A Blast From Damo Past Makes a Cameo in Secret Garden

Calling all Damo Paeins (are you there, Ms. thunderbolt?). Do you have your Depends on? Are you sitting down? Do you have a weak consitution? Actually, if you are a Damo Paein – you have the opposite of a weak consitution, you are the strongest drama watcher out there. I salute you, since watching Damo made me so dehydrated by the end I could barely get out of bed. The tears, they taste so salty.

Kim Eun Sook is the Queen of the cameos, as she always gets very famous actors who’ve previously worked for her to cameo. In Secret Garden, we’ve already seen Song Yoon Ah and Lee Joon Hyuk show up, the former as herself, the latter as the asswipe movie star that broke up Seul and Oska. Kim Eun Sook is going meta-cameo on us next. Ha Ji Won‘s character in SG, Ra Im the stunt woman, will be cast as the stunt double for the character of Chae Ohk in the drama Damo.

Let’s work this through again – Ha Ji Won, who plays Ra Im, who will be playing Chae Ohk, who was played by Ha Ji Won. My brain, it dies of laughter, happiness, and the chutzpah of Kim Eun Sook to bring back Ha Ji Won’s career launching performance in such a fun way. See picture below for the original flavor Chae Ohk, reminding us all that Ha Ji Won has only gotten more beautiful and remained as youthful in the seven intervening years.

No news yet on whether Lee Seo Jin (Naeuri-ahhh!) or Kim Min Joon (Rebel Leader FTW!) will be cameoing as well. Both guys have worked with Kim Eun Sook before (Lee Seo Jin was the lead in Lovers as the lovelorn gangster, and Kim Min Joon was wasted as the second lead in Lovers in Prague), and both guys have fulfilled their Kim Eun Sook cameo quota by showing up in On Air, along with what appears to be half the Korean entertainment population.

Since episode 1 of SG, I’ve been talking about how Ra Im reminds me of a modern day Chae Ohk, except with unexpected girly tendencies. Chae Ohk’s got the fortitude of an Ititarod lead dog, yet she remains all womanly and sexy as hell. We will see Ha Ji Won reprise her role as Chae Ohk in episode 10 of SG. I love Damo so much it’s never leaving my top 10 list. The day I can’t fit Damo in, I will expand it and make it my top 11 list so that it can remain as it so deserves. Anyone curious about Damo, I’ve written a review posted at Thundie’s.

MV of Damo (song is from the Damo OST – A Song of Devotion):



A Blast From Damo Past Makes a Cameo in Secret Garden — 12 Comments

  1. Yesss. I let out a legitimate squeee when I saw this. Oh the memories. And oh, Naeuri-aaaahhh…how much did you love her? Sigh. I could give Kim Eun Sook and Ha Ji Won a hug for doing this. Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe it. *dies of happiness again*

    • @yeisha ok, the dehydrated part is scaring me. Not convinced. Noooo with the tears.

      I’m already afeared of what SG might do to me.

  2. I loooove Damo! I believe it was my first period kdrama and oh so so so so insanely good. Though unimaginably depressing. First they dressed Philip Lee in his outfit from Legend (in ep 2? 3?) and now this. Heeeee.

    In conclusion: Team Naeuriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Though I honestly still have no idea whom she loved and change my mind every five minutes.

    • Team Naeuri F4ver! And yes, I switched back and forth the entire drama, until after the tent scene (“let’s go away, to the mountains”, “you can have my body, but you can never have my heart”) that made me Team Naeuri for life.

      Lovelovelove Rebel Leader, but a girl has to choose, and I choose the man who loved her enough to put her first.

      I think she loved them both, for different reasons, and ultimately if she had known the truth, she could explain why she loved them, but the ending couldn’t have changed.

  3. HA JI WON played Chae Ohk like nobody’s business! She was awesome in that drama!!! And each time she called out Lee Seo Jin’s “Naeuri” – oh man! To this day, every time I want to watch a classic, I insert my Damo dvd. It’s also in my Top 10 and I don’t think there will be a day when it will leave that spot. Although after watching Secret Garden, I might just have to bump another drama from my Top 10.

    Hyun Bin + Ha Jin Won = AWESOME screen presence/chemistry!!!

    <3 them together!!!

  4. DAMO!!!!! Naeuri!!!! Oh the memories. They are so fond. I’m going to re-watch Damo on my holidays. Yes, thank you Secret Garden for re-lighting my fire.

  5. crap! I peed my pants!
    Damo is not leaving my top list as well. I just havent quite like any ‘saguek’ as viserally.

    Now I cant get head shush on….will we get a Suna cameo?! We owe JW some good strong womanly handling of his assholery behind.

  6. Oh my gosh..this so makes me want to rewatch Damo, but I really don’t think my heart can take it right now…just watching the MV made me tear up.
    The tent scene was what put me in Team Naeuri’s camp permanently also. I was already headed there, but that just closed the deal for me.
    Aaack! I need to switch gears here and think about something else, I can feel myself sinking into Damo melancholy already! Time to get up and go do some Christmas shopping I think, that should bring me back from the brink!

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