Final Set of Playful Kiss Official Stills Released

Thread Also Reserved for the Meeting of the PKissers Anonymous

The ending of Playful Kiss is an odd situation for me. I miss it, I cannot lie. Been watching snippets of the most random scenes which never fails to make me smile. Normally at this stage I’m wrapping up the remnants of my addiction to a just-ended drama, and readying myself for the next treat to come along.

Yet PK is technically not over, what with 9 more episodes to air on Youtube. At ten-minutes apiece it’s more like vignettes, but it means the story continues. And so I can’t pack PK away into the happy treasure trove of dramas I adore. What to do? Can’t move on, but there is nothing on a weekly schedule to look forward to in the meantime.

I know lots of PKissers have been happily jabbering away in various comments threads about PK and a variety of topics. Just so you know, keep on chatting! Imma not banning any person or any topic, unless you make a Koala-related insult. I don’t take kindly to that.

Since MBC released the remaining official stills from its collection, likely stuff that they never got around to releasing during the drama run, I thought folks might like to see it or have a chance to add these to your collection of PK stills. I arranged them in the order the scene from the still appeared in the drama.


Final Set of Playful Kiss Official Stills Released — 349 Comments

  1. Ockoala!! <3<3<3<3<3 Mwua!
    You feel like my saviour right now… I love the stills! and everything in this post! including what you said about chatting away without needing to fear about being banned… I'll be honest, I had that fear tugging in my head for quite a while now so it's like a burden just has been taken away from me.
    And no need to say but I also miss PK a lot… it IS over but at the same time, it doesn't feel over yet, both because of withdrawal symptoms and because the youtube special episodes are looming ahead (btw, folks, there are new subbed BTS clips released on the offcial channel)…
    As for the stills…. I miss PERMED seungjo so bad… especially looking at those pics… but my fav one is undoubtly the couple pics of them together happy, even though it's perm-less.
    again, love you and AKP

    • also… the pix where seungjo is in purple… i remember seeing it in the credits roll once but i wonder if that scene appeared anywhere else and I missed it?! i love purple on him…

      • @v, i guess that scene didn’t make it to the final cut but it was shown at the ending credits on epi 13? not sure. but yeah, permy-BSJ-grinning-like-an-idiot-in-purple-shirt is hot.

      • yes, i remember the ending credits of some episode, i think it was the earlier ones but I’m just really really curious what that scene was about.
        and yes… i also want to slowly ease myself out of this addiction as well… i REALLY want to get this addiction away but the process so far is really sloooooow…. noal’s snail… i’ll get there I think.

      • v SJ in purple was supposed to be in epi 14 ( since they show it in the preview of epi 13 ) he was wearing that t-shirt in two scenes ( in the preview I mean ) one while holding a racket and smiling ( as if he was remembering something funny surely about Hani ) and one in his flat and he was sad and thoughtful , but then the two scenes were never shown in episode 14 and I wonder why

      • oh rainy! thank you for your explanation…
        I’ll go and watch that preview again… I have forgotten about the looked sad part.. all i remembered (or wanted to remember) was him smiling at the racket… since i assumed hani was the reason behind that smile.. kk

      • LOL , I’m also sure he was smiling becoz of hani , maybe besides the extra epi on youtube they have to post also all the finished scenes like those of him with the purple t-shirt on their youtube channel 🙂 , it will be awwwwww

      • omo… i dont know what i want more… that they show the purple scene during the youtube or new sweet scenes of the post-marriage life.. or better yet, that they show edited cuts of the “affectionate” scenes between the two

      • I prefer during the extra epi we have new stories ( I so wish they show BSJ’s cousin , the one with whom he had his first kiss that story was cute in the manga , also keita story , and the pregnancy of course ) and besides that we have special edited scene posted independantly on their channel also ( some cute BSJ/OHN moments that was shooted but never telecasted )

      • omo… i totally forgot about the cousin! kk i would totally want to have that in the special episodes! thank you for reminding me! kk

    • @ v
      Me too, me too! My fav pics are of Seung Jo & Ha Ni as a couple. So. Freaking. Cute! And it looks like we have a lot in common, such as Joe Cheng’s face & Moony + Yeorim. I’m sure there’s more, since you’re also watching a ridiculous amount of dramas right now, too, am I right?

      • I swear, hani and seungo are so cute together, I sometimes wonder if they somehow like each other in real life as well without acting on it… well, I know KHJ is pretty professional AND he’s a guy so the kisses COULD mean nothing to him but then, I can’t help but think he MIGHT have felt something.
        I mean, they are INSANELY cute together in the drama.
        and lol. yes, looks like we do share common interests… and you forgot one I think… dr. champ? and QoR…
        and yes, I’m watching a ridiculous amount of dramas right now (k, tw, c, and jp as well) but I can’t seem to investigate myself 100% no matter how good they are… the best example would be skks.. have i watched it any other time and I would have been gaga over it I think… But watching it now doesn’t make me as excited.. i’m not talking about during the viewing itself because heavens help me, I squeal like mad whenever mooney and yeorim apppear and sometimes at other moments as well but once i finished viewing it, it doesn’t haunt my mind 24hr/7 like I thought it would… and dr champ is turning out much better than i expect.

  2. Another PKisser reporting for duty!

    Jkjk. Seriously, these are very pretty stills. I would like that camera for Christmas. If only, if only. The woodpecker sighs…. :runs back to studying:

  3. ockoala, thank you. you are <3.

    i was just saying earlier that i need to *slowly* wean myself off this addiction. keyword is slowly. but i do need a support group. 🙂

    so here's to keeping this PK love alive. cheers/kanpai!

    p.s. checked KHJ on WGM, yet? 'tis a must for entry-level KHJ fangirling. i promise you won't be disappointed. if anything, you'll laugh so hard 'till your insides hurt. you did say that you have nothing to look forward to in your weekly schedule, right? 😛

      • Same here. You have to see him in WGM to appreciate KHJ. I’ve never seen him so comfortable with his own skin or so happy. I understand that they may not be talking anymore, but damn, looking at this video, they sure had something special didn’t they? *tears up*

      • omo… it’s the first time I”m seeing this vid…
        I almost teared up. Baek ji young’s song as bgm didn’t help… talk about piercing your heart.

      • Oh noes. Let’s not even go there. I don’t want to cry at this time of the day!!!

        *runs to look at KHJ’s happy-smiley face at PK finale fancams*

      • lol.. i love how we’re both doing the same thing… i have all the fancams versions available of the fanmeeting and i just keep playing them in a loop… it doesn’t get old… i LOVE his smile. it looks so genuine.

  4. So can anybody answer me:
    “Thread Also Reserved for the Meeting of the PKissers Anonymous”

    It’s probably because I am slow but I am not sure I get this… does it mean that PKissers get to use this post to talk about PK even though it does not pertain to the stills?
    It sounds a bit too good to be true. -_-“

      • oh… so it’s a joke?
        and there I was hoping it was true that we would get our own AA meeting thread… kkk
        and random but somehow, i like being called sweeties… lol.

      • @ockoala, i think we really need this thread to help the PKissers from losing its sanity because of the withdrawal of PK>

    • LOL. Basically, yeah, we can use this post to not only talk about PK but to talk, in general. ^^ It’s almost like an inside joke that teases us about our PK addiction, but is also a hint for us to comment away. But I’m sure ockoala is just as addicted to reading our comments as we are about writing them. Am I right? 😛

      • @endodo4ever
        ok… now, i feel so confused… i even hesitated to post this comment… . maybe my brain has stopped working because PK ended and that’s all it was geared towards for the last two months but I’m feeling seriously stupid right now…
        So it’s a joke but at the same time, she’s serious that we can use this thread for PKissers to discuss anything and nothing?
        haha… she might be addicted to reading comments but i doubt she reads mine.. they would take the whole day to read.. kk.

        and to go back to a PK related note… I have just seen the Perfect fancams for the PK fanmeeting in HD and OMG, KHJ is SO handsome it’s insane… o_O

      • LOL. Yeah, if I read it correctly, it’s a joke because she wrote it in a joking manner to those PKissers who frequent her blog. I mean, whenever she posts about anything PK-related, there’s usually a whole thread that follows it. So it’s just a little joke “reserving” a thread for us, since she knows a thread (like this) will inevitably happen. Cause we’re addicted and all. Haha. But at the same time, she’s serious because she doesn’t mind us commenting away. Since this is a fun playground, we’re having fun commenting and ranting. So that’s why she mentioned that she doesn’t mind threads as long as they don’t insult Koalas. Hahaha. So no worries about threads/long comments. If I remember correctly, ockoala did say that she reads every single comment. Maybe not so much now (I’m not ockoala so I wouldn’t know) but when she has the time, she does. I hope it makes more sense now. And wow, I guess I just sounded like ockoala’s representative just now. LOL.

      • LOL.. Thank you for your explanation… I might just call you Ockoala’s unofficial representative if this continues… shorten to OUR? lol. that was a coincidence, I swear… i didn’t expect it to turn to “our.” XD maybe Ockoala’s Volunteer Representative.. OVR. haha.. i’m having fun making up this nicknames… no wonder yeorim loves to come up with them…
        yeah… i think ockoala said she read all comments when there were like 40 of them, and none of them the length of a college dissertation… haha.

      • @ endodo I think if she’s not having fun reading out comments she might have a huge migraine. Imagine how random they must all read/sound/whatever?

      • @JJ
        lol… even I am having a headache trying to figure out where to reply… everytime I think I’ve replied to all the comments, another one pops up somewhere else…
        i’ve always wondered since I don’t have a blog/wordpress but does she has a system to keep up with new comments or she just reads them like we do?

    • Wow haven’t check in here for a couple of days & we’ve lots of development here. I’ve been busy catching up on WGM that v recommended.

      BTW I’ve meeting up lots of PK supporters at another site, check out if you have a chance, drop a line to show your support.

      • kk.. i’m a lurker on that.. i read not all comments but most comments…
        as for WGM, what do you feel about it? hit or miss?
        btw, did you watch the whole show or just KHJ’s cuts?

      • Loved WGM, in fact I’m re-watching again kkk but only on the KHJ cuts.
        Another link that you sent & trying to make time to watch are those SS501 ones.

      • lol.. WGM is so awesome! I have been craving to rewatch the whole thing for a while but after midterms, i still have so much on my plate… -_-”
        tell me what you think of our ss501 boys.. they are so dorky sometimes… they always make me crack up.

      • V watched some debute days of SS501. KHJ has mature alot & look better/handsomer now. As for other members, they’re cute but I don’t like them the same way as KHJ, in fact there’s one that I just don’t like period.

      • lol… now you’ve made me curious… which one don’t you like?
        is it jung min? or baby? i’m not asking because i dislike them… i like them but their personalities are… special…
        and yes, leader has grown more mature.. i can’t say which him i like best though…

      • haha pretty good guess, it’s one of the names you mentioned. I rather not mention which one since his fans could be reading this too. No offence, it’s just my opinion.

      • haha.. kk… so i was partially right… it’s usually those two that makes the worst first impression because they are so confident about themselves. I LOVE them but it’s a fact their personalities can be over the top sometimes… kk. that’s their charms, to me. and don’t worry, i won’t probe anymore lest you get attacked by hords of scary fangirls..

  5. I just realized… half the comments in this post are by me… What. The. Heck…
    I’m really more hopeless than I thought. -_-“

  6. I can not lie. I still smile when i see the PK stills. HaNi doesn’t look to happy during the honeymoon dinner and I don’t blame her. I kinda wish HaNi locked them in their room or something so we didn’t have to see that evil witch who I can’t believe got married. (then again I’m usually surprised when the people I lest expect to married to be married and those who i thought are married, aren’t)
    I’m looking forward to more PK buzz!

    • well… it’s not that I wish anyone divorce but if all marriage were like hers, it’s no wonder the divorce rate is 50%…
      and I TOTALLY had the same thought… If hani had the guts to kiss him like that at the wedding (and in the car), I could have totally locked them up in the room the whole time of the honeymoon and then proceed to um… let’s say, food for thought.
      PK is turning me into a pervert I am usually as far as pervert as can be…

  7. I confess. I gave in and watched the fancams of the fan meeting. Kim Hyun Joong is agood actor. That guy on that stage was definitely not Baek Seung Jo!!!

    And no fancam on Hani even if she spoke for a few minutes. No fan account on her either. I’m referring to her as Ha Ni because I caught a glimpse of her when the camera panned and her voice does sound like HaNi. But there was no Baek Seung Jo on that stage!

    Ah, maybe he’s attending to a patient…

    • lol… i know right… anyone knowing KHJ would not think that JiHoo and BSJ are anything like him.. although sometimes, on occasion, I still think I see a glimpse of KHJ in BSJ…
      and which fancams did you watch? there were SO many out there… and in any of them, KHJ in a suit is HOT. although I totally lolled when I saw a random feather hanging as a pin on his suit.

  8. I have just realized that with PK ending, I stopped with the updates… and didn’t post any info…
    Well, sabby25@soompi@viikii translated BSJ diary 15 for those interested.
    If you have a soompi or viikii account, go thank her…
    and Enjoy!

    ALL CREDITS to sabby25

    BSJ Dairy 15 part 1

    Those that can read Chinese, the link is:

    15 is really really long @.@, with my rusty Chinese i only manage to translate 1 page out of 8 =( i will try to continue~

    It is absurd.
    Getting married at the age of 21?
    Mom, I beg of you stop interfering my life.
    Because of mom, I hid my feelings for Ha Ni until now.
    I do not have the capabilities to stop Miss Hwang Geum Hee(SJ’s mom) enthusiasm towards Ha Ni.

    Besides, I’m the one who brought up the marriage first, I have nothing to say.
    I should have said let’s just get acquainted first. Why did I mention about marriage, which now resulted in this situation? Dread having caught by mom.
    On the other hand, my mom may be right.

    University-level of study definitely lead a busy life, there will not be any free time. Maybe after getting married it might be able to provide a stable environment to study.
    But the wedding preparation is more complicated than what I imagined. Rings, wedding gowns, wedding photos…taking wedding photos really is annoying.
    Recalling memories of my mom’s torture…mmm! Can’t even put up a fake smile because it is not funny at all. Look here, look over there. Require doing according to what others ask is totally not me, Baek Seung Jo’s style. All my life, this is the moment I want to run away from the most. There is so much to learn after entering medical school, yet these two women is really hard on me.

    The route to adulthood is really full of complications and perilous.
    Can’t it be simpler? I truly cannot understand the reason for women to create such complex formal event into something so grand.
    “Even if it is marriage I will never cooperate with you!” Seung Jo yah, what’s wrong?
    You said you love me and wanted to get married.
    Love is when two people come to find similarities; Love is when we coordinate with one another.
    You are still an egoist.
    Stop Here! Stop now! Said such things! This is what you hope for; this is what you can only provide!

    I still cannot expect anything much of you. If there are expectations, there will only be disappointment in the end, the so-called love…still cannot be expected, the so-called love…I always long for…
    Baek Seung Jo, the egoist,
    I hate you!

    BSJ Diary 15 part 2

    My Ha Ni who always accommodated me no matter how stubborn I am, yet I said to her
    “Now I’m full of regrets, but it is not too late to reconsider!”

    Ha Ni’s unhappy face made me worried. Sure enough, it is difficult for people like me to convey something nicely. I knew that whenever I said such things to Ha Ni, it will make her upset. I just dislike this kind of formal events which takes up a lot of time; I’m only annoyed at my mom for interfering my life.

    Ha Ni who has no plans was force to participate; she must be more alarmed than me. Yet I still vent my anger on Ha Ni. Just have to convey my true feelings to Ha Ni and everything will be fine.

    Because she have already seen the side of me who knows how to be angry, annoyed and also knows how to live life smiling.

    Does love require practice?

    A method to speak to allow others to feel shy, a method to convey my true feelings quickly.
    When it comes to love any geniuses will become stupid and unfamiliar.

    Just when I wanted to do some things to comfort Ha Ni, I thought of Ha Ni’s mom and grandma.
    It must have been painful for both of you to let go of young Ha Ni. Saw father-in-law sitting alone in the dark restaurant, reading up some books for Ha Ni, with heavy heart that is similar to looking at a rock in the deep well.

    For a man like father-in-law to send away his motherless and only daughter, he must be feeling dismay and lonely. How deserted it must be without his wife by his side.

    Surrounded by the blue blue sky, even the coldness has faded into the greens. At this territory where there is nothing to give, nothing to demand and everything is peaceful, serene, desolate and silent.

    Here where all the pain and grief are left, I send my respect to mom and grandma. First time meeting you, mom, grandma, son-in-law have come to greet you, meet up to your expectations? Mother-in-law, I will always care for her, even in sickness, pain and hardships I will always care for her by her side. Mom, thank you for giving birth to Ha Ni and letting her come to my side looking so beautiful.

    Thank you for inheriting your passion to her.

    No matter how hard you push, step by step, slowly, you have come closer to me.
    This is all because of Ha Ni’s determination of never giving up all the way, finally allowing me to realize that she is a woman worth so much loving. We’ll live happily ever after, working hard every day for the rest of our lives.

    Grandma, Thank you for telling Ha Ni such beautiful words. Have fun in life and other will have fun too.

    When I was lost, these words became an important key. Hope for your blessings and thank you once more for letting Ha Ni under my care.

    BSJ Diary 15 part 3

    Mom, grandma, I’m getting married. See? This is someone I love. This handsome, good in everything, is the number one groom. Although there are times that made me sad, but he also made me feel so much happiness.

    Seung Jo ah~ Thank you. Thank you for comforting the long forgotten inner pain in my heart. I might forget, mom’s face, grandma’s face. I’m always worried that if I were to forget mom and grandma’s face, they will also forget mine, so every night I have to hold on to their picture to sleep. Thank you for your comfort.

    I’m glad that you, Baek Seung Jo, is the guy standing beside me, I’m very happy that you understood my pain.

    You like it?

    Just because we are able to go Jeju Island for our honeymoon trip, you scream happily and hop around me.

    So cute, I can’t help but to smile, alright then just keep smiling like that by my side.
    Teasing you is really fun, slightly tease you a little, you start to turn sour, but after awhile you will be laughing like this.

    Seeing you smile like that really let me feel alive, feels so good.

    “Hyung, just thought you should marry a girl like Oh Ha Ni, you’ll be happy, Congratulations!”

    Yes, Eun Jo ah~

    I’ve seen your eyes kid, like you said, Oh Ha Ni is like a fool, but this fool can always do things I cannot do.

    She knows how to read people’s heart, she can easily get closer to people, she can even risk jumping into the water without fear even though she cannot swim. That’s why I like Oh Ha Ni, her 10% is enough to fill up my emptiness.

    BSJ Dairy 15 part 4 of 8

    “Dad, Thank you!” “Don’t cry, if you cry, tomorrow everyone will tease saying the bride is not pretty oh!”

    Through Dad’s reluctant smile, I can see the tears in his eyes. Dad’s carries a reluctant smile on his mouth , I think at this moment he was trying to suppress his yearning for mom.

    Stop crying, Oh Ha Ni.
    In front of dad who loss his loved one and now having to send his only daughter away, the tears of the daughter who will be walking towards the one she loved isn’t it too sumptuous?

    Tears are the source of sadness. So whenever I laugh again, my heart would be filled up with interweave of melancholy and pleasure.

    “Dang, dang, dang, dang! (wedding march)”
    I will live happily, don’t worry.
    “Dang, dang, dang, dang! (wedding march)”
    Please stop blaming yourself for thinking that you are not able to give me more.
    Because dad, you mean everything in the world to me, full of love, that cannot be exchanged.

    I, the groom, Baek Seung Jo, vow to bride Oh Ha Ni.

    I, the bride, Oh Ha Ni, vow to groom Baek Seung Jo. Will love and respect forever whatever it takes, I promise I will respect the elders, and be a good wife.

    Most importantly, I will love only you forever, carry lots of joy everyday and continue our journey day by day together; carry lots of thankfulness everyday and continue our journey day by day together.

    BSJ Diary 15 part 5 of 8

    Oh Ha Ni, can even drop the wedding ring, this fool.

    “Don’t bully me, Baek Seung Jo. Actually the second KISS is not the kiss in the rain, but was at the pension right? Amateur, childish!” Ha Ni’s put up a bright smile, and triumphantly said.

    Hey! Baek Eun Jo! How could you disclose the secret!

    Ouch! Oh Ha Ni what are you doing! In front of all the adults, you are sure daring!

    Although it turn out this way I still felt very happy, this is the first time you initiated to kiss me.

    Even though there was a burst of laughter from the audiences, faces hotly blushed, however slowly I felt the warmth in my heart. Like a sudden burst of a huge sachet, the pleasant smell diffuse into the air and through the heart.

    “Nonetheless, I’ll try my best. Even though I lacking in this and that in many ways but I’ll put in effort to be a worthy wife!” Oh Ha Ni ah~ you don’t have to try, I like the way you are.

    Sometimes you still make me panic, there are times where you are absurd too, but regardless of these you are still the one I love.

    I will fill all your shortcomings; you too will fill in mine. You can be a piece of my small circle. Come into my arms, my missing piece.

    Hey~! Foolish Oh Ha Ni. Drank a big glass of wine and fall asleep by yourself. Wedding first night, is something worth looking forward. How to spend this honeymoon night, listen to some music? Also light up the candles? So, I’m the only one planning all these….

    In the morning you said you’ve got an headache/hangover, not only I have nothing to say, in the end we cannot even do anything, Stupid.

    BSJ Diary 15 part 6 of 8

    What’s wrong with you?

    Another girl is clinging onto your husband’s hand, how can you be so indifferent?

    If you love me, I think you should be more aggressive.

    I kept on looking behind for you; I really hate this woman who keeps sticking next to me. The reason I let her be is because I felt sorry for her husband and afraid that the atmosphere would turn bad.

    But what are you doing? Unexpectedly, you were talking happily with another man….

    Oh Ha Ni, what are you doing now? Why? I just do what I had to do, solely taking care of a sick patient, if you cannot accept this, then we cannot live together, understood? If you are always like that, how are we going to continue in the future? Man or woman, is there a need to differentiate a sick patient? This is an unnecessary jealousy…

    You think I don’t have pride? Why do you have to make me embarrass? Shouted loudly at me in front of that woman. Sometimes I don’t know where to go, you don’t love me as much, walking next to your side at the same pace line it’s so lonely. It was better during the time when I had unacquainted love for you, no expectations, I was happy just by looking at your back.

    Seung Jo ah~There are times that I despise myself, I’m afraid if I expect too much from you, I will hate you in the end, I’m really scared.

    You’ve been here. Looking for you who ran out crying, I’ve forgotten all about the quarrel and anger I just had. Me who know nothing about love, have I lost you? Now where have you gone crying alone? With the chaotic pace of footsteps, I found you. Oh, don’t even have a peaceful day, playful Oh Ha Ni. Idiot, don’t you understand my feelings?

    BSJ Diary 15 part 7 of 8

    Ha Ni ah~! I’m sorry~!

    During the wedding I promised myself not to make you cry anymore.

    Whenever I see tears in your eyes it pains me as if my heart has been thrown into a charcoal of fire.

    So please smile, this is the only reason for me to truly smile. You’re most beautiful when you smile, only when you smile, it somehow makes me feel happier.

    If you smile, I’m willing to carry you around the globe.
    If you laugh, I will gladly be a fool in front of you.

    Finally, just the two of us. Why am I so nervous?
    Hearing your breathing, makes me dizzy.

    Why is my heart beating so fast, seems like pulsing throughout my whole body, my whole heart burn like a torch, the endless hot air kept colliding. You always kept my heartbeat, like an emission of spring water, like a balloon filled with air, enriching my heart.

    Little idiot, sometimes very cute, there are times when you’re beautiful too.

    Why do I like you so much?

    You who are sometimes cute and sometimes beautiful, but why do I keep missing you?

    What did you do to me?

    Why do I have a feeling that I’m being poisoned by you?
    So profound, so urgent.

    Vision as if filled with bright stars, just have to reach out and everything will turn out well, I think this is possible because I love you.

    The wind that brush pass the pillows looks like its smiling, just then I realize you wear trembling, I think this is also because you love me.

    If you don’t exist in this world, how am I going to live on?

    Final-BSJ Diary 15 part 8 of 8!

    Finally i finish! Gosh~This diary is difficult to translate@.@ so many words and idioms>.<
    I cannot say it's super 100% accurate but i tried to look into each sentence~ so…enjoy!

    I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long, me who have been tormented run towards you fervently.

    I opened up your shy confine lips.
    Treat you like my reward and envelop into my arms, and penetrate you.
    At the moment deep into you I felt so warm, like I’ve lived here for years, completely warm, nothing unfamiliar, everything going smoothly, our love flowing dizzily between us, under this full moon in the night.

    Able to feel each other’s blood boiling without any exchange of words.

    What? Ask me to wait?
    Last two nights, I can’t even breathe properly for a moment, just looking at your sleeping face, it was already difficult enough to suppress my boiling hot blood, stupid, I can’t wait any longer.

    Let’s grow together, us, study hard.

    My Noah’s snail, my Oh Ha Ni.
    Become a towering tree; till the formation of a dense shade; till it bears numerous fruits.

    I actually hate using the marriage registration as a form of reward. But teasing you is so fun, I can’t stop myself. I

    f I were to easily surrender to you and mom, isn’t it throwing the name genius Baek Seung Jo away? The invincible Baek Seung Jo won’t be so easy for you to subdue, if not it will hurt my self-esteem~! Haha!~

    Just imagine being controlled by you and mom for the rest of my life is excruciating, I will not give in.

    Sometimes love requires this kind of adjustments, Good luck!
    My eternal fun, Oh Ha Ni!

    ***End of Diary 15***

    • “Last two nights, I can’t even breathe properly for a moment, just looking at your sleeping face, it was already difficult enough to suppress my boiling hot blood, stupid, I can’t wait any longer.” >>>>> wow.. is it getting hot in here??shheesssh.. now this made me blush.. and remember that scene.. me needs to replay it again..) wwaaahhhh!!! 😉

      • HAHAHAHA… that’s exactly what I did when I first read the thing… I replayed the scene and suddenly, the temperature just shot up to burning hot.
        I was so o_O that I had to go check the korean version to see if this translation was from the real diary… haha.

      • I’m so bummed to have missed out on all this craziness on AKP! Over 250 comments?! I’m going to be reading forever.

        I would just like to interject that there were two things I was picturing in my head as a continuation of the honeymoon scene… watch?v=2kUvFjxDCvc
        *note the hip work*

        And also, couldn’t help but think of when he cracked Hwang Bo’s back at the water park in WGM…

      • @lullybunny
        kk… welcome to the PK craze… although i think it has died down now… I just came back as well, I had to deal with real life for the past several hours and i’m lacking sleep right now
        and wow, i must be more rusty than i thought but i really can’t remember when he cracked hwangbo’s back at the water park. i remember a massage he did during ant’s tour though….
        and the shabang shabang vid… haha… i remember the first time i saw it, i was like what off-tune singing… now, i don’t even know why i thought that.

    • I snickered like a middle schooler at “penetrate” :shakes head: and then was like “oh, that’s not what he meant.” -_- :sulks: OMG bad J.J.! BAD!

      • …..
        Bad JJ…
        You just made me majorly blush.
        and I don’t want to believe it from myself but I also smiled first before the blushing…
        *blush some more*
        it took me a while to understand what you meant but now, my innocent mind had been irreversibly altered.
        *pouts* *smile* *slaps herslef*

      • I couldn’t help it! When I saw that scene I was reminded of a fanfiction I read…(will send you details on soompi because this is a bit racy)
        But seriously, why’d they use that to describe *KISSING*? That was awkward, confusing, and misleading! Goshdarnit. Now I want to read the original translation. XD

      • lol. will check my soompi inbox for your um, racy fanfiction.. kk.
        yes… as much as those diaries gave me some sort of relief during the torturing wait, sometimes, those diaries can sound really out of this world… i mean who writes like that???

      • just checked soompi…
        hahahahaha.. you had me both smiling like mad and blushing furiously.
        can you imagine, um, them two… *minds wanders off*
        you’ve now officially corrupted my brain.. from now on, everytime i rewatch PK, i’ll have to blush.

      • kk. i bet it was… if just the summary alone made me raise my temporary, the original must have been burning…
        haha… my parents would kill me if they knew i even TALKED about romance novels materials…

    • Love this entry. I love the fact that we get to read BSJ’s thoughts. The clinging women entry made me laugh. And maybe SJ did have plans for their honeymoon but thanks to crazy clinging women … sigh!

      • hahaa… clinging women made me laugh as well..
        but don’t worry, their honeymoon might be partially ruined but they have their whole lives to make up for it…
        too bad we won’t be able to watch it though…. I would even gladly accept ockoala’s camera-that-she-wants-to-blow-up back if it means that it’s going to film those and broadcast it.. kk
        when i watched that scene where JSM and KHJ were sitting together reading the scripts at the after-lake scene in the making of no4, i wanted SO badly for them to get together…

  9. wooowww!! eye candy!!! AKP is really PK-heaven!!! thanks ockoala!!

    i guess it would be hard to wean us PKissers out of checking everything PK! it’s really addicting!
    and it’s nice to hear that it’s totally ok to leave our comments even if sometimes it may not be Pk related ( guilty!!)

    this is really a playground where we can be free spirits spazzing over PK ( v, i’m borrowing your teminology..)


    im onto my entrylevel-fangirl thingy for KHJ… project WGM!! kekekeke.. (i know that its a must.. hehehehe.. 😉

    • Okay ladies, I’m back. I guess this whole weaning off thing is much harder than I thought. Ha.

      So there’s one itsy bitsy thing that I’ve been dying to ask but was afraid to hear the answer. But what the heck, that’s what PKholics Anonymous is for, right?

      I assume that you guys all saw the mini cooper Perfect BTS fancam. In that scene where JSM grabbed KHJ and “jumped” on him, was she kissing his neck? I thought the angle of her head was a little bit off to one side. And both their reaction afterwards was a dead giveaway, JSM was too shy to even look up and KHJ looked a little too giddy. 😛

      As a lover of KHJ’s *ahem* neck/jawline, if she was indeed kissing his neck, all I can say is this — atta girl, JSM!!!

      Though I must confess, I felt a momentary panic when I saw KHJ’s giddy smile afterwards. I thought I saw a glimpse of post-bobo shillang (wedding pictorial WGM) right there and my JoongBo heart was a little jealous. But only for a moment. I can’t ever dislike JSM. And like I said, if its not HB, I’d rather KHJ end up with JSM than any other female idols out there. 😉

      • hmmmnn.. it sorta does look like she went for the neck.. even looked like she was smelling him..( makes me wonder what he smells like..) because her head is angled lower than when you are going for the lips.. she looked liked she-was-going-for-kiss-then-ended-down-to-the-neck … heck..if it was me..i’d go for it anytime!! 😉

      • @ kittykat, for some unfathomable reason, I’ve got this candle I attribute to as “Hyunjoong smell”. : purses lips and furrows brow :
        It started when I was studying and lit this mint, eucalyptus, rosemary candle for relaxation. I left the room and then came back in and when I entered I suddenly had a tingly feeling wash over (it was the sensory reaction to the mint/rosemary, I believe) but I somehow thought of Hyunjoong. So I tend to think he’s got this cool clean scent about him. Idk. that’s just me. (And another odd truth, I’ve got this geode that’s not completely round, it tapers off at the end and I call it my “Youngbae/Taeyang” reminder -_-)

        Maybe as you watch WGM you can spy what’s on top of his drawer in the Japan dorm room. LOL teaching you how to be a Joongbo CSI. 😛

      • @yeisha
        yeah… I was wondering about that as well… because you don’t make noises like that if she was kissing on your mouth right?

        @JJ lol.. you too?? I also have a smell I associate with him.. in my mind, it’s kinda clean but manly at the same time.
        For me, it’s not a candle but it’s this old table that gives up some kind of light wood smell… and yes, it’s my personal table. haha. which means that every time I rest my head on it, i get to inhale my imaginary KHJ’s smell… how lucky am i right? haha.

      • @ J.J. : i have to agree with the association to a cool clean scent because i’d always go for that over the overly musky smell or heavier scents.. and his looks go with the clean scent anyway.. kekeke..

        but it would be nice to actually smell him.. like get that close enough to smell him .. probably when he wakes up in the morning..wahahahah!! ( imagination is going overdrive.. wahahaha… i haven’t finished my WGM episodes yet.. but i’m on it..)

        and i’ll try to spy on WGM if i would see what scent he wears.. hehehe.. talk about crazy huh??!! hehehehe

      • @kittykat
        lol… for me, if i think of waking up next to leader… it always makes me blush uncontrollably and I try to divert my thoughts to something else entirely.. you know, cuz he, um, sleeps unclothed..
        well, not on shows but in real life..

      • @ v: wahahahaha!! yeah! i’ve read that somewhere that he sleeps without a stitch on.. hahahaha!! now that you’ve reminded me about that cute fact.. all the more i would like to wake up beside him in the morning!! hahahaha.. just to smell him ok.. 😉

        ok.. now i’m blushing like a fan girl.. ahihihihi.. i’m grinning like a chubby cheshire cat and i can’t stop.. wahahaha!

      • hahahahahaha…. kk
        glad i made you more excited… *blush*
        omo… you’re really bold compared to me… i dare not even imagine me next to his real self in the morning… i think i would have a heart attack before that.. kk
        and strangely, i’m grinning like mad as well… like litterally, i can feel my cheeks stretch. what has KHJ done to our thoughts ?!

      • Girls, girls, what’s going on here? I can’t believe my question has now led you guys to talking about smells and whatnot…haha.

        I must admit, my thoughts never wandered that far. LOL. Maybe because KHJ is 5 years younger than me and I’m quiet loyal to my loves Won Bin and Go Soo. 😛

        But since you guys started it, I’d have to concede and join in the fun. Methinks KHJ will smell like a fresh morning scent, cool and crisp, with some ocean breeze thrown into the mix. Probably because he’s a morning person and loves to swim. 🙂

      • @ v: KHJ is giving us “happy thoughts” hahahahaha!!
        and since there is no harm in dreaming and mooning over him, might as well reach for the stars right?! hehehe..

        i’m in the process of watching WGM and i’m more into him than ever before.. it does show a quirky side of him that makes him lovable.. and his reaction to bugs was really hilarious! love it!!

        and once i’m done with WGM, you can probably give me advice on where to live in Korea.. just so i can be nearer to him.. bwahahahaha!!! i’m moving!!! hahahaha!!!

      • @ yeisha: hahaha! funny how one thing led to another huh!? hehehe.. and i totally agree with you on his “possible” smell.. ahihihi.. and you can probably add the smell of freshly cut grass.. hahahah!! that smells nice and fresh for me too.. ( weird but i like it.. hahaha! )

      • @kittykat, moving to Korea?! are you gonna be one of those girls filming him while hiding behind the bushes?!! LOL. be careful what you wish for.

        btw, i totally forgot to answer your question earlier. yes i’m fluent in Tagalog but its not my first language. 🙂

      • @ yeisha: hahahaha!! moving to Korea? me? well only in my dreams.. visiting Korea would be more likely.. hehehehe..

        and i’m not planning on filming him from behind the bushes.. i’m planning on jumping him from behind the bushes! ( i’ll probably flash him like the guy on PK.. hahahaha!!! )

        oh well.. the possibilities are endless.. 😉

        and thanks for not forgetting to answer my question. 🙂

      • LOL First we wonder how he smells and then it turns into a bit about how he doesn’t don anything when he sleeps. And the reason for this is that he gets nightmares when he’s too hot. I get that way too, but it has to be a certain type of hot.

        Maybe he doesn’t wear a scent at all. I would actually like it if he smelled like Downey/whatever softener brands Koreans use. I love that “NEW LAUNDRY SMELL”. I suddenly feel like i want to do *his* laundry. Even the folding/ironing, which i hate.

      • omo… girls, i was out for a few hours and what have we gotten here? honestly, we all sound like hormonal teenagers.. haha

        kk… i might join you in the stalking/ambushing… not flashing though (i’ll need to work out before that or i might kill him with shock. XD). why do you think i’m learning korean? kk.

        once you’re done with WGM, there’s TONs of vid for you to watch.. after all, you’ve got nearly 5 years to catch up. but if i would recommend just one, it would be WGM.

        @JJ i hate laundry as well but i wouldnt mind doing his… and then just iron all his shirts so that they’ll be burn so he can do an siwon’s stunt in OML, or even better, just not wear any shirt.. kk

      • @ v: hahaha!! ok then.. we can do the ambushing together.. as for the flashing.. hmmnn.. i’ll reconsider, after all, he’s way too precious to be flashed just like that.. hahahaha!! so i’ll think about the flashing part again. 😉

        and just keep on recommending what else i can watch with regards to KHJ.. i plan on being good with KHJ 101.. kekeke.. like what you said..i need to make up for 5 years!!

        and we do sound like hormonal teenagers here.. hahahaha! imagine if he could read all of this!! hahahaha!!

        @J.J. : yep.. we really got carried away thru all of this huh.. it just started with the kiss..then with the neck, then with the smell..and then him sleeping without anything on.. at least it shows natural progression right?!! hehehehe…

        and about the smelling like fresh laundry, that’s cute! i do like the idea..and see, you’re willing to do his laundry even if you don’t like doing it! that’s called devotion.. 😉

      • @ Kitty Kat, Omo, putting it that way, I sound like a creeper. XD LOL But i’m highly curious in all things–truly–and if anything I’d do it just for his collection of BEANIES. 😀

        J.J. <3 Beanies.

      • @kittykat
        yep… let’s do the ambushing.. and then my thought led to the kidnapping route before i remembered that i DON’T want to do that to leader..
        lol.. i’ll recommend then when you’re done with WGM.
        lol… i think he did read some fanfics by fans before… I don’t remember when I watched that but he looked so cute not knowing how to react…
        lol.. i don’t know about you sounding like a creeper but to us, you’re just like any girl who got to know KHJ… and wants to know more.. haha.

      • @ J.J.: sorry!! 🙂
        i don’t mean for it to sound that way.. 🙂
        well.. i’m actually worse because i thought about flashing him..kekeke..

        and he does look really good with his beanies.. 😉

      • I’m INTO Kim Hyun Joong, but my devotion will remain with Youngbae. It’s like, soulmate vs husband, HJ’s my soulmate (he has since replaced G-Dragon, and trust me, GD’s like my carbon copy at times it’s freakin’ scary) and YB’s the guy I want to forever grow old with, unravel his depth layer by layer.

        @ Kitty Kat, its alright. It just came off that way to me, but I’m not ashamed one bit!
        and LOL at flashing. XD OMO…

        @ V Kidnapping now? :shakes head: lucky you can drive, I’d be completely useless LOL

      • @JJ
        boy, everytime I hear the whole soulmate thing, i get a headache.. blame BOF for it… (not the soeulmate couple, the jandi and jihoo soulmate thing…)
        kk… so you’re still loyal to youngbae huh? don’t blame you. btw, just curious, did you have a fav song in his last solo album? i went “aw” when he was nervous just the day before comeback…

        GD your carbon copy? lol… from your parent’s story i assumed you would be scary but being like GD, that’s just FREAKING cute… and fun!

        @ JJ… yes, i really had the thought of kidnapping… goodness… this PK & KHJ craze is turning me into a criminal mind… thankfully, i don’t have the guts to execute the thing, althought kittykat might.. kk
        me driving?? girl, it’s been nearly 3 years i haven’t driven a mile…. kk. unless you want all of us to go to heaven with hyun joong as a result for kidnapping, it’s not going to work. plus, i might go to hell instead and be separated from leader… after all, millions of fangirls would be cursing me.

      • @ V, Hmm… as a fast track I loved Move and Superstar, but as slow tracks I love Take It Slow and believe me or not the “intro” Solar which i have as my morning alarm. I’m also lovin’ the fun “Connection”. (I’m one of the lucky “few” who has the delux edition. I had to fight for it too~)
        YB’s got this special place in my heart. I’ve sent two fanmails, and when I replenish my stationary (I’m a ‘calssical’ stationary freak, I’ve got G.Lalo/Diane De Poitiers and Amatudra papers–specialized, custom made stationaries) I’ll be sending him mail again, probably in time for Christmas/New Years.
        GD and I only differ in workethic, I’m not nearly as hardworking as him. -_- But I do have my moments.

        I’ll be happy with seeing/shaking HJ’s hand no criminal activities for me. LOL

        Btw, I’ve got this philosophy about soulmates. We don’t just have one, we have several at any given time. Soulmates, by what I believe as the classical Greek philo believe is two kindred souls. So it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s romantic, it can be, but it can also be a hollistic thing, someone’s who’s got that special fit with your inner being.

      • @ v: me?? ( trying to look innocent… 😉 ) kidnap KHJ??!!!!

        What a good idea!!!! ( gives a thumbs -up sign )…. but if i do attempt to do that, it would be bad for me because i’m pretty sure that there’s a whole lot of people out there who won’t be happy with me and would probably turn me into a stuffed kittykat!!!!

        so i’ll probably go with the flashing then… bwahahahaha!!!

      • And I’m bidding you guys goodnight!! ( technically, it should be goodmawning because it 2:30am already..) this kittykat needs some rest. I’ve had my fill of KHJ for the day.

        Will take my snooze and check in again later.. Muah!

      • @JJ yes, I love Superstar as well!! and lol, the intro Solar is also something i replayed so much.. kk. i don’t think you’re the only one who was raving about it.
        i didn’t have the deluxe edition… TT
        and wow.. two fanmails and one more two go! you’re totally a dedicated fan.
        and yes, GD is a hardworker.
        and yes, I don’t really know what to think about soulmates but with the little opinion i have, I agree with you. I don’t believe it needs to be romantic, nor does it need to be reserved for one person exclusively… I tend to use it quite liberally when i find someone with lots of common points but the real soulmate thing, I don’t know if I have met one yet…
        lol… look like you’re game for anything concerning KHJ huh? even kidnapping?? and yes, like I said, we would probably be hated by half of the population on the planet for that.
        and lol.. good night to you as well! I didn’t sleep last night at all cuz I had graded projects due and I was hanging on the net and ended up writing up a whole essay last minute… and doing a pset as well.. thankfully, i’m done now.. but TT
        muah as well!

  10. @Yeisha, my husband’s teasing me. I started my WGM marathon since this morning and I’m still watching it. He doesn’t know why I was watching WGM at first, then I told him that it’s the same guy from PK, he said I’m infatuated to KHJ….:D

      • wah… i want a husband like that… you’re so lucky. i hope that if anyone ask to marry me, he has to accept my addiction with it as well.. kk

      • @V…I wish you will find an understanding husband too. Eventhough we just talk here, I can feel that you are a nice person. You deserve to find a loving and understanding husband…Fighting!..^_^

      • aw… thank you for thinking that of me.. but really, im not always this nice… i have quite a temper even though I try to stay courteous most of the time… i get really irked by rudeness.. but that doesn’t mean i don’t have the same thoughts as some of those rude comments sometimes (even though i would express them differently).. haha. but that’s a secret.
        and sigh.. maybe i’m too young but i have yet to fall in love, even if it’s only one-sided….
        does your husband have a brother/cousin/nephew? haha… TOTALLY just kidding… kk

      • @V…hahahaha! My husband has a younger brother who’s in US Marine but he keeps on saying he will not get married. Aren’t you on one-sided love already w/ KHJ?…;-) And with regards to temper, I think everyone has depends on the situation and day of the month…:D

      • lol.. didn’t think you would seriously reply about the family question… marine? that sounds cool. i like men in uniform.. too bad he’s a confirmed bachelor.. and probably much much older than I am anyways.. kk.
        as for my one-sided “love” for KHJ… it’s not real LOVE per se… more like attraction mixed with admiration for an entertainer. you know, love for celebrities can’t be called love… i won’t cry like hani if he dates someone, or be depressed about him all day… and it’s not like I would be willing to go against my parents for him like dramatic scenes in drama… ok, so I am already going my parents for just liking him.. but i mean, like if I really dared, I would have flown to korea and bye bye college.. kk
        but other than celebrities, i have never known love besides platonic love for my family.

      • He’s not that old, he’s still on his early 20’s…anyway…pesonally, I believe that it’s better to finish your education first before getting into serious relationship.

        Back to KHJ, waahhhh…I didn’t do anything this weekend, just watched WGM and I was wondering why he’s so awesome…he’s caring, sweet and so lovable…and everything he put on looked good on him, even the mascot.

        And it’s funny, as I walking on my way to work this morning I saw a guy with an afro and I remembered KHJ and Hwang Bo unique date in Japan. The hair really looked like that and I was smiling to myself as I was walking. It made my Monday morning good.

      • oh.. early 20s… he’s an oppa then… i assumed he was an ajusshi for some reason. and yes, i don’t know if it’s because I believe or not but somehow, I feel like unless I finish my studies, I’m not going to get into a relationship til then… and i have no idea when i’ll finish studying…. as much as i complain, i like going to classes and hanging around friends.. it’s less scarier than the real “real” world.
        and omo… why has everyone been watching WGM this weekend except for me? i should really go back and watch it… and yes, isn’t KHJ totally funny and awesome? what episode are you at?
        lol… that cosplay date in japan was EPIC! I also want to do that one day… dress up totally crazily and walk in the streets like that with my date. which also reminds me of when he went to buy medicines for buin and dressed up in all the things that she did for him, like the jacket and the scarf… kk

      • Yeah, he’s still oppa…me and my husband are the ahjumma and ahjussi…lol…Wow, you really love studying that much ha, or is it just hanging out w/ friends…:-D

        I’m about to start watching ep 23 right now. That was so sweet when he used all the stuff that Buin gave him….hayz!…kinda envious to Buin..:-)…BTW, I don’t know where to find you so I’m still spazzing here at AKP.

      • kk.. lol. you don’t sound like an ahjumma except for the fact that you’re married.. kk. but then, look at hani.. i would never call her ahjumma, or BSJ ahjussi.. more like eye candy (hehe, it rimes.. kk)

        it’s not that i hate studying when i am studying but when i am not, i look at it with fondness.. but yes, it’s really the social aspect of college that i love best.
        i can’t remember what ep 23 was about so i can’t talk about things since i’m afraid i might spoil it for you… but that means you’re almost halfway there… ^^
        you can find me on AKP, on DB, or on soompi most of the times.. i also have twitter but all i do is spam tweets more than anything.

      • Hopefully, I don’t look like an ahjumma in person too…lol. I like my highschool days more than college. I’m really a newbie when it comes to k-drama. PK is my first time to join a discussion so I never been to soompi but I’ve been to DB few times just reading though. I don’t have twitter account either…awww!

        Ep 23 was their 100days wedding photo shoot then it was followed by the farm mission…they were so cute in their wedding photos. They laughed so much, Buin is kinda like me in a real life…love to laugh…I’m a happy person…^_^

      • Haha… for me, I look like an ahjumma in real life.. -_-”
        I once got mistaken for a married woman as a teenager… TT.TT
        And yes, the best period of my life ever was late middle school, early high school as well until i was shipped to another country…
        College is nice and all but I still feel a bit of a stranger, and I was more carefree back then…
        Oh, is PK the first k-drama “craze” you’ve lived in… well, for me, I’ve been in k-dramas for more than 10 years and I can tell you that I can count with my hands the number of time I’ve been as hyped about a dramas as I am with PK so it’s a rare thing as well.
        oh. so you only lurk around DB? me too actually. I guess we can just contact each other if we want on AKP. lol. ockoala’s blog is really becoming a playground.. (sorry ockoala)
        OMO… their wedding shoot was so so awkwardly cute… i loved how hwangbo was dazzled everytime KHJ was trying a new tuxedo and he was like, “we’ll take them all… do you accept payments in parts. kk” and he was wanting to lease the thing. and he kept wanting to have conservative dresses for her. and he boy can jump!! and the most pretty setting was on top of the car with the umbrella for me. and i can go on and on about WGM.. haha.
        wow, real-life = hwangbo.. so cool!! not ahjumma then.. .kk.

      • Thanks to Ockoala for giving us a playground…I’m short so a lot of people think I’m still young. I watched few old k-dramas, PK was the only one I watched while it’s still airing. The only one I interact with other Pkissers…lol.

        KHJ was driving me crazy last night. I watched the special when they won the horoscope match and the wrestling, it was so hilarious. Then he’s so sweet to Buin in the farm, I feel so nervous too when he’s singing to her and his surprise to her was awesome (the 995 paper cranes)…**sigh**envious at Buin…hahahaha!

      • lol.. i didn’t expect you to reply… this thread is seriously becoming a major maze..
        lol. i also don’t really interact that much with drama fans unless i’m really into the drama because although it’s LOADS of fun, it’s so consuming that i don’t think i’ll be able to handle craze after craze.. kk.
        omo… i LOVE that thanksgiving special… LOVE LOVE it.. the get hot dance when he rocked the guitar… the peperro game… not so much how he got the shortest part but i love his reaction to the others… it was so funny… he looked so shocked but he ended up getting it even shorter… 1.9 or 2.1 cm if i remember right.
        and of course, i love the wrestling… how both of them won as a couple… daebak!!
        and yes, he totally HAD me at the paper cranes… i did not expect him ever to finish it… and wouldn’t blame him if he didn’t. he seriously impressed me with those.. btw, did you hear him call hwang buin, “are you okay baby?” in the studio when the grandmother said that being old is a crime?
        and i love their competitiveness with the peppers and everything…
        and yes, him singing to her had me die…. and when he was upset that she talked about what she expected for her future marriage and he was like “who are you going to marry?!” haha.
        ooops, another ramble on WGM. 😀

  11. Thank you OcKoala! I love these stills.

    :Bows deep: Thank you for offering your blog as respite for us, who are trying–but not trying too hard–to recover–but not fully–from PK.




  12. hi!! pk addicts!! glad to know i’m not alone in this sickness of mine kekeke, i have a question regarding WGM, i have to confess that i have never seen it, i know ..shame on me :(, any way…i want to know in which episode starts KHJ and HB arc?? i’ll be gratefull for your help, there’re a LOT of episode 🙂

      • Yayy!! Thanks! Okays, you’ll know when I started watching it because I’ll start spazzing about it in a post or something. ^^ Or if it’s broadcasted over the news that I died from hysterical fangirling moments, you know what happened.

        Geez, what are dramas doing to me these days? I’ve turn into a KHJ and DBSK fan! And I used to dislike them both!

      • omo… DBSK? is it because of micky?
        haha… I used to be a DBSK fan as well before I found my permanent home in a nother fandom…
        DBSK are awesome… the whole JYJ legal war is making me so sad…

      • I want to break some legs because of this legal war. I’m not a DBSK fan but the reality is that they were finally fed up and stood up against the BULLCRAP the company was putting them through, I find completely admirable. The boys have a lot of courage, if not, then no shame (and I don’t mean that in a bad way). My friend and I were saying that artists and actors need a union in S.K. and was bemoaning that NOW?! they decide to regulate child working laws? I know that my fav. girl maknae Minzi’s my sister’s age and was a trainee since she was probably like 12 like that GPbasic girl, but you can see that Minzi’s different from that kid, having the mental acuity for the job. (And the companies have different *feels*–not going to get started on that.) T_T makes me all sad.

        Sorry that this has become somewhat of a politic response.
        (Btw, am I the only one who thought that the 40million donation JyJ made was a payment-loophole? Idk how their contract works but I was thinking that since they’re still “under contract” with SM they can’t accept monies that they make while they’re going against the company right?” I don’t know, don’t mind me, NEVER MIND.)

      • @JJ
        lol.. looks like you feel strongly about this… Honestly, since I don’t know much about the whole behind the scenes stories, I tend to stay quiet on the issues but of course, I do have my own opinions despite all that.. As an ex-unofficial-cassie, of course I feel sad that the 5 are no longer together but what I don’t understand, is for others to bash JYJ for deciding to do what they think is right and is just.. I mean come on… People should put themselves into their shoes… would they feel ok if their contract was bull? Even though it breaks my heart to see them separated, I absolutely don’t blame them for wanting to break away and I’m seriously mad that some people start to call them greedy or whatever. THAT and SM + the korean entertainment whatever association trying to sabotage every single one of their moves… honestly, it’s LOW and STUPID at the same time… it just makes SM looks totally bad without helping the situation at all. It makes the whole thing looks like those underground activities i roll my eyes at whenever i see them in korean dramas. Unlike you, I’m no YG fan (relatively speaking), and I am more of an SM but even I can see that YG treats their artist much MUCH better and professionally… and it seems the same for JYP as well. Perhaps JYJ came off too strong to some people but who can blame them after seeing SM’s response… -_-”
        I don’t want to take a definite side right now since I don’t know the whole story but looking at things, SM doesn’t come off good.

        as for the donation thing… honestly, I have no idea… it seems that JYJ are allowed to have their own independent activities, which I assume to mean they can get salaries from those said activities… *scratch head*

      • OMG!!! I was gone for only a little while and there are more than 140 comments on this little thread. Anyway, yeah…I like DBSK now. Because of SKKS. hahaha. But honestly, their voices are killer. And their singing gives me goosebumps. I’m watching SKKS 16 now! MOONYYYY!!! :falls to the floor in a dramatic motion: Whoops sorry, this is a PK Anonymous thread. But you gotta admit, Yoo Ah In = hottie. If there’s a SKKS Anonymous, I would join in a heartbeat.

      • @yeisha..
        lol. i’m not so much a SSKS anonymous as a Jaeshin ft. yongha anonymous member…
        but as much as Jaeshin breaks my heart to pieces (gah.. i hate unrequited love but it makes for so much intensity), makes me swoon, and so on, and yeorim is just a complex darling and them together are so so so hot, I have to say that the biggest revelation for me is Micky yoochun because I already had high expectations for both yoonie and joongki. I was a DBSK fan since their debut and although I’m no longer a fan, I love them a LOT. they were my first “real” kpop love (first “other” love would be hot, g.o.d and shinwha). but honestly I never expected him to act so well.. in ep 15, I cried SO BAD… he was SO good as the conflicted upright lovesick guy. he has gone so far from his banjun days.

      • Ah, no probs v. Yeah, Micky’s acting was better than I expected from the very beginning. It would probably take me a couple of days to write a coherent answer to why I love SKKS and think that it’s one of my favorite dramas for the year. Well, we’ll see.

        The legal battle between SME & JYJ is interesting. I still don’t even know what really happened and perhaps we never will. I’m assuming that JYJ were treated poorly and decided to leave for the same reasons Hankyung left SuJu?

        And you finished watching That Love Comes episode 4, right? I think the drama’s cinematography gets even prettier by the episode. It’s interesting because TLC is a really ordinary drama, but the execution of it makes it endearing and likable.

      • @endodo.. i replied to you a bit down below…. I guess i clicked the wrong reply button.. -_-“

    • kk..i also think SKKS is one of the most solid and at the same time squeal inducing dramas of the year… if it wasn’t at the same time as PK, I would have gone gaga over it.

      yes, i dont’ even know what happened.. JYJ left because the contract was too demanding and unreasonable… a bit like hangeng. he left both because of the harsh conditions and because he wanted to have some input into what he did (and with 13 members to add to that, it’s not likely they get to have much input in whatever music/dance they do). I still hang on the hope that we will see all 13 on the same stage at least once again.. although in an interview, hangeng said that the embassy of korea didn’t let him enter korea the second time he went there for his MV shooting and that he had to use connections in order to get back in. i also want at least a one time reunion of most broken up groups (DBSK, HOT, FinkL, g.o.d., Baby Vox, sechskies) or inactive ones like Shinhwa, ss501, SES, etc. for some, it already happened and for others, it’s nearly impossible but I can’t help but hang to hope…

      yes, i’ve finished TLC.. and i find myself really really liking it… it’s so pretty in and elegant understated way… the colors are all a bit in the nostalgic tone (well, except for the red sports car.. kk). and i’m really impressed with Joe…
      the drama is, like you said, quite endearing.. and i can never rave about the soundtrack enough.

      • There’s so many mini threads within this big thread, so I don’t blame you for hitting the wrong reply button. I almost did that myself. Yeah, I’m hoping to see SuJu as a 13-member group again. I became a huge fan after seeing Super Junior Full House, which was soo adorables! I still rewatch it sometimes when I have time..which isn’t very recently. Too many dramas out at the moment it’s crazy.

        Yup, yup. TLC (isn’t that like a TV channel? lol.) has a fantastic soundtrack and beautiful scenery. I’m glad that it’s only 12 episodes because unlike PK, the plot in TLC can’t move like Noah’s Snail. I think it’s going to be the first TW drama I finished since Autumn’s Concerto. That and B&W, which I’ve put on a temporary hold until I can marathon it over Thanksgiving break. It’s ironic that I don’t watch as many Mainland & TW dramas, since they were my first loves. Perhaps it’s because all the ones I’ve sampled have been dog crap, and rather uninteresting. I don’t want to waste this short lifetime of mine watching bad dramas. ^^

      • yes.. there’s THE thread, then sub-thread, then sub-sub-thread, then subsub-threads, then there’s no more sub-threads possible so i’ll just reply randomly… haha.
        yup yup… suju fan as well. Full House was HILARIOUS!! i can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the english lessons + english village episodes…i think ep 7-10. I literally crumpled laughing… heechul’s gangster english is priceless… “personal space” LMAO. or eunhyuk “speak short” “speak short”, or “you are so gorgeous”, or their remake of U MV, or heechul trying to get the girl’s phone number, or donghae’s “what is you’re age?” “A, B, C, D,… ” LMAO.. i think i might have to go back and watch it now…
        too bad not all of them were in it… but we got to see them together in exploration of human body… their episode with dbsk… the highlight was yesung and micky “legend brothers” MWUHAHA…
        and yes, 2010 has been packed with so much dramas I almost which they would come up with bad dramas so that I won’t have to watch.
        i had the same thought for TLC. totally sounds like a TV channel. because of that, in my last comment, i almost proposed for us to base the synonyms on the chinese titles instead.. kk
        yes, i’m also glad they’ll be 12 ep… and I agree with you about TW dramas.. they are entertaining but missed with crap… it’s over-the-top without being elegantly done at all.. and yet, i’m still watching them, and then pulling my hair. but i’m getting sicker and sicker of them being basically a copy of each other… (you know how we keep bashing korean drama cliches.. sometimes, i think tw dramas are way worse) it’s like the same characters (or even the same actors sometimes) transposed from on drama to another, with the same comic elements, the same “morals” and the same touching scenes… sigh.I’m talking mainly about their idol trendy dramas here… I’m currently watching Endless love and blind dates for princesses and GAG. Endless love is not so bad but still. maybe I should be like you and stop torturing myself. I still love chinese wuxia stuff though.
        omo, i LOVE B&W… I almost gave up on tw-dramas pulling off a quality drama when BW came up… it’s dramas like that that keep me watching tw dramas and then suffer until my next lifeboat comes along.

      • You girls are so cute. And I can’t seem to get away from this thread when I have so many things that I need to be doing right now. Talk about a good excuse to procrastinate.

        Its funny how we all have our “Hani stories”. Mine is a little similar to Hani’s actually. There’s this guy that I liked when I was still a grad student working as a research assistant and he is a sunbae. I was crushing on him for like 3 months but didn’t do anything about it because I want to be all professional. Then I found out that he just got accepted for the Peace Corps and was leaving in a week. What to do?

        I decided to write him a card saying good luck and that I really admire him for doing something that he is passionate about, etc. No love declarations though, more like “let’s keep in touch” kind of thing. I mailed it to his house so I wouldn’t give it to him in person. Lo and behold the day that he was leaving to go overseas he showed up at our clinic and personally thanked me saying that he was so touched, etc. Gah…I was in complete panic mode! I don’t even know if I said anything coherent at that time.

        Anyways, we kept in touch. He used to write this mass e-mails updating us about his life in the Peace Corps. Even saw him when he came back to the country for a vacation. But he was gone for 2 years and that’s a long time to be carrying a torch for someone. So that was it. We’re still friends on FB though and he is still travelling all over the place.

      • oooops..i think i just responded to the wrong sub-thread. haha. its a maze around here!!! LOL.

  13. thanks ockoala!! our Pk Fairy!!!
    PK anonymous!
    i miss them so much!
    im dreading that wednesday and thursday would be so dull without the new episodes of PK!

  14. Ok, I may be the only one unaware of this but I’ve been wondering whether the special continuation of PK (the 10-minute 9 episodes) is released weekly, monthly, or daily? What is it really…. Can someone clear that up for me? Thanks a bunch!

    • yeah, i also wonder that which dates they will psot the new 10 mins episodes, i know the 1st YT episode would be on 02Nov but when will be the next one?

  15. my PK addiction is striking again, im now copying ALL the pics of PK as in every pic that i see, i copy it! even the pics in the recaps! they even have their own folders in my files! OMG!

    • wow… you’ve just surpassed me in level of addiction…
      well, at least in terms of PK storage.. even I select pics I save.. kk
      but really, who can blame you.. they are SO pretty..
      I love the palette of colors in PK. and it helps that there’s eye candy to boot.

      • yup!
        they are so pretty!!!
        whats more crazy is that i made it as my screensaver!
        talk about PK addiction!
        who doesnt want to see khj across her computer screen right?

      • lol… i also had this really strong urge to make those lovely fanmade wallpapers as my screensavers/wallpapers but what would my roommates think of me if they saw that… it’s like behaving like a teenage fangirl…
        I actually put it up as a wallpaper but then i changed my mind and reset it to unicolor black like I usually do.

      • @v, when PK started i already advise my roommates that when im watching PK, im not a 25yrs old lady that the know.
        im a 16yr high schooler who have a huge crush in a certain genuis-emotionally-stunted-cutie-guy so they wouldnt be shock when i started to squealing like a pig when cute and sweet moments/scenes comes to the scene.

      • haha.. that’s totally true… actually, i think even as a teenager, I never had a real crush as strong as I do for drama characters… I swoon much more for those characters than i did for any of my so-called and short-lived crushes…
        damn drama writers for creating all those characters.

      • actually im been oh hani when i was in high school going to college but less on stalking, im more on the quiet type of crush mode. we eventually got together but it didnt end in a happy ending like oh hani. so i can totally relate to her 200%!lol!

      • @ J.J., well as of the moment im still finding my right baek seung jo, LOL! khj is here so im not in a hurry! hihihi!

      • lol.. I never was in love so I can’t say I was oh hani… but i did stalk before… it wasn’t anything professional but I tended to go to this place that I knew the guy was at and just hang around there, ALL THE TIME… or sometimes, I just walked an extra mile just to cross path with another in front of his class… kk. I also had quiet crushes without doing anything as well, just feeling my heart beat and myself flush whenever I could see him. But none of them lasted long on my part… I tend to get discouraged VERY easily because I don’t want to get hurt.. the guy I was stalking eventually noticed me and asked me out and I said no in the end… just because i got scared… haha. I’m totally the one-sided kind of girl.. now get what I mean by not wanting to admit whatever I felt for KHJ??

      • @v, now i totally understand why it took you 5 yrs! lol!
        well, in real life it took 3yrs before any major thing happened in that crush/infatuation/love. i did an oh hani stunt of telling him that i dont like him anymore and its better that we really just to stay friends and he kinda did a baek seung jo thing of confession but no kiss in the rain or anything near that, were not the epicly romantic. hehehehe! but no happy ending and now we are still friends, funny thing is that we are much closer now as friends.

      • wow… how brave of you to an oh hani stunt… i don’t think i would ever be able to admit that I liked someone… like you see, even if the guy confesses first, i find it hard to admit it still.
        and i used his bet as an excuse to kiss another guy i liked as well… and after that, even though he did some advances, i never admitted to liking him.. i told him “it was just a bet. although i find you cute (cringe cringe cringe CRINGE), I don’t like you” act… haha. i’m truly a BSJ…
        but wow, even without the kiss in the rain, your story sounds so sweet. it makes me wish I could loosen up a bit so that i can experience something like that even if it’s bound to end.
        kk… i wonder how satisfied/happy you were at his confession… kk and it’s amazing you guys are still friends.. i wonder if I can be friend with a guy I broke up with? don’t you reminisce of the past sometimes when you’re with him?

      • i just realized i was confusing… the guy i stalked and the guy i kissed are two different guy.

      • Oh goodness. I’ll give you the short story of the “love”story of the teenage years.
        Lets call him S okay?
        Was classmates with S in middle school. Had a crush. He was cute, but a jerk. Went away for hs, then came back to the private school. He grew into a very good looking guy and not so much of a jerk. We became bffs, but that was it. There were lots of rumors circulating (a la BSJ/OHN) about us but somehow without even me knowing he got a gf.
        He tells me he’s moving, but then surprises me a weeks before Uni starts that he’s going to the same place. I’m like @_@! First sem in college, we spent eternally long breaks together that is until i was like “forget this” and started spreading my own wings.
        In all this, there was a lot of phone calls, “stalking”, misunderstandings and not talking. My sister remember the conversation embargo’s very well because she learned guitar from him… guess who did the middle-man talking. LOL

        Lessons I learned: Don’t read too much into things. Guys know more than they let on. Just do what you got to do and if they don’t follow, their loss. End things well, be courteous and say hello once and a while.

      • LOL.
        your “love story” could be made into a drama…
        and what’s with us and falling for jerks? although I don’t think I ever fell for a real one.. if i find out he’s a jerk, i automatically cut off my crush. but the problem with jerks like BSJ is that they are jerks and then sweet after that. no wonder poor hani was confused as hell.
        And wow… going to the same uni AND hanging around with each other… and being the middle-man for your sister…
        how unclear this whole thing must have been…
        and i’ll try to take heed of your advice but honestly, my dealing with guys i’m attracted to is awful… with guys i have no interest whatsoever in, i have no problem… i just talk to them like girl friends. but with guys i feel attraction for (mostly cute guys.. i know, shallow of me), i get SO confused. and yes, i agree about guys knowing more than they let on… i don’t know why but guys at my middle school were all super precocious and the “playboy” type… -_-” or trying to be the playboy type anyways… and then I moved to a different high school (country as well) and strangely, the guys there were way more innocent than the guys in middle school. well, not so much in the drinking department and they were more “active” in the relationship department as well but they were a lot less smooth and polished. it was much simpler as well. guys at my middle school acted like they had been in 10 relationships (which was kinda true). that’s why most of the headaches I’ve gotten was from middle school because not only was i crushing but guys were taking advances as well. in HS, i was left in peace.
        but you sound much more experienced than i ever was.. lol.

      • @yeisha… replying to your hani story here…
        and yes, like you, i have So many things i should be doing and here I am… doesn’t help that you girls are so active as well… ottoke?
        wow… what’s up with all those epic stories that came straight out of a movie… omg.. peace corps? then travel around the world? then visit at the clinic the last day? tons of mails??? that’s like a perfect recipe for a nicholas sparks meets pearl harbor (ok, not pearl harbor but somehow, it reminded of it… i don’t know why.. maybe because PEACE corps=opposite of WAR… haha.. my brain is weird)…. it sounds SO romantic… and omo.. the fact that you wrote a letter without really making a confession sounds SO SO cute to my ears (eyes). I wouldn’t have even dared to write him anything… i’m keeping correspondence with a guy in the marines but I have NO feelings whatsoever for him.. if I did, I would never write to him… kk.
        even though it didn’t last, you girls are so lucky to have been somewhat close to my crushes on relationship wise… for me, i wasn’t close to any of my crushes.. it wasn’t as bas as hani to the point where they didn’t know i existed but we were never really friends either…
        and btw, do you guys think hani and seungo would have survived a two years separation? hm…

      • @ V, he was a great catch to be honest. He was a hard worker, valedictorian, captain of every sports team, held a job, was a good religious guy. He wasn’t a jerk so much as a kid who was too sheltered like BSJ. He sometimes lived vicariously though me b/c I was free-spirited and had an intelligence he could never emulate from the books he read. He’s a guitar prodigy, i had mentioned that his guitar and hyunjoong’s guitar (the one used when he did that Rise and Fall perf with TOP) is an Epiphone. 😉

        My time feeling for him was a good lesson for my sister who was in the midst of it all. If got so many lessons. You never get over your first love so best choose wisely and mind the time.

        OH, even if he didn’t feel anything back but platonic friendship, I think the best thing he ever did for me was whenever I called and he didn’t answer, he would call right away. Everyone else griped that he only did it for me… and he still does that when I call/text. :nostalgic all over again:

      • @JJ
        wow..maybe because i have never experienced something that advanced with a guy but wow…
        and yes, he sounds like a catch and quite crush-worthy. it’s guys like that who gets the mooney eyes from every girl in school.. i can totally imagine. every school has someone like that. was he handsome? that would totally make him mr. dreamboy. but you must have been awesome to get his attention and exclusive speedy phone line service… and oh, so he’s the guitar friend you were talking about in one of those other threads [can’t remember which one honestly]? kk. yes, intelligence from books can be quite different from liveliness and the kind of fun and witty intelligence you and hyun joong have (or i imagine that’s what you have…)
        as for not forgetting your first love… i totally take your word for it.. i never had a first love, just a mere first kiss… and even THAT have me sit up from my sleep and them scream out of many confusing emotions… YEARS after it happened. perhaps it was because it’s my only kiss but even though i don’t feel much for the GUY himself, that kiss haunts me like mad… i can’t decide whether i’m regretting it or not but it’s sure not leaving my mind… what would it be if i had my first love…

  16. I joined the PK party at Koala’s’ playground a little late, and boy, am I miffed at that!
    Can see this place is populated with many kindred spirits 🙂
    Love all the stills up there and can’t wait to watch the Youtube episodes.
    Talk about PK obsession – was at the mall earlier in the day and saw a red checked shirt, very similar to what KHJ/BSJ wore in PK, and had to restrain myself from going up and buying it on the spot. And I’m someone who has never, ever, bought celebrity related merchandise!! It was so so so hard to walk away, and even now I’m sitting here, thinking to myself, maybe I can go back tomorrow to the same shop, if it hasn’t been sold till then, it’ll be a sign from the KDrama Gods….

    • hahahaha…
      you just made my day with that comment…
      when i was reading it, i was thinking of crossing cyberspace to go buy it as well…
      PK has messed up with our head.

  17. This is what I know: familiarity breeds contempt; KHJ is a hot-blooded male ; JSM is a girl, and a kiss in any context is a breeding place for sensual imagination!hahahhahah!

      • blush blush blush…and i’m even reading now, just thinking about it. i’ve only read it twice and i don’t think it’s anytime soon i’ll read it again….

    • @ Gemma, I just wanted to point out that it’s BSJ who is a hot-blooded male. But I wouldn’t mind if KHJ’s one either 😉 Gah, normal J.J. (says “I WANT) and Joongbo-er J.J. (says, “BUIN!”) is warring -_-

      @ V. sorry LOL bad influence is bad. LOL

      @ Jeankaycee, I will learn to read hangul just for this translation. Even if it’s more flowery than it is sensual. But since guttered minds can’t get out of the gutter, what the hay, right?

      • @JJ kk don’t worry… it’s not like I was totally innocent before…
        and I can read a bit of hangul since I”m self-learning korean right now and it’s still as racy… although it sounds a bit more flowery but less cheesy. the tone of the translation gives off a slightly different vibe.

      • JJ, I started watching WGM. O.MY.GAWD. The KHJ I’m seeing is sooooo much like Baek Seung Jo!!!

      • @ V, thanks. I was about to put in a request for a “verbatim” translation but I’ll get my guy bff to do it for me no matter how uncomfortable he might be haha. Nah, he’s my sunbae and he does everything I tell him too.
        LOL @ trashy fics. I’m suddenly getting a flash back of all those Inuyasha fics my friend was trying to force on to me…
        (Not that I’m saying Inu fanfiction is bad, i’m just saying those she read was bad.)

        @ Edodo, if you’re in the beginning of WGM then yes I can understand but as he gets more comfortable with HB–especially post-bobo (kiss) you’ll see it’s like a dam breaking loose.

      • @endodo OMG OMG OMG OMG
        haha.. i can’t get but be excited whenever someone discovers WGM… i still feel that it’s SUCH a shame that not everybody has watched that show… my goal is to get everybody to do that.. kk

        @JJ if you weren’t on PK anonymous camp, i would have almost pitied your bff… he sounds like a darling to do whatever you ask.
        lol.. you read inuyasha as well? kk. which makes me remember that fanfics for mangas tend to go really really wild sometimes…
        in middle school, one of my bff was a fanfic writer herself and boy… what an [racy] imagination. that’s why i told you i wasn’t completely “innocent”… she had me corrupted already although i’m still slow at those stuff.

      • Wasn’t much into Inu or Card Captors. I was totally into Sailor Moon though. In I was lucky enough to be under the tutelage of the great Ali– Bl-de and Loki_O–x (I don’t drop names, sorry). These guys are no joke and how I’ve progressed as a writer is credited to them (and my first beta Sidekickwanna—).
        I’ve been on FFN for forever until last year because the quality of fics were getting ridiculous. T_T I hang at LJ now, but don’t edit anymore.

        I would die if I ever edited HJ’s fanfic. LOL Although I throughly enjoyed reading it, it made my head hurt. It was probably all the laughing, but the incongruences made my eye tick.

      • Lol.. i was into anything manga/anime… and omo… sailor moon is like my ENTIRE elementary school… everyday, i ran home with my brother (yes, my bro too… kk) during lunch break to catch the show… and then, we would be late to class for like 10 minutes because we wanted to finish it.
        lol. my fanfiction days are long gone… I haven’t been on FFN for a LONG time. it stopped after I moved to the states where I wasn’t hanging with my bff anymore. and all the fanfics were in french for me, but also at around less than 4 years ago when I didn’t speak english that well to be writing fanfics in english although I did start to get into english fanfics for nearly a year before I went. that probably explains why my cyber english is a joke… kk. i didn’t get fanfic training in english… haha. best excuse ever. you got me a nickname AND an excuse for my failure at english on blogs.. kk
        I hang around LJ A LOT but not for k-related stuff… more for j-stuff. although now, there are increasing K-communities on LJ now.
        kk… editing hj’s fanfic huh? you wouldn’t be the only one to die…

      • @ V & JJ:
        Yeah, I’ve never watched WGM Season 1 and I’m only following the current couples right now. I’m looking forward to seeing Kim Hyun Joong’s “true” self. Teehee. But WAHHH. T_T I can’t watch anymore WGM episodes today because i have a midterm that’s technically due in 2 hours online. But I’m distracted and unable to finish it. If I were a certain Koala, then I would be able to bust this thing out in no time. :sigh: But I’m a Dodo that’s just trying to stay awake. Okay, back to writing. *type type type type*

      • @Endodo as much as i love the goguma, adam, or foreign couple… (i totally find them cute and do follow them diligently), in my mind, maybe because i tend to get attached to first things, but they still have yet to reached the season 1 epicness as a whole… although i admit that adam and apa, omma are quite liberal in displaying their affections now and even goguma couple are upping their game. but i just think there’s a magic in season 1 that somehow got lost…
        and speaking of homework.. i have an essay AND a pset due…
        and like you, i’m not koala as well, not even a dodo…
        so bye guys! I’m “logging off” and going back to school world. sigh.

  18. OMG… so many new comments… for the first time in what feels like EVER, I’ve slept for 8+ hours straight! hahahahaha… and like a zombie, immediately when I woke up, my first reaction was like “omo, OMG, I just missed PK live broadcast, what do I DO???!! *zooms straight on the computer*”
    Even I am exasperated with myself…
    But not enough to search for PK goodies that I missed during my sleep hours.. kekeke. I’m hopeless.
    Baek brothers together off-screen…:
    So. CUTE:

    You know what… Hani, move aside… These two bros can just get together… Just kidding… XD (I think?)

    For those who are obsessed (like me) and who wants to read a second version of diary ep 15, the pretty pix one… here we go:
    ALL CREDITS to reena29shadow

    Also, go on the official channel (youtube/ytkiss) for the freshly released Making Of, Part 4 with subbed titles

    And, we’ve got ourselves new NG footage:

    and wow… I did not expect to continue updating after PK ended but haha… looks like habits are hard to break. Sigh. Just let me stay in my happy a little longer.. hao ma?

      • Hi V
        Thanks always for those wonderful links, I’m guilty of stalking all sites that’s KHJ or PK related to ease by post PK blues.

        Wonder if you have seen the fancam of his meeting on last ep of PK? There’s a question to JSM by MC in which KHJ looks really shy, wonder if you could translate what’s been asked?

      • lol.. you’re welcome.. but i only put partial stuff.. not every new updates is posted since I don’t want to overcrowd AKP with those.. but since you’re stalking PK & KHJ’s related sites, it must have been easy for you to see them anyways… kk
        we’re all stalkers in that way. haha.
        as for your question, yes i have all fancams available of the fanmeeting and if I’m correct about the moment you’re thinking (when he kinda smiles shyly), then JSM is talking about how their skinship scenes, including the bed scene, didn’t have any NG… at least that’s what I got… my korean is rudimentary..

      • haha, it took you quite a while to admit you’re liking KHJ, for me I’m old enough to be his mother & I’m not shy to adjust I’m feeling like a little fan girl stalking him (almost love at 1st sight). Think I’m going crazy, but happy.

      • kk… i wonder if i can still have your youthfull spirit when i reach the age to be someone’s mother… for me, KHJ was not love at first sight at all… i never stick long with first sight loves… it’s always the ones who grow on me that tend to truly stay in my heart.

  19. only KHJ can pull off a a-la-pre-cool-joongu-hairstyle without being labelled duckie. haha

    I just wanted to post one pic but couldn’t resist another.. haha:

    oh, wth, i’ll just add another… it’s like BSJ + Joongu put together:

    • that’s it… it’s official. I wanted to prevent myself from it but can’t help it.
      I think I can be as close as in love with KHJ without it being true love.
      After 5 years of resisting…. I’m waiving the white flag.
      I fought a brave battle but it was in vain.
      I blame it all on the PK craze… strangely… it wasn’t WGM that triggered it even though that’s the KHJ i WGM I fell for. it was because of the PK craze that I started to rewatch all those KHJ’s stuff that I’ve stored in my hardrive, including WGM. And seems like the combination of khj plus my PK-messed up brain did the job. the last straw was seeing going through a photobook.
      I. WANT. TO. CRY. I fought so hard….

      • LOL…it’s ok V. Like BSJ, he fought really hard to not divulge his true feelings for OHN, but in the end, he had to surrender to his heart.

      • @kn
        omo… I didn’t make the connection but that’s EXACTLY how I felt… I didn’t want to give in to KHJ but damn me, he finally got me after 5 years… the length of it is almost the same as hanixseungo relationship. except that my thing is one-sided. he doesn’t even know i exist… haha

        is it a congratulation?
        hmm… i’m not so sure.. should i feel happy? i feel like being defeated right now.

      • @V, it’s okay. Let it all out. I think KHJ has already inched his way through your heart, all these years, and its only lately that it all came together and you’re finally able to put a name on it.

        I’m kinda the same way, my favorite running line is, “KHJ? I’m not even THAT into him. What will my Won Bin oppa say?” Ha!

        But if there’s anyone worth the fangirling, KHJ sure is one of them. I thought the only reason why I’m so fond of him is that I was so fixated on his shillang in WGM and I fell in love with what he and HB had. Even now, 2 years later, I still feel the same way looking at their WGM cuts.

        But all this PK addiction, talking about him in blogs, defending him from people who kept saying that he is “acting as himself” in PK made me realize that yes, I am THAT into him, no use of denying it now. I mean, I’m here right? 😛

        I think that darn letter that he wrote to his fans was the last straw. I’ve always been kinda worried about him especially when after BOF, I haven’t seen his goofy and unaffected laugh anymore and he often had that “blank” look whenever you see his pictures. But looking at fancams now and pics of him at the fashion week, the boy sure is glowing!!! And I’m so happy for him.

        I think taking on the role of BSJ was a blessing in disguise. And in a way, the ratings also helped. Had PK been a nationwide mania like BOF he wouldn’t have had the opportunity to step back and engage in instrospection. But like he said in that letter, all the criticisms made him re-assess the situation and change his attitude towards his role as BSJ. I love it when he wrote that now he wants to have fun and bring happiness to others. He’s always brought happiness to his fans but I don’t even think that he is aware of it. I think the pressure of being SS501’s leader and being an idol flower boy took away the “fun” part of it all for him. I’m glad that he’s now realizing that.

        So yeah, we may have to thank our curly-haired robot after all. Which is why, I am so totally making a shirt that says “Robots are Delicious.” 😉

        P.S. Phew..that was long. I meant to write something about JSM but I read v’s comment and couldn’t help but chime in. Thanks for reading guys, if you ever got to this part. *silly grin*

      • @yeisha
        haha.. don’t worry about it being long… i enjoyed reading it… and with all of you guys saying that it’s okay to admit defeat, I think I will start slowly accepting this new admission I just did.
        And yes, of course I knew that I really really liked KHJ… I was fascinated by him and his quirky character… but I just kept thinking that it’s more like watching a really awesome fascinating kid. In my head, despite swooning ever so often, I kept convincing myself that I liked KHJ purely for his entertainment factor, not really as accepting the fact that I might consider him a “man” that I might be really into and be strongly attracted to.

        And I also have a favourite intro line whenever I start to talk to people about KHJ… “although you might think otherwise, I am not his or ss501’s fan”… And even now, I don’t know if I can be considered a fan…

        And yes, I think it’s also the whole defending him for his acting… like i said previously, he’s not the best actor but definitely not a lost case either… And I don’t care about ratings in terms of benefit for his acting but as an actor, I really think BSJ was the PERFECT role for him to take on. I can’t say for sure that another actor might not have played that role better but for KHJ, that role was exactly what he needed to grow in his acting and what fit him most.

        And yes, I am so happy that in all the fanmeeting fancams, or the fashion show, he was smiling… He looked really happy after he switched to KeyEast.
        And yes, I love how much he has matured when I read the fanletter… How he admitted that he cared about ratings at first but then learned from hani’s grandmother that he should be happy to make others happy… how wise of him. He has matured SO. MUCH. Honestly, I was surprised by how much maturity he has shown in that letter for fans… it made me really respect him.

        Lol.. I might make a shirt of my own. well, not me but a friend who makes shirts.. kk. robots are delicious of course and now, you can practically hear my brain working to think of other phrases.

        and lol.. since it’s addressed to me, i read it till the end.. kk.
        if that’s long but my comments (with itadakimasu) reached 4 pages and a half on a word doc… at least according to her. haha.

      • @v, not really a congratulation more on im happy for you coz you accepted the fact that you really like KHJ.
        so, its ok! just you know, i’ved been there before! hihihihihi!

      • @jeakaycee
        haha. so you’ve been there before? kk
        even though in the end, the result is the same, I don’t think i regret withholding it for 5 years… i don’t know why but i feel that way..

      • @v, for me it takes only 1 year to raise the white flag that i really like KHJ!
        coz i feel like, this guy deserve to be like ’cause he’s so talented and dont get me talking about his looks and charisma coz its gonna be another story, so i decided what the heck!
        even though i need to share him to millions of fangirls around the world, it doesnt matter!
        LOL! as long as i can have a dose of khj smiles, im good!

      • haha.. one year? that’s not bad…
        and yes, I know he deserves it… too much actually. his smiles, looks, charisma, personality, etc. etc. etc.
        but that’s why i was even more afraid of giving in… because if i do, there’s no way out…
        I am quite a hardcore fan of this group and yet, not so much infatuated with them and I had no problem accepting the fact that I was their fan. with KHJ, like i said i’m not his fan, but infatuated, which somehow makes it more scary.

      • @v, actually im also infuated to him but, i just wanna take it lightly.
        i dont want to think about it that much, and i dont think its a bad thing to be infuated to him.
        just as long as i know where i stand, then its not a problem.
        trust me you’ll learn to figure it out within yourself how to handle that so dont be scared.

      • hahaha… why fight so hard against it? Resistance is futile.. 😛

        Me, I will only be obsessed with a celebrity I fall in love with at first sight. I currently have a few in my harem, and 3 of them have changed irrevocably the way I live my life without them even knowing I exist.. and KHJ is one of them, despite being the one I’m into for the shortest duration. I think his power to change me (and maybe others) come from his positivity. No matter how tired, stressed out, ill, and stretched out he is.. to us and the people around him.. he shows only his smiling face. No matter if it’s for the public or if it’s on cue.. his smiles make me think that as hard as life is, there’s always a way to live it with a smile. I want him to continue working hard to get wherever he wants to go.. and if he doesn’t know where he’s heading, it’s okay too coz now he has relaized that his fans will support him all the way. It’s a fun place to be.. ish KHJ fandom.

      • @jeankaycee
        yes… of course i’m taking it lightly as well… I tend to overdramatize things when I express myself.. haha. I’m not as scared as say, if you announced i would die in 3 months.. but I still feel a bit daunted to have such feelings for a complete stranger I have never met and probably never will. you know, unlike some fans, I’m not the type to just die if I don’t meet him, or if he gets a girlfriend or something like that. in a word, i’m not hardcore… and I’m not scared that I’ll ever do something truly reprimandable due to my fangirling. nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t affects me really strongly…

        Lol.. I’m the opposite. for me, the celebrities I love are never a first sight thing.. it’s always as I get to learn more about them that I gradually go crazy over them.. Those I fall at first sight usually take a backseat in the end…
        And I know tomoya is one of the three, with KHJ.. whose the third one again?
        And yes… I totally agree with you about his positivity… I love that despite being goofy and all, he’s also super serious and committed and works hard no matter the response, or the stress… remember how he had his accident this year and still danced for Love ya… that broke my heart.
        And how he treats his fans is so heartwarming sometimes…

      • V, welcome. :nods knowingly: I hated him for stealing Seungri’s thunder on Family Outing…but when I rewatched it OMO can’t think of anything against him (sorry, Seungri. 🙁 )

        Kudos on fighting the good fight. LOL

        here’s a consolation prize: /watch?v=7qTMIFrZR7E&feature=related

      • KHJ just has the power to suck everybody into the mania… don’t feel defeated…I’m glad you gave in to LOVE 😉

      • @ JJ: I also watched Family outing for seungri initially… but the charisma of KHJ is just too overpowering, however awkward he was at times (due to his scared-for-strangers-and-pressured-to-talk nature)

      • @JJ
        thank you for your welcome?
        lol. yes, family outing with seungri.. i still remember that… well, at that time, i wasn’t crazy about either although I liked both so it was fine to me… I remember noticing both of them as equally and wishing they could be closer than what they appeared to be..

        and omo… that vid… last year, when I saw it… i felt a pang of jealousy.. just a flash really that went away almost immediatly and followed by an “aw, that’s sweet” but for a moment, I understood what leader meant when he said he smashed the remote control when lee hyori kissed TOP. which is weird because I never felt that with jung so min or hwangbo… I envied them but was never angry, albeit very very briefly…

      • @itadakimasu
        haha.. giving in to love? that makes it sound so serious… sigh, i wish I can someday find something serious to focus on.

      • Bwahahahahahaha! Wow, I wish I had your willpower. As it turns out, I’m a much easier woman.

        I got suckered in by the pretty on BOF. Then was all, “ewwww he’s in a boy band?!” But still couldn’t resist to find out more about him. Then watched WGM-JoongBo cuts, and was truly taken aback at how he is even MORE gorgeous when he is filled out and all manly lookin’. FWAH. Not to mention falling in love with his quirky personality. My stomach hurt so bad from watching that show and laughing constantly.

        (And I should say, now I’ve watched SS501 video stuff and think all the guys are cute in their own ways. So I don’t hate on them anymore)

      • lol at you’re “ewwww he’s in a boy band?!” for me, since i’m a kpop fanatic and i like musicians, being in a boyband is totally cool with me. and since I already knew leader before BOF, it didn’t fall for him like many others in it… sure, i swooned once in a while but that was it… plus BOF was right after WGM and honestly, jihoo sunbae pales in comparison to KHJ. in BOF, i was totally taken by kim bum and his smile and the soeulmate couple.
        and yes, KHJ was so awesome in WGM and quirky, witty, awkward, adorable, manly, etc. etc. etc.
        and lol… why did you hate on the ss501 in the first place?? and yes, the boys all have their own charms.. i fell for all of them at one point or another during the five years i’ve known them… i think my first impression guy was not leader but prince youngsaeng.

      • Mmm, I guess I’m too old to be likin’ a boy band. Hadn’t done that since I was 11. Haha. And I’m really not into pop music much. But with that said, I still have kpop on my mp3 player now. bah! 😛

      • lol.. since i was classically trained, i used to be like “oh, im too good for pop”… now, i’ve changed my tune… to the heck with it! kk. guess because i’m at the age to like idols right now but even so, i think that the music produced is really not bad at all even if my mother can’t stand it… she calls it the “dooong, doong, doong music” hahaha.

  20. On this thread, I would prefer to talk about Baek Seung Jo. He maybe fictional but that’s how I prefer the Korean men I have recently met – Sung Min Woo, Choi Han Kyul, Han Ki Joo, and now Baek Seung Jo.

    Baek Seung Jo is a bastard and I have wanted to slap him several times. He’ll never make someone like me a good husband as he will never be the “better half.” In fact, he will never be willingly give half of himself as you’re supposed to if you are married to someone. Only when it suits him that he will make the effort to share himself. As his mother says, he is cold and he doesn’t treat women well. Ha Ni is welcome to him.

    Why oh why on earth are we hang up on Baek Seung Jo???

    be back… need to work.. even on a Sunday …:-(

    • lol.. go back to work!! (and i’m sorry it’s on sunday… 🙁 )
      and for me, baek seungjo would be the guy I’ll never allow myself to fall for if I was haera because unless he loves me, I don’t think I would be happy with him as a husband… but since he loves hani, and if I was hani, I believe he would be the husband I want… because he might be cold but he truly loves her… and does everything for her good..
      and omo, are you talking about han kyul in coffee prince?? i have trouble with names but i remember than minwoo cuz he’s my siwonnie in OML… haha.
      as for han ki joo… that sounds strangely familiar… for some reason, i’m thinking of lovers in paris but that can’t be right? it’s such an old drama…
      and yes, all those men are somewhat cold or distant at first (well, i don’t know about that han ki joo unless i’m right about him) but i think baek seung jo takes the candle…

    • @a_fan, re: BSJ

      I think girlfridays description of “rat-bastard-sometimes-swoon-worthy-dreamboat” explains it all to me. There’s so many times that I want to smack his smirky face but then just as I was about to pull my hair out because of his emotionally stunted 10 year-old antics, he’ll do something so unexpectedly sweet that makes me melt like a puddle of goo.

      I mean, that “Merry Christmas” bit towards the end? Gah….totally chessy. But coming from BSJ, why does it sound like the sweetest.thing.ever? 😉

      • yes, i agree with yeisha… when I read what GF wrote, i was like SPOT. ON.
        that and what she said about him being between the fine line of two somethings i can’t remember…
        but when he’s sweet, just kill me will you? the smile during the second piggyback, the awkward virginal “seduction” hahaha, and yes, the christmas phrase, the backhug, and just typing those makes me sigh in bliss… i’m beginning to think i’m seriously living vicariously through hani.

      • @yeisha, even though we can be frustrated to baek seung jo b’coz of his emotional stunted personality,
        i still find him endearing esp. when he do something unexpectedly sweet then it makes it more meaningful.
        and he seems so cool that even the cheessiest lines sounds so cool or downright romantic!

    • sung min woo? choi han kyul? baek seung jo?! those guys are my fave leading men in kdrama land!
      i still feel giddy everytime i remember how choi han kyul sing a song from his rooftop for eun yeh in coffee prince!!!

      • for me, i have to add seo lawyer, hwang tae kyung, jae shin in recent memory.. i’m sure there’s a bunch of others as well..

      • OMG, i forgot to mention hwang tae kyung!!!
        then moon jae shin, im such a dummy to forget him!
        to think that im a member of the moony faction!

      • lol… i’m in team moony ft. yeorim.. kk.
        and i also have to add, team park kyu… speak about a Mr. Darcy.

        and I know a bunch of people don’t get what’s the deal with Lee seungi and but i loved what he said in BL/SI in the bridge… something like “i miss you, I like you, i want you” so why should things matter. i mean, damn… that’s the way to be resolute. and in MGiaG when he was also so manned up about the whole loving and dying thing… swoon.

      • @V, we share the share sentiments about lee seung gi! i think he’s wonderful in MGiaG!
        after MGiaG i become a fan of him but not to the level of KHJ of course, thats a different story.

      • lol… for me, i actually like lee seungi more as himself, or at least as the “perfect husband” material image he gives off on show…
        i totally love how his character is nice and kind and stuff… it’s a contrast from the bad boy type which i like as well, but it’s not a bad thing.. they both have their charms, and both make me fall.
        of course, i don’t nearly fawn as much for LSG as for KHJ. but LSG fits my “list” more in terms of secure partner material. with KHJ, i just go crazy and damn the list.

      • @v, lee seung gi , is like someone you would bring to bring home to meet your parents. well khj is also someone like that but with so much more! LOL!

      • lol yes… EXACTLY. i think my parents would love me to bring someone like lee seung gi home.. and actually, for me, KHJ wouldn’t fit that description unfortunately… TT. glad it’s the case for you. kk
        i guess this is a matter of who makes you fall for him vs who you should fall for

      • @v, yeah lucky for me! lol! actually in our household /family it doesnt matter who as long as your happy and they think he’s capable then so be it.

      • for me, theoretically, my parents said the same thing as your family.. practically, that’s a whole other matter…

      • butting in!
        I think my parents would get scared if I brought someone like Lee Seung Gi home to meet them. They’ll probably be like “omg, you’re going to die.” LOL If this is any indication of my character my sister says, “if there’s a guy who can fluster you, I’ll welcome him to the family.”
        If I bought HJ home, oh man my parents would love him. He could hold his own against me. I’m sure of it (thinking of how he held his own against General-HwangBuin)

      • @JJ
        lol.. really? you’re parents would get scared.. hahahaha.
        for me, ANY guy can get me flustered (although I’m good at pretending it’s not happening). If I apply what you sis said to you, it would be paradise.. kk
        and yes, leader held his own again buin alright… kk. can’t count how many times he had buin either faking a headache, or being speechless and left to laugh at his random but spot on remarks..
        my parents would say he’s not serious enough (they have NO idea how wrong they are…)

      • haha.. you’re too funny… makes me wonder as to how you and your parents are in real life…your family sounds like serious fun…

      • LOL yes, we’re serious fun. Example: the other week when my mom got the church members (when they were over) distracted and watching BOF, my dad came into the kitchen to grab food and then didn’t come back to the living room because he was watching with them too commenting “OH NO! They’re going to see her on the TV” (scene when Jihoo discovers Jandi’s whereabouts after disappearing). Spot. On. Dad. LOL

      • LOL… i remember now what you told me about your mom, your dad and BOF… kk
        lol. i love my parents to death but seriously, hearing you talk about your family makes me wish my parents could be a bit more loose and understanding of this whole drama craze.
        and even your church members sound fun! but your dad is seriously the BOMB.
        lol at his remark… kk. actually, that scene specifically and during the conversation with jandi he had after, was one of the rare moments when I actually thought, screw jun pyo, just let jihoo sunbae the ultimate “firefighter” (gag) get jandi even though they have zilch chemistry together.. he literally came out like a saviour dealing with the debts. and then, junpyo had to act like an a** (pardonmy language) during the loss memory scene.
        but oh well, in the end, i’m glad he didn’t have to end up with her… but i’m SO frustrated at the thought that the guy might end up alone for quite a while… sigh. as much as KHJ wasn’t good as jihoo sunbae, a character ending up alone and protecting his soulmate is just too sad.. and sorry this turned into a rant.

      • @ V, yes rant all you want. I can’t watch BOF anymore because of my mom, she’s been rewatching and now THANKFULLY she’s into Kim Sam Soon. Which I will get into again because I realized I couldn’t remember a thing. Hm.

      • omo.. MNIKSS is EPIC… that drama deserves the hype it got and is still getting… i don’t remember all of it because it’s been a while and not as fresh as BOF but that’s what i call brilliant writing…

  21. At the end of most dramas I’m always awed at the ground the characters have tread and their growth and the drama just feels different from when it started. I expected that from PK when it was winding down but it doesn’t feel all that different to me. Does anyone else feel that way?

  22. Ockoala… thank you for putting up with us and the crazy chatter!!!
    this playground so meaningful to me with the recaps and also creates this nice opportunity to talk, discuss and share with others.

    You are truely the best!

  23. Koala ~~~ ..thank you for not banning us from your blog!! (ish totally spamming the thread to Episode 16 earlier *gulp*) hehe.

    Have you looked up the mysoju site? ( PK is no. 1 on the Mysoju’s Top 25 Dramas of the Week.. ha! Domestic rating be demmed. Me thinks they will have to devise a more relevant and informed rating system after the You’re Beautiful and Playful Kiss phenomena or viewers are never gonna take those statistical BS seriously eva again.

    Am watching Personal Taste right now despite having crazy deadlines coz I’m an idiot like that. Have to say, despite the drama being hilarious and the girl annoying but cute and straight-haired Lee Min Ho being.. errrr, Lee Min Ho.. I don’t have that feeling in my heart when I’m watching BOF or PK. Kim Hyun Joong, what have you done to me?? After Yun Ji Hoo and Baek Seung Jo, how am I supposed to find other guys as dishy as you?

    Just looking at his smiling face in the PK stills you pasted make me feel blissfully happy. My weeks will never be as hyper again. Even with the youtube clips.. they’re such a stingy measly fare.. 10 minutes per week nor per day??? I want to cry…

    Kim Hyun Joong has given a message in his official homepage saying that his next challenge is his solo album. Of coz I want that album in my collection.. but this means it’ll probably be quite awhile before we can see him in a drama (or movie?) again.. *sulks*

    • hehe… guilty spamming partner here…

      and yes, PK is the current top drama on mysoju ever since the second week it aired… and on viikii, it’s both the most watched and the most subscribed channel of ALL TIME, even surpassing BOF even though PK had less episodes and vids..
      and lol. those ratings apply just for the korean audience, who like strong melodramatic storylines more…
      and lol.. you’re only watching PT now? are you on ep 10 yet.. not spoiling or anything but tell me if you didn’t squeal/faint/swoon/screamed/died at the ending… i’ll give you a special award for that.
      and i’m fine with KHJ getting to do what he’s most comfortable doing.. I’ll be looking forward his album, and maybe with ss501 as well.. he needs rest before he gets back to another session of hectic filming. (secretly, i still have this insane hope for PK season 2)

      • @V ..I only watch dramas with people I like in them or else I can’t follow it to the end. I’m shallow like that hehe

        Oh, on your question of the 3rd guy.. well, actually Tomoya is not included in the Top 3.. altho he introduced me to the lovely world of fandoms ..he’s too reclusive in his personal life and he’s not amusing/witty/brilliantly poetical in interviews (too quiet! And other TOKIO members are much noisier that he usually just sat there at the corner doing and saying nothing.. grrr). I fall in love at first sight, but there must be enough material to sustain my interest for longer than a week ~~

        But they’ve all taken a back seat coz KHJ is owning my heart, brain and wallet right now. I may have a collection of teh pretteh in my harem but I’m really a serial monogamist.. LOL. I hope to love KHJ for a long long time. I think I knew him just in the nick of time coz he’s a solo artist now.. yeay! (well, most of the time anyway since he’s still the Leader we love) so I can just look at him without being distracted by anybody else.. 😛

      • @Ami… haha.. that’s okay. I used to watch dramas with only people I liked too.. Now, i don’t want to miss ANYTHING, which makes my viewing schedule quite hectic.
        kk. so just out of curiosity, if not tomoya, who?

        kk.. it’s like everything you’re going through is my past self.. I used to be a serial monogamist as well… now, I spread the love even though I still tend to focus slightly more on one guy at a time. currently, it’s KHJ and a band i like.
        and yes, I get what you mean by being distracted… when leader was (actively) in SS501, even though most of the time, he tended to be my fav, sometimes, I did give a bit more notice to the other 4 guys as well… it regularly switched but leader being the one getting most of the attention overall.

    • if the news were true, i think he would have a new drama this coming january with nickhun and cn blue lead singer.
      the drama might called cinderella, i hope i remember it correctly.

      • yeah.. i heard about that drama as well… with jung yong hwa, and nickhun… jaejoong was even mentioned at first but i haven’t heard about him anymore… honestly, i kinda of don’t know how i feel about this… because, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHO TO ROOT FOR???!!!

      • yes I read about that too , u know what whenever I’m fan of someone I don’t want him to be a part of a drama where he is not the main lead becoz the show doesn’t focuss in him ( and that’s why even though I’m in love with Park shi hoo I still hesitate to watch the new drama queen of reversal becoz he is not the main lead of the show 🙁 like it was the case in PP )

      • @rainyrain…
        yes, i think i get a bit of what you mean… but sometimes, i don’t mind if the guy i like is a second lead because that’s part of his charm as well… the role of second lead allows us to root and fell for him like crazy… i can’t even tell you how many times my heart broke for second male leads. he can even outshine the male lead in some case.
        lol… for me, among those 3, or even 4 if you count jaejoong, KHJ has me fangirl the most. but even so, I can’t pick which one to root for because I still like the other 3.

      • To tell the truth, I don’t want him to be in a drama that will remind people of Boys Over Flowers (with that many pretty boys, who won’t?). In fact, I wish he’d act as the main villain this time around… that would be a nice challenge. He’s always said he wanted to act as a killer.. why not give him an anti-hero role like Tamaki Hiroshi in MW?

        But actually I really want to see him in a really ‘baka’ role like Nagase Tomoya in Mukodono. I think if it’s Kim Hyun Joong.. he’ll ace that character. *hyper*

      • omo… tamaki hiroki in MW was a total pleasant surprise. and yes, it would be a good idea for him to take on that sort of role. that or maybe a main lead role where he’s more like himself, aka, less the brooding quiet type who never says anything…

    • @ Ami, I laughed so hard at this one:

      “cute and straight-haired Lee Min Ho being.. errrr, Lee Min Ho.. I don’t have that feeling in my heart when I’m watching BOF or PK.”

      I enjoyed Personal Taste but I have to agree with you. I find it really funny when I was watching Personal Taste on viikii and read comments like “Oh no, she’s kissing LMH oppaaaaaaa”, as if Son Ye Jin is really lucky to be kissing LMH, when in my mind, SYJ is probably saying “been there, done that”. I mean, she’s worked with some of my favorite actors: Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung, Go Soo…and compared to them, LMH is just LMH. 🙂

      Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a great actor and along with his BFFs Kim Bum and Il Woo, they have got to be the perfect pretty boy trifecta in K-drama world. But they don’t have the same charming appeal that draws you in the way KHJ does, at least for me anyway.

      Speaking of BFFs, what I wouldn’t give to be a fly in the wall in one of those infamous drinking sessions between KHJ and his buddies JaeJoongie, T.O.P, and Yochun. Oh my. Between KHJ and JJ, their conversations are probably so out of this world, I wonder how T.O.P and Yoochun can keep up with them. Can you imagine the riot? 😛

      • lol. just butting in… yes, SYJ had been with so many other MEN that that’s probably just a scene to her… dear lord, we know that was a far cry from BOF for LMH.. kk
        and omo.. i LOVE the trio of JIW, KB, and LMH… every time i see them together, i have this urge to smile so broadly or squeal like mad. pretty epic in terms of flower boys union. I think among the 3, LMH has the most charisma but honestly, i swooned at some point for all 3.

        and omo. jaejoong and hyunie together should totally be EPIC. and I remember replaying like fifty times (without exaggeration) the concert where KHJ and TOP sang together… but yoochun and TOP can be quite goofy themselves..

      • @v. Me too! I replayed that clip so many times. Rocker KHJ with an electric guitar is my second favorite look on him, next to shillang-with-a-hairclip KHJ.

        That song number with TOP was pretty epic. Especially when TOP called him “hyung”. For some reason, I always think that KHJ is the baby amongst the 4 when its really Yoochun. There was a fan account of JaeJoong and KHJ at the airport in Vancouver that said KHJ was sleeping on JJ’s shoulder and JJ covered him with his jacket…I thought that was the sweetest thing.

      • @yeisha
        *There was a fan account of JaeJoong and KHJ at the airport in Vancouver that said KHJ was sleeping on JJ’s shoulder and JJ covered him with his jacket…I thought that was the sweetest thing.*

        Omo!!! So cute!!! They’re still housemates, right? It must be like a prettehboy planet over there. Can I apply for temporary job as cleaner at their place? I’ll work hard ~~~~

        I’m on episode 7 in PT now in one night, and despite the story being interesting and me making lotsa noise at 5am when Jin Ho ‘come out of his closet’ (albeit just a lie), I still don’t feel anything for him. Zilch, nada. Sorry LMH.. you’re an excellent actor, but I just don’t have a thing for you.. -____-

        TOP is younger than KHJ?? That can’t be possible.. coz he looks older (hehe), or maybe KHJ just looks too young to be anyone’s hyung. I feel weird even when Kyu Jong calls him hyung. Only Baby can call him hyung without me going.. huh?

        *Rocker KHJ with an electric guitar is my second favorite look on him, next to shillang-with-a-hairclip KHJ. *

        Have you watched that fancam during one of his concerts where he played the electric guitar with his teeth?? That was EPIC x infinity. I like him the most when he’s being a rocker. The video of him playing guitar with his band in high school and that GET HOT performance with Hwangbo in WGM totally makes me want to see him in a rocker persona for his solo concert. At least for two songs! Please please please!!!

      • OMO!
        AMI You’ve gotta direct me to that fan account with the teeth playing. Oh goodness, his amount of awesomeness is keeeling me.

      • @Ami,

        Yup, I’ve seen that one!!! Epic indeed. And guess what’s the first thing that came to my mind:
        Holy macaroni, he must be a damn good kisser! 😛

        And now that you mentioned it, I think I want to be a cleaner in that house too. Haha. Okay, maybe not, who knows what kind of “crimes” I might commit if I’m in that house. And with those two there, who can blame me? I can always plead for temporary insanity, right? LOL.

        @JJ, can’t remember where I saw that vid. Its an old one. Maybe you can post a msg to one of the blogs dedicated to KHJ. I’m sure someone can direct you to it. It is defitely spazz-tastic.

      • lol.. you girls have been busy… really, who wouldn’t when the subject of conversation is DBSK & ss501 & bigbang… talk about epic
        yes, i agree, the electric guitar look on him is hot… i don’t have a definite ranking of my fav look on him, just because i find him dazzling (urgh.. twilight… it forever ruined my use of that word), well, every time.
        I agreee with you… i always think that hyun joong is the youngest even though logically, i know it’s not a fact.. kk
        I heard about that fan account as well…. at that time, i kept raving about it and posting it everywhere… haha…
        @Ami… lol. you’re really a serial monogamist… for me, i wasn’t exactly indifferent to LMH… but not nearly to the level as KHJ.. maybe if i knew LMH’s personality more, it would change, but i doubt it can top the epicness of hyun joong.
        and lol. kyu jong looks honestly old.. it’s like kyuhyun of suju being the magnae.. i don’t know why it’s always jungmin who always get poked at for looking old. and yes… baby. have you heard what he said about leader bullying him.. haha. they are so cute together.
        omo… you just reminded me of that fancam… i think I saved it a long time ago on a DVD back when i didn’t have an external hardrive.. let me see if I can find it but honestly, i have TONs of dvds i don’t know if i can find it back…
        i LOVED the get hot performance.. i like it on WGM better than on the MBC awards show…although the later made me squeal more because they were finally back together.

      • @J.J. …argh, this reply button is messing with my brain.. *ish dumb*

        Neeways.. that guitar performance is in youtube here – (at 2:42). He’s such a rockstar. I want at least 2 rock songs in his solo album.. with him on guitar.. please please please!

        Here’s another guitar performance.. the cute kind – The girls all go *love love* while he’s singing. You know, even Kang Ho Dong said (after KHJ sang a love song.. Danghaeda.. in his show) that “Were I a woman, I would not have been able to resist that” …ha! See, even guys are not unaffected by his charm.

        This one shows the instruments he’s ever played up til that vid was posted, from expert to beginner level –

      • @Ami..
        thank you so much for those links.. i’m going to save the vids now in case something like this happens again and I can’t find them back…
        rewatching those vids just made me fall all over again for KHJ…
        when does this ends??
        and yes, in his solo or ss501 album, i want him to do a rock song… *faint at the thought of live performance*

        When clicked on the link you gave me i saw others and i saw a clearer version. probably the original poster’s

        1) When he gets a band, I’ll be his groupie. I’m really sorry Youngbae.
        2) I don’t know what’s more EPIC, the fact that he’s playing Cannon in D or doing so then WITH HIS TEETH?!
        3) Someone needs to realize his musical abilities, please? It’s KEEEEELING ME!

      • I agree completely that KHJ should totally form a band.. like, when he’s 35, he should take a year off from his agency activities and just tour Korea/Asia with the band. That’d be so friggin cool. If it’s KHJ, I think he’ll be able to pull that stunt off. (then next year he can get married as he told us he would.. kkk)

      • He’s off to get an Edu-ma-cation next year! Woot! Hopefully while they’re working on SS501 collab, and touring for PK?
        >_< I'm going to have to pray extra hard for safety again…

      • yep, i heard about his edu as well.. busy busy busy… hope he doesn’t collapse in the middle of that… id rather not see him.

  24. Thanks Ockoala for the stills and as many here I also liked all the those where there’s BSJ-OHN , ok tell you the truth I never cared for the other characteres ( me bad I know ) and sometimes I just pass all scenes where there’s no hani-BSJ and that’s the reason why I felt disappointed by the two last epi due to the lack of scenes with my two cutypies , but it’s ok , the show was great and I’m re-watching the drama over and over again since last friday , and it will continue this way for sometime I’m afraid .
    @ v , about KHJ , I also think I’m falling for that guy ( OMG , dunno how old is he but I’m sure he is at least 7 or 8 years younger than me , or even more , LOL ) and his smile is the cuuuutest ever , was trying to compare his smile with many celebrities I know but no one has his cute smile whether in hollywood , indian , arabic , french or korean cinema and Tv , he is cuuuuuute .
    was also watching the fancam when he sang one more time and it was awwwwww melting , sighhhhhh .
    @v , I also watched that scene where KHJ-JSM were reading their script after the lake scene and I was thinking and hoping the same , they really look cute together , ahhhhh I wish our wish will come true , who knows 😀

    • lol.. so you’re doing a collective reply? haha.. much more organized than my sporadic comments.
      lol… i’m lucky he’s an oppa for me… i don’t think i’ll ever fall for a dongsaeng… at least, i’m estimating i still have one or two years left before that starts to change… and yes, he has a gorgeous tetrawatt smile… but i wouldn’t say that he’s the only one who can make me melt with a smile… honestly, there’s a lot of actors/singers out there whose smiles have made me swoon.
      and you saw the one more time? kk.. isn’t he awesome? although for me, i repeat the talk part of the fanmeeting more… just because i get to see him be genuinely happy… haha.. and embarrassed as well.. kk
      sigh… those two are too too too cute for words.. i really want to believe that they might have felt something for each other, even if it’s a slight attraction… but i know that it’s equally possible they were both really good professional actors who did their job. I have to admit, aside from goo hye sun, KHJ has awesome chemistry with all his female partners, whether it’s hwangbo, JSM, ryeo won, or a few of his cfs partners.

      • I also neverfell in love with actors ( and even persons I know ) who are yonger than me ( I suppose that’s what dongsaeng means ) untill I start following Korean drama , what can I do Rain lee minho and KHJ are younger than me but can’t stop myself from falling for them and that’s why I was clapping happily when I read that PSH is some months older than me , that was one of the greatest news I read since I started loving Kdrama ( LOL as if I’m going to meet him or marrying him ever loool )and yes I saw one more time he was sooo cute and passioante and happy that people were singing with him 🙂 but didn’t watch the talk part , will try to do so soon .
        concerning him with JSM , who knows we can expect everything in life and being professional actors won’t stop feelings ( if there’s any ) from growing , anyway me still wishful but anyway I also wish for both of them to find the happiness they deserve 🙂

      • Lol.. rainy, looks like you’ve got it bad…
        and yes, dongsaeng means someone who is younger than you.
        For me, my problem was always that I was infatuated with guys who were WAY older than me since I started watching dramas when i basically was in elementary school. Now, the guys tend to be either at the right age, or maybe a bit too young although never younger. (of course, I like the younger actors a lot but I can’t picture myself falling for them hard).
        Yes, I wish them both the happiness they deserve as well but since I know both of them focus on career first, it might take a while before we get to see them announce any relationship publicly.. secretly, that might be another matter… sneaky leader, surprising every one on kang shim jang.. haha. i’m still dead curious who the lady could be.

      • LOL v , I didn’t take it bad I assure you , it’s just that I’m sorry I took all this time ( at least 10 years ) to discover korean drama and its cutypies ( I mean cute actors 😀 )
        but still I feel like a noona or unnie for all the three guys I mentioned ( Rain , KHJ and LMH ) and I love them as if they are lil sweet bros ( LOOOL , I’m weird I know 😛 )
        v you temme what’s or who is ” kang shim jang ” ?
        PS : how old is KHJ ? in which years was he born ?

      • LOL v , I didn’t take it bad I assure you , it’s just that I’m sorry I took all this time ( at least 10 years ) to discover korean drama and its cutypies ( I mean cute actors 😀 )
        but still I feel like a noona or unnie for all the three guys I mentioned ( Rain , KHJ and LMH ) and I love them as if they are lil sweet bros ( LOOOL , I’m weird I know 😛 )
        v you temme what’s or who is ” kang shim jang ” ?
        PS : how old is KHJ ? in which year was he born ?

      • lol… i didn’t mean “you’ve got it bad” as in you took it bad but as in, you sound like you’re really into it…
        and kk, yes, you’ve missed more than 10 years of k-glory but that’s ok, maybe in a way that’s good as well because now, you can filter what is truly significant from the past and you got to know the industry after it has developed and evolved significantly.
        kk… you’re no weird…. i love singers/actors younger than I am but I don’t feel crazy about them at all, more like a noona…
        (unni is for when you’re older than a girl). and but sometimes, i can’t help but bemoan the fact that had i been younger, I would have been able to allow myself to fall for them. kk.
        KSJ is an SBS variety show, also called Strong Heart where celebrities come and talk about their surprising/touching/funny/exciting stories… in one of his appearance, KHJ said that he dated for 5 months after his debut and no one knew about it…

      • ahhh now I get the difference between noona and unnie , was always feeling that they have different meaning .
        and KHJ dated for months without anyone know , ahhh this guy know how to keep his personal life secret , ahhhhhh I really wish he dates SJM and It’s ok let it be a secret and no one knows , I just want them to be together , especially now after watching the wrap up party pix , they look soooooo adorable , sighhhhhh

      • @rainyrain
        kk.. me too me too. i really wished he could date JSM in secret or in public.. either way, i would be happy…
        haha. what’s with us and planning the love life for him?
        yes, that after party pix is AWESOME because it’s real.. they are not filming or anything.. SIGH.

      • oh rainy, i just saw your question on DB so i guess i’ll answer it here instead. about the subscription. no you don’t have to subscribe as far as I know… and you asked something about the pix? i’m not sure what you referring to so…

      • AHHH thanks v for the explanation concerning pk utube channel , but I may subscribe to show my support and DEMAND a season two 😀
        ehhhh pix , ok I don’t remember what I was refering too LOOOOL

      • yay! proud of you!! i usually don’t ever subscribe to channels, i have like 3 or 4 subscriptions total and my channel has existed for years.. but i subscribed to PK because I wanted to show them that their fans are there… kk.
        i don’t care so much for the production part of it, but i want the crew and actors to see that… XD
        lol.. don’t worry about pictures… i don’t know what you’re talking about either but anyways, just go to any of the PK or KHJ’s blogs to get any of the pictures you might need.

      • I also never subscribed to any channel ( except arirang ) but I like to subscribe to actors fanclubs and blogs to be able to share my thoughts with other fans 🙂

      • lol.. i’m the opposite… i mean, obviously, i’m not quite here and about PK but generally, I tend to be just a lurker…
        I read comments, laugh at them, write thank yous and that’s about it… I only participate in commenting when I’m really REALLY hyped about something.

      • I was an active fan in a hindi actor fanclub ( I’m still be a mumber but not visiting anymore becoz I’m hating the show he is right now eventhough I was one of it’s biggest fans , I mean the show ) , I was posting nonstop and logged nonstop till late hours of the night talking about the actor , the show , the cuty romance , that was filling all my spare time , he has also a FB account and twitter account he always answers my msg and comments , he is cute and still friend with him 🙂
        I noticed for the korean actors and actresses they don’t have fb accounts ( just fanclubs ) and for those who have twitter account they rarely respond or comment to the fans’ posts

      • wow… you looked like you were a REAL fan… and omo… he interacts with fans?? that’s AWESOME…
        and yes, korean celebrities rarely interact with fans but they do sometimes… for some, they do it frequently but only with around 5 random people… but it’s not like they can answer to the thousands of comments they are getting…
        for me, i just enjoy reading their tweets…
        i guess koreans uses the tweets more like a update site, or sorta of a “journal” we can follow more than a way to communicate directly with fans.. to communicate with fans, they have the UFO.

      • yes the hindi actor was interracting with us eventhough we were hundred and hundred of fan on fb only ( still do even now but a lil less than before ) I have his phone number and I called him once last year and wished him happy new year ( yes I can be crazy like that ) but mostly I send msg to ask about his whereabouts and to congrats him for something or to ask about an event happened to him and he most of the time answers ( he did today to inform me about his new show ) .
        but what is ” UFO ” for korean stars you told about ?

      • wow… you even have his phone number?? omo.. that’s SO different from korean stars… or american stars for that matter.
        well, americans stars also have this site where you can give them a call but it’s not a personal number but more like a personal voicemail although sometimes, they call you back as well.
        as for UFO, it’s a korean site ufotown where every stars/groups have a “chatroom” where fans leave messages… and sometimes, the stars reply to fans. the replies can be really random, and the topic as well.
        here’s an example of what ss501 (KHJ’s group) replied.

      • ok got it now how it works , I will try to post something to KHJ/PSH/Rain , LOOL , maybe the day I visit south korea 😀

  25. Okay so as per V’s request I will be posting my replies from Ep 16 recap thread here:

    @ ItadakimasU I hang around Ssangchu often and the update that happened a few days ago nearly had me going insane. I have to disagree with you saying that HJ and children, that bit in S.O.S. with the kid (sorry for being vague) broke my heart, although the kid was partial to Youngseng. Regardless, cuilinarily inept Hyunjoong helping Jungmin cook dinner for the kid won me. There was also that award show where he kissed that little girl. I didn’t know him then, when I had saved that clip in my YT favorites but now it’s one of my faves.
    And about his imperfections, as I’ve said, I usually am attracted to a certain aspect of a person and then I tend to gravitate toward them as a whole and when I’m hooked I can accept their faults and failings. With that said I love how his life isn’t some kind of neat package. I get that everyone’s got stories, but sometimes their stories don’t match up with their physicalities, if that makes sense, while I’m not a big fan of scars, I accept them because it’s like a badge of honor. I really do love that scar beneath his eye and on the bridge of his nose. _<

    @ Anyone else I didn't reply to on thread Ep 16, forgive me. If you wish to continue, I'll be here!

    • *I really do love that scar beneath his eye and on the bridge of his nose. *

      Yeah, it adds character. Makes him look human.. and more approachable.. somehow. The day those two scars disappear is the day I’ll probably drift away from his fandom.

      • LOL I don’t think he’ll ever get it “done” if you get me. They once asked him “if you’d have anything done what would it be?” He goes “surgery? cosmetic?…um… I don’t like pointy things, but if I did, the scar on my elbow”. LOL I’ve read that he’s sentimental in his own way, and that scar, because he got it when he was with his posse trying to help a friend that was getting beat on, will never get erased.

        If it does, I’m writing a very angry fan letter asking “WHY?!!!”

      • lol… it was merely a passing by suggestion rather than a request.. kk
        poor itadakimasu, she was so lost at how much our ep 16 recap thread grew… now she has an extra thread on her list…
        yes, i loved the ep with the kid as well.. well, you saw my reaction at the pictures… youngsaeng was actually quite a sweetheart as well in that episode.
        as for the star golden bell girl, i think i already told you what i felt. first was jealousy followed by *aw, how sweet and cute* kk
        and yes, i wouldn’t say i love his scars as in themselves but as part of who he is… and made him become our leader. i also loved pre-casted story… and how he was really good at school before he went crazy for music and dropped everything for it… sometimes, i really wish i could do the same.
        i heard antis saying that he redid the bridge of his nose… me think not…

        that would be sad. that would make me angry. that would cause my to use my parent’s skymiles to go to Korea and wail in the Keyeast office and then drive to the DMZ zone.
        So lets hope I never have to do that.

      • @JJ
        AGREED. although i am not sure if I have a say in whether or not people can decide on altering their own appearances, his nose is already freaking perfect for goodness sake… but those antis insist he did a nose job… i forgot when the rumour came up but it was making quite a riotous among the triple S, hyunnies or perfects… especially the perfects. they were in uproar at the whole situation.

      • @ JJ: Was the website out (ssangchu Heaven)? Heh, I’ve been occupied, so didn’t had the time to check. The site looks fresher.. But I actually loved to previous banner more.
        About KHJ and children… I meant looking at his appearance only, he doesn’t look like a guy who loves children that much, but his interaction with the S.O.S. kid (gosh, that show was soooo freaky :S) was adorable.. he’s very comfortable in the interaction with the kid (btw he was also so adorable with the dog in thank you for raising me hehe^^)
        Ahh, the little girl… like v, I also had a flash of jealousy… and then dismiss it as that was absolutely ridiculous to be jealous about. But initially, the girl didn’t ask for a kiss on her lips, she wanted to return a kiss on his cheek… but maybe he was too nervous and thought: ‘heck, I’ll give her a nice smoochy on the lips, just to be done with it and focus on the speech’;) (or were you talking about another kiss with yet another girl gheheh)
        &LMAO@PUG FACE!!! How can something that sounds so unattractive be attractive… ghehehe, it’s a mystery!

        @V: hehe, thank you for helping out, you’re such a saint^^ I told you you’re professional with commenting/blogging 😉 I’ll do an reply about our conversation in recap 16 below 🙂

        About his surgery thingy… ahh it made me crazy. During PK, I’ve been constantly inspecting his face for changes… one moment I was sad because I thought he did… then I was like NO HE DID NOT!! Or maybe he did? Naaah, he didn’t… sigh.. eventually I decided that whatever he might have done or not… I still love his face to death and tried to focus more on PK. His face used to look more innocent, puffy (babyfat looks nice on him >_<) and boyish… with his full lips and sometimes puffy nose! Maybe maturity changed it a bit, but he’s just gorgeous in another way now ^^ He really doesn’t seem like a guy who would do plastic as he doesn’t appear to be this concerned about his looks (himself)… but well… in Korea(/asia).. I guess you’ll never know.
        heh, I loved his 4D comment on the question about getting surgery… I mean… scar on your elbow…. Say what??? Ahahha.
        And I love how his friendship with his chingus sounds soooo sincere!! He mentions them a lot! Guess it’s kind of a band of brothers thingy (taking his history into account).
        ok one more thing (honestly… I’m so bad at making short comments….:S) don’t know whether you guys read it somewhere, but at a question about what he would do if he could be invisible for one day… our 4D boy answered: I have never thought of it. I would rather prefer “ a teleportration”…..
        hehehe dude is from outer space, i'm convinced!!

      • @ItadakimasU.. his own nickname in his official homepage is Wuju-shin (God of the universe/outer space) ..LOL

        http: //

      • LOL I didn’t realize ItadakimasU replied. >_< sorry!
        @ Ami, LOL when I read that article I was thinking "is this boy being Blasphemous, calling himself the 'god of the universe'?"
        :shrugs and shakes head:

        Unique person is Unique. lol

      • @JJ (if you return to this place)

        don’t worry for not seeing my reply… don’t feel apologetic 🙂

  26. Watched WGM online…KJH was really funny and natural there with Hwangbo. Different from what he was in PK. But somehow….i wished the one there with him in WGM is JSM. They will look so adorable in there…sweet.

    • lol… don’t get me wrong…. i LOVE jung so min with hyun joong but WGM with KHJ but without hwang buin wouldn’t be WGM anymore…i can’t picture it…
      first of all, he tends to act differently with noonas and jung so min is younger… and hwang bo has a really distinct character…
      but i don’t dismiss the possibility of him with JSM being as good as well.

  27. Oh…read somewhere in baidu, a fan who was present at the scene said that the kiss in the minicooper lasted over a minute. But we got like only 2 sec on screen…

      • HOT HOT HOT! But y did they cut so much out of that scene? Such a waste, really. This BT version is way better!!

      • lol.. and that is THE question of the century… at least in PK land…
        you know you have a problem when a fanCAM is better than the actual footage… i don’t care how good you are or how much training you had in cinematography if you cut a scene like that… or zoom in the umbrella… or the candles and the walls.. -_-”
        thank god the last kiss was outdoor or that fancam might have never seen the light.

      • yeah that fancam was kind of tranquilizer for all the anger I felt after wathing the last two seconds and lack of long cute BSJ-OHN scenes 🙁
        loooved when they laughed at the end of the video and SJM couldn’t even show her face becoz of shyness , she’s cuuute

      • yes.. i loved how shy JSM looked… although HJ also looked quite shy himself.. they look so ADORABLE together

      • whenever I watch one of his videos on youtube singing or while performing on stage , I just can’t believe this is the calm jihoo or the cold seungjoo but cute in everyway he is 🙂

  28. @ V, will reply here about the JYJ thing. just to separate it from the cont. convo.
    I just feel bad for the artists/performers/actors. They should really really get some unions which help them have some semblance of basic human rights.
    As for JYJ, i’m just glad they said enough’s enough. Their stand, if successful, might help give others a voice too.

    • kk… to put a closure on this issue… yes, I agree with you… I think there is some sort of union thing but it’s basically not doing much, obviously.
      i’m glad that JYJ decided to get what they should get, not what people think should be satisfied with.

    • hmm.. i don’t know if i can find it but let me try to type the hangul of the lyrics and see how it goes…. it doesn’t help that it’s toned toned down during the scene.. TT

      • lol.. i was replaying that scene trying to transcribe the lyrics and suddenly, i noticed how nice khj’s butt was when he lifted hani… oh JJ, what have you done to me? kk 🙂

      • Thanks? Are u half korean or something? Took up korean lang in school? I’m taking Jap lang part time now. But now, i’m seriously thinking whether i should also take up korean lang too. So frustrating not to understand a single said tin the show and also to wait forever for the eng subs or chi subs to be available…..argh…

      • @Valerie… no, not korean at all.. just a mere fanatic of asian languages… i’ve been self-learning and/or taking classes in japanese, chinese and korean, in that order ever since my childhood… which is why i told you that my korean is REALLY rudamentary… but yes, maybe you should take korean.. it was much more fun for me to watch it live without needing the subs even though i didn’t catch everything, it was enough to make sense… the only problem with korean is that it’s grammar and sentence structure tends to be the reverse of japanese…
        and i still haven’t found the song yet so don’t thank me…

      • @ V! OMO : bursts out laughing : I’ve kept my thoughts on his butt quiet, but since you mentioned it, he has a really nice(understatement) behind. 😛 It’s all that football/soccer/running. (Or the fact that the boy has little body fat?)

      • kk.. i think it’s a little bit of both.. in fact, i no longer blame you for noticing it.. i think i would have anyways… it’s really hard to ignore something as fine as that…
        *rolls eyes at myself*

  29. Dear Ockoala,

    Please bear with our flights of fancy and loose associations. I hope we’re not giving you migraines yet. Thanks for indulging us. 🙂

    *sending virtual hugs your way*

      • *Hugs everybody*

        Hugs are pretty awesome. <3 I love how the 230+ comments are comprised of the same people. This could be endless, since the topics are ranging from PK to WGM to fangirling!

    • o_O so ockoala actually do read our thread sometimes to be replying here so randomly…
      omo.. i can already imagine the koala chuckling at our silly talks.. kk.
      *hugs as well*

  30. dear me… i said that i was going to log off but somehow, i ended up starting to reply to JJ about youngbae and stuff.. and then in the middle of it, i had to delete it cuz i’m going to flunk if i don’t do my homework…
    SELF RESTRAIN… *brainwash myself* “essay, pset, essay, pset, AKP LATER… no, i can just reply to one more… AKP LATER!!!!”
    this thread is oh so addicting and dangerous.
    i’m logging off for realz. by guys and wish me luck cuz i might end up writing inadvertently about PK & HJ and first crushes in my essay unknowingly.. i did some similar crazy stuff in the past…

  31. @v, to answer our post regarding my “love story”, when i pulled the oh hani stunt, it was just out of the blue coz i got tired of waiting for him to make a move and im willing to throw the ball in his court for him to decide.
    it didnt work out coz we become a couple in the midst of our busy/chaotic college life, i thought we could make it but nope we cant, so we decided to call it quits coz were just gonna go hate each other for not giving time and effort to the relationship.
    if your wondering why we are still friends, we started as friends before the LOVE thing happened thats why we decided to keep the friendship alive.
    even my friends were wondering what happened to us coz we seem good for each other but i just tell them that maybe there are some good things that never meant to be.
    my philosophy in relationship is that dont dwell on the bad things that happened, take whatever good things that you can have with that person so everything will be worth, so regrets.
    wow! i sounded like an adviser or something! lol!
    OMG, PK! i blame you for this!!! you make me reminisce old times. aish!

      • aw, going to work now but i’ll comment indepth later… or on my phone by starting a new “thread” LOL

      • I sometimes feel this way…I feel like “why am I still friends with this person?” but in the end of the day, I think that bonds formed transcend the feelings of now.
        The last time I talked to my said guy, I wrote an introspective piece of personal fiction. I hate going to reunions at school but I do try to meet my friends of call them once in a while…with that my fiction was about how friends even if they haven’t seen each other for years just pick up where they left off. It’s that bond, it’s magical. My dad just recently got in contact with his elementary school friends in the mountain village/province he was from.
        So in the end time heals all wounds and makes you just wonder at how much phileo(brotherly)-love people have.

    • @jeankaycee
      lol. don’t worry about sounding like an adviser… i need advices. I don’t know if I can remember to apply all of them but it’s for sure giving more insight into something i’ve never experienced. in a way, preparing myself for what could come. kk
      and yes, i understand that college life can be hectic since i’m a student myself..dramas are basically taking as much time as a boyfriend, if not more and i won’t lie, it’s not easy to balance both even though it’s something that brings me joy and excitement…
      yes, i understand what you mean about you guys being friends and wanting to keep the good things. for me, i don’t think i can ever go out with someone i don’t consider a friend but strangely, i can’t imagine myself wanting to be friends with him if i don’t want to be going out with him. but i guess, in you’re case that’s totally understandable since the reason for your break up didn’t have much to do with him, himself.

      • yeah were cool about each other so were totally fine.
        when we look back we just laugh about it.

  32. @V… thank you for letting me know about you having to live your life, I know you know but just so you know, never feel pressured or that I’m waiting for your reply (as a burden to you;)) (gosh we really should stop saying these things to each other… it’s taking up space hahahahah, i think we both know by now 😉 hehehe
    having said this, I’m always happy to hear that my writings made you smile, especially when your smile reaches PK-level :D!!
    Ah that must be annoying the American keyboard… isn’t it a language setting somewhere in windows? (or do you have a different operating system?)
    Yeah, there is always daily motion, tudou and I don’t know how many other alternatives, but Youtube is still the easiest for me… too bad that it’s so restricted!
    Heh, I knew you’re resourceful! Keke funny to hear the Chinese knows so much 😉
    about “they were talking about and the same website” I was referring to an NG with KHJ and Eun Jo, but that was also posted by koala. (KHJ kept cracking jokes I think because the two of them kept laughing, but I have no clue what they were saying, It just looked really cute, the two of them together). This was also posted on the same site I’ve provided a link of earlier (with the pictures of the two of them together).
    Ah mi an ne.. I didn’t doubt your crazy ex-cassieness… I merely forget to say ‘but I doubt that you don’t know about mini dbsk’ hehe.. it was also due to saving ockoala’s space 😉
    I haven’t seen the mini Suju’s… will look it up later!
    I think we both want to do all the “small” stuff first, in order to be able to completely focus on the big stuff so there is less time pressure while doing the big stuff 😉 I also did that ^^
    (btw.. i almost replied this one in recap 16… hehehe, i’ve pasted this on the wrong spot :P)

    • @itadakimasu
      kk… i’m back! and exhausted with my all-nighter but oh well… have to do.
      and kk, you’re welcome… haha, me a saint? nah… which reminds me of the saint oclock album 2AM just released… did you listen to it yet? ironically, my fav songs were’n the title songs.. lol, hearing that i’m professional with blogging/replying makes me feel like i wish it was a real profession instead. I mean I know it is the profession of many people but they need to be really good in order to become a professional blogger.. sigh. the best job would be professional fan. haha.
      Nah. I don’t think KHJ did get surgery. Honestly, if he did, it would be a lie to say that I wouldn’t feel disappointed but at the end of the day, I don’t think it would lesson what I feel for him. You know, it’s like if my mom did surgery, it’s not as if I would stop lover her for it even though I might not initially be ecstatic about it. And yes, KHJ is gorgeous in another way now… although during his debut days, sometimes, he looked really really good and pretty and very innocent as well. now, he looks a bit more mature and grown up.
      and yes… i like how he talks about his chingoos… sometimes, i wish he could be a bit closer to ss501 members as well.. don’t get me wrong, i know they are really close but the selfish fan in me wished they would be even closer than they are… i’m a bit like that with all bands in all honesty.. especially with suju.. i understand they are just co-workers and also friends but it’s heartwarming whenever i see a display of affection that transcends the just-friends barriers to something more profound.
      yes… i forgot where he answered that question but i remember the clip!! about teleportation. i think it was during one of the short interviews/news clip. kk. so random.
      LOL. I also know that you know but I can’t help but reiterate it times and times again for some reason… perhaps lest it gets dismissed or something? maybe we should really stop with repeating that because everytime, it takes at least 3 or more lines… as if our comments weren’t short enough.. kk.
      and yes… i smiled as much as PK when reading you’re comment.. which isn’t surprising considering the fact that the reason PK was so loveable was because it felt like something close to me and relatable.
      and yes, i cans set up the system so that i can type in french, chinese, vietnamese, korean and japanese but the keyboard itself doesn’t have the labels so it’s sometimes confusing… i mean there’s a virtual keyboard but in the end, it’s more convenient to stick with the regular american keyboard. for the asian languages, i just type the romanization of the words so that’s easier.
      kk.. youtube is also the most convenient video site for me, especially since dailymotion and all those have weird titles.. i used to be an expert and finding those weird titles to find the vids i wanted but ever since they started to have those titles with special characters, it got a lot harder…
      lol.. don’t apologize about me being an ex-cassie or whatever.. i forgot how i sounded like but i meant it teasingly and not reproachingly at all.. kk.
      and yes… see mini suju… SO CUTE and FUNNY. haha.
      kk don’t worry if you paste it in the wrong spot.. i would find it anyways although i admit, the whole ep 16 thread is starting to look like maze. and so does this one.. and now, i’m off to our chatroom. 🙂

      • Hi I’m here again too 😉 now in it for some light conversation@!
        Did you succeed with your school stuff? I listened to some of 2AM’s new songs… not really into them but I really liked this song: 2AM – 사랑한단 말 못해 , but sometimes… songs (and artists) need to grow on me first before I appreciate them to the fullest.
        Ahhh… how you explained about KHJ&surgery vs your mom and surgery… that was on the spot!!! Another reason why I love our chats! True… I will feel a bit disappointed as I really don’t think he is the kind (and he should be strong enough to fight that or KNOWS he’s gorgeous as he is) but also because I’m also madly in love with his old looks!! the new KHJ i love equally i think!!
        I get why you want him to be even closer to ss501… that will also mean that he really have all the love he wants around him… but of course like you said… they are close.. so attentive to each other! Even more so than in Suju I think ( but maybe I’m only saying this because I’ve been stalking SS stuff lately and have forgotten about the closeness in suju). But this is maybe also due to the large number of members in suju… they tend to find the ones they’re really close with instead of trying to love the whole group equally.
        Let’s agree that we will always keep those lines at heart (no pressure and stuff) as long as this last and reduce it to one sentence instead of three if we still feel the need to mention it
        Ahh.. Americans with their stupid keyboards!
        And yes dailymotion does come in cryptic secretive codes… WHY THE HELL IS THAT??? (sorry for my language)
        I know you were teasing me with the ex-cassie thing… I was merely indulging you with my reply 😉
        … and… I did a lot of nodding 😉

      • V… if you’re reading our chatroom stuff… i had troubles posting it… you only need to read the last 2 comments (i’ve cut them in two… a very small one and a VERY LARGE on ;)) mi an hae!!!

      • damn it… that was not it… i found out what the problem is… the stupid smiley!!!! PLEASE ONLY READ THE LAST COMMENT… and i’m sooooooooooooo sorry :(:(

        also my apologies to ockoala

      • BUHAHAHAHAHA… *cracking up so so so badly*
        i’m still trying to stifle my laugh now because I’ve been and am reading your post in lecture… I read your post here first and got curious at your two little comments about the chatroom (LOL at how we call it now). Anyways, I finished reading your first comment, then went on to the second and third and went like “?????” and then scrolled all the way down.. MWUAHAHAHA… that was SO funny. thankfully I am in an amphitorium so me being bent by laughter didn’t get too noticed except for people next to me…
        Ok, now, ill go back and finish reading your gazillions comments and copies of them (LMAO :D)… I’ll probably reply when I am done with class and late lab but I think you’ll be dead asleep by that time…

      • oh.. i wasn’t very clear… i was reading your first comment in the chatroom and then second and third, not here…
        I didn’t process in my head what you said about reading the last comment only… kk
        ok, i’m off to double tasking class + blog.

      • hmmm i’m glad someone could laugh about it… i thought i was going nuts… ahh I’m such a frantic type hehe, it makes me tired being me 😉

        sorry for the confusion and extra readings 😛

      • Sorry for spamming you!!

        But I saw mini Shindong… he looked sooooooooo alike and was soo lively adn agile, just like shindong himself

        Did you saw the cooking cut of KHJ’s Lovestory <3, boy is sooooooooooooo clumsy with knives, it makes you want to protect him and keep him away from the kitchen… but it was sooo cute <3<3 *spazz**spazz*

        ok off to life, hope you're having/ 'll have/ had a nice sleep 😉

      • sorry a ps for you…

        this youtube announcement is making me all giddy and firing up my PK desires and spazz-ness all over again :S

      • LOL… yesterday, i finished lab at 11 and then had to go back and do my homework and feel dead asleep… looks like the two month of procrastination due to PK is seriously catching up to me…
        oh well, i’ll handle it.. i’ve experienced worsed and survived unscathed (relatively speaking). I’ll take care of this part of the discussion now while i’m in lecture since it’s shorter than our chatroom.. kk

        and yes, i completed the essay and pset that was due… right in the nick of time actually… i was finishing up my pset in front of the class.. -_-” i think i made a mistake in the haste of it but oh well… i don’t think it’ll affect my grade.
        like you, i tend to listen to a song repetitively to start to like it.. my first impression is usually not that good. for example, ss501 love like this or Ur man… the first time, i heard it, i went like.. what is this??? but then, now i know the songs almost by heart… i loved Love ya the first time i heard it though. I’m really starting to like 2am album. and i know you don’t like snsd that much but i was dead impressed with their new mini album… i didn’t expect to like al of their songs.. usually, for snsd, it takes the MV to make me like their songs… for run devil run, the first time i heard it, i went like… what IS this?
        yes, i don’t think he is the kind either to want plastic surgery but with the pressure in the industry, sometimes, some people give in… i don’t see why he should though because that would actually harm him more than anything…. like hwanhee of fly to the sky… he was super good looking already and still did plastic surgery and lost many fans…. and i think hyun joong really knows how good looking he is… i think he’s the kind who is quite carefree about appearances (or as much as he can while being in the entertainment industry… i mean, every celebrity cares about appearances) despite being a pretty face. or maybe that’s just me wishing that’s how he was… i like guys who don’t look totally unfashionable without obsessing about their appearances either… but if i have to pick one, i’d rather the guy to be unfashionable than obsessed about how he should looks.
        are you also in love with his old looks?? me too… i love when he first debuted and looked so innocent… and maybe it also has to do with the fact that i tend to like asian guys with dark hair since hyun joong initially had dark hair…. i LOVED his looks back then… of course, now, he looks more sleek.. which is equally attractive but in a different way.
        and i have to disagree with you… i think suju is much closer… i could go on and on about it but suju has come a long way from their debut…. now, they all stick together… even heechul who tended to be distant… and i know hangeng and kibum have gone awol about i believe their bonds is still the same.. perhaps you don’t see it as much as i do because i literally stalk them, their twitters, their radio conversations, etc. etc. and you can definitely see that they are more like brothers than anything… plus even now, the majority of them still live together. I agree that in the beginning, there were some clicked that formed but now, i believe even though some members are still awkward with each other, they really care about each other… it’s like i’m awkward with my someone in my family but i still care about him.
        lol. the reason they come with cryptic codes is because they make it hard for the stations to be able to find their vids… so that they won’t be deleted… but that also makes it harder for us to find unless we’re really diligent in following their post, forums, etc… (which i am… kk)
        so… what happened with the smiley? how did that affect the posting? and the reason i laughed hard was because something similar happened to me on AKP (i have this urge to type allkpop everytime if type AKP.. XD) where my comments just kept being cut… and ockoala had a good laugh about it… and i didn’t really understood how funny she must have found it because like you, i was quite frantic about it and was panicking a bit… that was until i saw your comments and had such a blast. i almost got into trouble in lecture.. 🙂

        just curious… did you see the whole clip of mini shindong? like when he danced to Rain’s love song perfectly? also… he was SO SO cute when he started to cry at the end… i went like “aw”

        i think mini shindong might actually be more talented than shindong himself.. kk. with a little bit of training, that little thing could go far. and yes, they looked like shindong could be his father… -_-” 😀

        yes, i saw the cooking cut… and I LOVED it… i’m also planning to order the dvd so i”ll get the full clip… ^^ KHJ often says he can’t really cook but i believe he’s really not that bad…

        and yes, the youtube thing is making me so giddy…
        btw, did you read the translation of the fanmeeting where leader talked about how the kiss tasted? lol..
        i really want to pair him up with so min but seeing how people reacted to jonghyun and sekyung… i got scared of what it would be if hyun joong announced he was dating anyone… (well he did announce he dated after debut but that doesn’t count since he had already broken up). I don’t understand why people wouldn’t be more acceptable… and even if you’re upset about your idol dating, that’s no reason to traumatize his partner with mean comments to the point where poor sekyung would even shut down her minipage… -_-” SIGH.
        and omg… i wanted to keep this short so how come it got longer???
        and one sentence:don’t feel pressured to reply.. mianhae and gomawo.

      • Buahah, I saw your comment in my inbox… I thought this was chatroom-stuff XP V… whenever you feel sleepy… do take your rest instead of answering my stuff (I know you’re having class while writing the previous one, but when you get home and ate and feel sleepy… please do sleep!) I’m replying now because I actually finally got some time at hand (and don’t feel liquor-sick anymore… can you believe it… it lasted about three days :S) so I figured to reply before I’m swamped again.
        yeah… at first… I didn’t like A LOT of SS501’s song… now I’m sooo addicted… how did that happen?? Maybe because I recognize KHJ’s voice… which gives me pleasant feelings, thus making me love the songs! (sometimes, I do wish they gave him more lines!!! His part is often small… compared to Youngsaeng or Jungmin… or Hyung Joon…, I think Kyu xxx (sorry, I can’t remember what the second syllable is… I like Kyu something something but can’t remember his full name :S) has about the same amount as leader. About run devil run… my first reaction was the same as yours… but, since I’m biased and tend to avoid their stuff… I didn’t adjust my first impression of that song much (and also because at the same time… I was tooooo obsessed about Kara’s Lupin, which, I still think, have the better “run” movement in the dancesteps ;))
        Yeah… that was the reason why I feared he caved… due to this plastic-spurring-industry. Hwanhee… he looks attractive still, but is totally different from his initial looks.. he’s too western, whereas he had such an asian look before. Yeah I totally agree, I also think that KHJ is aware of his pretty face, but not that much obsessed about keeping it as pretty as possible at all time aside from his styling noona adjusting his hair diligently (…as far as the industry allows indeed). Heh, I think I’ll also rather pick an unfashionable one, as that will make me feel less slopp. But my preference will be a good balance between the two… as long as I don’t feel like he’s prettier than me (in a feminine way)…. Or unless he is KHJ, I’ll throw ALL my principles overboard for him… AISSSSSSSH<3
        I actually love all coloured hair he had.. (check this vid if you don’t already know it: watch?v=3tlByfahGyk)… he can make them all work.. some are better than the others… but I haven’t spotted one I REALLy disliked yet…. Which is a different case for Jerry and Siwon… some of their haircuts were really….. WHY, WHYYYYY-worthy! Oh, btw… I’ve never mentioned him… but Se7en is such a yummy talent!! Hehe, a bit random mentioning him all of sudden.
        Ah.. I guess I’ll have to take your word on suju being closer, since you’re a professional fan of k-tainment! I haven’t followed them that diligently, but like I said.. I’ve been feeding myself SS mostly (lately).. so maybe I just forgot about their closeness. They still live together?? Aaaaaaaaaaah, I wish SS are still together like that… it’s a bit of a pity that the moment I started to go completely coo coo about them… they decided to sign at different agencies -_- but I do love their interactions. Have you seen clippings of them crying (mostly HJL and YS) because their debut was a success… so cute… I really felt for them..that happy-sadness-feeling; happy because they got where they needed to be, sad because it was SUCH A ROUGH ROAD… I think that can sting despite the happiness!
        Ah about the smiley, whenever I typed a specific smiley in word… it will crop all text in between those two similar smileys. I didn’t understand the first two times I pasted my comment. The third time I forgot to check whether there were more of those kind of smileys in my text to eventually deleting all those smileys in my word doc and repast it the fourth time… -_-aiiiiiissshhh!!! Smarty brother explained afterwards it’s a commanding code within word… Haaha now you understand why ockoala found it funny… ahhahaha, sorry about your lecture 😛
        Shindongs clip ended when they started to mention Bi -_-`… I’ll try to find another one. They looked really really really alike! Mini shindong was…. AMAZING in his dance movements. Seriously, it’s amazing how these little human beings can move like grownups can… and smoothly also!
        about KHJ’s cooking… I think it is edible what he makes… (to very interesting tasting and maybe even to nice) but the way he handles knives… :S it’s bad… I saw it there, in WGM, in family outing hehehe, clumsily cute 😉
        ow, I have a nice fanmade vid about his 4D-ness… maybe you haven’t seen it yet: watch?v=XRKQxxi5pJQ
        heheh I did read your translation by “accident” (heheh somehow, your postings stand out… or maybe it’s because you’re just everywhere 😉 (but I don’t read every comment posted… only if I saw words/phrases that caught my eye, I’ll see what is up)) keke about the kiss-talks ^^, I love how he throws in some shy HEHS 🙂
        hmm I remember why I mentioned se7en now… about how idols loose fans because of dating (or because they budged in the plastic thingies, poor hwanhee… if only his backbone was stronger :()… *sigh* it makes me feel so sad for them… I’ll understand it more if it’s a Kangin-hit-and-run-(twice)-case… but why are they punished if they indulge in the sweetness of life?? I’m anti that kind of antis! crappy… this became a long one without me noticing :S
        1sentence: don’t answer this 1 unless you have time(&desire2);)

      • lol… i am not even halfway done with the chatroom essay and stopped because it is alreay SOO long it got me scared… it’s almost funny that i get scared away by my own tendency to ramble. it has become uncontrollable.. huhu. the problem is that i nod AND then go on a tangent, with too much details.. I think before I go on, I need to go back and revise the first part and cut off some sentences (or even whole paragraphs if it’s what it takes) before moving on…
        anyways, I’m a bit out of time now but here’s the link to the full episode:
        it’s unsubbed and on dailymotion so that’s inconvenient but you don’t need much to be able to understand anyways. It’s been a while I’ve watched but i believe mini shindong part is in part 1 and 2 and then, the mini segment when he cries is in the last part when they announce the winner.
        in case you haven’t seen it, the ROUGHLY subbed version of the incomplete cut you’ve seen is here:
        And I think you might have seen this clip since it’s gone viral but in case you haven’t, it’s hilarious… I am hoping the whole thing was a prank and not real:
        good night!
        i still have homework to deal with… sigh.

      • just wanted to say i saw the HELLAH CRAZY fangirl… and now my tummy hurts!

        (i’m off to dreamland) v HWAITING!

      • kk… it’s nearly 4am here.. but still doiing homework.. TT
        anyways, have you seen then new snsd MV hoot??
        your siwonnie looked totally dashing as a spy in it! can’t wait for athena!!
        (don’t ask me how i’ve seen the mv if i’m supposedly doing hwk… kk)

      • it might take me the week end to finish replying to you… i’m swamped with school work… TT
        no respite after midterms… TT.TT
        btw, did you see the Jumping MV? i loved it! the girls are looking prettier than ever.

      • V double HWAITING!!

        about snsd…. aish… i think they’ve got a catchy hit in their hands again :S 😉 it’s addicting already!… and siwon… his appearance for this MV is a bit random… BUT suits do suite my boy ^^ Looking forward for Athena (however, PK is still overshadowing… they’re shooting the youtubies now KYAAA~~)
        Yeah, Kara’s are beautiful… especially Goo Hara (I have to admit she’s got a doll-face), Nicole doesn’t have her mysterious-look she usually has though… and the song hasn’t caught me yet… heheh maybe after some replays 🙂

        BUT!!! have you heard HwangBo’s Still Beautiful and the MV!!! it’s the best! whaaa she’s amazing!!!!

        1sentence: thank you for the heads up… don’t reply, I’ll wait 😉 and u know, the usual!!
        GO GO V, aja aja!!

      • kk… i’m replying anyways…
        hwangbo’s new still beautiful was DAEBAK!!!
        i was totally impressed… it was simple and yet effective.
        I was about to ask you about it as well but lost that thought when I was typing about Kara.
        and yes, siwon’s appearance was totally random and honestly, i don’t get his story… who strolls around a house holding a gun like that? but you know what? i’m shallow so i don’t care.. kk.

      • copy past:1sentence: thank you for the heads up… don’t reply, I’ll wait 😉 and u know, the usual!!
        GO GO V, aja aja!!

        yeah siwon is the best… acting comes sooooo natural to him. his crazy expressions are coming really handy!! jerry is my cake, Siwon my candy… KHJ is a whole feast on his own 😉 *idolization spazzzz*

  33. wow… so many new goodies for KHJ. you can find them @ all diverse KHJ’s sites. two of them includes and kathy’s bench.. kk, i saved all the pics and am buying the two photbooks. kk
    and he looks adorable (with yoon eun hye) but seeing that, i can’t help but wish it was with JSM instead.. plus, the more i look, the more i find them not that similar after all. the two girls gives off quite different vibes.
    jangkisssubs also posted the subbed ver of the ng footage. .com/watch?v=ETygOrFh8UQ&feature=player_embedded

  34. Hey PKissers,

    My friend just tipped me that there’s quiet a discussion going on over at PK Baidu about KHJ’s leg position during their infamous bed scene. Noticed that too but didn’t want to think too much about it. LOL. Unfortunately I can’t read Chinese otherwise I’d head over to Baidu to read the juicy comments. Tehee.

    Okay, its official, PK is seriously messing with my brain. 😉

    • yes… i’ve seen that thread on baidu as well.. it’s been a hot topic for the last day now.. the comments are hilarious… they were all discussing how KHJ’s leg placed well, on top of… personally, i don’t think there’s anything special about it.. i mean, where else is he supposed to place his leg?

      for those who can read chinese, here’s the baidu thread…

    • :evil laugh: OMO I was thinking about that and the fic I was refering to V up above. OMO Rewatch~ but with a more nefarious mindset 😉

    • Ok, i wasn’t really exploring Baidu’s website… but thanks for highlighting the tibit!

      haha i couldnt quite understand the uproar created until reading the thread. *blushes*

  35. it was indeed strategically placed…*blush, blush*…let’s not even go there. i’m beginning to sound like a pervert here. PK, what have you done to me?!!!

    • lol… after all those scenes together, there’s no way we won’t have perverted thoughts… which is WAY better than a kiss scene that’s so bland it won’t even stir anything at all if you ask me… *cough*bof*cough*

      • *blushing*
        (in a small voice)…i re-watched the scene and indeed its there….

      • *blush as well* i wasn’t even affected that much the first time i saw it but then everyone started talking about it so much now i can’t help but feel flustered… not that htat would prevent me from rewatching.. kk

  36. guys, all PKissers, just like to ask about one thing, coz i think majority of us are wishing that our OTP in PK would be a couple for real, should we at least have a proper name for them? i’ved read some like minjoong or joongmin among others. i feel like since we are building the ship to sail might as well name it right? its just my little suggestion.
    but in doing this i hope not to offend other ship. its just for the sake of knowing which is which.

    personally i like the name hyunmin (hyun from KHJ and min from JSM).
    what do you think guys?

    • lol… i’ve seen minjoong the most but hyunmin actually sounds better.
      kk.. i LOVE this couple. especially after seeing the sticking tongue pix.. i think i just died.. im not sure if it was really what happened but i’ll just keep fooling myself until proven wrong.. kk

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