Lazy Day Playful Kiss Update

A quiet day in Playful Kiss-ville, nothing noteworthy to report. Luckily, there are some goodies to share. The picture above is Jung So Min‘s autograph. She gave it to a Taiwanese reporter who interviewed her, and confirmed that when PK hits Taiwan for its promotional tour, she’ll definitely be there. Woo hoo, any PKissers in Taiwan should start rejoicing.

A Playful Kiss fan already got a hold of the calendar, and uploaded a few pictures to show it off. Looks nice indeed.

Lastly, a few more BTS pictures – two of the newlyweds in Jeju Island during their honeymoon, and two more of Kim Hyun Joon at the wrap party.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of the Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Lazy Day Playful Kiss Update — 32 Comments

  1. the 2nd photo HJ looks tired!!! or to much soju??
    the last photo is his mgr??

    Koala, you great! stuck on him hah…?? In my observe, BSJ switch immediately as KHJ and going will full speed with others activities and spread his charming (through Basic, Mvio, HOtsun, FaceShop etc), THIS attract lots of people attention! THAN knowing about PK , SO NOW some of my friends who are not his fans start looking for info about PK………..(of course I reffer to here!!!, to make it easy, fair and objective since you review others drama as well)

    I heard that video of PK already on the “market”, you know with ” ” means.

  2. Hyun Joong looks haggard…hope he gets to rest more…he also looked so tired yesterday in his face shop signing in seoul….hope keyeast will give him a short break…it’s already showing in his face….based on all the photos that came out during and after PK, he sure did loose a lot of weight and i dont know if you notice too, the dark circles in his left eye is making him look a little old and so damn tired….i’m really sad for his health….i hope this is not the price he has to pay for all the fame and success he’s getting now…

  3. i miss this couple so much!.. yeah, khj is looking tired on his cfs photos recently.. i hope keyeast is aware on this and give him more time to rest before he’s goin on pk’s promotional activities.

    thank you Ms. Ockoala for being resourceful about pk and of course khj & jsm. more power to you**

  4. thanks ockoala!!!
    *sigh, the wait for YT episodes seem so long!
    im missing them so much!!!
    glad for your updates about PK!
    i hope when they go to my country to have promo tours, hopefully im already there to be able to catch them! im keeping my fingers crossed for that!
    really love them to pieces!

  5. Sigh, i really miss them very feed my addiction to them, i re-watch pk again and again..simply my heart and mind can’t move on yet to watch another drama.

    thanks Ockoala for another set of updates like this!

  6. First time to post here…but have been a lurker for sometime now. I never thought I would fall in love with this drama, more so with the characters of BSG and OHN. Now.. Im getting excited to see the youtube edition of Playful Kiss. KHJ and JSM, they really look good together…a match made in heaven. Thanks for the updates….

  7. Same here! Can’t seem to move on to watch another drama but re-watching PK all over again and being a lurker of PK’s activities just to feed my addiction to this adorable couple. I just love JSM to pieces.

    • Same here.

      This is so random. I rewatched Epi 16 last nite and I’m still giggling (which is downright silly since I’m so old)…but I was giggling at how cute JSM/OHN was when she was batting her eyelashes at BSJ to get him to help her study and to have the date. Hehe…I went to the mirror to try it…just in case…and it is hard to do it and pout at the same time.

  8. the second pix of the newlywed in jiju , we never saw that scene in epi 15 na , I feel so angry at the director and editor for cutting so many cute scene from their honeymoon 🙁

    • yeah… it wasn’t shown but if it’s BTS, it’s should be off cam, am i right? so they’re really that close? ahahah! oh how i really hope so!!!

      • was thinking the same and that’s why I was asking , LOOOOL we are so disparate to think they are a couple , ahhhh I so wish so 🙂

  9. @grace go – i agree with you. he really needs to sleep and rest. i really that he gets one. it’s not nice to look at him in that state. =(

  10. Love their honeymoon BTS pics! I’m really glad that they seem to have gotten closer.
    Also noticed that KHJ/JSM ship is now sailing everywhere. Just hope that fans won’t start shoving their coupledom down people’s throats to a point where these two will be awkward and uncomfortable around each other. I want them to remain close friends just like how JGS and PSH even long after You’re Beautiful has ended.

    • i don’t think they are goin to feel on that way since hj is the guy who keeps and cherish friendships after he got to know that person just what GHS said on tv interview ” if you want a friend who can count on for lifetime just call HJ because he always keep in touch with you”

      we can’t blame most of his fans ships on their loveteam that’s because of hj’s happy & glowing mood recently which we’re not seen him before.

      • I really hope not. I don’t want them to be like Kim Bum and his partner in BOF (can’t remember her name, sorry). She said that because people think they are together its been really awkward between the 2 of them. Or come to think of it, KHJ and HwangBo too. After WGM it seems like they’re both avoiding each other.

      • I really hope he gets a decent break, it makes everyone really sad to see him that exhausted. They need to stop overworking idols, it’s kind of ridiculous.
        Also, since I’m still a KHJ newbie, I’m really wondering why everyone finds his interaction with JSM so interesting? Is it really that apparent that he all smiley ? So curious! Haha.

    • Hear, hear!

      I also love, love this pairing but I hope it won’t be like the other onscreen couples that became awkward with each other because of the fans. Am taking it easy.*grin*

      • i think they are not going to feeling awkward again since JSM talks on her interview recently that KHJ and her are more friendly to each other now..i hope someone can translate that interview in MBC.

      • alma…. is it? wish i could watch and understand the interview… ^^ im not sure y i love both jsm and kjh to be together…but i did!! just feel that they are perfect to each other….i guess it’s just my instinctual….hehe ^^

  11. Just found my way here recently -been reading your recaps all over the planet . One important thing to remember while reading your recap is never ,NEVER drink coffee at the same time . I almost choke reading ,laughing and drinking coffee . Its really hazardous to one’s health .

    Don’t you ever stop making recaps ! You are writing the things I would like to say but couldn’t . So unabashedly frontal ,so funny and yet irreverent ! You always make my day.

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