Taeyeon’s I Love You MV For Athena

This is the second MV off the Athena OST, and it’s also called I Love You (the first being Park Hyo Shin‘s song with the same name that was released back in August). They really are going to pound this into the ground, aren’t they? I relented and watched this MV, but have been avoiding all the extended trailers for Athena this past week.

Athena had a snazzy premiere last night in Seoul at a movie theater, where apparently the invited guests and cast and crew watched 80 minutes of the drama on the big screen. Talk about a splashy drama launch.

On a side note: now that I’ve released my pent up frustration with respect to the Mary Stayed Out All Night episode 10 preview, I’m done with my bitching. I adore this drama despite all its shortcomings, and even if the storytelling takes a nose dive in quality I’m still happy to watch it and enjoy the things in it that I love. I only watch what makes me happy, and every M&M scene makes me HAPPY, so it’s a win for me.

Speaking of wins – confund it, I love this MV and this song. Bring on the love story in the middle of a spy thriller – my Jung Woo Sung looks so damn fine I need someone to hold me upright lest I faint when I watch episode 1 of Athena on Monday.

Taeyeon’s I Love You MV for Athena:


If the YT video doesn’t play for you, you can watch it on Tudou: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/JaegWw3yAAY/

Here’s the song lyrics translation:

Is it passing away?
Is our love
A heartbreaking memory?
You are turning back
Is even tear not enough
To hold you back?
My Love~ I love you, I love you
Are you listening?
My Love~ Please don’t forget
Please don’t erase
Our love
Are my tears
Visible to you?
I long for you the whole day
Even the kiss
That made my heart beat faster
Seems to be memory now
My Love~ I love you, I love you
Are you listening?
My Love~ Please don’t forget
Please don’t erase
Our love
Everyday I love in longing
I live by longing
But where are you?
I’m so sorry
I’m sorry because I can’t forget you
My Love~ Please come back
Don’t leave
My side please

[Credit for English lyrics to SNSDlive at Youtube]


Taeyeon’s I Love You MV For Athena — 13 Comments

  1. O-M-G.

    I’ll be happy to hold you with my transcontinental arms but it will do little good as I am likely to be fainting myself.

    Btw, I watched the 6 min trailer and so very good! (OK, I was a huge IRIS fan so take it for what you will).

    Just not let it end as depressingly as every JWS movie…ever. Please.

    • I know lots of IRIS fans, and personally had I connected more with KTH and her character, I may have invested more rather than bailing.

      Let’s hold each other, okay? I have pledges from many drama chingus – we do NOT care if this drama sucks plot-wise. Nope, doesn’t matter. If the story is good, then we call that a bonus.

      I thought you’ve started a body count poll/tally already? This will likely end as depressingly as every JWS movie. Musa/Daisy/AMTR/The Restless…..

      Actually, TGTBTW ended just fine for my I Lub You! Yay there!

      • And Reign of Assassins ended well too. Let’s hope it’s a trend…

        I genuinely like KTH as an actress, which makes me rarer than a unicorn, I know.

        We can all hold each other in a gigantic weepy hug.

  2. I am excited about this. I tried to watch IRIS but hated (HATED) the two lead actors, for whatever reason, so didn’t make it past Episode 1. But I love the actor guy from City Hall (Cha Seung Won?) — and I can see the appeal of Jung Woo Sung. So I’m in. I don’t care about plot; I just want to be entertained!

  3. Love the picture on top! JWS and Su Ae looked so damn fine as couple, admired them as individual actors so I’ll be looking forward to be entertained starting next week..

    Athena’s production seems to be topnotch though can’t really compared it w/ anything since haven’t seen any kdrama with action/spy-thriller genre

  4. Hoooo boy!
    Luc Besson’s La Femme Nikita meets Casino Royale ..

    Two weeks ago, it was Jung who ? Two weeks later its the bends from a marathon that started with Reign of the Assassins (Who IS that messenger Man / Swordsman??), the Restless (@-@~~~ !), TheGoodTheBadTheWeird (Wha-a??), Daisy (beautiful, haunting, a visual and (especially) Aural (..that voice!!) overload..)..

    And Athena ? … oh heck Bring it On! :-}

  5. Is it just me? When I see Soo Ae, I think of Yoo Ji Tae. The resemblance is so uncanny… And while I think she’s hot, I just can’t imagine JWS bedding YJT. I don’t know, maybe its just me…

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