The Leading Men of Secret Garden

SBS released additional stills today of its two leading men in Secret Garden. While earlier stills were released of Hyun Bin, this is the first time we see a full body shot of him.

This is also the first set of stills released for second lead Yoon Sang Hyun. I love both guys, but for some reason I’m not connecting with either set of stills. Yoon Sang Hyun’s look screams over-the-hill ahjusshi, but since that’s what he’s supposed to be playing I guess he’s completely in character. But that man can be so sexy when styled right – and he is clearly not styled right in this drama.

As for Hyun Bin, he’s supposed to play this tightly-wound, always in control department store chaebol, and he’s sure dressed nattily. But I’m just so in the dark about how this whole body-switching thing is going to work. Please just don’t let it be full of pratfalls and  utterly mockworthy.

I’ve heard that he lost weight and got into even leaner shape specifically for this drama. I know Hyun Bin is a method actor (for such a pretty boy it’s rather mindblowing to contemplate that he’s like a Korean James Dean without all the angst), but it hurts me to see him with such razor-sharp cheekbones. Oh wells, the army will plump him up a bit, I hope. Unless he goes all method in the army.

Finally, I found this BTS shot of Binnie that is so hilarious it must be shared. What’s funny is not the object of the shot, but the shot angle itself. So some fangirl stalker hightailed it to the roof, likely leaned far over the edge, all to shoot a picture of Binnie’s head? So not worth the effort, girlfriend.


The Leading Men of Secret Garden — 6 Comments

    • also to add on….i LOVE the whole body switching scenario…its a gender bender without the whole girl-dressing-up-as-guy stuff…like that movie Its a girl boy thing….plus if the fantaasy element that leads up to the switch has to something to do with video games and being in them….that is sooooooo much cooler than magicky shenaningans…sci fi isnt something i have ever seen in kdramas….so i am bound to love it as long as they can do it well without the any boring kdrama tropes…all in all i’m either bound to love this or hate this

  1. Hyun Bin is ravishing as ever. No body can top Won Bin and Hyun Bin as a perfect combo of good looks and talent in K entertainment industry. Am beyond glad that he’s back.

    Yoon Sang Hyun …… You must want to kill your stylist. LOL

  2. like you… i totally don’t feel (read find it horrid) Yoon Sang Hyun’s hairstyle…
    However, i take my word back about Hyun Bin from last time’s stills… now, I totally find him dashing… maybe it’s me and men in suits… but yes, he a bi gaunt. i hope he is healthy at least.

  3. Not feeling the stills, either. 🙁

    but it hurts me to see him with such razor-sharp cheekbones.
    Oh WORD!

    Oh wells, the army will plump him up a bit, I hope.
    If Binnie pulls a Lee Jun-ki, forget it, girl! Whenever I see new LJK pics, I can’t help but worry.

    As for Yoon Sang-hyun, doesn’t he look a bit like Jung Joon-ho and Kim Jae-wook in these stills? 0_0

  4. I totally didn’t recognize Yoon Sang Hyun in those photos. Oddly enough, the sweater intrigues me. I’m trying to figure out the closure design detail on the front.

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