Demo MV Released For Mary Stayed Out All Night

Promotions for the upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Mary Stayed Out All Night have been ramping up steadily. In addition to a slew of stills, which I’ve been too busy to aggregate for everyone, yesterday the production released its first demo MV.

It’s not really a trailer, but rather a video of the first photoshoot set against what is likely the first single off the OST. I wonder if the characters’ dynamics in the drama will be as shown in the demo, because the four of them are quite chummy. I don’t know how a love quadrangle can develop if each participant looks they are BFFs with one another.

Mary Stayed Out All Night Demo MV:


I know people have grumbled that Jang Geun Seok with his hippie musician styling looks like a woman, but I am here to say that I showed his picture to a normal male who correctly identified him as a MAN, but then said he looked wack. Heh, he’s pretty much right.

My problem with Jang Geun Seok is that invariably I complain about him when looking at pre-production stills, yet he delivers when I watch him in action. So I remain optimistic he’ll melt my heart.

I think it’s his ridiculously smooth and rich voice, which helps negate any too-fem tendencies he might exhibit. Moon Geun Young‘s monstrosity of a wig needs to go, preferably she gets a haircut when she stays out all night. Normally I’d say Kim Jae Wook will steal the show, except he’s got to contend with Korea’s child actor wunderkinds. I think it’s a draw amongst them three for charisma and screen presence.

I’m looking forward to Mary, without any heightened expectations or undue anxiety. It’s one of the dramas I think will be a smallish-to-moderate ratings hit, and ultimately will become a cult phenom regardless of its final ratings. Rather like You’re Beautiful.


Demo MV Released For Mary Stayed Out All Night — 10 Comments

  1. I can’t decide who’s prettier: Jang Geun Suk, Moon Geung Young — or me. Haha, jk but it’s obvious that Jang’s a man though, definitely just a wacky-looking one. I am looking forward to this SO VERY MUCH!!! I’m trying NOT to have any high expectations though… but it’s still a dream come true for me to see a Geun-Geun coupling! That Goong writer is iffy but even if it turns out to be complete dog crap, I think I’ll still enjoy all the eye-candy and the chemistry of the leads. By the way, doesn’t Moon Jung Hee look really different from her role in Oh! My Lady? I don’t know if she lost weight or something but I totally didn’t even recognize her in these stills. Is it the shape of her chin or the dyed, short hair that makes her look completely different? Beats me.

  2. Moon Jung Hee looks totally different in this mv than in oh my lady. I really didn’t recognize her at all!!! But the video is cute so thanks for sharing!!! Jang Geun Sook is hot, I like men with long hair so he’s hot…and cute and handsome but Kim Jae Wook is gorgeous as well….oooh so much eye candy and acting potential…lovelovelove can’t wait for it to air…

  3. i love JGS and KJW to death but the highlight of Mary’s for me, whether in stills or trailer is cheerful MGY… how I miss her, more than thought… she is awesome at crying and all that but watching her smile and act her age feels really delightful…


    Look, I usually don’t trust demo MVs. Remember the Cinderella’s unni’s MV?

  5. I have to admit, I saw the first picture and thought, “lesbian drama?”

    I wouldn’t say he looks totally like a girl, but I would believe that this was a story about a transgendered character. But I also don’t know the actor to just recognize him.

    This looks like it might be something I’d like, I’m so new to this drama stuff.

  6. “He’s Beautiful”
    I think JGS looks pretty divine but he is wearing a lot more makeup than MGY. Psst I see several guys a day looking like him and they look pretty smexy to me.

  7. I agree…it’s his voice. He does have a lovely voice (I still remember even though he was uneven in HGD…I still liked him and it was totally because of his voice). I am definitely looking forward to this and it’ll be fun to see JGS and MGY together and of course KJW.

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