Channel X with Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo Release Poster and New Teaser Trailer

Being back in Taiwan, albeit briefly, means that I am literally watching everything real time. Zhong Wu Yen is ending with a whimper this weekend, and all eyes on are Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo to see if their Channel X can turn things around for SETTV. The drama released its official poster, and I like it overall even if its not terribly original or sophisticated. It hits the spot would be my description. The tagline reads: To pursue the truth, what would you give up?

The drama also released a more substantive teaser trailer, which has Joe narrating against the refrain from Amazing Grace. To be honest, this drama feels like Black & White-lite. I don’t mean it in a negative way, only that the scope and scale of the production feels like a grittier and less sleek version of B&W, which was the biggest budget Taiwan drama in history and 100% pre-filmed.

Teaser Trailer #3:


I’m very excited about Joe’s return to TW-dramas, and everything I have seen about Amber is giving me super good vibes. She really has improved leaps and bounds since her debut performance in Woody Sambo with Nicholas Teo.


Channel X with Joe Cheng and Amber Kuo Release Poster and New Teaser Trailer — 6 Comments

  1. ooh, how nice! I’ll be going to Taiwan in January too 😀

    I didn’t watch Black and White, so it’ll be nice to watch something of the same vibe. Kinda curious as to how good it’ll get.

  2. I think age and short hair has done a lot for Joe Cheng’s image. I think he is a good actor but the long hair he had in the past made him a bit feminine to me but he finally looks manly in this teaser.

  3. i watched all of this mans dramas and films, i like him but i like to see him with my ariel lin 🙂 perfect couple i think. thank youuu

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