First Peek at Jang Hyuk in the Upcoming Drama Midas

Yay, it’s a first peek at Hyukkie back on the small screen after his career-topping performance in Chuno a year ago. The first behind-the-scene stills from SBS’s upcoming drama Midas has leaked out. Midas will follow Athena: Goddess of War on Mon-Tues, and stars Jang Hyuk, Lee Min Jung, Kim Hee Ae, and hot rising actor No Min Woo.

I’ve read the synopsis and the character descriptions, and it looks to be a heavy hitting drama with the themes of greed, ambition, betrayal, and revenge. The screenwriter did All In and Gourmet, among his more high profile works, and the PD last helmed Tazza (oh lord help me).

Normally any drama of Hyuk’s will have me salivating with want, but the combination of a writing-directing tandem that I have serious problems with based on all their works I have seen, as well as a leading lady that is one of the few rising stars I really cannot stand, I’m really hesitant and ambivalent about this drama.

I’ll of course still watch it, and hope that all my worries were for naught. I pray the drama has an intelligent and gripping story, with a confident execution, and that Lee Min Jung has chemistry with Hyuk and tones down her I’m-so-bubbly-watch-me-pout tendencies.

For whatever reason, character-driven or personal, but Hyuk looks really tired and skinny in these pics. Hyuk escaped the clutches of Kim Eun Sook when he left Secret Garden (leaving my poor Binnie to emaciate himself for her pointless character whims), and I hope this production doesn’t overtax him and require that he push himself to the limit to portray a public prosecutor-turned-driven-man-on-a-mission.

I’m also not sure about his red-hair. The red hair, plus a leading lady with the tendency to be cutesy and over-emote, is totally giving me flashbacks to the screechy camp that was Successful Story of a Bright Girl. Anytime I have a flashback to anything that starred Jang Nara, it is not a good sign. Take care of yourself during filming, you hear, Hyuk!

[Credit: all pictures from Baidu Jang Hyuk bar]


First Peek at Jang Hyuk in the Upcoming Drama Midas — 19 Comments

  1. oh No Min Woo will be in this too??….i wasnt vowed by MGIAG but he totally had me in Rock Rock Rock….damn….why does another one of my favorite up and commers have to be in this?….now i may have to catch an episode or two of this for a glimpse of him

    • Everyone has been raving about NMW in Rock, Rock, Rock, even die-hard drama vets who found him stiffer than a cadaver in MGiaG (also my sentiments). He’s apparently channeling his inner rock star demons and absolutely riveting to watch in it. I need to watch!

      • i’d suggest to know Boohwal before you do cuz tis more interesting if u know something about them….but No Min Woo certainly did much better here than in MGIAG

  2. All those people aside, you typed three magic words. No Min Woo. I have been waiting to see him in something since MGIAG. His last project (Rock Rock Rock) has not been available for me to watch but I truly believe he is talented and has charisma oozing out of him. Even though he is not the lead, I would watch this for him since it is the only reason I watched Pasta.
    Yes I love rock singers but that song (Trap) from MGIAG is a song I listen to every night. I don’t speak Korean but I can almost sing the whole thing.
    Thank you for happy news.

    • If you love NMW, you should try to watch Rock, Rock, Rock without subs if that is all you can find. Apparently he’s spectacular in it, blowing many of my drama friends away who thought he was simply part of the scenary in MGiaG (very pretty scenary, albeit). Boy can act!

      I’ve been meaning to watch RRR myself, just haven’t found the time to sit down and enjoy it in one sitting. Soon…. Depending on how well Midas does, and how well he acts opposite a heavy-weight like Jang Hyuk (who eats pretty boys for breakfast), NMW is about 1 or 2 dramas away from getting a leading man role. Mark my words, not if, only a matter of when.

      • Dude, he’s AWESOME in RRR. Like, I can’t even explain just how good he is. I have yet to finish the whole thing because of time constraints and MP madness, but oh.So.Good. It was like watching another actor: I really couldn’t believe it was the same guy of Pasta and MGIAG.

        I was going to skip Midas even though I do love Hyukkie (gah, the premise! The writer! The writer! D: ), but I’m seriously tempted now. For No Min-woo.

  3. What catch me is No Min Woo.can he be more love?haven’t watch rock rock..where can I find it with MF file?me want to rock with him.
    hyuk looks old and skinny..poor oppa.hope this drama wont be dissapointed..
    is there something wrong with jang nara?

  4. Now the question is, will NMW go back to being a beautiful plank of wood a la MGIAG, or will he keep up the awesome from RRR (which I STILL HAVEN’T SEEN)? I hope it’s the latter.. He’s so, SO pretty, it’d be a waste if he ended up like your Hand Towel Oppa. *ducks*

    And I’m amused at how many people are wondering why you don’t like Jang Nara. No worries, I don’t like her either.

    • I really, really, really hope he keeps up with the awesome. *crosses fingers*

      Hand Towel Oppa, Kender? SSH? Because if it’s him, man, how I changed my opinion of him with only 3 eps of MP. He can emote! The mind, it’s STILL boggling.

      And I’m amused at how many people are wondering why you don’t like Jang Nara.
      HAHAHA. But we know why! 😉

  5. *has flashbacks to Successful Girl/Jang Hyuk’s orange hair/Jang Nara in general and shudders*
    At least his hair is an auburn color and not orange!

    But yeah he does look skinny and tired and I’m not really anticpating this drama to be anything noteworthy but stranger things have happened I guess! I really am curious what Secret Garden would have been like with Jang Hyuk as the lead. Can you imagine him in those tracksuits?!

    • I just noticed how the assistant is making sure all of Jang Hyuk’s luscious locks are all perfectly placed in that first photo!

      • I wonder what kind of shampoo he uses? 🙂
        You need to help a bro out and fix his hair in that last pic because there is a piece standing up in the back! OH MY

  6. I know it isn’t a No Min Woo blog but had to let you know that although a very painful story to watch, I think he did a first rate job acting and I even went on YouTube to watch the real Kim Tae-won.
    NMW headed for stardom.
    Long live Rock!

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