A Blast From Damo Past Makes a Cameo in Secret Garden

Calling all Damo Paeins (are you there, Ms. thunderbolt?). Do you have your Depends on? Are you sitting down? Do you have a weak consitution? Actually, if you are a Damo Paein – you have the opposite of a weak consitution, you are the strongest drama watcher out there. I salute you, since watching Damo made me so dehydrated by the end I could barely get out of bed. The tears, they taste so salty.

Kim Eun Sook is the Queen of the cameos, as she always gets very famous actors who’ve previously worked for her to cameo. In Secret Garden, we’ve already seen Song Yoon Ah and Lee Joon Hyuk show up, the former as herself, the latter as the asswipe movie star that broke up Seul and Oska. Kim Eun Sook is going meta-cameo on us next. Ha Ji Won‘s character in SG, Ra Im the stunt woman, will be cast as the stunt double for the character of Chae Ohk in the drama Damo. Continue reading

A Performance To Remember

Do you remember the drama and/or movie that made you fall in love with your favorite actors or actresses. … Continue reading