seung Jo to be cognizant of that response. Clearly Ha Ni is not certain her future with Seung Jo would be free of tears. But Joon Gu tells Seung Jo, calling him by only his first name rather than his full name, that he will be keeping an eagle-eye on him. If he makes Ha Ni cry, Joon Gu will make Seung Jo bleed. Joon Gu’s reaction to having his heart broken made me cry. I watch everything twice when recapping, and I cried both times during this scene.

Ha Ni’s dad returns to the restaurant and sees the end of the exchange. Seung Jo walks to his car, and tells Ha Ni to get in. He really doesn’t open the door for her, heh. By the way, I hate door opening gestures. Unless I am in a cast, I have hands and I will use them. Ha Ni’s dad and Joon Gu talk, and Joon Gu confesses that he really wanted to refer to Ha Ni’s dad as his father-in-law.

Seung Jo’s dad tries to reason with Chairman Yoon that Seung Jo can’t marry his granddaughter. Gramps is a turd and says that he has stipulations when he agreed to invest in the company. Since Seung Jo won’t be prostituting his entire life away to Hye Ra, then no ring, no bling, the investment is off. Seung Jo’s dad tells gramps that the game is almost complete, and that gramps had expressed approval of the project.

Gramps concedes he’s not a professional and is willing to allow his personal feelings to dictate his actions. Seung Jo arrives at that moment, telling gramps he’s not here to apologize. He has already spoken with Hye Ra, and today he’s here for purely business matters. Seung Jo says he won’t apologize, especially since Hye Ra would be cast as a victim, and that would not be her style. Gramps likes Seung Jo’s honesty, and agrees to invest again.

Back at home, Seung Jo’s dad compliments his son’s forthright methods, and thanks him for guiding the company while he was sick. Now he wants Seung Jo to pick a major, and return to the pursuit of medicine. Seung Jo worries that the game isn’t a success yet, but his dad confidently says that he can handle the game launch, and run the company at least for the next 20 years. Eun Jo pipes up that afterwards, he can be his dad’s successor, since he’s better at gaming than Seung Jo is anyways.

One of Ha Ni’s friends is writing an internet story loosely based on their lives, while the beauty salon friend is working hard at getting her license. Ha Ni announces that she wants to find a part-time job as well.

The company’s new game is a success, and Seung Jo is interviewed on TV about the launch. Hye Ra and gramps are happy for him, but she still feels a twinge of sadness when she sees Seung Jo. Joon Gu is washing dishes at the restaurant and watching the news coverage of Seung Jo’s game launch. He talks to the TV, telling Seung Jo he did a good job. Because of Seung Jo, Joon Gu will also continue to work hard, and prove that he’s just as good as Seung Jo.

The family, minus Seung Jo, are having dinner and discussing about how many people around them are working so hard – from Seung Jo’s game then medical school, to Ha Ni’s friend whose internet novel is a hit. Eun Jo throws a barb that Ha Ni is still the living in happyland type of college student. Ha Ni discovers, to her consternation but no one else’s surprise, that she has failed her courses in college.

Seung Jo flatly tells her to retake the courses, and solve the problem herself. Ha Ni tells Seung Jo that maybe she isn’t cut out for college, since she tried to study and can’t seem to do it well. Seung Jo questions whether she wants to leave school so she can devote all her time to chasing after and fawning over him. Ha Ni says no, but has no response to Seung Jo’s correct assessment that when everyone else was working their butts off studying, she was mooning after Seung Jo.

Seung Jo’s point blank assessment of Ha Ni leaves her stewing. She says that everything comes so easy for him, he doesn’t know how it feels to not be good at something. Seung Jo tells Ha Ni that having this attitude makes her lose her attractiveness. Ha Ni leaves the house in a huff. When Seung Jo asks where she could possibly go so late at night, she says maybe to see a guy. Seung Jo grins, and asks whether she has to courage to do so, to see Joon Gu or maybe tennis sunbae. He tells her to do whatever she wants.

Ha Ni goes out, thinking that all she wanted was some comfort and reassuring words from Seung Jo. Instead he kicks her when she’s down. I think you need a kick in the butt, too, Ha Ni. But you’re so adorable I’ll make it a pinch in the behind to get you to focus on thinking over non-Seung Jo related matters now.

Mom chastises Seung Jo for taking a heavy-handed approach with Ha Ni. Seung Jo disagrees, saying he purposely wanted to rub it in and make Ha Ni upset. She needs to use this opportunity to figure out her life. He says she’s probably off to see her friends. He wants her to take time away from him for herself. Mom has no response to this, because Seung Jo is right, as always, with stuff like this.

Ha Ni goes drinking with her girlfriends. As she’s headed back to their place to crash for the night, she wonders if she should let Seung Jo know where she is. She concedes she was at fault tonight, what with telling Seung Jo she was off to hang out with another guy. In the morning, Ha Ni goes to school, and sees Seung Jo enjoying himself in the medicine department with other folks. Seeing Seung Jo not suffering over her leaving the house turns Ha Ni into a 3 year old. She vows not to go back home.

The only people worried about Ha Ni are the parents, who tell Seung Jo to go bring her back. Everyone agrees that she’s being the unreasonable and immature one, but Mom wants to give Ha Ni an excuse to come back home, pride intact. Ha Ni’s friend encourages her to go back home, but that girl still has her goat up and wanders around the city at night.

Seung Jo checks his phone, and when Mom wants to go out to look for her, he stops her. He admits that he’s worried about her, but since she’s gone so far in running away, he wants her to resolve the situation herself. A chance for her to grow up a bit more. Ha Ni has indeed come to the realization she’s never put any thought into herself or her future. She resolves not to go home until she has changed, and made herself a woman well-matched to Seung Jo.

Ha Ni sees a help-wanted ad at a restaurant, and applies to work there. Her friends are talking about Ha Ni’s decision to work and likely to quit school, when Seung Jo overhears the conversation. Ha Ni is delivering food and runs into Hye Ra outside a bookstore. Hye Ra stops her and asks what she’s up to. Ha Ni has heard that Hye Ra is in the pre-law major, and will be taking the bar exam in the future. Hye Ra notes that unless one is Baek Seung Jo, the chances of passing on the first try is slim to none.

Hye Ra notes that even a genius has to work, and getting first place is never an easy thing. No one really knows how hard Seung Jo works. Suddenly bitchy Hye Ra makes an appearance as she tells Ha Ni that food doesn’t fall from the sky, and one needs to earn it.

She asks what Ha Ni wants to do with her life, since she’s not good at studying. Perhaps she wants to be a full time housewife? Hye Ra smirks at the platter Ha Ni is carrying and tells her that it looks good accompanying her. Then she flounces off to study. I’ve come to realize that Hye Ra is naturally bitchy as Seung Jo is naturally cold, end of story.

Seung Jo comes to Ha Ni’s workplace to find her. He pretends to be a customer and when Ha Ni brings him an order, he complains that it doesn’t taste good. When Ha Ni realizes that Seung Jo is right there, he says that he was told by her friends there was a restaurant serving good food. So where’s the delicious food?

They move the conversation outside, and Ha Ni confesses that she’s thought about how immature she has been during their time apart. She constantly torments Seung Jo with her willfull ways, and she always thinks about her own wants. When Seung Jo asks what she’s decided – Ha Ni announces that she wants to help Seung Jo, she will become a nurse.

Seung Jo asks her if she put a lot of thought into it. When she says yes, he tells her to put a lot of effort into it. He hugs her and tells her to come home. Ha Ni agrees, confessing that she missed him so very much. Seung Jo responds that he knows how she feels.

Back at home, everyone is chitchatting around the table when Mom drops the bombshell. She wants everyone to clear their calendars for next Wednesday, because she has got a wedding ceremony of Seung Ho and Ha Ni planned. Oh Mom, jumping the gun doesn’t even begin to describe you.

Thoughts of Mine:

I confess to really being moved by pretty much every major character in this episode. Hye Ra’s grace in the face of being passed over for a girl with a quarter of her intelligence, looks, height, and wealth, was commendable and quite classy. Yes, she did let her inner bitch come out later with Ha Ni, but it’s almost like the way Seung Jo uses to tease Ha Ni, Hye Ra can’t help it around her.

This episode also marked the end of Joon Gu’s devotion to Ha Ni. He’ll probably not be able to fully move on until he finds his soulmate, but he still graciously bowed out and left a very credible warning to Seung Jo that he better treat Ha Ni well. Like I said in the recap, I actually cried during the scene where he tried so hard not to face the reality of Ha Ni being with Seung Jo, yet remaining ever so gallant in defeat.

When he told Ha Ni that she had nothing to apologize for, he was right, but I still hurt. Joon Gu has loved Ha Ni with the full realization that she loved Seung Jo. If anyone needed to be castigated for carrying an unrealistic love torch, it’s actually Joon Gu and not Ha Ni. In many ways Joon Gu embodies the drama hero ethic. Regardless, in the PK-universe, there are no villains or heroes, no right and wrong, when it comes to love.

This is also the perfect time to talk about why and how Seung Jo loves Ha Ni. His love for Ha Ni is really hard to comprehend rationally, but emotionally packs a punch. He is loving a person who is comparatively quite unremarkable, who also drives him nutty with her brand of willful immaturity. Yet because he genuinely loves her, he puts up with her and tries to push her to mature and reach her own potential. He never gets short-tempered with her, or give up and let her loaf around.

In the same way Ha Ni’s love for Seung Jo means that she continuously put up with his crap in the days before he confessed his feeling, now its Seung Jo’s turn to be patient and persevere alongside Ha Ni. The tables have turned. I have no problems with Ha Ni deciding to be a nurse because Seung Jo wanted to become a doctor. It’s not like she gave up her dreams for him. By being with each other, they have simply mutually chosen professions that are influenced by each other.

I don’t find Ha Ni’s career choice submissive or lacking. Being a nurse isn’t easy, especially not for snail-brained Oh Ha Ni. It’s an honorable profession, and one that requires empathy and dedication. As long as Ha Ni’s impetus is not based on some sacrificial purpose, then I applaud her for reaching for a loftier goal than she normally would have.

Let me put it this way, being married isn’t easy. You constantly have to balance not only what YOU want, but how that will factor into your marriage. For example, I WANT to run off to Korea and watch the PK finale with Kim Hyun Joong in a park. How that will factor into my marriage is that I will come home with the house locked and divorce papers in my car windshield. I kid, of course, but my example is merely to highlight that making decisions while taking into account how that will impact your life with the person you love is important for sustaining a relationship.

If my spouse was working as a doctor in London, and I decided I wanted to become a park ranger in Yellowstone, my marriage probably isn’t going to last very long. Yes, why can’t the guy pack up his practice and move with me to Yellowstone? Good point, but all my example is intended to highlight is that marriages need couples to mutually assess their life’s goals not within a vacuum but also how it will affect the other person. And then make a decision together.

Ha Ni encouraged Seung Jo to become a doctor, she wants him to dedicate his considerable intelligence to helping people in medical need. She is not sacrificing anything for him to accomplish that career objective. With that in mind, since she’s never really had her own career objective, finally she’s put actual thought into it and decided that she wants to become a nurse. I’m fine with that. My only wish would be that should Ha Ni decided she doesn’t want to be a nurse, she picks another profession she does want. Until then, she’s taking positive steps forward.

PK is so very true-to-life and relatable, however positively or negatively, with most viewers. Watching the evolution of Ha Ni and Seung Jo’s love story and life story was an enriching process for me. Like every K-drama addict, I, too, love dramas that are dramatic, that are larger-than-life, that are fantastical only in ways that can happen on TV. PK was my rare slice-of-life drama, that gave me insights into my own youthful follies, dreams long gone by, and loves that shaped who I am today.

PK is winding down to a sure to be sweet and satisfying conclusion next week. Whether Mom does get them married right now, or we end the entire series at their wedding, I feel like I’ve not wasted a moment of my time with PK. While the execution of the technical aspects of the drama were underwhelming and merely okay at best, it didn’t detract from my enjoyment because I was able to overlook the things that bothered me and find the nuggets of enjoyment in the heart of this story.

Jung So Min has a bright future ahead of her, and she’s without a doubt the breakout star of this drama. Kim Hyun Joong acquitted himself admirably, but I feel like he still has a tendency to under-emote when more nuance is called for. But he’s not a trained actor, so I acknowledge and appreciate his considerable improvement from his first acting gig. I now have faith that he is not a lost-acting cause, and will look forward to his next acting project with an open mind.

Both Lee Tae Sung and Lee Shi Young impressed and dazzled me with their performance, breathing so much depth and charm into their characters. Considering I barely spared a passing glance at previous iterations of said second leads, these two deserve kudos for a job well done. I’ll be sad when PK ends next week. I hope we will all be satisfied with the last two episodes, and be able to raise a virtual cheer to the cast and crew making a drama that brought us, however few in Korea and many elsewhere, so much enjoyment.

[Credits: screencaps from Baidu Playful Kiss Bar,, and as marked]


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    I love this episode because Hani finally shows some maturity. I don’t hate Hye Ra that much. I even admire her for being strong enough to move on. If this were a different story, the bitchy second female lead would probably do more evil things to get the guy right? 🙂

    I still feel sorry for Joon Gu but you are right. Hani doesn’t need someone who will treat her like a goddess. She needs someone who will shake her and make her the best that she can be. I wish the girl for Joon Gu will show up next ep… They shouldn’t skip that part. It will be an awesome ending if our lover boy Joon Gu will get his princess in the end too, right? ^^

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    The first half of the show had my heart all over the place! Oh so happy at the beginning, and then back to reality to deal with the fallout. KHJ’s acting was a little off putting since he had so many lines in this one. Talking BSJ doesn’t do very well. But cuddly, smiling BSJ rocks. *le sigh*

    I was teary eyed at all the Joon Gu scenes. Killed me. All the pain that I felt for Hani x100 because it ain’t gonna work out for him. Least not with this girl.

    Since I don’t understand a word of Korean, I was mostly just confused for the second half of the show. Thank you for the clarification! And I was completely distracted by that Art Is Truth shirt, dayum that looked nice on him.

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    Seung Jo’s little affectionate gestures are heartwarming!! Ha Ni seems a little lost at times with this change of attitude 🙂
    KHJ is looking smashing in the last couple of episodes… maybe he got some time to rest his tired eyes! I sure hope he did!!
    Now that Hye Ra no longer is a threat to Ha Ni, I actually like her (even find her pretty despite her plastic barbie-ness) and admire her for her gracefull pull back
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    Need I say it? I loved the episode!! Honestly, watching the long preview, I dreaded the moment when I would have to dislike Hani, perhaps for the first time in the drama, for acting like a spoiled willful kid.. Turned out I didn’t have to, or at least for too long. And yes, you’re right about Seungjo being perfect for Hani… As much as I defended her bench conversation, her growth is certainly not a bad thing and frankly, only Seungjo can spur her to have the motivation to develop herself for the better. The girl does not have the highest opinion of herself and I believe she would have stayed unambitious if left alone, or worshipped. And I feel like Seungjo’s love can be truly felt when he forces himself to leave her alone for her own sake. You could tell he didn’t like doing it but knew he was right in doing it. Perhaps, in a way, it was even more heartwarming that all those hugs and smiles he finally let himself have for her… And I neede to say this…
    Seungjo being the sweet boyfriend is totally melting… Man, it was totally worth all the mess. I know if we have post-marriage life, we can see Seungjo’s love for Hani but honestly, even without it, i’m satisfied now… I can already see that he loves her very much. BSJ owning up to his emotions is not only relieving for him but also deeply satisfying for us viewers. Took you some time but you’re making up rather quite well I would say. Nothing guarantees my face splitting smile more than seeing the two lovebirds being ecstatic about their situation… seeing them IN LOVE just kills me. I say this with the particular window scene in mind… it was lovely. and I totally love it when he caresses Hani’s hair… To my future boyfriend: take not. I want you to craddle me like that…
    Speaking of killing… my heart hurted badly for both Haera and Joongu in this episode… poor poor duckie… i hope you find your happy ending. how can you make me bleed for you even more when you confronted BSJ? you must be the most devoted dumped guy in history. However, I hurted the most when he was talking enthusiastically about the lunch box to the dad… I literally could feel my chest hurt, notwithstanding the stream of tears I had… I wanted to scream at the dad for letting Joongu hope even more…

    btw, i was totally satisfied with the proposal EXCEPT for Hani’s dad response… somehow, it bugged me and didn’t feel as touching as I felt it could have. and also seungjo annoyed me for a split tiny second before i let him get away with it but who proposes without asking and involving the bride in the conversation first? As for the mom… LOL.. is it me or she seemed more happy about the marriage than Hani? and hani’s faces when the dad was bashing her was totally hilarious. XD
    Eunjo… i totally heart you… you’re a sweetheart. a sourpuss sweetheart but still an adorable one. how i wish i could just squeeze you… haha.

    About all the differing opinions. I’m glad you said that we should agree to disagree… Even on DB where things tend to stay civilized, I’ve read a comment that really stamped on my nerve even though it was defending my side… Sometimes, too much zeal leads to crossing the line.

    About the kiss scene… hehe.. i got my wish that he would replay it.. but in a way, i wished he could have included the umbrella shot (which i hated) just so the kiss could have been longer… I wanted the umbrella to be cut… but also for an additional to be added. as for your screencap.. OMG… i feel perverted but that was totally hot. i’m shallow like that i guess.

    As for haera… may I say that I LOVE Lee si young.. she’s an awesome actress and played her role quite perfectly… she’s just the right amount of everything… in the end, the character Haera in unhatable… not when she behaves with such dignity and being such a good sport… but also shows that she’s just as vulnerable as any girl when matters of the heart are concerned… The frustration she felt and the leading to her release of emotions and tears were brilliantly done. Bravo. As for her bitchiness…. for me, it was always less the bitchy and mostly the funny and to be taken lightly. As for you making the comment about sucking her brains out… i seriously thought you didn’t like her then… glad i interpreted it the wrong way (but can you blame me… kk)

    Joon Gu is releasing fireworks at the bank of the Han River. He hums the song that he sang for Ha Ni at the graduation party, about how she is his life’s direction. Ha Ni goes to the restaurant to talk to him. Joon Gu tries to act like everything is normal with his smiling attitude, but he asks Ha Ni to go home today since he’s too busy to talk.

    As for Hani becoming a nurse… i totally agree with you and that is all. You said everything I wanted on the subject…

    Poor seungjo had no idea what mama baek had in mind when he said that the wedding wasn’t coming soon… it’s right up your nose you robot boy… and be glad for it… you’ll be marrying the most loveable girl out there… although said girl could use a shake or too for behaving so childishly (i won’t lie… i did worse… it rarely happens but when it does, i’m basically a drama queen in real life. but then, it’s always easier to see what’s wrong with it when you observe someone else than when you’re doing it in the heat of emotions).

    Honestly, I don’t want PK to end at all.. this is one of the few dramas when I don’t want it to end so soon… MGIAG is lovely but I thought it ended at the perfect time… as for PK, there’s so much more to explore, so many moments to squeal/angst/cry/laugh over and so little time left. Event the 7 episodes won’t quench my longing for more… especially when I just received the blow today that they will merely be 10 minutes episode… Show, I need more..

    and phew… this is a LONG comment… I apologize.

    • lol… i realized i just quoted a whole paragraph from you’re recap… without saying anything about it.. blame it on me going back to watch that scene again before i could comment… only to cry my heart out and completely forget that I had to comment on that.. i guess my tears speak for themselves here…

      • me again… I apologize for the spelling atrocity… I usually misspell all the time but in this post… it was particularly bad I had to cringe in embarrassment. I would say that I’ve only been to the US for 3 years but then I realized that’s no excuse anyone who is a full-time college student can claim… blame it on my lack of sleep then… again, apologies.

  8. I just want to say thank you for the enjoyable recap. I adore your witty comments and insights. Especially, when you point out how Seung-jo and Ha-ni fit like pot and lid. She opens a whole new world to him while he pushes her into her own maturity/identity. And I’m convinced that the Ha-ni along side with Seung-jo will grow to be better than the Ha-ni along side with Joon-gu. I am so amazed at this drama, while so light-hearted but at the same time dealing with realistic and mind boggling ideas.

  9. Thanks you so so mcuh again to you.
    I am in love to read your recap and thoughts of pk very much.
    I am really appricate for your hard work and valulable time.

    I did read in another website about PK and saying that Kim hyun joong is worst actor.
    I was shock and get upset. The only reason I watched PK because I am huge fan of him.
    I have never think that his acting is worst.
    BOF and PK both he has been turn out quiet well.
    He knows what he is doing very well and he matched with the charcter that he needed to act.
    My point of view he is doing very well and he is quiet famous with yoon giho and now he can act like real beak saung jo.
    I think he is a good acotr.
    I like playfuly kiss and I am enjoying to watch it again and again.
    I wish KYJ and JSM win the best couple award for playful kiss form MBC end of this year.

  10. o wow…thanks so much for the detailed recap. i feel like i am rewatching it in my head as i read. honestly, this ep is one of my favorite eps ever. being a person who read the manga, anime, and watched the jp and taiwan versions. i pretty already know wat is going to happen. too bad they have to ended with 16eps and i kinda of have a feeling of how they going to end the drama. it’s sad that they can’t fit all of those sweet moments into the drama…*sign*……making me sad….

    but then…it’s cool..thanks again for the recap. u r great!

  11. i love this show! it definitely made it to my top 5 k-dramas of all time.. its finally coming to a close, i’m excited & sad at the same time. i wonder how this will end. i won’t put out a spoiler or anything since i already seen the manga & taiwanese versions, but only 2 episodes left? what will they fit? does anyone know where episode 15 preview is?

  12. Thanks for your recap, ockoala! Your updates truly keep me sane while I’m waiting for the next episode too! 😛

    One thing that really sticks out for me though is the fact that Hye-Ra’s character may be catty at times but she managed to maintain a certain level of classy-ness. I respect her for that. I’m comparing her to the second girl lead of Personal Taste (I can’t remember the name at the moment…but wow, she definitely stooped like a million levels lower than Hye-Ra..)

    I also liked the fact that Ha-Ni is slowly growing up (I mean, I don’t agree with how she was so immature about leaving the house, etc.) but she was able to come to the right conclusion that she should work hard for her dreams and not center them completely around Seung – Jo – I felt that at the end that she came to the conclusion of being a nurse partially to prove to herself that she’s capable of achieving something more on her own strength alone.

  13. this is the second Korean drama i have watched……….the first – you’re beautiful!!! but of course! i can not believe that i fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong…he’s really beautiful! His robotic yet charming actions as BSJ did me in! To me, the funniest statement was in the last ep – when Joon Gu told HR and BSJ that they were perfect together – you and your nasty personalities…..i screamed in laughter!
    Yes, i loved reading your recaps – it helps me process the story. i thank you. i hope that someday, i too will have someone to love as much………

  14. Like most instances when we get so drawn into a particular K-drama, we also worry what we are going to do when it ends, I already foresee PK-withdrawal coming up. I’m going to miss your AAA-rated recaps and from past experience, I tend to have these withdrawal symtoms for weeks until another K-drama really interest me. That’s going to be hard to do after PK. Like you said, PK is not the most brilliant K-drama ever made but we love it’s poignancy and flaws nevertheless. I loved all the characters in PK even Lee Si Young’s commendable performance of a 2nd interest whom we simply love to hate! Other than the 4 main leads, Mom was great and EJ and tennis sunbae also provided their own memorable portrayals. I’m enjoying how SJ & Ha Ni has evolved and grown since we met them in epi 1 in school. They have come a long way. Especially cool and meanie SJ! Looking forward to next week’s final epis and of course your final closures for this now designated along with some others as ‘one-of-my-all-time-fave’ drama.

  15. Dear AKP, this is my first time posting on your blog, but i want to tell you – YOU ARE AWESOME! I really really love all your recaps for PK, it comes across as the most heartfelt, unbiased, insightful and full of emotions , I can really tell you feel alot for this drama, this may seems like a real simple and fluffy show, but surprising, it evoked alot of long burried emotions in me, and it’s certainly for keeps, i think 2 years down the road, i’ll rewatch this series again, and it’ll bring back many happy memories.

    Lastly, i just want to say a huge THANK YOU on behalf of all the PKers, for all your hard work, long hours in recapping this whole series, you don’t know how much it means to us, i reside in Asia, and the first thing i look forward to every Thurs and Fri is to check out your blog for recaps, and you never let us down.

    Your amazing recaps made me appreciate and love the drama alot more

    Tons of Hugs 😉

  16. (For example, I WANT to run off to Korea and watch the PK finale with Kim Hyun Joong in a park. How that will factor into my marriage is that I will come home with the house locked and divorce papers in my car windshield. )

    Ditto! I soooo love this quote! AND I KID NOT , if I was to drop everything and go watch the PK finale with KHJ.

    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because without this detail recap, I will just nod and smile and understand the basics only. You’ve done such a wonderful recaps of this episodes and I really enjoy your personal insight to bring another light to my own interpretation.

    From an international fan to you, hat’s off and can’t wait until next week!!

    • totally ditto.

      and yes…that quote definitely speaks to me. i wish i could just ditch college and fly to korea just to watch pk with KHJ… sometimes, or rather many times, a thought like that flashes my mind… to the hell with college, with parents.. it’s just a day or two… it would be totally worth it…
      Thankfully, I still have a bit of head left in me… I guess I’m no Oh Hani.

      • That’s even better… still in college, less obligations, take a semester there and share with us the experience!!!

        I would love to be Oh Ha Ni but when reality hit, there’s a price to pay.

        But we can all dream that dream we want! LOL… looking forward to your next recaps!

      • haha… don’t tempt me… i seriously considered doing it before but my parents would freak out. they already call me everyday when we’re in the same country… and wanted to MOVE to my college city just so that we can be together…
        that wouldn’t work for stalking plans in korea if they did it there…

    • Me,too!!! “I WANT to run off to Korea and watch the PK finale with Kim Hyun Joong in a park.” When I told my daughter this, she knew I would have done it if it were possible.
      ———– > Let’s discuss this rationally, now.
      What would it cost? Who could put together the travel package for us? How many participants would you need to make this work?
      OR, do you think there would be enough corporate interest to sponsor a sweepstakes of sorts for this type of event in the future?
      The Korean networks have already acknowledged the huge overseas (read North American here) interest in these dramas. Can’t we capitalize on it?

      I pictured my Irish-German features mingling in the mostly Korean crowd at the Final showing, wondering how many of me are out there imagining the same…

      • Can I come too? I have to be in Moscow for work the week after. HaNi ran away for 3 days. Can’t I for 10 days?

      • Totally! I have the same thoughts too!! LOL… hmmm can I find some work related conference, training, etc… ( x = unrelated work force) what about grad school, take classes at the university or do a semester abroad (x = not enrolled) maybe visiting a friend or family member? ( x = None, nada!! I need koreanfamilysponsorplease LOL)

        When the hubby some the fangirl in me, he’s so annoyed with these mighty good looking men, he said, when I become rich, i will buy you a property there and ship you there okay, how’s that?!? but you take the kid with you (yes!!)

        I know that I will eventually wait forever!! LOL

        At least you will stand out, you will be the first to be select on stage or to be interviewed!!!

  17. Hi! I didn’t even realize you were recapping this – thank you 🙂

    This was definitely an episode that left me feeling full without eating – to borrow a Korean expression. 😉 Lots of tears and resolution.

    My one small quibble is that Seung Jo only seems to show emotion when he’s scolding Hani. I mean, come on, he’s declaring he likes Hani, he’s asking to marry her and all he can manage is, as you said, the same tone of voice he uses to order food? I won’t lie, it wasn’t as satisfying as I wanted after all those episodes of build-up and frustration, both on Hani’s part and the viewers’. Still, we had some sweet moments, like the hug on the porch. And The Kiss v. 2.0 was way better than the first one, so yay!

    I really like what you said about Hani’s decision to be a nurse, and her motivation for that decision. To be honest although I was more on the side of supporting her decision after reading that massive geyser of comments on Dramabeans’ episode 12 recap, it did rub me the wrong way a little. More so in ISWAK (although I loved that drama to death) but a little in PK as well. Actually, it bothered me more in ep 14 than 12… not in the sense that I felt it was wrong exactly, but at that moment when she says to herself, “I’m going to be a wife worthy of Baek Seung Jo,” I was like… uh. Why not be the best you can be, because you’re worth it?

    And I think that’s mostly the 21st century girl in me, the gut reaction of someone who grew up in North America in the 90s. We subconsciously make value judgments about what kind of ambitions a woman has, and even if we don’t say it out loud like Hye Ra, her expression and tone when she says, “Houswife?” pretty much sums up what the dominant perception about that job is. Not acknowledging that it is a job, and one of the most difficult and never-ending ones in the world. Even though I have a lot of respect for women who decide to stay home and take care of their families, I’ve noticed that it’s not viewed as a very admirable goal in my circle of friends. Even if someone wants to do that, they probably wouldn’t brag about it. Hani isn’t even doing that, she’s going to follow a noble path that requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but her motivation for doing that doesn’t fit our dominant social ideals. But in the end it really works for her, and for the two of them.

    You’re right, marriage requires a lot of sacrifice from both partners. Sometimes I feel like because women have been the ones doing all the sacrificing for so long, some women take it too far in the other direction and don’t want to sacrifice at all – as if it’s payback time. But a healthy relationship needs to have balance.

    Wow, long comment! You’re right though, PK seems to be a light watch, but it brings out all sorts of deep questions about how we live our lives. I’m going to miss it when it ends.

    Awesome blog, by the way 🙂

  18. I lovers you, ockoala! FANTASTIC recap. <3 I also think that the even episodes must be edited by someone else, since the odd episodes have sloppy editing. That monkey must be on bananas. Haha, I love how we've got snails, monkeys, duckies, koalas and dodos here! What else? Heh. This place is becoming a zoo.

    Throughout today, I was lost in reverie just thinking about Ha Ni's character developments. (Even while I was taking a Quiz. ^^) PK may not be a stellar, substantial drama compared to some other K-dramas and it may be lacking in many areas, yet I find it ironic that it brings so much to the discussion table. There are some dramas that may be superbly well done, and we can heap a ton of superlatives to describe them, but they just aren't relatable or even something that you would think about during the day. I'm not talking about how addicting a drama is, but more about the ideas that it presents. We may watch it, throw a few comments here and there, and forget about them. Personally, I guess I'm thinking along the lines of Chuno, Pasta, and Personal Taste, as well as a number of dramas I've finished this year. Interestingly enough, I often find myself talking and writing more about PK than any other drama I've watched so far this year — And I kept wondering why.

    Then I had an epiphany and I realized that it's because there's a piece of Ha Ni within me. Perhaps — hypothetically speaking — every person can somewhat relate to her. You may not agree with her way of thinking or her actions, but she represents the naive, simple individual we once were. We may no longer be like that but perhaps we all used to have dreams of growing up and becoming a housewife for someone we love. This may not apply to you, but I was the kind of girl who grew up playing "house", or "ban jia jia." Back then, my dreams were simple: To be loved, to get married. Later, they became a lot more complex as I grew up, but there's still a part of me that hopes to achieve the dreams I've written when I was younger. In my humble opinion, I concur that PK does portray life quite realistically. It does sweetly reminds me of my younger days. I love that this drama enables me to reflect back on my life and look at all the choices that I've made. I certainly wouldn't be who I am today without 'em, good or bad. So even though I don't think this is something I will rewatch anytime soon in the future, I do think I'll rewatch it once and remember all the fond memories that came out of it. I think you said this before in a previous recap, too. There were times when this drama hit the wrong nerves and times when it didn't. But the bottom line is this: At least it hits one at all; it's better than indifference.

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this rare long comment from me and all the other comments from other bloggers! That was longer than usual, wasn't it? Well, anyhow thanks ockoala! I'll be kind of sad when this drama ends but then again, I know that this blog will continue to be here so we can rant about the most randomest of things! :] Yayy!

  19. Man, the moral of the story is deeper than I thought. This blog is like a book club because we all share our thoughts on the subject. It’s very stimulating. This is feminism at work. Thank you for such a SMART recap.

    • you know, I think I enjoy the long comments here ALMOST as much as I enjoy the recaps, esp the more constant commenters like endodo and v. It’s so cool to see the comments growing in content as the episodes wear on. I haven’t really seen such in-depth discussion outside of a forum I was once a member of. It’s kinda amazing to be part of something like this again. Thanks ockoala for creating this, with your amazing recaps.

      that said, I have the mother of all headaches and I just don’t have the energy to express my proper thanks except to send you a big fat virtual eucalyptus tree! luv, carol

      • HAHAHA! Amen, sista! Seriously, you, me, and V are probably labeled as freaking stalkers on this blog. But I’d rather call myself an enthusiastic Dodo that enjoys playing on AKP to combat the stress that may bring her to extinction. Okay, totally weird. But you have to understand, I’m the last of my kind. Haha! We probably contribute a couple thousand hits to AKP alone, am I right? ;P Jkjk. Joking aside, I think everybody’s comments combined would equal a fat research paper that’s totally worthy of a publication. I mean, we’re basically analyzing art here, and doing it because we passionately love to do so. Not like we’re getting paid or anything. Yeah, so don’t think of any of your comments as being long or anything. ‘Cause we’re all analyzing PK in our own way and it makes it so much more fun! 😀 Wheeee!

      • lol… did i get mentioned? XD I didn’t know I made such an impression… but i guess just scrolling down through my long comments many times probably got me noticed. that and my bad spelling…
        yep… i’m a self-confessed stalker of this blog alright… mainly because I love reading comments… and you’re right, they grow in depth and insight every episode. and also, who am i kidding… i mainly stalk this blog for ockoala’s posts. it’s addicting
        @Carol love your comments as well. 🙂
        @endodo4ever lol.. hope you survive as the last one of your kind… too precious to be lost. and yes, some comments on here and DB truly got me boggled eyed from sheer admiration.

  20. i like seung jo voice when he speak softly to Ohani.. when he hug her from the back… i feel love …when he smile at her … im melting …. lucky O hani … & its worth an effort to never give up on him…

    ahh! what should i do… PK come to ending … nothing to look forward every week… i will miss seung jo badly…

  21. I always appriciate with your recap on this drama esp your impression about the drama after the recap. You really have great understanding about life which make me learn a lot from you. Really thank for your work. Hope you always put ur thought in the drama. Keep your head up…. 🙂

  22. ‘ PK is so very true-to-life and relatable ‘

    I must salute Group 8 production for taking the huge risk to set PK on a tone that’s closer to heart and home, especially when most productions are striving to outdo each other in upping the octane level either in action or angst.
    I have enjoyed slicker works with great appreciation for their creativity and sophisticated execution but it’s this seemingly straightforward tale of a young girl’s crush that has touched a cord in my heart despite it’s shortcomings. Hani has triggered of a slew of memories of my youthful days when I’ve done my share of cringeworthy stalking of my dream guy but minus the fairytale ending. However, in retrospect, I have learned precious lessons of the heart which constitutes my outlook on love to this day. Seemingly I have have matured over the years and established myself in a career ( as some viewers are wanting Hani to do ) but when the right one comes, I will have no qualms in wearing my heart on my sleeve and giving my all in the pursuit of my dreams. This pertains not only to a life partner but also to all the people I’m blessed to have in my circle – to be upfront in expressing my love and appreciation of them. Life is too short to go in circles behind facades and masks. However, with maturity, I believe I have enough fortitude also to withstand the possible failures that may come. Thanks to PK for invoking these bittersweet memories and refreshing my inner convictions.
    Finally, a big thank you to OCKoala for all your wonderful recaps and everyone who commented – you have enriched my life.

    • Ok, I’m obviously over emotional after watching the subbed episode. This totally made me tear up! It’s exactly how I feel.

  23. Actually made it back early and was able to watch both episodes. What can I say except loved them both. Loved the recap as usual.

    I just don’t think some people are looking deep enough into this story to see the real underlying messages. It’s just about love and life and the struggles of finding yourself and finding the people who you are supposed to live that life with. I agree that OHN and BSJ work the best together. She makes him feel and he makes her think. She makes him use his heart and he makes her use her brain. All the other things in between are just the journey of figuring out that they are meant to be together. Yes it was rough but I think it made them stronger. I am not so much of a feminist that I think I have to hate this story on principal because of OHN seeming like she is living her life for BSJ. Love is what it is.

    Playful kiss has been sweet, frustrating at times, realistic (sorry to those who disagree but in my opinion it is), and I like it! I don’t know what I will do with my extra time once it ends. I am going to have a big empty spot for awhile.

  24. Just came back from the doctor’s office and he has diagnosed me with the onset of PKDS (Playful Kiss Deficiency Syndrome). LOL

    I can’t believe that it’s going to end after next week. So sad. I really enjoyed this drama a lot. Again, thanks for the wonderful and insightful recap.

  25. To all the wonderful, effusive, and eloquent commenters in my PK recaps, I know who you are. I don’t mean that in any stalkerish or rubs-hands-in-glee sort of way, but in a I-really-appreciate-your-participation-and-look-forward-to-lots-of-great-future-drama-talk sort of way.

    Everyone has so many great stories and takeaways that you have graciously shared here, and I want to thank you! I will miss recapping PK because I will miss the fun times everyone has reading and commenting on what happened to our Seung Jo and Ha Ni.

    And they feel rather like family at this point – errant children whom we have watched grow and love, ready to spread their wings and take flight. It’ll be bittersweet for me as well when PK ends, but nothing will ever top my 5 odd months or so of mooning over the one and only drama that ever made me utterly obssessed. Shhh, not gonna divulge the identity – it’s between me and that drama.

    Please keep the long comments coming, and even longer ones are welcome and anticipated for next week’s grand finale. Should we have a AKP party to bid bon voyage to PK?

    I want to conclude that we do indeed have a veritage menagerie of creatures (the animals named by endodo4ever) and objects (clouds, fans). Oh, and lovely screen alias that are clearly not your real name (Renee, Carol, Jennifer, v, etc). Right? 😉

    Thanks for the lovely words of encouragement and appreciation for my recaps, it truly makes it worthwhile to do them.

    • Why does farewell sound so sad… even though it’s one week from now, I can still feel it. Honestly, I was even more obsessed with You’re Beautiful (and a few others, as equally obsessed) than with PK but the thought of farewell wasn’t nearly as sad… I guess I enjoyed the discussions too much. Also maybe because You’re beautiful and some other dramas had a more universal support (and better ratings too) while PK had almost an equal amount of anti as an amount love. Perhaps that’s why I feel protective towards PK a bit more, like ockoala said, like a child (not that I know how it is to be a mother). In a way, it’s status of underdog among Wed-Thurs dramas made me more attached to it than I thought. And all the meaningful discussions are of course an integral part of the experience.. You guys/girls are all awesome.

      “I know who you are…. not in any stalkerish or rubs-hands-in-glee sort of way” HAHA… as long as you stalk like harmless Oh Hani, then it’s okay.

      “Should we have a AKP party to bid bon voyage to PK?”
      If you ask me, then yes we should… why do I feel teary though?

      lol.. I didn’t notice the patterns among the screen names… as for v…. hehe.. just guess. real or not? Maybe (dies… the Pride effect is infallible, even when used by myself. XD).

    • its not yet goodbye but i feel so sad already…but i think its fitting to send off our little drama with a smile on our faces coz i dont think they (cast, crew and productions) would be happy if they hear that the PKissers are so sad. I know they wanted to leave good drama behind so all of their supporters will be happy to look back and remember that this drama have tocuch in so many ways that their hard work are all worth it.

      and by that by, will take this oppurtunity to thank also my co-commenters for sharing your thoughts, giving news of PK and other stuff.

      its been a blast, i never thought that i would be this involve in this kind of community. hope for more interactions with all of you!!!

      and see you at the wedding!!!

    • I’m always up for a party!

      And I’ve already started stalking the rest of AKP, so I expect I’ll be around. I really appreciate the mature comments and discussions that we find here.

      I mean, I have my moments of “omghe’ssohotsqueeeee!” but it’s nice that it’s not all just that.

  26. my favourite part is actually the part where AKP mentioned that she finally understand why SJ is the perfect fit for HN, cos he’s always so rational, grounded, collected and realistic, which is exacly what HN lacks, and really need, someone to rein her in appropriately, someone who is there to guide her, and give her the opp to mature and find her own path in life, not by dictating what she should or should not do, but rather, by letting her learn the hard way.

    It may seem harsh or even cold the way he treat her, but i think it’s because he see things in her before she herself even know it, that’s how much he understand her, and he is being her best partner by letting her learn and explore things on her own, despite him already knowing how things will turn out.

    I like this fact that he never once tell her to do this or that, or just love her blindly by being oblivious to her shortcomings or emotions (like Joongu), he really wants her grow and mature to be a better person, for herself!

  27. Being a married lady myself, I really related to your pseudo-fake example. I really do WANT to run off to Korea and watch the PK finale with Kim Hyun Joong in a park!!!
    But that wouldn’t sit well with the hubster…so I’ll just keep Kim Hyun Joong on my “List”. You know, the list of 5 celebrities I’m allowed to have a fling with if I ever meet them in real life, without my husband getting upset.
    Mine will be laminated, just like Ross’. LOL

  28. BSJ’s Hani-dar is fully activated especially in this episode – waiting for her in the rain, spotting her on balcony, tracking her down at the noodle shop during confrontation with Joon Gu and later the diner where she works . For the last location, I thought initially that he got the tip from Haera but on rewatching with subs realise that the info came from Min Ah & Juri. They must have relented seeing the pleading look on his face.

    This is the also the first episode where BSJ is complimented for his cold, mean attitude towards Hani, whereby even some of her staunchest supporters agree that it’s good for her growth. Though not overtly stated, BSJ’s depth of love for Hani is demonstrated through the fact that he is has accepted her, shortcomings and all and is committed to help her towards maturity. Speaks a lot of his long suffering and patience coming from the former Mr Cold & Mean Robot Guy .

  29. hi ockoala!!! again thank you for extending your graciousness to all the PKissers out there! it feels so great to share thoughts with people who are open minded and willing to share their thoughts as well. it makes everything so fun and exciting.

    episode 14…. as per the song i know… there is always a rainbow after the rain…

    i love how simply seung jo announced that he would like to marry hani, how he casually answers all the things that hani’s fathers present to him. its like he accepted it from the very beginning so no need to any frills and grand gesture. he was just giving re-affirmation to the adults that he, indeed love hani.

    the scene with joon gu and hani’s father was done quietly but with a punch. i almost cried with joon gu as he let his heartache known.

    regarding haera as i said in my comment in ep. 13, she did try to win seung jo over even though she know its a lost cause b’coz seung jo only likes hani. gonna give props to you haera for being a woman of class. for facing defeat with grace, not accepting your gramps proposal to do the undecent thing. even though your still bit b*tchy, i think we could conclude that its just your nature.

    joon gu…wow! what can i say about this guy? can i just recommend you to my friend who needs a knight in shining armor with the busan accent? kidding aside… joon gu would have been the perfect hero in a drama, if its a different drama i think i’ll be rooting for you 100% for you to have the girl and a happy ending that you deserve. i love how you take letting hani go as a challange to make yourself a better person. to value yourself more.

    seung jo…im so glad that you actually came out of your shell. you still have this cold exterior but behind that now we can actually see a warm smile across your face. now we know that you can also give a warm hug and can extend a hand to someone that you love. as ockoala mentioned its now your time to give back to hani all the love and support that she’s been giving you throughout the years. and i love how you used your influence to push hani to mature and think about her future without you in the central of it. its a good way to show how much you love her.

    hani, finally! you got the miracle that you asked eun jo in episode 7. you have now seung jo at your side. im liking the fact that in this episode they showed hani that living a life isnt all about the person that you love, its also about loving yourself, learning about yourself and making it better. because if your happy and have self fulfillment then the person whose with you will also be influence to be better.

    when playful kiss started it never crossed my mind that this drama would have a great effect on me. at first im just excited coz its a remake of ISWAK which a T-drama that i really come to like and with interesting casting for its lead kin hyun joong and jung so min.

    i like kim hyun joong as an idol singer and have heard his 4d personality in real life so im curious to see how he will play this role bcoz in his acting gig in BOF, admittedly his acting was not stellar. but im willing to give KHJ a benefit of the doubt, and im glad i did bcoz even though its not superior his portrayal of beak seung jo in my opinion was done right. he added his own flavor into the character which makes it hateful and endearing at the same time. im happy to say that i will be anticipating your next project to see more of you improvement.

    as for jung so min, i liked her performance in bad guy, i felt that this girl have so much to offer and im glad that im right. she’s like a star that shining brightly in this drama. she embodied hani’s character and make it her own. she played hani so well that you cant help but empathize with her in everything that she goes thru. im positive that this girl’s star will shine more brightly in the near future.

    im sad coz we will bid goodbye next week to this little drama that we came all to love.
    but im sure we will send them off with a blast.

    so guys till next week!!! PK AJA! FIGTHING!!!

  30. My dear you are a sensitive, insightful observer and a very talented and expressive writer. It’s a delight and an intellectual challenge to read your recaps. Beyond the level zero how the story flows, how the characters interact, in your recaps there are many subtle sociological and cultural references, and psychological approaches. It’s an amazing blend that feed the readers need to debate.

    “PK was my rare slice-of-life drama, that gave me insights into my own youthful follies, dreams long gone by, and loves that shaped who I am today” – I suppose, many others thought so… worldwide:)

  31. truly awesome… it was a short ride… but i look forward with heartfelt enthusiasm on your next chosen drama….what an angel….so talented and absolutely insightful

    • nope… it’s unfortunate (and completely devastating to me when I think of all that we’re missing) but the low dismal ratings obliterate any chances of having a season 2. however, there are going to be 7 special ten minutes episode to be uploaded on the official PK channel… subscribe to show your support!

  32. As I was reading, I crafted the comments I was gonna give in your post.. but the more I read on, I found that you’ve said most of what I wanted to say anyway.. about everything and everyone ^^

    Really love your recap. And I agree with you on the marriage thing. I probably won’t be served a divorce paper if I decided to go to Korea to watch PK with KHJ, but there’ll be a very disgruntled man waiting for me when I get home.. 😛

  33. Thank you ockoala for providing this wonderful recap and everyone who left a comment. I have just left a comment at DB episode 14 recap, and I hope you won’t mind if I just quote it here, but I wanted to thank you and the audience of PK for making me happy this week. Sorry, it was my first comment on DB and I may have already said some of the things in this quote on my first comment here at episode 13 recap.

    Wow! What can I say, everyone seems to have said it all. After episode twelve’s recap I was beginning to lose faith, with the recapper (sorry girlfriday, couldn’t help feeling it at that juncture) and the audience.

    I love Itazura na Kiss, both live drama and anime, ISWAK and PK, every version, be they with bad or good acting, cinematography, editing, directing, etc., etc., and I was becoming more and more disappointed with everyone’s constant gripes about every little thing in PK and not enjoying the story for what it is. A light, humorous love drama (might I dare to say here based on very realistic situations) about two still very young people trying to find their way in life and love.

    Okay, BSJ is cold and mean most of the time, and he’s no Mr. Perfect by any long stretch of the imagination, but his love runs deep. OHN does have obsessive tendencies, but it is this tenacity that has turned her into the woman SJ loves. Once she makes up her mind and sets her goal she goes all out until she achieves it, no matter how hard it gets or how long it takes, even if it is unimaginable for her capabilities, she goes and proves everyone, including herself, wrong. And please don’t misinterpret, I don’t mean it was good for her to dog SJ or be persistent to the point of annoying sometimes.

    Both BSJ and OHN are teenagers on the cusp between the last of their childhood and the start of adulthood, and the story here illustrates that journey between the two states beautifully. It didn’t matter whether or not that the author used SJ and HN’s characters to illustrate this or not, but because she did these characters showed us this journey in a meaningful way. It is difficult, it is cold, it can be mean and harsh, you might get lost, become hesitant, full of indecisions, feel pain, of the bad kind, but yet it is tempered with fun, excitement, the happiness of youth and yet more pain, of the good kind. Ultimately, the important thing is it leads to fulfilment, joy and love if you arrive at the right place, not just for HN and SJ but for the people around them too, even HR and JG, who will have to take their own journeys to discover their own final harbours with the right persons for them. To many SJ might be cold and mean, to me he is wise and caring. I’m glad he has finally found the person who can help him to bring all this to the surface, likewise for HN who has SJ to help her to dig deep inside herself. If anyone cares to look deeper this story is not just fluff. Again, don’t take me wrongly, I know the original manga wasn’t a great work of literature and wasn’t intended to be viewed as such. We all have to take or have taken the same journey to adulthood and the very simplicity of this drama is sufficient and have done the job admirably to illustrate that. Some of us may have enjoyed the story’s humour and some of us have not, which is fine with me, but I do wish everyone would enjoy PK for what it is rather than looking for something it isn’t.

    One little thing I thought I had to mention, I don’t think SJ has been treating HN badly for all of those four years GF mentioned in the recap. He couldn’t have when he didn’t know of her existence before her confession. For some of those years, can’t remember what they said in PK, but in ISWAK it was two, she had been admiring and loving him from afar and only until their paths crossed did he knew about her. I’m not a masochist and I know SJ’s words can cut deep, but to me I could feel his love in everything he does for and with HN, even when he was being harsh (I know it’s easy for me to say because I’m not HN on the receiving end, but SJ’s love in the early part of the story was meant for the viewers’ eyes only).

    This week I was floored by both recaps here and the ones I read over at ockoala’s. They were all exceptional and apart from the odd, light complaints here and there, I’m glad the audience have redeemed themselves and have stopped all the strong gripes.

    Perhaps I might be speaking too early since I haven’t read every single comment, but from what I have read I am happy that the audience is finally happy.

    Thank you, for making me happy.”

      • Thank you, v, I don’t think I’ve ever written words that have made anyone happy before. Thank you ockoala for providing the space for us all to have a good time.

        I guess this is the power of PK or rather Itazura na Kiss the original.

      • i think we can call this blogsite a happy place…coz it seems to me that everyone is happy sharing their thoughts and feelings here.

    • Beautifully stated! This is exactly what I see when I watch Playful Kiss. I was so tired of all the complaints. Even the comments on the videos on were complaint after complaint about every little thing. Thank goodness for the discussion off button or I would have been unable to watch it on there. I have always been happy with PK but it is so nice to see others appreciate it too.

      • lol… that’s why I no longer watch PK on viikii… I just watch it raw and then with ch. subs… while waiting for the viet subs to come up
        Honestly, one of the features i like the most on viikii is the discussion function… I’ve always loved to read them because they allow some really insightful comments or detailed observations that enhance the viewing experience… however, for PK, i just couldn’t stand it anymore… it came down to the point where out of every 10 comments, only 1 was something i could swallow. that mostly ruined the whole episode for me. and since i can’t resist activating the discussion button just to read the one comment that was meaningful, i just decided to quit eng subs altogher. Sigh. It was already bad before when people started to bash the actresses/actors playing the “villain” role when it’s really the ROLE that’s villain and saying things like they were ugly (please…) but I could bear that…
        for PK, at first it was okay but it became uncontrollable after a while…

      • oopss. that was longer than i thought… sorry for the rant. it’s just i’m upset something i used to love turned into something that drove me away. Sigh.

  34. adding another comment: it surprises me how i like ALL characters (leading and supporting characters) in this drama… usually there would be at least one person who irritates me to infinity, but in PK, i find everybody pleasant and some even lovable!

    • I know exactly what you mean! It’s a first for me not to hate either one or both of the second leads – but I came to love Joon Gu and I actually ended up liking Hye Ra by the end. It’s almost as miraculous as Seung Jo falling for Ha Ni. 😉

    • yup have read about it.
      it sounds exciting but feel sad at the same time.

      well, even good things needs to come to an end.
      as a viewer, let us just take playful kiss as a gift from the drama gods that we should treasure. lets enjoy and support it while we can, i think thats the best goodbye gift we can give them.

      i know PKissers have reserved seats at the wedding. so see you there v!

    • It’s just hit me that it’s the second last week. I need a minute.

      Ok…. I’m not ok. I’m gonna miss you, Ockoala. Your blog become my Thursday-Friday morning haunt. But what I really treasured was your sweet replies to our comments as much as the recaps themselves, because you didn’t have to take time to read my occasionally inane and sometimes remarkably insane comments but you DID! And you took us to heart (e.g. the Buzzer Beat post) – how can I help but to return it? I hope that I’ll be able to come here often and share views on our common interests in future too.

      That said, this episode really brought to a culmination all those teasers that you handed to me earlier… the kiss on the bench, when Seungjo shushed Eunjo into silence, and then that tiny hint when Seungjo asked Hani when she was going to realise his feelings? We’d been given this grindingly slow buildup, and all of sudden boom, like fireworks, winding up before the beautiful explosion! I LOVE IT! It really brings home that this boy has been in love (albeit love in denial) with this girl for so long, and finally, he’s allowed himself to express it!

      And the PD finally gets to unleash the amazing Seungjo-Hani adorableness on us…. from the kiss, which was the least of it, to that first intertwining of their hands as Seungjo declared his honorable intentions to Hani’s dad, to that backcuddle-turned-hug in the balcony. ooooooh. witness melting puddle of goo.

      Like you said, this episode really brought to the forefront things I liked about all the characters in this show! You’ve mentioned a couple of them, Hyera, who I really really like, and Joongu. Hyera was a surprise for me. I didn’t even mind her sometimes a little unkind teasing of Hani. I hated her character in all the other versions, but props to the writers for creating this drama, where they had such well-rounded characters. No one was utterly perfect nor utterly imperfect. I suspect this was another reason why this show was just not meant for Korean television – there was no decisive and (sufficiently) divisive tension! I think this show is gonna do SO well overseas.

      But I wanted to say that growing up as a child with my single mom, I’ve always liked Hani’s dad’s character love for his child, this sweet honey and sunshine child of his, whom he knows is not the brightest tool in the shed, but has such a big heart. And it reflects well on him to have brought up such a child. When he reminded Seungjo what an inadequate child she was, it was because he just wanted to reassure himself that his child was sufficiently loved, if not, he would have fought Seungjo before handing his child over to this perfect man, who would not have been good enough for Hani.

      We’ve been over and over again, how they fit like pot and lid, how Hani has been the catalyst of change for Seungjo and for once, we see Seungjo being the catalyst of change for Hani in this episode. And we know that this will set the trend for the rest of their lives. Seungjo holds himself to such impeccably high standards and he’s not going to stop himself from holding Hani to them too. This was part of the charm that Hani had for him in the beginning, wasn’t it – that tenaciousness she had when she had a goal, studying to be in the top 50, whilst learning to play tennis. He liked that she applied herself without knowing the meaning of going too far. So he wasn’t going to let her slide (I’m not sure if Joongu would have let her glide through life doing nothing as some think he will, but I’m sure that she will achieve more in life with Seungjo by her side then with Joongu) and become someone that he might no longer love in the future.

      I could continue for another 5 pages or so, but like dodo said, all your recaps and our comments combined could become a thesis… it’s a sign that I should just zip it!

      so i just wanted to end by saying hi to all the girls here(and I’m pretty sure we’re pretty much all girls here. to the guys I might have maligned, please identify yourself!) I’ve read the comments, all of them, and like jeankaycee said, just appreciated what a happy place this is. I worry that we’ll not be able to get together again like this, after this drama, so I just wanted to say again to Ockoala thanks, and to v and dodo and all the many others (you know who you are!) who really made this Playful journey fun! I’ll be seeing you at the Playful Kiss PARTY!

      ps. I started writing this comment yesterday, but couldn’t finish it in time to post it… and by the time I came back, all these comments had come up as had the preview for episode 15 and spoilers for episode 16 – is anyone else there worried that they’re trying to fit too much into the last two eps?

      • awe! your so sweet! we both have the same habit of reading all the comments.
        i do hope that all of us can still get together here at our happy place.

        and yes will see you at the PLAYFUL KISS PARTY!

      • aw.. ur so sweet!

        lol… count me in for reading all the comments…. XD

        and love u too!! thank you for your comments and i’m SO glad u’ve finally gotten into the Pi craze… u don’t know what’s life (in drama world) if you haven’t experienced the JE madness….

        and yeah… i wonder if there are boys watching PK… all the boys i know would rather die (and some literally puke) than watch PK… i think i only know Amg1 to have watched it but i think he might have given up or something.
        and yes.. like i commented on the ep 16 teaser post… i don’t know how i should feel about it…

      • “ooooooh. witness melting puddle of goo.”

        Haha, yes, that was me as well.

        I was talking to my roommate about how my favorite relationship in the show is actually Ha Ni and her dad. The scene between them before they left BSJ’s house back in episode whatever, is still the scene that produced the most tears from me.

        As for the last two episodes, I’m just thinking of it all as a super long fan-servicy epilogue. We know they are together and happy, this is all just cake. Though the upcoming honeymoon is making me wish it was a Latin American novela instead of a k-drama. Ahem.

  35. thank you for your good recap, likewise im also looking forward to the PK finale
    but a little sad , i really love this drama, watching it end is a heartbreak

  36. Hi Ockoala. I too enjoyed the episode. I think HaNi was being foolish by running away and if my daughter ever does that, I’ll lock her up in the basement for 20 years. Ok, I won’t. I agree though that Seung Jo is turning out to be a good boyfriend who cares a lot for HaNi. I liked it that he did not deride HaNi for her choice of becoming a nurse. True, he couldbe more sensitive but one needs to take him as he is. As much as I like Joon Gu, I would never go for him. All that fawning would annoy me to bits.

    I disagree with you about one thing. HaNi does not possess a quarter of Hye Ra’s looks. She has 2 or 3 times more!

    • and in term of intelligence…. I think it’s less than a quarter 😉

      fortunately her personality makes up a lot for Seung Jo and us Ha Ni supporters 🙂

      • Not sure if I agree to the intelligence thing. I really think that HaNi is much prettier than Hye Ra. I think physical or chemical reaction is not usually expressed in Kdramas but I believe it’s always one of the layers of romantic entanglement. To put it plainly, SeungJo had the hots for Hani, whether she was better-looking than Hye Ra or not. 🙂

      • Ok, this must sound really nuts, but reading your ‘SeungJo had the hots for Hani’ made me happy (for Hani) hahhhaha

        but i think you’re right about physical/chemical attraction as a foundation for love 🙂
        it’s hard to compare the two girls as they have such different looks. Hani is beautiful in her own way (in a sweet, fresh, young girl way). Hye Ra has a mature, chic but also very arrogant radiance, which makes her less likable and approachable.

      • but one reason why i think Hani is more beautiful than Hye ra is because Hani has a more heart and better personality (that actually accounts for my judgment of people in general. A supposed beauty with bad attitude and personality appears quite ugly in my eyes)

    • LOL, of course I am on Team Ha Ni, FTW!

      I was merely pointing out that in the context of the PK world, Hye Ra is supposed to surpass Ha Ni in every respect, except for the size of her heart.

      Which is why Seung Jo loving Ha Ni is that much more meaningful, because he is passing up a woman with looks, intelligence, and wealth for the woman he loves, regardless of how she stacks up (theoretically in the drama context).

      In my mind, Ha Ni is more beautiful than Hye Ra, the purity and breadth of her heart accentuates her allure.

    • I think Hani is much more prettier than horrid Hye Ra who look so plastic surgeried. Hye Ra at any opportunity would talk down and taunt Hani, such a mean-spirited person, even if she’s Miss Universe SJ won’t pick her, which I’m sure SJ know that too.

  37. thank you ockoala ! loved your recaps.. 🙂

    i guess many of us enjoyed the warm and smiling Seung Jo, giving Hani a bit of time to think about what she wants to do and supported her decision to become a nurse. That grin on his face when said he was going to marry Hani and when he spoke to Hae-ra have melted our hearts! And that back hug!! wooo! that was my favourite scene in this ep.

    the pot and lid analogy is so apt. simple yet meaningful, that’s what i like about this drama. it may seem boring to many but it has certainly got me glued to my laptop for the past weeks…. loading subbed episodes and stalking the various blogs on PK, reading the recaps, comments.. and now there are only 2 eps left! 🙁

    my favourite is actually ep 8, the scenes at the tennis courts and SJ carrying her.. though i must add that i watched the rain kissing scene over and over :p

  38. Ooh ! I do love that proprietorial stance that BSJ took on when sorting out out with BJG at the shop – kinda like staking his claim on his woman and giving a clear message to his rival ‘ Hands off, she’s mine ! ‘

  39. Just a thought regarding comments about BSJ’s robotic delivery at certain emotionally charged scenes – could it have been director’s cue according to a particular slant of interpretation ? Can’t believe HJL is not able come up with with some credible expressions ( even if not totally explosive ) if the production calls for it.

  40. I will miss your recaps and commentaries every bit as much as the actual episodes of PK. I am a recent convert to K dramas having accidently stumbled onto PK while looking for something to watch on Hulu one day. Since then, I have enjoyed My Lovely Sam Soon, The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry and Coffee Prince. I watched some of Bad Love, Bad Guy, and totally suffered through Pasta…( it was THE WORST but I trudged through to the end hoping for some redeeming episodes. Not one.)
    I am so sorry to see the end of PK but I hope there will be more dramas in the future that you will review and recap. Please, somehow let me know what your next project will be. Thanks so much again. Corinne

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