Playful Kiss BTS Pictures from YT Episode 6

This was a pleasant surprise. I found a ton of BTS pictures from the filming of episode 6 Playful Kiss Youtube Special Edition, otherwise known as Dude, What’s With That Car? None of them are crisp and clear, but they are a lovely treat regardless.

A few housekeeping items (i.e. answering peoples questions): (1) I haven’t read any spoilers about YT episode 7, so anything I say is pure speculation and conjecture on my part, though laced with some logical deduction, and (2) Whether Kim Hyun Joong and our Min Min have a chance to be a real life couple – hard to say, I’ve seen couples with much more potent onscreen and offscreen chemistry never date in real life, which does belie the point that they are actors and consummate professionals, able to make us believe they are in love – but I would collapse into a puddle of blissful goo if in fact they did end up dating one day. They are adorable together.

BTS Pictures from PK YT Episode 6 FIlming:

In case it’s not obvious, I LOVE my new PK header. It’s beyond perfect, and I’m glad everyone loves it, too! With that, I’ll leave you all with a picture of my Koala self sleeping. I am operating on fumes here.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of Baidu Playful Kiss bar]


Playful Kiss BTS Pictures from YT Episode 6 — 87 Comments

  1. heyyyy is it you on the last pix , u look cuuuuuuute 🙂 love the pix and love ur smile , you know ockoala , you look like all my chinese female collegues ( I work in a chinese company ) .
    Back to the BTS , love them and love the interraction between KHJ-Min Min , I know we can’t say if they will be a couple in real life but who knows , we are talking about LIFE with all unexpected happenings 😉

  2. wow! ockoala!!! at last i finally can put a face in a name!!!
    nice pic you have there!

    regarding the banner!!! its so cool!!! you know how we love PK so seeing it is a blast!!! thats a bunch for the treat!!!

    also, regarding the BTS pics thanks as well.
    i think i said it so many times already but will say it again, i love these two!!!! i love them as baek seung jo and oh hani. and most especially i love them more being kim hyun joong and jung so min!!!!
    im very vocal about being hyunmin shipper because of the on and off screen chemistry of these two. if they are not gonna be together its still fine with me but if and i say IF they end up being a couple in real life, then i’ll be one of those who will rejoice for i really love them as individuals and much more being couple. also IF that happens i do hope that the fans will be supportive and understanding because as i see it and i do not intend to offend anybody, some of the fans can be protective and possisive.

    on the other note im really excited and sad to see the last episode of yt webisode of PK. i cant still grasp the fact that after next week, i dont have anything to look forward to. *sigh….saying goodbye is never really gonna be easy.

    well, episode 7, i hope you will not fail me. kim hyun joong i still hold on to your promise!!!!!

    see you on episode 7!!!


    • Let’s all pretend I didn’t just out myself, alright? Clearly that part about needing more sleep – I was not kidding. But I’m happy to introduce myself to all the PKissers, albeit briefly.

      But the Koala picture I was intending to attach all along was taken by yours truly, so its extra special. 😀

      • no worries ockoala! the pic that i see now is still picture perfect for me! and its so cute!!! i really wanted to see a real one in person.

        but still thanks for the brief introductory of yourself!

    • huhuhuhuhuh TTT_____TTT
      i think i need some help cause i can just feel a depression coming with the end of PK next week…!!!
      hope they promote this month so that we will have some spazzing about HyunMIn/JOongmin/minjoong couple..!!!
      i mean at least my thirst/addiction would be given a treat if i see thempromoting together again..!!!

  3. Thanks for new PK header I like it.
    Also Koala picture is so cute. Koala sleeping beauty…..
    Thanks again for BST pictures. Yesterday comments were really BIG LOL….BIG FUN…..
    I end up the nigth with stomach ache. I cannot stop laughing.
    I wish hyun joong & so min read our comments…….OMG…………… I am wondering how will they respond.

    Could u pls let me know about Hotelier part two script. I wrote my comment in the post of SG and Song Yoon Ah last night.

    Thanks you for your great work as usual.

  4. Ockoala, you’re truly our Koala Santa! You outrageously spoil and surprise us to no end! So touched to find another PK present under the tree! You’re truly the sweetest most generous Koala in the whole PK universe! ^__^

    The PK banner is outstandingly impressive!. Prompts a big smile everytime I visit your playground. Thanksss!!

    Sleeping koala perched on the tree is such a cutie and sooooooooo adorable!

    Maybe it’s wishful thinking but I would happily die and go to heaven if our HyunJ & Min Min would be fated together.

  5. I am so glad you love the design! My older sister told me to make one for you and that you love PK. I am so excited that everyone likes it! Contact me if you want more made!

  6. WOW! My heart beats at the first picture! thanks for sharing that ockoala…….from now on your one of my cute preschool kids! hahaha!
    In my thoughts I just wanted these two people to be happy. Especially MinMin, because I know that Hyun Joon have so many girls swarming around him (though I’m not saying that MinMin has nobody, but I bet she got tons of male admirer) but MinMin is so innocent. I still want her to find her heart, and I know that something was there whenever they kiss on screen, because they put their heart and soul to it for the sake that it will be real and natural. That’s why we can see grin on HJ face after they will shoot kissing scene.
    But only time will tell of they are meant to be together.
    and I’m just glad that they met each other and great an amazing job in portraying Beak Seung Jo and Oh Hani.
    and lastly its also blessing in disguise that the actress singer (forgot her name) that had been offered the role of Oh Hani backed out so MinMin got all the credit.

    • Blessing in disguise indeed! LMH was the 1st choice as SJ but he turned it down. The singer (also forgot her name!) picked to play OH also declined. So KHJ & JSM ended up being the final candidates for PK’s leading roles. I went back and read some of the comments in JB site when the news was announced. My goodness, the negative comments hurled toward them especially KHJ were blatantly painful.

      Then the devastating dismal viewing ratings in Korea turned out to be the biggest blessing in disguise! Chopping the initial 20 eps to 16 eps paved way to the successful production of the YT special edition.

      I’m so proud of KHJ, JSM and all of the cast of PK who worked so hard in this drama. They proved their critics wrong! I’m so happy they can now sit back and enjoy the benefits of their efforts and the drama’s success. It’s a big win-win for all of them!

      • hey…have you noticed when KHJ/BSJ brushed off the leaves JSM/OHN’s jeans, his hands accidentally went upward…up to the hip and…and….and….oh it’s just an accident…or is it just me thinking about it?!!!!….

      • yeah, noticed that too! though i imagined it, but no, he must got carried away brushing the dried leaves off her clothes.

  7. OMggggggggggg!!! KHJ sang in chinese @ 2010 Asian Games opening ceremony…… it was good… but soooooooooo strange buahahhahahahah

    to quote Jungmin: Oh My GOodness, Oh My SOUL!!!!!!!!

    • Links?? I thought I saw one but not finding it in the tome that is the Ep 6 recap page! Haha.

      And to quote KHJ: “I’m so SSory!”

    • first thoughts after seeing the vid of him singing at the Asian Games:
      *ahhhh…Joongie did good. so proud!!!
      *that other lady singer in black dress could not stop staring at him. hee.
      *did he yell out “Yalapontai!” to the delegation from Thailand? *silly grin*
      (apparently old JoongBo habits die hard. :P)

      • KHJ did great at the Asian Games… I think I saw David Tao give him a thumb of approval while singing…so proud of Joongie!!!

      • heh, her name is Joey, she’s from HongKong… she looked a bit lonely on the right side… hehe.. KHJ was more directed to the center…

    • ‘ OMggggggggggg!!! KHJ sang in chinese @ 2010 Asian Games opening ‘

      KHJ never ceases to amaze me with his potential. I always thought that Jungmin was the more proficient linguist in SS501 but last nite’s performance was quite something and his stage presence is awesome.

      • KHJ is awesome… his pronunciation was quite good also…

        it just hurted a little seeing him being so skinny T_T
        Hope he’ll be getting some rest en get fit soon!

      • @JJ Yeah… maybe it has got to do with the lady in the middle not being stickthin… but still… he did loose a considerable amount of weight when compared to… for example his WGM days T_T his face (and even body while covered up) looks boney… HOT boney… but nevertheless boney… =_=

      • oh I meant to say that next to your comments(the black and the harsh lights) also because of the centred lady… if he was standing next to Joey (all the way to the right) only… well… they look almost the same… (KHJ being slightly more healthier)

        he just looked a bit fragile … aish… let’s not think about it too much!!

  8. *I’ve seen couples with much more potent onscreen and offscreen chemistry never date in real life*
    On the top of my head: ArJoe, In Sung & Ha Ji Won, Matsujun & Mao-chan, Rainie & Mike He.

    I guess the reason why I’m kinda excited with KHJ-JSM’s offscreen chemistry is that in all the years that I’ve “followed” KHJ, I’ve never seen him this comfortable with a female co-worker before (except for HB in WGM and maybe Hyori) to the point where he’s even the one initiating all the interactions. I mean, UEE’s comment about them not exchanging a single word the entire time that they filmed their CF was both sad and comical, but so typical of KHJ who is often awkward around strangers, especially girls.

    Its also very interesting how a lot of KHJ’s fanclubs seem to support the pairing, even “Perfect”, who are usually very protective and KHJ-centric and don’t even include other SS501 boys in their videos before or even HB during WGM, released that mini cooper BTS fancam. Things that make you go “hmmmm…”.

    But like I said, I don’t want to read too much into it or get too far ahead of myself. Its enough that both said, in their own words, that they are happy right now. They certainly deserve it after all the hard work that they put into PK. And whatever happens in the future, I’m just hoping that they will remain close friends, at least.

    • Its also very interesting how a lot of KHJ’s fanclubs seem to support the pairing, even “Perfect”, who are usually very protective and KHJ-centric and don’t even include other SS501 boys in their videos before or even HB during WGM, released that mini cooper BTS fancam. Things that make you go “hmmmm…”.

      ^ That right there does make me go Hmmm.

    • Agree much.
      I am a person who never jump into any shipper. Better I saw their directly dating news plester in any portal news in the future, than speculate they are dating or not all the time.
      But this Hyunjoong-Somin tandem make me thinking and go ‘hmmm’ alot. The reason why, you have simply put so nicely there. Especially this: “I’ve never seen him this comfortable with a female co-worker before (except for HB in WGM and maybe Hyori) to the point where he’s even the one initiating all the interactions.”
      He as the initiator in everything.This really the first time I saw him like this. I NEVER SAW HIM LIKE THIS. Thats the ‘big’ hmmmmm for me. Even during his interaction with hwangbo, until the end I still feel he was not that comfortable. I am looking for the comfortable feeling like a special boy-girl interaction, but I still can’t see it. And his always so tired-kinda uninterested expression all the time in the end of wgm days make it worst. He was still the passive one. He was still the follower one. Hem how you put it in the right words? Well this just opinion ^^

      And your say about PERFECT thing, oh nice obeservation there. I never pay attention to that. PERFECT is so hyunjoong centric, never include any girls (I don’t consider his codi noona as girls ^^) or any other boys other than their Hyunjoong. And the fact they are so ‘welcome’ about Somin, and released that mini cooper kiss fancam is s.u.s.p.i.c.i.o.u.s. Sure PERFECT know their hyunjoong life than anyone, because they stalk him 24/7.

      Like you I don’t hope too much. I just simply enjoy them and their real-pure-suspicious-flirting interaction during PK filming, its enough.
      But if something more happened after this, of course I am so happy for them and say welcome to Somin ^^

      • I’m sort of writing a piece on this…it’s an essay actually, which helped me make sense of this JSM/KHJ “ship”–all subsequent ships people put with HJ. I’m not a shipper of them, eventhough I loosely associate myself with Joongbo, but I’m a HJ fan first.

        Anyway, I just chalk up his active initiation in this work/friendship relationship to the fact that Hyunjoong’s the OPPA and not the dongseng. WGM he was the dongseng, and that goes the same for BoF. Maybe he’s *actually* grown up and is learning to take the lead, I mean he did lead a rag-tag band of boys–SS501. :shrugs:

        I’ve learned my lesson long ago Joo Ji-Hoon and Yoon Eun Hye shipping and was sorely disappointed. >_< So unless it's confirmed I'm contented in looking for "clues" but not really using it as "affirmation" for anything.

    • hahaha.. as i was reading this i cant help but smile cause of the “hmmm” part..
      i guess i can call them now the “hmmmm” couple.. or the couple who makes us all go hmmm*sigh*….
      kekekeke cant wait for their overseas promotions….
      hyunjoong is probably back in korea right now.. wonder when the fanvids/fancame/fanaccounts will come about his time in GZ/backstage/airport/seoul..?

      • ‘ wonder when the fanvids/fancame/fanaccounts will come about his time in GZ/backstage/airport/seoul..?’

        Saw a BTS pic posted ….. he got mobbed of all places, backstage of the opening ceremony by the participants themselves and athletes. Heard that there were around 6000 people involved in the event.

      • yeah say that too.. was pretty hectic that was..!!!
        they were saying that Joey seemed to be mooning hmmnn, or staring at wuri hyunjoong..!!! david also gave thumbs up for hyunjoong..!!! wow now i am a fan of his.. i actually like all the other performers (david, weiwei, joey & atnjing). they seem to be taking care of hyunjoong.. i think its due to the fact that he is the youngest & just too irresistible to neglect… ^___^

      • The chinese delegation did a good job at protecting him, you can see the human barriers. He didn’t seem all too nervous…I think he gets nervous in airports though.

        Just as long as that incident in Spain doesn’t happen again I’m happy.

  9. Love the BTS photos for episode 6.I do agree they do make a cute couple and it shows what great chemistry they have. Also love your new PK banner. All the lovely shots of two of them.

  10. “I’ve seen couples with much more potent onscreen and offscreen chemistry never date in real life”

    just o,1% celeb-celeb dating exposed to media. So who knows, the matter is just we doesn’t know. Maybe many of those couples date and broke up privately ^^

    and i looooveeeee your new banner.

  11. Love the new banner! I’m so glad that KHJ and JSM landed the roles…def was a blessing in disguise….they deserve everything and more!!

  12. I find the discussions here regarding your take on the HJ-SM possibilities quite interesting . Regarding the observed changes in how HJ relate to the girls I’d like to offer my observations ,too .

    HJ has matured from his WGM days . And So Min is younger than him by 3 years (the other “girls ” Hyori, HB ,even Hye Sun were older than him -by 2, 4 to 6 years ,That is why he called them noonas ).So he allowed himself to be led by them .He followed them.

    If you noticed even right from the start of the PK conference he was clearly the initiator . He was in command of the situation . He would instruct subtly (though the camera saw it) SM to look here, to look there . I even read jokes that maybe he thought SM was his member (of the SS501 ,as he would instruct them where to pose, how to position themselves . In short he was so used to being leader ). So he led SM, too.And she followed him . Even in the PK shooting HJ gives SM instructions as SM also revealed in one interview.

    Both HJ and SM addressed each other with honorifics .I think our HJ is a gentleman and he knows his limits . He does not presume he has liberties with his co stars .In the video when they were first interviewed for PK SM addressed Lee Tae Sung as Oppa . Only recently did she start calling HJ oppa ,too. (w/ his permission ?)

    So , I don’t know if there is really something there other than senior-junior relationship. But who knows .

    • Interesting there.
      I think from that view too.
      But I come to remind his interaction with his junior, like kara or rainbow girls. Its different with his interaction with somin though. From what I see to them he really positioned himself as older brother. But I can’t say same with somin. Its not means then i judge so there is sumthing there. But I just want to point out, the way he treat Somin eventhough she is younger than him, different with the way he treat his other girl dongsaeng. Thats what I see.
      Yea who knows ^^
      and based on Papa baek, they already drop honorifics after 1 month shooting.

      • owww….as much as i love JoongMin couple…i also see their senior-junior relationship…so…i guess i’m not going to put high hope for them to be a real couple…. but papa baek in the BSJ good-bye fan meeting said something along this line…. “there’s unknown feeling about these two after their kiss scene and now they’re more comfortable with each other”…. this make my hope a bit higher ^o^

    • I agreed with you here:
      “HJ has matured from his WGM days . And So Min is younger than him by 3 years (the other “girls ” Hyori, HB ,even Hye Sun were older than him -by 2, 4 to 6 years ,That is why he called them noonas ).So he allowed himself to be led by them .He followed them.”

      But I think that his this closeness everyone’s interpreting is just the by product of being in close proximity for a long time. Didn’t HJ say it himself, 5 days of filming and little sleep?

      Also I feel like I have to mention that it’s hard to turn off/on emotions when acting especially when you’re quite new. I remember a BTS in Mawang when Shin Min Ah and Ji Hoon were standing and talking and then SMA’s tears flowed… after the director called cut she kept on crying even though she was smiling and talking with the staff. It took her a while to stop the tears and then they waited until her eyes were no longer puffy to refilm.

      Sometimes biological reactions take longer than mental reactions to subside. Like that heart fluttering when you meet a guy… or when you’re miffed when you see he’s a complete jerk right after. 😛

      • That is true , emotions can be strong though expressed in make believe world can also overpower even a seasoned actor .Sung Yuri (lead of Snowqueen) confessed it was already a week from the end of filming and yet she felt so sad (in the drama she died of a congenital disease leaving a lover Hyun Bin and father behind ).

        These people are human ,as vulnerable as you and me.What if they are told by the director that when they report to the set on day one they are already their character. What do you think happens when they internalize and as you said they are together continously . Look at what happened to KHJ , from the happy go-lucky person in WGM he moved to BOF and became the quiet ,depressed ,loner ,frustrated lover Jihoo . Everyone noticed the transformation. It took awhile before he came back to his real self . They were told to be in character all the time even to call them by the character ‘s name .He even joked he forgot his real name after sometime .

        So being an actor is not easy . You cannot switch your emotions on and off , or be controlled by remote. I think we will have to wait till the glow of the drama subside…then we will know if they found each other .

  13. i reeaaallly dont want to get into this whole “shipper” thing…cause its addicting and frustrating (jihoon-yoon eun hye….you made a fool out of me!!! haha)…i read in some other forum that the reason why OTPs in korea get a huge (and obsessive) following is that there are rarely news, paparrazi pics of said OTPs, which leave A LOT to speculations (sometimes leading to delusions) and these are what feeds the minds of these said followers. In forums, you get page after page after page of so and so wearing the same-ish ring, bracelet, shirt with so and so.
    I dont want that to be in the case of this PK tandem. Though I like the idea of the two of them, I want to remain realistic…so at best, judging from the bts, that they are very very friendly and comfortable with each other. Nothing more and nothing less!

    • I’m never one to shy away from looking at footage 😛
      I have a rule, if I CSI it’s not for proving a ship’s validity or not. I make my own speculations but would never adhere to it. :shrugs: It’s fandom, it’s supposed to be fun, not as dangerous as a mine-field. >_<

      Which is why OcKoala's playground is <3

    • kekeke i smiled when you mentioned Jihoon-eunhye cause i definitely was on the cruise ship with them. gosh i still have remnants of me going ‘spy mode’ in the intenet for any scrap of evidence (albeit made by fans or far off chart circumstance) about the 2 of them..!!!still have posters/banners/pics galore in my lappy of my uber long & bumpy cruise ship vacation with them…. kekeke ^__^ after that Goong shipper, i had made a rule, “never to board & book for another ship again…”
      but alasHyunJoong-somin came along… i love them & i imagine them as the cutest/most adorable couple in the universe with electron-proton attraction and hydrogen-oxygen harmony together. i squeal like koala, jump like a kangaroo, quake like a duck & fly like a monkey with each sweety, cutesy moments with both of them in vids /pics. though a bit hesitant to jump on another around the world cruise -ship after the Goong i just cant seem to help it…
      hyunMIn couple is just to adorable to resist.. i mean come how could i when the youtube released the webisode galore. the webisode were like an entire full blast injection to all my “shipper” cells..!!! so nowadays all my “-ship” atoms, molecules & cells in me are in hyper-over-drive… thanks to the large dose of webisodes. and now i keep thinking once the webisodes end next week, i will really be like a woman in WITHDRAWAL. thanks the heavens that koala has provided this place as my PK Playground..!!! or more like PK drugstore…!!!
      thanks koala..!!

      • I don’t see anything wrong with shipping. It is just an extension of the feeling you have for the drama and the feelings you have for the actor or actress. That’s why I think it is smart for production companies to put out BTS. It really keeps the audience excited about the drama and the actor and actress. It gets fans/shippers onto forums and blogs to discuss the drama or the actor/actress. Thus it will get someone who was not interested to become intrigued enough to give the drama a try…word of mouth.

        I pretty much ship all the couples in my fave dramas. I have a great time lurking in forums and blogs and reading spazzes. It’s just pure fun and it prolongs my love and feelings of satisfaction for said drama/actor/actress. But I usually get over the drama/actor/actress and move to the next sailing ship.

        I’m enjoying myself shipping MinJoong. They are seriously adorable on screen and BTS. I get the warm fuzzies watching them interact and play around. If they get together in real life, I, too, would melt in a puddle of goo. If not, I have a feeling I will be a Min Min and her next costar shipper. I really think she will have amazing chemistry w/whomever. As much as I adore KHJ, I’ll have to see…BOF really left a bad impression.

        I was a joongbo shipper and was in the joongbo thread at soompi all the time…but now I’m actually scared to go in there. So I can see where people are afraid of shipping…it can get kinda scary.

      • This is my first experience to catch the “shipper” virus. Wow, I was unaware of its powerful grip like being super glued. But like any other virus it’s a seasonal bout and would eventually fade in time. I got it bad —I have all of the warning symptoms including sleep deprivation and distraction in personal activities. But no matter how long or short the virus stays, the JoongMin fever is great FUN and I’m loving every moment of it!

      • @katwoman,
        i’m with you. i have a feeling that i’ll be an MM + whomever her next-co-star shipper too. heee. its funny because even looking at BTS clips from Bad Guy, she had such great rapport with Kim Nang Gil, playing together and such. she also got along really well with Kim Jae Wook. i think she mentioned in her interview that she likes to play sports and was the only girl who participated in a soccer match during their Bad Guy days.

        i’m not a perpetual shipper but i must admit that with my 2 loves (Won Bin and Go Soo), i *try* to ship them with ladies that i want for them but it never lasts bec these two are so elusive. haha. i guess its the fangirl in me who wants to see them happy and in love. but like you said, its really all just for fun. 😀

        the same with KHJ, it just tickles my fangirl bones that he’s actually the one initiating the skinships this time. i don’t see it as an oppa-dongseng dynamic with JSM though, its really more like a boy-girl physical attraction because you can see a hint of mischief in his smiles. but it could just be an extension of him internalizing his character’s role, hard to tell. like i said, its enough that they enjoy each other’s company. i’ve seen drama couples that don’t get along that well IRL so it could be worse. lol.

      • @ Katwoman, LOL i know which joongbo soompi thread you’re referring to. and TBH i’ve only posted twice asking for pictures. I have a love/hate relationship with fan speculations so I tend to hold everything loosely.

        @ Teacup, I’m more prone to fangirl whilst my sister’s prone to ship. there’s a difference even if it’s just nuances. But enjoy the shipping season, it’s magical in its own right~

      • J.J. me too.. i am more of a fangirl than a shipper…
        and in this case I am a fangirl 501% first before i became a HyunMin Shipper…
        so funny about the other ship. yuP i so agree with Katwoman, its kinda scary, just been to an article with HJL on AKL about his asian games particicpation & some people are commenting about
        HJL in a LOVE TRIANGLE
        HwangBo and Yunho. and i was like “what are you talking about..?”. i am not bashing them but some of what they say are just over the top that i thought it was straight out of a fanfic…
        i still love joongbo but passengers of that “SHIP” has became quite scary for me too…!!!
        anyway HyunMin BTS are like the funniest for me at the moment..!!! they just chemistry..!!!

  14. Ah, an education in Korean drama watching (or maybe a warning?)

    I think I will stick to Baek Seung Jo and Oh HaNi. I just hope neither follow up with another drama soon or I will wonder why Ha Ni is moonlighting as an actress when she has a full time job as a nurse. Oh, she got tired of that unsexy fungus-colored nurse uniform.

  15. Hahahah just enjoy the loving ,warm and cozy feelings our actors projected on the screen.

    If our feelings for them linger on , it will be good for the drama and their careers .

    Until their next drama and next pairings . If they really made us believe they are in love then we have given them the best accolade an actor can ever have . That is their best acting award .

    I once read that for actors to be credible in their acting they must fall in love (even how little ) to do justice to the role . They are professionals if they can slip out of that role and jump to the next one. Now if the feelings linger …it doesn’t mean they are less professional …it means they are only humans .

    • Putting aside everything that was said, by watching the BTS, for sure we can see that KHJ likes JSM or rather they like each other. Period.

      Whether they will date or become a real couple or just being friends, they probably would have communicate by phone which is pretty normal. Nobody knows. (Maybe they are both telling each other over the phone on why that steamy hot scene wasn’t included in the YT special webisodes..keke)

      As PK is only their 2nd K-drama, they are not that professional yet to act real intimate and then have their emotional feelings detached. I am very sure they must have feelings for each other afterall , this is their first time acting such intimate scenes and it will definitely make a deep and long lasting impression on the both of them.

      • seems that i agree with you .. even thay are actors, for me too … they seems not that so professional to threw up their real emotional feeling…

        beyond whether true or not they are close as friends or lover, they left a deep impression for the audiences for their characters and as individuals… heheheheh.. DAEBAK!!!

  16. I really enjoy & LOL at what you Ockoala writes and also all the funny comments about boats & ships. This is truly a happy playground. Thanks to all : D

  17. ” poopy says:
    November 12, 2010 at 1:30 pm
    hey ockoala this is where the BTS pics came from…its another KHJperfect fancam:”

    In the video, 0:06/5:07 you can see KHJ’s a blue boxer while he was jumping ; D

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