Playful Kiss Eun Jo BTS Pictures

A boatload of BTS pictures have dropped yet again for Playful Kiss. This time the man-of-the-hour is none other than Seung Jo’s mini-me! Baek Eun Jo, played so charmingly by child actor Choi Won Hong, is ten years old but shows the maturity onscreen of someone much older and more experienced. He was definitely another major contribution to making PK such a wonderful drama.

[Credit: all pictures as identified and sourced from Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss Eun Jo BTS Pictures — 9 Comments

  1. Everybody seems to be embracing him-lucky boy.I wonder if this is his first drama . If it is ,then he will remember this for a long time -specially being dongsaeng to Hyung Hyun Joong (aka Seung Jo ).

    Thanks for showing more pics .I am also looking for a video at the cast wrap up party . Like you I also like looking in their real life interactions .Hope you can post it here .

  2. eun jo is amazing kid on his portrayal..i love the way he dance too. he’s totally like hj on his moves. eunjo, noona is waiting here for you*_*

  3. love the pics!!!
    choi won hong did a wonderful playing baek eun jo!
    it seems like he is close to all the cast!

    thanks ockoala for our dose of PK goodies!
    your great as usual! 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing his pictures with us, too. I really loved his character, and I loved that he played such an important and visible role in the drama — I think he really added to it. Plus, he’s just TOO CUTE, especially with Kim Hyun-joong. And that one of him kissing the girl who plays Min-ah made me melt into a pile of goo cooing about his cuteness.

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