Previews for Episode 17 and 18 of Secret Garden

Whether you love Secret Garden, are indifferent about it, or flat out despise it (I have close drama friends who fall into each of these categories), this is one drama that pushes people’s opinion buttons. With only four episodes left, Kim Eun Sook has a chance to end on a high note, both ratings-wise and story-wise.

Preview for Episode 17 (with Eng subs):


Written Preview for Episode 18:

Having called Joo Won, Oska is plagued with an unknown sense of foreboding. Suddenly a lightning of a thought flashes through his head. With a sense of unease and uncertainty in his heart, Oska grabs his jacket and rushes out.

Seeing Joo Won and Director Lee together, Joo Won’s mom screams for the security to take Joo Won away. She tells security to restrain Joo Won and not to let him leave….

My Thoughts:

I think the plot spoiler which leaked last week was more on the money than not, in the sense that something bad is going to happen to Ra Im, and Joo Won will likely be involved in trying to stop it or protect her.

Regardless, I think SG will have a happy ending, one that will wrap up both sets of OTPs in a neat and tidy bow. I don’t get a sense that Kim Eun Sook wants to do a dark ending, or a WTF one like she pulled in Lovers in Paris. Secret Garden is her attempt at the subversive yet fully fairytale Cinderella Story.


Previews for Episode 17 and 18 of Secret Garden — 9 Comments

  1. The writer went on record saying that both OTPs will have a happy ending – she probably wants to avoid being bugged for the last couple of weeks of the drama.

    I have to say, whoever writes the text previews is – unusual. I literally laughed at “Suddenly a lightning of a thought flashes through his head.” Whaaaaat? I can fully understand that it’s a big occasion for darling dim Oska to have a major thought but surely this is a bit much 🙂

    Btw, I am in the “adore it to bits” camp.

  2. I don’t want it to be a sad ending, some people are saying it will be, but I chose to ignore it… I want it to be a nice, fairytale ending and not end in the Little Mermaid ending… it sort of breaks my heart that they’re both in love but they know each of them can’t be in it…
    The thing that always makes me mad about Korean shows is how everything is so connected, like My Girl, and some other ones, because it makes it seem unrealistic. But since this show is already very much unrealistic, it doesn’t bug me right now, and kind of interests me more.
    Can’t wait till the episodes come out, thanks for putting up the video!!

  3. I knew this is going to happen. KES always saves her angst on the latter part of the drama. And she brings it just like in City Hall.

  4. Im worried it has been rumoured from the beginning that it would be a sad ending, but maybe due to the popularity of the show the writter may have changed it.

    I still think there is a high possibility of a sad ending as Ha Ji Won has a things for picking interesting projects that dont often have the happy ending that everyone wishes for.

    A sad ending would explain the reason behind the body switch better i think. But i am sure like most i would love a happy ending for these two

  5. joo won is being little mermaid, he is going to a place where is raining and they will change again. he will change for ra im’s life. this is love..
    how romantic it is..
    but it will have happy ending, i am sure, i believe that.

  6. Unlike your average k drama addict, SG will rank higher on my list if it has a bad ending nonetheless I shall embrace a happy ending with a positive attitude 🙂

  7. If Joo Won is really serious about the body switch he should go and bring Ra Im to a tropical country where its always raining not to a South Korean countryside .

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