Update on Mary Stayed Out All Night Broadcast Schedule

[Edit: Based on the comments below, I worry that too many peeps actually believe the ending I wrote for M3 – it’s not true, just me being my sleep-deprived silly self, i.e. I pulled it out of my ass, so do not take it seriously!]

KBS released the remaining broadcast schedule for Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!). Sometimes when there are skipped broadcasts, the station may add an additional episode, or just push back all the airing dates and end on an odd-numbered day and add a special program for the next day to fill the time slot. For M3, KBS is doing neither – it will broadcast 2 episodes of the drama on Monday December 13 (episodes 10 and 11), and then air episode 12 the following Tuesday. Which means for that sure to be chock-full-of-drama-angst week, we will be getting THREE episodes of M3. This allows the drama to conclude on schedule the final week of December.

On one hand, I am thrilled to be getting more M3. On the otherhand, I am freaked out that I have to recap 2 episodes in one day. Omo, lord have mercy on my poor typing fingers. On a completely unrelated note, might as well tell y’all M3 lovers now – I am completely computer free for the last week of December. Which means I’m not going to be able to watch the final two episodes until January when I return to civilization. Not that this affects any of you, but only insomuch I won’t be recapping the final two episodes until January as well. C’est la vie, my chingus. Giving everyone prior ample notification, so please don’t be waiting for my recap come that last week.

But I can give you a preview that’s sure to come true – Jung In’s dad returns to Japan never to be heard from again, Jung In and Seo Jun hook up and have beautiful high cheekboned babies, Mae Ri’s dad decides to become a farmer in the countryside, Mu Gyul’s mom elopes to Jeju where she discovers she has a talent as a tour guide, and Mae Ri and Mu Gyul live happily ever after in mung mung and niao niao bliss, she becoming a drama writer and he becoming an indie producer who dabbles in drama OST production.


Update on Mary Stayed Out All Night Broadcast Schedule — 22 Comments

  1. Omg omg koala…. If thats the ending, then i can smile happily from now on.. haha… how much i adore our Mong Mong Yauw couple …

  2. Is that the ending?kojimal keuji?well if it so,can’t wait to it.thow sad that at the 2last eps.I can’t read ur recap.oh how I wish they just double the episodes next week.tuesday hurry comes.hehe because in korea airing on monday nite but on net I can watch it on tuesday.I love diz drama so so much.nomu nomu choahe

  3. hahaha !! Jung In and Seo Jun hooking up, I see that coming but them having beautiful “high cheekboned” babies…now that’s lmao funny and totally true!! aigoo ockoala love you for making me laugh always!

  4. oh my…. ockoala, though it’s only a delusion or whatever, we all know that the ending’s gonna be that way *sigh* i dunno, i do like MG and i know MG & MR are very much compatible + they look good together, so unlikely with JI & MR, but my heart still wants JI to be MR’s choice at the end of 100 days. i know, my heart will break into pieces once that end comes. waahhhhh!!!!!!!!!! am earnestly hoping that JI won’t fall for MR for real (but of course it’s not possible otherwise, the story won’t be exciting anymore). oh my, how i hate myself…. getting too much affected with this. i guess, i have to stop watching M3 and switch to SG instead. 🙂

    • allenif, my chingu, I agree with you 100000000%…..the mind says MG and Mae Ri are going to end up together, but the heart says NOOOOOOO Jung INNNN FOREVERRRRRR!!!!! My heart broke a little bit when I read Ockoala’s predictions, it’s gonna break for sure when Mae Ri says bye bye to poor Jung In…. you know every new ep, I tell myself at the beginning ok, time for you to jump on the MG ship, save yourself a heartache later….but when Jung In appears, I just go ga-ga…..like dat day’s ep which opened with him sliding in the card at the door, AAAAARGHHHHHHHH I just dieddddd………. dunno why I like him so much: the smile, the eyes, the voiceeeee, the walk-EVERYTHINGGGGG!!!!! It’s about time they make him a lead, poor Jae Wook. Jung In shippers, let’s root for him to the very end….SINK OR SWIM TOGETHERRRR FOREVERRRRRRRR

      • Oh my chingu mayssenger!!! *misty eyed* I felt something pierced my heart when I read about it too and I can’t believe that I could still have that feeling knowing what the ending will be. I was so happy the other day coz I got somehow a glimpse of hope when I read the comment of rory’s mom. But having read ockoala’s write-up, it seemed i heard this loud noise of ….. BAAAANNNNNNNNNGGGGG!!!! I almost die. *sigh* chingu, we’re exactly having the same feeling. I just love all about him. The more I watch him, the more the feelings get intensified. Yeeesssssssss!!!! I’m with you all the way, let’s root for him to the very end…. SINK OR SWIM TOGETHERRRR FOREVERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I want a different ending to the drama…….JungIn falls in love with Mary, in pleasing her, he makes her Vice CEO where she develops her talent in drama production; earning tons of money to shower her dad with. Dad is happy and goes to Japan with his old buddy (JungIn’s dad). Mu-Gyul is crazily jealous because of the extensive time Mary spends working with JungIn; which drives him to sing with even more passion and becomes a smashing superstar. Both guys propose to Mary, and she can’t bear to break the “whatever ship” she shares with the 2 guys, so she saids she will think about it in 5 years. She keeps the 9-4 with JungIn, and 5-10 with MuGyul for now, which sparks crazy passion and jealousy to no end and all 3 drowns in this crazy love traingle yearning & tension but are happy for the next 5 years in hopes of a future finality…

  6. i love that it ends last week of december, it fits with the story as Mu Gyul birthday is christmas eve 😀 perfect timing for the perfect ending

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