The Duo Holds it’s First Shoot for the Drama Poster

MBC’s upcoming sageuk drama The Duo held its shooting session for its poster yesterday, and the three leads Chun Jung Myung, Han Ji Hye, and Lee Sang Yoon were all dressed in their sageuk costumes for the first time. I totally want PIE’s hair to be in a mane of glory instead of tied up in a bun. But he has the requisite scruff, which makes me happy enough (for now). Plus he’s dressed in all black and wielding a big sword, which makes me incoherent.

I’m a teensy bit worried about the script since both PIE and the PD have expressed the opinion that they are unsure of whether this drama will be a traditional or fusion sageuk. Since the childhood portion has already been filmed, I hope the production settles on an approach sooner rather than later. For comparison’s sake, Iljimae is considered a fusion sageuk, and Return of Iljimae is considered a traditional sageuk, if I were to compare two similar themed productions.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of Baidu Chun Jung Myung bar]


The Duo Holds it’s First Shoot for the Drama Poster — 7 Comments

  1. Hee. PIE!

    Isn’t it…kinda worrisome they still don’t know if it’s a fusion or a traditional sageuk? o_O

    Re: Iljimae and Return of Iljimae. Dude, the only thing they have in common is that they’re both sageuks and okay, the story is about Iljimae but despite that…omg, soooo totally different. I’m on team RoI forever and ever! o/

    • I hope The Duo will be like RoI as well. But even if it’s fusion, as long as the show is decent, than that’s all that matters coz post-military PIE/CJM needs to be in a good drama stat.

  2. OK, got to ask – it’s been bugging me for weeks – why is he PIE? Is there some sort of allusion I am missing?

    I thought ROI was fusion too – it sure felt like it to me. But fusion or no, much much much better than the mess that was Iljimae.

  3. Haha, no, you’re not missing any allusion. I was there at the coining of the nickname PIE (I recollect it was Daheefanel or maybe nycgrl) but a bunch of us were drooling about him during the CU days. We were actually all group rewatching or watching for the first time Goodbye Solo, and one super late night spazz session later, he became known as PIE, all caps.

    It stemmed from us finding that he’s such a cutie pie, and then wanting slices of him, and then he was PIE. How this nickname that a few folks used become so widespread now is beyond me. The power of the Internet and PIE love, I reckon. 🙂

  4. Oh I will be waiting for this drama..wont put too much hope so that I wont be big disappoint it turns out not that epic…kinda let that happen with My princess and turn out it beyond my expectation..
    PIE so cute there…although that beard he have kinda annoying….

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