Secret Garden Long Preview for Episode 5

You know something is really really popular when people go to extreme measures to get spoilers and updates. A long preview for episode 5 of Secret Garden has just materialized – but it’s a video that was shot by someone aiming a camera at a camera phone playing the long trailer. It’s pretty low-quality stuff. But for someone dying for a SG fix, feel free to sample the goods. I took a glance and passed, but can confirm it’s the real deal.

Long Preview for Episode 5 of SG:

Word on the street is that the soul-swap will happen at the end of episode 5, and last until episode 8. Looks like the fantasy element, which has been sprinkled throughout the drama in tiny ways, will come to the fore-front with the soul swap, but won’t last too long. I’m glad – I find that SG can’t rely on the fantasy element too much, and should continue to develop the amazing chemistry and character interactions of all its main leads.


Secret Garden Long Preview for Episode 5 — 14 Comments

  1. thanks for the link. The quality is great, even through Iphone ;O).

    However I did not understand much, since I cannot Korean anyway ;O(

  2. until epsode 8??……noooooooo….that’s too short considereing they were selling this drama based on this premise…….please drama gods at least let it 10!!

  3. thanks for the link! i’ll take ANY news about SG, especially with the slow week in dramaland..

    and i’m glad that they’re only using the fantasy part for 4 episodes, as it stands i would’ve been okay without it – but it’ll definitely bring more to the table. reason being, ji won and binnie have leveled up the way they’ve been playing their characters that the “fantasy – switch” aspect is the cherry on top.

  4. Oh good! I was actually dreading the “soul-swapping moment”. It’s good to know that it is just for a brief period. Thanks!!!

  5. Oh, I’m so glad it’s for a short period. I personally LOVE the chemistry between the two and can do without the “soul swap”. Their interactions are perfect enough. However, I think we’re in for some truly funny moments, and hopefully it’ll add to it. Can’t freakin’ wait!

  6. so agree with you.. I mean the soul swap would be a HUGE comedic set-up or i’ll just call it “the” set-up of the drama. but i think SG has all the element that would make t an epic drama without the huckus puckus of fantasy. i am so glad that it will last only 3 episodes, hmmnn *sigh* such a relief…
    anyway koala I know now why you mentioned that you will not be recapping this drama, I have read some of the recaps of this drama, that is the reason I started wathing it to get my blue days out. I super lovedall the recaps. but watching episode 3 & 4, i suddenly understood that this drama is not something that could be explained in words. to fully experience each scene in its complexity & epicness one has to experience it…!!!! The writer & director are in their element in the scenic views & superb writing. so loving this drama…
    added bonus that HyunBin is the lead…!!!

    PS: I do wonder why Binnie seemed thinner than usual, any clues..?

    • @czak, he went skinny specifically for this character. just like how JGS lost a lot of weight for You’re Beautiful. it makes sense because their characters are so OCD esp with physical appearance. and in Binnie’s case, even more so because he needs to do the body swap with HJW.

  7. WOW…so the “soul-swap” is gonna happen on tonight’s episode!!! I’ll have to watch this..RAW!!!!
    I really don’t mind that the swap is only for a few episodes…it’s just the “ICING” to the cake, anyways!!!
    Thanks for the tip, Ockoala!!!

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