Midas Releases “Message of Love” MV Performed by No Min Woo

I totally lost interest in Midas during the second half, and really its for no other reason than ultimately the story didn’t interest me. The acting was good, directing was excellent, a great OST – all in all a solid K-drama. I will probably watch it all in one sitting after this currrent drama glut ends. Another reason I had a hard time watching Midas was because it really upset me to see No Min Woo go method for this role (even though Jang Hyuk always goes method for all his roles) because it required him to starve himself for months to waste away on screen in sync with his character succumbing to his illness.

That was too hard for me to watch, and now I just want someone to feed this beautiful and talented boy. His character Myung Joon, was a talented musician, and played the piano and sang a song for his beloved Jung Yeon. The song is called “Message of Love”, and Midas released a MV to accompany the single off the OST. Have a listen and a watch. The song is utterly breathtaking, all the more so because No Min Woo the singer is perhaps my favorite No Min Woo incarnation (so far). As an actor, he continues to improve. Continue reading