Kim Hyun Joong Leaves a Message For Fans As Playful Kiss Completes Filming

The cast and crew finished shooting the Youtube Special Edition of Playful Kiss yesterday, and today Kim Hyun Joong posted a message on his Korean website.

Korean to English translation by Ode /

Message: ……….. @ 2010-11-06

Aigoo~~^^ Just woke up and realized that my waist feels painful, it was such a long sleep in such a long while already ……..

I finished my drama shooting finally yesterday ^^ It lasted for 4 months but, eummm, once again I feel myself feeling the much deep affection – which is to my surprise; after spending 4 months throughout, indeed it feels kinda saddening on having to leave now, mixed with both hateful feelings and anguish sorts

Since I just woke up only now, shall I go to memorize the mandarin song ???????????

To be busy is really not a hard thing for me, instead I’m happy, these days ^^ Why, because I’m able to do the things I want, to my hearts’ content …

Even until the day I leave my autograph on Mars as I shall ride on to my space shuttle at the NASA kk
At that time, I’ll also carve you guys’ name on there kk
If I can do that…If I can’t, I’ll just leave my last will there for my kids to-come in the far-away future kk

What nonsense am I saying now after waking up huh kkkk
Anyway is everyone living positively ?????????

When I’m melancholic, I’ll appear for once, and I don’t even know if I’ll give a Christmas present or not …kk

Keep anticipating, won’t be something peculiar, just wait for a bit

I won’t be appearing on the television frequently these days already, TT

Don’t say bye just because you can’t see me

Study hard, help out around your hubby, and whatever things that you weren’t able to give your boyfriend, just go ahead to get them now kk

I’ll return soon with an awesome album, so do prepare for your million won already ……..kkkkk

I should go to play some soccer right ~~starting tomorrow onwards

Have you enjoyed ???????????? Throughout the 4 months ??????? If so then, we’ll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky, ya

^^See you

While I’m sad to see the end of PK right around the corner, it warms my heart to see our hardworking leading man getting some well-deserved and much-belated rest. He should be proud of his involvement in PK, and this drama definitely goes into my win pile.


Kim Hyun Joong Leaves a Message For Fans As Playful Kiss Completes Filming — 79 Comments

  1. I really should start watching this asap. I feel like I’m missing out on something big… When the BBF craze started (and I admit, I shared it up until ep 10ish when I dropped it cos I couldn’t stand Jan-di any longer. Yeah, I know, shocking, heh?) I felt the fandom love, but I didn’t feel like participating in it. I didn’t even miss it. But with PK? I do and IDEK why is that.

    • Oh Sere, you really need to watch PK. It’s the sweetest rather simple but not ordinary drama. Then you can back-read all my recaps or the spazzy posts about it. πŸ˜€

      My hatred for Geum Jan Di knows no bounds – she’s in my post about the all-time K-performances I loathe. I finished BOF but it was painful towards the end when all I wanted to do was smush her face into the nearest privy hole.

      The PK-fandom is the luckily one of the silliest, friendliest, happiest little pocket in the dramaverse.

      • “The PK-fandom is the luckily one of the silliest, friendliest, happiest little pocket in the dramaverse.”

        We kind of mirror the show, don’t we? It was so delightful that we’re all sitting on a puffy cloud nine.

      • I know, okay? I know. Do you think I can manage that? With SG and M3 starting up, oh what? Next week? gah. I also have to finish Lib, but I don’t feel like it because I don’t want to part with my boys (Kyung-soo/Tae-sub, if you didn’t know) and ack, ack, OKAY, FINE, I’ll watch it. XD

        I SO wanted to finish it, if anything to enjoy LMH’s performance (isn’t he great?), but I just…couldn’t. I knew the whole engagement storyline was going to happen and I just couldn’t stomach it. HOW to feel bad for Jan-di when you actually want to slap her face all the time? Gah, she grated on my nerves. And she was so shrilly, OMG! /o

        Good to hear that!

      • Annnd………… coffee with book, it should be watching PK with reading Ockoala recap and review!!!!! Best!.

        Thanks OC, you don’t need to make final message as HJ’s right??, since PK TV and YT finished ha ha ha aha… keep recap and review HJ’s progress as an actor , okieee???

        PLEASE notice, how this idol always care with fan’s life. How he knows his fans life daily, one of it like me!, that spent more time “with him” rather than with my bf….kek kek…kk specially since PK and Ockoala review and recap…..kkkkk!!!!

        Thank you HJ, thank you Oc….

      • Gosh I hated Jandi too. Stopped watching cos of her. She was soooooo irritating, and kept contorting her face into what she thought were cute expressions… she ended up looking BLEAH. Only one actress can act cute and that’s So Min….Loveee her!!

      • “The PK-fandom is the luckily one of the silliest, friendliest, happiest little pocket in the dramaverse.”
        -right on ockoala!!!!

        @sere, just go ahead and watch, i tell you that it will put a smile in your face and it may not be wipe out.

      • I agree with you, BOF is unbearable and that Jandi is most irritating who cries over every tiny little thing as if she’s
        the most pitiful poor thing. If not for KHJ, I wouldn’t give a damn abt BOF at all! Its’ success is mainly due to KHJ’s

      • Ockaola!! love your blog! thanks for sharing this translation!

        “Don’t say bye just because you can’t see me

        Study hard, help out around your hubby, and whatever things that you weren’t able to give your boyfriend, just go ahead to get them now kk”

        I can’t believe he addressed this sensitive topic! “HELP OUT AROUND YOUR HUBBY!” I wondered if he was browsing here and other sites too. Keke, he knows his fanbase….doesn’t he know that we also want him to be our reel hubby too! Can’t wait to see his next project and what xmas present he got in store for us!

        aigoo…. hopefully he will get the rest he needs and hook up with Sonmin.

    • hahahah actually it isnt shocking hating Jandi…. me too i hate her, why did he have to break jihoo sunbae’s heart like that… grrrr, i ‘d like to rip her heart out… joke…
      as for me i liked BoF up until some part, but i didnt drop it, I waited for the story to pick up where it started, on a good note but it just didnt. I hated their version of Jandi & JunPyo starting from the season 2. but by then i was hooked with HyunJoong after watching WGM that i feel like i needed to watch until the end. yeah okay he may have been like s statue in that acting in BoF but fangirl mode just took over, so whatever he did was perfect 10 for me…

      you should really watch PK….!!! really..!! definitely…!!!

      but anyway so love love love LOVE LOVE this message he left…!!!!
      he is in his usual 4D world again…
      Hope they will be in some commercial together…
      or in a variety/talk show…!!!

      its Sunday…!!! tat ta dada…..
      CNN interview today…!!! 2pm….!!!
      wonder if hyunjoong will be his usual 4D self at the CNN correspondent..
      but knowing him i guess he will be….

      • LOL OK, let me rephrase that. Hating Jan-di is not shocking, but dropping BBF just because of her even if it was SO popular? That could be shocking.

    • I don’t exactly know where I stand on Jan-di’s character. I’ve got to admit that BoF was a hot mess and you could easily get lost in it. My mother loves Jan-di because she connects with the virtues the girl has, her hard work, perseverance, and being unfazed by the demi-gods, the F4. And this is also why my mother didn’t like PK all too much because of Hani’s fixation on BSJ. She pointed out “wow, J.J., kinda reminds me of your love life in high school.” “yes, mother, I know…” (and most of you guys know this too, by now. LOL)

      Back to Jandi, she’s got great qualities as a person, stand alone, but her character with the boys, yes it was grating. It was painful. I know the pd’s wanted everyone to know “she doesn’t belong in their world” but it was so painful to watch (that Wonderwoman outfit in a formal party?) and swallow that it made me lose hope for her. In the end it was awkward. In the end I walked away feeling like she was the Bizzaro-Jandi from the beginning. I died a little bit when she fell backwards in the water just to try and get Junpyo’s memory back.

      I don’t even want to touch on the Ji-Hoo issue. I snarl. every. single. time.

      Cinematography wise. BOF trumps PK (I HATE THAT ROOKIE DIRECTOR! UGH! *whack whack whack with a pillow* ) but heart and story wise, I’ll take simplicity over the hot mess.

      AND I NEVER WANT TO SEE HYUNJOONG PINEY EVER EVER EVER AGAIN! (killed my caps button again.)

    • Thanks the Lawd! All this time I thought I was the only one! I loved BBF, but I grew to loathe Jan-di. Not sure whether it’s because of the way the actress portrayed it or whether it’s the character itself!
      I don’t feel so isolated in my sentiment then!

  2. KHJ is in top weirdo alien form as always despite having just woken up?! Omo! Happy happy that he’s finally getting to rest though…but kinda sad PK is already kaput [for now!]

    • wah… you dont know Hyunjoong… wah…!!!
      what that is shocking….
      you really should watch the reality shows he was in..
      he is EPIC…!!!
      watch WGM season 1 ep 9-39…!!!
      your missing a lot of laughter by not watching those shows….

      • Sorry. I don’t a Choi Si Won either. I only know a Sung Min Woo who’s married to a previously divorced woman named Kae Hwa.

      • Yes yes ! I watched all the above shows and that was when I got really hooked on KHJ himself and not Yoon Jihoo from BOF.

      • hahaha….. @ PKsotted…
        we are alike…
        never liked hyunjoong in BoF, he was just too stiff…
        but in variety shows his stiffness had character & personality.. Love love love him…

      • I would like to watch We got married form the beginning to end.
        I have never seen yet. I’d been to utube web and cannot download anymore.
        Can anybody kindly help,pls ????????

      • @Sandi – You can find some at but if you want just the cut with KHJ and HB you can find all of them at

    • this comment is shocking, really seriously you don’t know KHJ
      try to type his name in Youtube and watch all his uploaded videos and you will understand why so many fangirls go gaga over him

      “The PK-fandom is the luckily one of the silliest, friendliest, happiest little pocket in the dramaverse.”
      im so happy reading this comment from you Ockoala

      • @ sandi

        You can try watching WGM at veoh – I think most of the clips are available there.
        Enjoy !

  3. ockoala, is there any chance you could translate some of BTS special 2.i been watching it alot and wonder whats Khj saying to make JSM gigle like a mad girl(i mean this in a nice way. mad as in madly in love) pretty please.

  4. I know I’m not the only one, but I absolutely ADORE that picture. It delights me to see him that happy.
    I’m glad he is resting now, he deserves it very very mucho. And his uniqueness always makes me laugh. Mars? NASA? Children? I hope you get them all KHJ, and always be able to do whatever your heart desires, so you can be as happy as you are now.
    The last part of his message really makes me curious, I don’t know why. I think it’s the ‘ya’, haha.

    • Milo,

      It’s nice to see that you noticed the “ya” also. Do you remember what KHJ said on WGM? That was the first thing that ran thru my head.

      • So is the ‘ya’ his fans or someone else?
        I didn’t really make much of it, but the ‘ya’ just stood out.

      • He stated that he calls his past girlfriends “ya”. So, maybe he is referring to all us fangirls as “ya” (wishful thinking).

    • and before that “ya”, is the line that says “as we look up towards the same sky”..
      ive heard this line before.. πŸ˜‰

      • And here I thought I was the only shipper whose senses where tinkling. Or maybe I am, haha.
        I blame ockoala for plastering that absolutely amazing picture before the message!

    • ok, maybe its just us hopefully wishing for romance between our fave two leads
      but my friends did a mental math and pointed out that pk has been airing for only 3 months (sep,oct,nov) and he said FOUR MONTHS!!! wahhh!!
      so what/who do you guys really think the last sentences were addressed to?

      • obviously it’s our MM:-)

        thanks ockoala for another PK Goodies that makes our daily lives gaga over(‘”,)

  5. One of the things that I love about KHJ is his 4D personality. He says the randomness things that just make you burst into laughter. I also admire his work ethic and how he values his friends despite his popularity.

    I do hope that he takes some time to rest before embarking on his big next project.

  6. I just cannot get over the expression on KHJ’s face in that 1st pic. No matter how many times I see it, it makes my heart melt. Its so filled with affection. I would melt into a little gooey puddle if he ever turned that look on me….
    Happy for KHJ that he seems to have enjoyed his time with PK. So did we! So did we!
    Love his 4D-ness, even though 4D is a word I only discovered after I fell (quite inadvertently!) into the world of K-entertainment.
    Looking forward to more smiles, more kisses and more 4D-ness from KHJ.

  7. Ah, KHJ…you are indeed such a character. Aliens, NASA, outer space..LOL. I’m glad he’s getting his much-needed rest. And it warms my heart to know that he is in such a happy place right now — smiling openly, leaving messages to his fans — I’ve never seen him this ‘inspired’ before, it looks so good on him. In a way, I’m glad that PK was not a mania of BOF-like proportion in Korea, there’s less pressure on him and he can take all his sweet time to pick his next acting job or focus on his solo singing career. Either way, he’s well-loved by so many international fans, so it’s definitely a win-win. πŸ˜‰

      • @JJ: WGM references? I missed it i think??

        I loved his: ‘as we look up towards the same sky’
        However silly… i’m happy to be able to share the same sky with him ^^

      • btw, in a bof fan meeting, he once said: ‘please keep today’s smile and live life like flowers’…

        love his one-liners ^^!!

      • I honestly thought the look up at the same sky was a WGM reference. Hm… will look through that again.

        And as for his one liners, here i thought he wasn’t a cheezy romantic. LOL XD

      • hahha… well he doesn’t like cheesy romantic stuff… but it seems he can act mushy once in a while…

        I find his oneliners a bit 4D but mostly sincere… <3

  8. What is 4-D (4 dimensions? or …?), I am new in K-drama so have no idea on it.

    Will miss KHJ and hope to see his new projects, who knows in his MV, he will have OHN (gossh, I forgot her real name) on it.

    • Hello Rockz.
      4-d means 4th demention/4 dementional. it refers to a person’s unique way of thinking. they’re unconventional and “strange”

      Kim Hyun Joong has a very “quirky” personality in that he says what’s on his mind, blurts things out, and often has off tangent/off topic/irrelevant thoughts. He’s often dazed, sometimes confused, but very astute and perspicacious–able to see things clearly/in a different light.

  9. P.S. And why does the word ‘win-win’ automatically made me think of ‘Min-Min?’ Hmmmmm..and that ‘ya’ prefaced with ‘looking up to the same sky’ sounds so familiar and sweet to my ears. I believe I’ve heard a robot say that before. πŸ˜‰

    • i also think that i’ve heart it before…”looking up to the same sky”…isn’t it in the clips of his “first Love Story”?? i’m not sure…want to check out the clip again ^_^
      but since Ockoala put the pic up there….i’m wondering if KJH might say anything to JSM at the end of their shooting PK together~~ ^^

      i also love to see JSM in any of his MV!! ^o^/ kekeke….just hoping…

      • My goodness! You read my mind.
        Just yesterday I was wondering if JSM had any possibility of appearing in one of his MV. Afterall, he is going to release a solo album.
        I heard JSM is from Keyeast, but WIKI says she is from Bloom?

      • wah…!! is it true??!! ^_^// did JSM from Keyeast too??!! i didn’t know much about KHJ and JSM… but if it’s true….we can dream about the MV possibility right…..? hehehe

  10. (not my official letter to KHJ, but something I’m feelin’ right now)

    Dear Hyunjoong-sshi,

    Thank you for your efforts. Thank you for showing us a better side like you promised, and thank you for taking care of your health. I really thank you for making these past few weeks enjoyable.

    I’m glad you and Jung So Min-sshi worked together so well. I hope you two will help each other as you travel to other countries promoting PK! (Keep her safe!)

    I’m anticipating your next project, and I know you’ll work hard and inevitably do well. I’m happy regardless of how the ratings will be (although it’s always a plus) just as long as you grow from your experience. To which, I also want to add, I’m proud that you’ve learned something during your time in PK.

    Stay good! Be kind to your Coordi-noona’s and your manager(s)! And have a drink with Bae YongJoon-sshi for me! KeyEast DAEBAK!


    P.S. I just wanted to know, did Jung Hye Young (Momma Baek) bring HaEum, Harang, HaYul to set? Aspire to have cute kiddies like them okay? πŸ˜›

  11. Kim Hyun Jooong is really 4D and im loving him more!!!
    Glad to know that he did get some rest coz he really deserve it.
    I’ll just wait for his next project!

    Although the goodbye for PK is nearing, im happy coz i gave this “little” drama a chance.
    This “little” drama took my K-drama watching to another level!
    And this “little” drama will go to the list of my favorite Dramas of all time!


  12. Dear Ockoala thank you for posting hyun joong’s message here. To be honest I had read this message at another blog before I went to bed last night. After read it, I let some of my comment there already.

    But you know that as we all having so much fun at your playground and I wish to write somthing I haven’t written for HJ’s massage.

    I am so glad that he got sound & long sleep after he finished PK final shotting.


    I have been noticed that his funs(including myslef) have been worried about his health and asking to have him enough rest since he started shooting PK. Now he left the message for our personial life to take care of study, hubby and boy friend. That’s means a lot for us, I think. As we are caring about him,now, how he responds to his fans.

    I am sure that this message is touching our hearts deeply as we are looking at same sky and working hard together for our amazing future.

  13. Call me delusional, but I’m just gonna throw this out there…hehe. Why do I have I feeling that the last paragraph was for a certain someone? I mean, why would he say ‘4 months’ we’ve been together instead of ‘3 months’, which was how long PK was airing? So, if it was indeed for that someone I’m thinking sweet is it that he thought of her on the first day that they were not shooting together anymore? And you just had to add that ‘ya’ there, didn’t you KHJ? πŸ™‚

    • @ carm3n : i love your so call delusional…^^ because i though i was the only one thinking the last paragraph was for certain someone!! if KHJ was thinking what we’re thinking when he writes the message… was soooo sweeeett right!!! kekeke….. ^o^/ i’m hoping…AGAIN…..

    • yeah, I really thought it was for someone special, I’m glad I’m not the only one who notice, even my roommate connect the scene in PK looking up the same stary night sky…..hay~~ what a wishful thinking, but I will not be surprised if these two are already dating secretly. I wonder if So Min had a blog too to leave a message? for sure she will give a hint, if Hyung Joong gave hints! *wink*wink*

      • @Rainyrain : we really can’t stop thinking about it right?? ^,^

        @lovejoy : sometimes i even think they already secretly dating too!! ^^ and yes….what is JSM had a blog and leave a message too? i can’t help but want to know the meaning of her every single word…. kekeke

  14. Dear PK friends,
    Please don’t be upset if I focus only my love and devotion to Baek Seung Jo and dis-include Your Beloved Kim H J shi. I prefer the Korean drama universe to the real world. I lived in Korea and I think it is as equally impossible for KHJ to settle down with HWang Bo (his parents will object) or with Jung So Min (her parents will disown her). He will have to move to Scandinavian if he wants to choose his own bride. The Swedish crown princess married her personal trainer, the Danish crown prince married an Shadow girl he met in a pub and the Norwegian crown prince married a single mom he met at a rock festival.

  15. HJ really knows how to reach to us , how to win our hearts again and again by being himself , no star complex statements whatsoever .Even though we are far from him ,but his message make him so near ,so close,so warm .

    Now if only the internet has any program -I want to give him a big hug for a wonderful job well done ! Somebody out there can you please hurry and invent it and give me a way to give him a virtual embrace at least .

  16. awwww so sweet of him, of telling his inner feelings. I know that he will miss PK terribly, based on my personal experience when we have rehearsals for concert in our church and your secret crush was there, you can’t help but to count the days remaining after that final performance, hoping it will turn out good after long rehearsals, but after it ends it felt like something in your heart is missing, like staying late at night together with everyone, yes its happy feeling at the first time that you will have a long rest and sleep again but after a day of doing nothing and back to your regular life, you will wish that a concert will happen again.
    I really genuinely feel that he really had the time of his life filming PK also of course our princess So Min, I bet they wish that they could turn back time in PK shooting days, or maybe they are looking back to memories that they made.
    I just hope and pray that these two person will have a project again together in the future even its CF, I’ll be gladly to watch it.
    more power KHJ and SM!

  17. “The PK-fandom is the luckily one of the silliest, friendliest, happiest little pocket in the dramaverse.” —-> this is how roll!! πŸ™‚ ( thank you ockoala for that opinion ) and also because your playground rocks!! πŸ™‚

    i honestly felt a little sad upon reading the message.. maybe because of the thought that we won’t be seeing much of him after playful kiss.. but i’m really glad that he is getting a break and his much needed rest. let the man enjoy the fruits of his labor. πŸ™‚

    and this guy can really say the darndnest things!! hahahaha!! but its really what makes him sooooo adorable. there’s this innocence to it too. and you somehow feel that it’s coming from the heart… awwww πŸ™‚

    and his message to his fans to help out around hubby, and whatever things you weren’t able to give your boyfriend, just go ahead to get them now …. hahahaha! this reminded me of his message to his fans before Hwang Bo was about to kiss him on WGM!! hahahahaha!! it just brought a smile to my face.

    simply fantastic.. i think that’s what he is.. πŸ™‚

    “Don’t say bye just because you can’t see me” (no prob KHJ..we wont! and that’s a promise! )

    • We roll in awesome because OcKoala’s awesome. πŸ˜›
      I’m pretty sure we feed off of each other’s brilliance. LOL

      I really hope his time off he gets to do album stuff and maybe go to school. πŸ™‚
      But weren’t there rumors going around for another drama with JaeJoong?

      • We roll in awesome because OcKoala’s awesome.
        I’m pretty sure we feed off of each other’s brilliance.—————>awwww.. this is so..RIGHT!! hahahaha! πŸ™‚

        i did stumble upon those rumors, both the studying and the new drama.. but then again, i think it’s better if he gets some much needed rest first.

        and when he comes back, we’re pretty sure that its going to be with something awesome.. πŸ™‚

        and all of us will be here for that!! πŸ˜‰

      • Kittykat, I’m sure if HJ brushes his teeth with this eyes open it’d be awesome XD (sorry was rewatching WGM LOL)

        I hope he does rest, hopefully finding himself in NYC (OH KOREA TOWN I LOVE HOW YOU ATTRACT CELEBS [killed caps button again, dag it]!) πŸ˜› He needs to go to a place to chill~ not literally so I say ISLANDS WOOT~

  18. i sooo love his 4Dness!!!..i am loving him more and more each day! (thanks for your posts ockoala dear) still watching WGM and man, he’s just too adorable!..i soo love his sense of humor and that kid inside of him! (what with the comics and games..hahahaha!)..well, he need that rest badly (look at those eyes!)..and thankful that he is finally getting it now. you deserve that much sleep KHJ..dream on (with JSM) hahahaha..wishing!..oh goodness, these two are driving me crazzzyyy!!..really really want something going on between them!..hope there will be lots of evidences (BTS photos, interviews, news) on this!

  19. can some please translate in english what JSM said that make KHJ smile??? love JSM and KHJ together in PK. I am dying to know what she is saying. link below
    YouTube – [Fancam 9] SS501 Hyun Joong “Talk Time” @ Jangki FINALE …


  20. so nice of khj leaving a message for his fans..but he sounds in love..dont u think?!?!the way he wrote his message, Throughout the 4 months ??????? If so then, we’ll continue to dream of our amazing future together, as we look up towards the same sky, ya

    he seems to be happy, making things at his heart content…hmmmmmm…i smell something fishy in here

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