Written Preview for Episode 15 of Playful Kiss and Spoilers for Episode 16

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While I’m sure pretty much everyone wants to find out more about next week’s Playful Kiss finale episodes, someone out there might want to be pleasantly surprised. I’ve hidden all the spoilery goodness after the jump. Click at your own behest.

Written Preview for Episode 15

The arrival of a sudden wedding ceremony leaves Ha Ni and Seung Jo scrambling to get everything done. In the midst of selecting wedding rings and a wedding dress, the couple engages in a little cold war. Ha Ni is unhappy about Seung Jo’s dispassionate attitude towards this momentous occasion, unaware that Seung Jo has his own thoughts towards the situation.

After a boisterous wedding ceremony, the newlyweds head to Jeju Island for a honeymoon. Anticipating a tender and loving honeymoon, Ha Ni’s plans hit a snag with the encounter of someone who disrupts their special occasion…..

Some leaks about episode 16 (sounds highly credible to me, but take it with a grain of salt):

Ha Ni and Seung Jo wrap up their honeymoon and return to Seoul. Seung Jo starts medical school, and Ha Ni gets admitted to nursing school.

At their graduation, the couple goes out on a lovely date – the location being the lake where they had their first impromptu date (this time not on the same rickety boat). They row out to the middle of the lake, and share a heartwarming kiss.

Fast forward a few years, Dr. Baek is performing a surgery on none other than sick Noori. His nurse assistant is Nurse Oh Ha Ni. At the successful completion of the surgery, Ha Ni suddenly feels nauseous….

[Credit: translation for episode 15 MBC official written preview, from Korean to Chinese @ Baidu Playful Kiss bar, from Chinese to English done by me; rumored spoilers for episode 16 from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Written Preview for Episode 15 of Playful Kiss and Spoilers for Episode 16 — 62 Comments

  1. thank u for our spoilers…omg it sounds so exciting..

    ” Ha Ni suddenly feels nauseous….”… she’s pregnant i guess haha

  2. thanks ockoala!!!! you are spoiling us, PKissers!
    but who’s complaining, nope not me!

    its a cycle again, the build up of the excitement for next week’s episode is here again!
    as much as i wanted to watch the finale of PK, it also means the end of it.
    *sigh…even good things tend to come to an end.
    still im so excited!!!!

    see you at the wedding guys!


  3. you ocoala is like angel of spoilers sent from the heavens of Playful Kiss ( oh i meant that in a really really good way lol) omo aishh what to do… now you got me all giddy and impatient!!! gahhhh i heart u!!!!

  4. OMG OMG OMG – this is last 2 eps going to be so cute.

    Thank you Ockoala – U r the best. ( I think u already know that and heard it a millions time. Well, u can hear it again cuz U R). ^_^

  5. Hello =) This is my first time commenting here.

    Ockoala, you are really amazing! That is not my first time being here, and I always saw the newest and exclusive news about my favorite PK! Thanks a lot for this! You rock!

    Oh, my! I’m so excited seeing last 2 episodes that just can’t wait these longest 5 days…..But, on the other hand, I don’t want this drama ends!!! I’d prefer it were 20 episodes as it had been planed…Sadly, that due to poor ratings they cut the show to 16 =( They could show us more of Ha Ni and Seung Jo married life! Too too bad…..!

    Anyways, I’m happy they’ll show wedding and honeymoon! I remember the anime, and it should be very interesting!
    As for the spoilers for episode 16, I guess that Ha Ni is pregnant because in the anime she got pregnant at the end of the story and gave birth to cute and noisy girl 🙂 Hope they’ll show us this child!

    I guess, I’ll be sad when this sweet and heartwarming drama ends but I do really hope, that Group 8 will show us 7 additional episodes as it was promised on youtube channel. Please, Group 8, do this for PK fans around the world!

  6. wo… ep 16 leak sounds really… um… nevermind… i still don’t know how i’m feeling about it..
    as for ep 15… i’m fully satisfied with it.
    and i’ve always directed people to your site! *pats herself*

  7. yup im excited but i already watch the japanese version so i know what is going to happen D: and yes Oh Ha Ni gets pregnant.

  8. ahhhh , thanks Ockoala for the spoilers , was waiting for them since thursday 🙂
    things seems very excitings but still , I’m going to miss PK and BSJ-OHN very much , sometimes I jts wish the show lasts 2 or three years like hindi serials , LOOOOOOL , but no 16 or 20 epi is ok at least we are almost sure they won’t be any stupid and illogical things .

  9. thank you thank you for the spoiler!! they really rushed the last two episodes, wished it started 4 episode back!! Wedding night is the most anticipted!! Oh no… who’s that someone???? not hae ra is it???? another character?? or clumsy hani ah…? Sj will come to the rescue anyway!

    can’t wait!!

  10. hi ockoala ^^ im one of your readers and I just want to confess something, I was one of those people who posted some of your entries, and I am very sorry for that. Did not mean to offend you in any way. 🙁 I know my asking for your permission is already too late but I hope you would still allow me to post your entries to my site. Your entries are worth spreading to every Triple S around the world and I do believe that through your outstanding point of views, many would learn to love them more. I hope you would still allow me and again I am very very sorry… 🙁

    • No worries. I am not mad, really! 😀

      Thanks for posting a comment about it, and no more apologies needed. Go ahead and post any of my PK posts as long as its credited. I am honored you want to share my writing with Triple S around the world.

  11. I don’t know, I jst feel like the story line is force to be unrational compressing with wrap up so fast in many logic lines………….so I feel unti-klimax for this 2last epsd. The compressing logic line is tooooo obvious….they jst graduate high school than merried, they said after graduate, they jst confirmed they feeling,…etc!. Okelah….let C

    thank you for yr dedication Ockoala!!

  12. TBH, if Ep.16 is going to be like what was written, it’ll be kinda rushed. I’m disappointed they had to cut it from the original 20 episodes T_T

    Anyway, I’m gonna miss this drama..SEUNG Jo & Ha Ni <33

  13. Hello again, guys! I read your comments and knew you’re curious about who will be at their honeymoon apart both of them. SPOILERS AHEAD!!!

    It will be (though it’s really awkward, hehe) but still, joHaNi, you were right! This is Seung Jo’s mom! Moreover, the whole family, lol) But not only them! There will be another newlyweds there! And, namely, these newlyweds cause Seung Jo and Ha Ni some problems…But, of course, at the end everything will be great =) These thoughts of mine are based on the anime and manga!

    BTW, we don’t have to be upset cuz I read that 7 additional episodes would be shown to us – online viewers on November!!!

  14. Hi! Thanks for the preview! I can’t believe it’s going to end so fast. 😐

    “Ha Ni suddenly feels nauseous….”
    Haha this reminds me of Goong. :))

    Hey guys do you think the new rival could be…HORRORS!!!!! the awful girl fron high school?? Cos it’s almost at the end of the drama and I don/t think they’re going to bring in totally new characters. And that girl mysteriously disappeared (as did the hot guy) after they left high school. Maybe she’ll appear again in the next ep with new nerdy husband in tow. HELPPPPPPP!!!!

    • woah! its possible but i dont really like that girl! she’s irritating!!!
      well, i hope in the next episodes more loving and sweet moments for hani and seung jo!

  16. My hopes for the last two episodes:
    They show the slideshow at the wedding reception where they reveal baek seung jo’s childhood pictures aka the ones of him dressed as a little girl lol
    The girl they bump into is that crazy married chick but she gets casted away quickly.
    Then show them with their daughter where she is a bit grown up, dont just leave it at her finding out she was pregnant.
    Oh and it would also be funny if they did fast forward to when their daughter is like 3 or 4 they show HaNi and their daughter competing with each other for SeungJo’s affection.
    That part in the anime is sooo funny.

    So far they have kept a lot of the key things from the anime very true lets hope they end it well. If only we had those last 4 episode we could get a good amount of their married life stuff in. oh well…

  17. Thanks again for writing about episode 15 and 16 preview.
    I am sure that I will be your reader in future due to I like korea drama.
    Playful kiss to be finished at episode 16, but the PK team try to do their best to put the drama as close as original manga. If it is, then good to watch ending with family life of BSJ and OHN.

    Can you help me pls?
    I wish to read original manga in playful kiss in english version, where can get it on line.
    Pls reply me if you know. Also I would like to know that did you do recap of playful kiss since episode 1 because I cannot find them. I want to read episode 1 to 16 again and again. As love reading so much. Pls reply.

    Thanks again for your hard work. Wishing you all the best.

    • Sandi,

      I do not know where to read ItaKiss in English. I’m sorry I can’t be more help.

      As for recap of episode 1, I did not do it because I was not intending to recap PK at all when it first aired. I wrote a quick first impression. And then when folks asked if I was willing to recap it, I started recapping at episode 2. In the episode 2 recap, I did a quick one paragraph summary of episode 1.

      You can find any of the PK-related posts by clicking on the Playful Kiss tag.

  18. Thanks for the recap…and advance previews 🙂 Watching this series have been so much fun because of the global community sharing the joys – the ups and downs of the characters.

    If episode 16 goes as above, then it really means they are skipping several episode on Hani and BSJ’s married life…and no more sequel 🙁

    I loved the manga, and I even learned to love the Taiwanese version (though the Korean’s definitely look so much fashionable). I still can’t understand the low ratings; this is definitely a good series. I do wished that the direction kept BSJ’s actions and reactions more consistent. There are moments I felt confused why BSJ seemed to treat He Ra better than some other people; the director played the card of BSJ being comfortable to He Ra. And because BJS’s facial, eyes, and lips (mega powerful smile) say so much, I feel betrayed for Hani byBSJ’s reactions. I don’t necessary agree with the approach – but heck, I’m not the director 🙂

    I hope in the future we get to see more of KHJ. He has the understated acting that I prefer; and it is refreshing to see his character who is not always yelling to show acting.

    • I agree with your comment. I wish him to play in future drama or movie as a new story not remake of something due to he had 2 drama BOF and PK now. The story for him to act must be fresh and new story and script.

  19. hey is it okay if i post this on the SgTripleS forum? will post credits and link
    thanks so much for putting this up though 😀 Was itching to know what happens after episode 14. HAHA

  20. actually…i don’t really anticipate to watch ep 15 and 16 because it mean the end of PK and i’m sure it will be a happy ending for SJ and Hani…but after i read your preview….i guess i’m all pump up to watch those 2 last ep no matter what…and i’ll sure to watch the 7 special ep too…!! ^.^ thanks for your writen preview….

  21. Thanks SaengKyu for the written preview Ep 15_16
    I think PK will be good to watch and have high rating if the kangdungnim/director or writter follow the story
    like in the comic and Taiwan version long Episode……
    Eeeemmmm by the way is fine even rating are drops then other drama we are still love you #kimhyunjoong.

  22. kinda sat knowing this drama will be end next week!! thanks for always up date us. especially for us who in the country that don’t hv mbc channel.

    btw, do you mind if I share this in our blog?? thx in mil.

  23. Thank you so much!!…i wanted to do see oh ha ni’s gay friend and the guy that liked her… why the hell did they cut it to 16 episodes!!!!!

  24. well what more can i say ? IM SO EXCITED ! only thing is this drama was way too short ! 16 episodes ? there should be like 9982317382178127833 🙂 but like they say all good things come to an end. oh how i love their love and hate when they hate each other ! but i guess that’s all gonna change *dances around* Cause they’re getting marrieedddd :):):):) i wish i was oh ha ni..

  25. hmmm thank you so much for the spoiler!!! i really can’t wait for episode15 and 16! huhuhuh but still, its so sad. why is the rating so low, when the show is really awesome?? huhuhuh i don’t want it to end! D= i will really miss baek seong jo and oh ha ni!!! i so love this korean drama <3 its really great…

    oh ha ni is pregnant?? woo hoo!! how i wish they'll make a part 2 about seong jo and oh ha ni's family. =D I OMMO OMMO OMMO OMMO LOVE MISCHIEVOUS/PLAYFUL KISS! <3 <3 <3 <3

  26. Oh no… if the leaks for ep16 are real… then there most likely wouldnt have a season 2…. :((((… but then it seems like korea dramas seldom have season 2.. so if that’s the case… its also good in a way to cramp 10 vols of manga into 1 ep……

  27. this is one of the best drama for 2010…but im wondering why its rating in korea is low ..this is far better than my gf is gumiho ….cause PK from start to now its still addictive thats wht we watched also the itanazura kiss…..the manga version…..and KIM hyun joong IS THE BEST…..he is cool,his acting here is good compare to BOF………oh hani is very pretty and sexy ……hope they will make the 2nd sesson……

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