The Two Dancing Moon Geun Youngs

I remembered that Moon Geun Young has always been a good dancer (on par with Park Shin Hye, for an actress, that is). Which is why her kale bouquet worm wiggle dance in episode 8 of Mary Stayed Out All Night was that much more amusing. Presenting, side-by-side, video confirmation that the female Geun can bring it on the dance floor, and then bring it again on the acting floor to convince us thoroughly that she doesn’t have any innate rhythm. And that picture above is so very big, because she’s so dang gorgeous I think it’s a travesty to size-her down. She’s the text-book definition of a Pretty Baby.

Moon Geun Young Anycall CF 2006:


Mae Ri dancing to Take Care, My Bus in episode 8 of M3:


I’m back to psyching myself up for Monday’s M3 episode 10, partially because I adore this drama so much I’m actually quite happy to get ANY M3. It also doesn’t hurt that I can kinda sing along to “Take Care, My Bus” now.


The Two Dancing Moon Geun Youngs — 34 Comments

  1. If you have ever seen her in the movie with Park Gun-hyung … she does some slick ballroom dancing move there. Salsa, cha-cha, samba etc.

    Her voice could kind of jarring at times (to me) but otherwise = very sweet, romantic movie with neat dance moves. Anyone who hasn’t watched it yet … go check it out, if you haven’t.

  2. why is she so beautiful and talented?
    love her! whoever becomes her boyfriend/husband will have a lot of pressure to match 😀

  3. of course she can dance!!!….my particular favorite is the cha number she did at the end of innocent steps….[youtube=]

  4. wah, you’re right. She’s quite a dancer… which makes the dancing part in ep 8 so much more hilarious. I wonder if they have the bts for it… and how many NGs were there filming that scene lolz… ^o^

    Tomorrow is ep 10 and 11. Worried as I am, still I can’t wait to see it! ^O^

  5. Yeah I remember her movie innocent step,boy that little preety baby sure can dance.thats why when we saw her dance at take care my bus is amusting.only good dancer can pretend to do silly dance and when she make a wave move,that confirm me more.believe me,its hard to make that move.

  6. I am so proud of her,she’s can be a good actress and dancer also…good luck for her future maybe she can one of the legend someday…

  7. She can really move! and with such agility and smoothness in the steps she did! One talented girl….love her! WAtched innocent steps twice already…hehehe

  8. This is quite a surprise, loving her more!! talented and really cute to boot! 🙂 now, i can imagine her dancing SexyBack with JKS (who’s really totally cool dancing Sexyback in his FMs)..Woot!

    • True, JGS and MGY, they both dance damn well. Is there any clips of them two dancing together. I hope they will. From reel to real they are a match made in heaven. Be together already!!!

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