A Look at Son Ye Jin’s Cameo on Secret Garden

The best part of the finale episode of Secret Garden for me was Son Ye Jin’s totally random but utterly adorable cameo. If this means she’s next on the hit list for a Kim Eun Sook drama, so be it. I keep reminding myself, I love City Hall, and enjoyed On Air. It can be a win-win situation.

What was so winning about Son Ye Jin’s cameo was that she played herself, top-star Son Ye Jin, but had such a wry sense of humor, an unflappable calm, and totally loved teasing Director-nim (played by Philip Lee). There’s really no point in this post, other than I loved how gorgeous Ye Jin looked in her scene, and I thought it was super cute to stick a post of Ye Jin right next to a post about My Princess with a picture of my Heon oppa. Continue reading

A Performance To Remember

Do you remember the drama and/or movie that made you fall in love with your favorite actors or actresses. … Continue reading