More BTS Videos for Mary Stayed Out All Night

KBS seems to understand that you can’t go too long without feeding the insatiable craving of the hordes for more of their favorite drama, especially if said drama got preempted by a handball game. I always thought handball was a game you played in elementary school where the shrimpy kids got picked last – apparently its now a regulation sport. Mary Stayed Out All Night (Marry Me, Mary!) dropped two more behind-the-scenes videos – one of the drunken dad and his two son-in-laws scene, and the other a SUPER cute interlude between Moon Geun Young and Kim Jae Wook.

Drunk Dad BTS:




Watching the BTS, its patently clear that Moon Geun Young looks adorable and has chemistry with both her male leads. Which means that my inability to connect with Jung In is neither due to Kim Jae Wook (lovelovelove) or a lack of chemistry between these two. I simply must have to accept that I think Jung In is currently a giant douchebag. I hope he snaps out of it soon and becomes a real boy.


More BTS Videos for Mary Stayed Out All Night — 8 Comments

  1. This looks fun (and the cast seems having lots of it!) but I couldn’t understand anything though. They’re all cute actually heh. MGY and KJW seem to be very comfortable with each other too as he playfully pulls her clothes to face the camera. Loved KJW since Coffee Prince as Waffle Sung Ki. Can’t wait for the next episode. Really appreciate this Ockoala. I know you’re on a holiday (or is it business?) but you still manage to feed us these (plus the recaps) – as we, your followers/ fans, await for the next, and the next, and the next…=). Have a safe and fun trip!

  2. Thanks for the BTS and thanks for working on a long weekend! I love KJW and hope he gets more dramas after this drama is finished.

  3. omo!!! thank u so much ockoala! seeing how comfortable too is MGY with KWJ just made my day. i so so love this guy and been hoping to see him in a lead role.

  4. Surprisingly, KJW & MGY actually look closer behind-the-scenes than MGY & JGS. Love KJW, I think he’s a stellar actor. Can’t wait for more M3 episodes!

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