A Look at Son Ye Jin’s Cameo on Secret Garden

The best part of the finale episode of Secret Garden for me was Son Ye Jin’s totally random but utterly adorable cameo. If this means she’s next on the hit list for a Kim Eun Sook drama, so be it. I keep reminding myself, I love City Hall, and enjoyed On Air. It can be a win-win situation.

What was so winning about Son Ye Jin’s cameo was that she played herself, top-star Son Ye Jin, but had such a wry sense of humor, an unflappable calm, and totally loved teasing Director-nim (played by Philip Lee). There’s really no point in this post, other than I loved how gorgeous Ye Jin looked in her scene, and I thought it was super cute to stick a post of Ye Jin right next to a post about My Princess with a picture of my Heon oppa.

Son Ye Jin and Song Seung Heon were the lovers in Summer Scent, the third Seasons drama. As stupid as the drama was, I still feel that it was the most well-made of all the Seasons dramas, but not nearly as cracktastic as Winter Sonata. What really kills my SS re-watch ability is always how fugly they made Song Seung Heon in the drama, but conversely I guess the stylist went overboard with making Son Ye Jin actually glow like a firefly she was so pretty. Just by looks alone, they make me grin like a loony from too much gorgeous side-by-side.

Personal Taste will probably go down as Son Ye Jin’s worst drama – in terms of performance and story. I’m looking forward to seeing her back on the small screen, hopefully early 2012. I just realized that Ye Jin has the necessary acting chops, but she’s not done a sageuk since Daemang. Hhhmmm, the possibilities of Ye Jin doing a sageuk next….


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  1. Daemang wasn’t a sageuk? as far as I know it was with Jang Hyuk, Lee Yo Won and Jo Hyun Jae

    I loved Personal taste to bits ( I still listen the OST and swoon)

    • OH MY LORD, I’ve watched Daemang and totally forgot – but you can’t blame me since her character disappeared like halfway through. Still, I need to amend what I wrote above. Thanks, Leona!

  2. OMG! I TOTALLY agree with your post! I first noticed SYJ on Summer Scent because I remember thinking that she was absolutely gorgeous. Which, in Koreandrama land actually means something because so many of the leading actresses are made to look very beautiful. Maybe not so much now, but back when Summer Scent aired, I was used to seeing only beautiful people on the screen. When I realized that she was going to be in Personal Taste (along with Lee Minho), I thought that the drama would be a winner, or at the very least, a real eye pleaser. However, I was disappointed in the drama in soooo many ways. I LOVE how SYJ looks in her cameo on Secret Garden. Absolutely gorgeous.

    It’s actually kinda funny bc My Princess is the first Kim Tae Hee drama that I am watching and when I first saw her, she reminded me so much of SYJ in Personal Taste. And I know that many think that Kim Tae Hee is the Korea’s beauty queen, but I thought that SYJ was waaaaay prettier, even in Personal Taste. But the stills from her cameo in Seret Garden just prove that she is really is waaaay prettier.

    • Both KTH and SYJ are really pretty in their own way. Both are natural beauties… Only thing that separates them is that SYJ faired better in terms of acting chops. Try her in April Snow with Bae Yong Joon.. thought she was fantastic there, as least to me…
      KTH is not far behind now that she realised that her forte is in rom-coms. She was queen of CFs for past few years so much so that the critics were unsure whether she could act at all! Hope she’s back for good..

    • Summer Scent was the first K Drama I watched, ot was still one of the best ever, SYJ is a superb actress, check out Classic, Alone in Love, April Snow, and Mpment to Moment

      Personal Preference is a terrible Drama for her, they used her to promote Lee MIn Ho, what a waste!!!

  3. Son was soooooo pretty here…but also sophisticated…it was a relief seing her here like this after PT….i do wish she’d do a sageuk….to me this was one of the better parts of SG’s ending though i did wonder if Kim Eun Sook completely forgot about the potential pairing between the Director Im and Joo Won’s sis that she introduced somewhere in the middle of the series and then never mentioned it again….or was it just me being delusional and coming to random conclusions….anyways…..it seems like SG has a rabid fanbase among Kcelebs too as i’ve been seeing plenty of news about so an so talking about how they are obsessed with the show

  4. Ah, my girl crush Son Ye-jin! Loved her first in The Classic, then stuck with Summer Scent because she, the scenery, & the OST were very nice, cried through A Moment to Remember, didn’t recognize her in The Art of Seduction, and found her cute in Personal Taste (but I still hate the last 2 episodes). I actually replayed this scene the most in SG because she’s so radiant.

  5. I’ve only seen her on The Classic and I didn’t understand this scene on SG at all actually. They switched potential gf’s for the producer/director…

    I lost taste for Personal Taste after a few episodes. Frankly, I think flower boy transitioned to another drama too soon after his explosive debut with F4.

    I’m still learning the Who’s Who of Korean dramas; so, thank you for always adding backgrounds on the actors.

  6. Thanks for dedicating a blog post to SYJ’s cameo, ockoala!

    Man, how can someone be so fraking gorgeous and talented?!

    Btw, have you seen Alone in Love yet?

  7. I love Personal Preference. Son Ye Jin did a good job in this comedy. She made me laughed and cried. Lee Man Ho was okay in his acting, not bad for someone trying to act as a grow man after being a cute boy in Boys over Flowers.

    Son Ye Jin cannot always act like a young lady. She is in the process of becoming a more mature woman. She needs to expand her acting skills, not just depend on her beautiful face.

    • You should try ‘Alone in Love’ (2006). I totally loved her in that drama, so vulnerable and strong personality at the same time. She also got Baeksang award for best leading actress in that role.

    • Have you try to watch some of her movies like Open City, White Night, April Snow, My Wife Got Married to name a few… If not i suggest for you to watch it and you could see how she’s not just a beauty. She even got an awards from some of those movies… She’s the most versatile Korean actress that i’ve ever seen so far.. We’ll that’s my opinion.. (peace) :lol

      • agree .. she was fantastic in My Wife Got Married. She is my favourite K actress. The only one that is talented + beautiful.

  8. Woot! Love SYJ very much! A versatile actress. watch all her movies and you’ll know that she is a damn good actress! love her best in a moment to remember and The Classic

  9. Sorry to disagree. Son Ye Jin is a very good actress, please watch Alone in Love – her acting there was really great that you would forget she is Son Ye Jin and just be absorbed with the character Eun Ho.
    Personal Taste is a romantic-comedy so there’s not so much drama, but I think she did justice on the role she was given.
    Son Ye Jin’s got the talent which I believe will bring her more acting awards in the future if given a good project, and not to mention her fantastic looks which will make you love her even more.

  10. I watched Personal Taste drama for Lee min ho.. n then became a big fan of Son ye jin. They both acted very well and njoyed personal taste very much.. So many people said that Personal Taste disappointed them. I think it might be due to their high expectations. If we watch it without knowing any thing about the actors n their previous dramas, that drama will be in best Kdrama list, just like mine.. anyway SYJ she is the best korean actress in both looks and acting, at least for me 🙂

  11. I guess the reason why some of us here dont really appreciate Personal Taste, Probably because SYJ downplayed her beauty here….which was too different from her other dramas/ movie..But personally O LOVE Personal Taste.. Its one of the dramas that shows the ” dorkeness ” and true nature of SYJs comedic side. Shes just AWESOME…. beauty and acting wise.. and NO PRETENSE in her bones…

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