Part III of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok in Summer’s Desire

I think both Jang Geun Seok and Moon Geun Young are trying to kill me. Slowly. With their brand of potent onscreen chemistry and now their continued adorable wink-winks at each other. Jang Geun Seok posted an updated on his cyworld yesterday that started off with “A romance has started” and then followed by a “just kidding!”. You are such a tease, Seok.

Moon Geun Young followed today by updating her cyworld – and changing her background song selections to two Beethoven tracks off the Beethoven Virus OST. She also wrote – when people have the same dream, that dream will be sure to come true. Are you kidding me! You two better stop cyber-flirting in plain sight. Either that, or I am seriously hallucinating Geun-Geun love where there is none. Either way, I’m here to bring Part III of zitalei’s masterpiece creation of the Geuns plus Lee Min Ho in Summer’s Desire.

[Credit: all pictures created by zitalei at Baidu Moon Geun Young bar]


Part III of Moon Geun Young and Jang Geun Seok in Summer’s Desire — 97 Comments

  1. I read about that in the middle of the night last night and squeed all by myself. I think we need to notify everyone and start a group dreaming session (just to make sure we don’t mess it up and it’s the EXACT same dream) and then write a letter to Miss Moon requesting she fulfill the promise she just made to us. I can’t take this anymore, I really am trying to recover from this obsession. They need to just openly date so I can die in peace (or get back to my neglected real life).

  2. “You two better stop cyber-flirting in plain sight. Either that, or I am seriously hallucinating Geun-Geun love where there is none.”
    exactly!!!! i really don’t think you’re hallucinating. these 2 are just playing with our feelings!!!
    btw summer’s desire part 3 is The Best. zitalei is awesome!!!

  3. OCKoala- I have a question. Do you know if we’ll be able to see the sukbar translations (of his messages) at his cri-j board if we’re a fan club member? Or do we have to join something over on baidu as well? I am all confused. Thanks!!!

    • hey LD, if i’m not wrong, you have to join cri-j and apparently, suk bar will post their translations on cri-j board instead.. so no more getting free information and translations for me 🙁

      • Thanks, moom. I was just wondering if once you’re activated member of cri-j (as his official fan club member) can you see the sukbar translations? Or are those still locked and require a separate registration via sukbar? That’s what I’m trying to figure out. His site is really not easy to navigate.

  4. OMG. Our fav couple just won’t stop teasing us!! Thanks ockoala for this news and to zitalei’s fabulous art.

    @LizzyD, please sign me up for that dreaming session…I’d be willing to take the rest of week off from work to participate in that session. 😉

    Go Geun-Guen!

  5. I’m signing up for the dreaming session…inviting myself 🙂 can Koala be feeding our Geuns obsession…lol Thanks you guys i’m just dying here myself from all the beautiful artwork Koala always seems to find and share with the rest of us, well thanks to zitalei such talent!!

  6. And the game just begin..I don’t think they trying to tease us by flirting….hua this is so fast.I don’t think we need 6month to hear good news like binnie-SGH or a year like other couple.hold your breath for the big (not so)big surprice news from geun2 guys..because where else they can express their overwhelming feeling beside their blog,they want to just sent the invitation to their romance life but something holding up..ah you know his sukhye fans etc…esp JKS don’t want his precious MGY to be hurt or blame when he do really shout it out to the world GEUN YOUNG AH SARANGHE in his upcoming live with his new album,maybe during MOON song?and our MGY is there to watch that live..tee hehe…I don’t think any other candidate beside MGY in JKS hint of words in intrvw/blog..really I love MR?Really how long can actor will be into his role after the drama is done?“a romance is begin”can anyone tell who is close to him right now that sparkle a romantic aura?you were blind if you don’t see it,romantic chemisty in m3,btc,glory of KBS awards and obvious hint of both blog.ahh so damn obvious they drop their hints.just waiting for the right time..if it happen both dedicate to other that geun so be it because their life and happy when they happy but deep down I want to start my boat ready to the destiny of beach party of geun2 as new couple celebration..I have made the invitation.who wants it?

    • Me Me me!! Since occasion like this will be snapped up quickly, would gladly fill up application form to apply for invite to reserve a seat!! he he he…

  7. omg i didn’t know about their new cyworld updates. That’s like…you’re not hallucinating. If they’re not openly flirting, they’re really, really, reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good friends.

    Great pics, as usual

  8. Oh my heart! I can just die from this news….dont wake me up from this dream…

    Something definite is cooking between these two. Sukkie is known to be a tease but he has never been this forward as to start his own gossip. And even though I have never followed GY before, I doubt if she likes to publish stuff which would set tongues wagging… How much of a coincidence can it be that they both indicate on their cyworld a possible brewing romance and GY having those tracks from BV?

    Let us continue dreaming about this gorgeous couple and wake me up when it’s time to receive
    the little Geunnie…

  9. Hmmm. I think these two might be testing the tasting the water first, seeing how their fans would react if they do date. But seriously, I believe something is really brewing between Moon & JGS.

  10. I agree with koala and lizzy..they better to save our world by openly saying they’re dating or let us back to the real world in one piece

  11. hahahahaha….somebody plz stop me laughing…. No, don’t stop me! You two surely know how to make ahjumma wild with Joy! I knew about MGY’s ‘have same dream’ msg but didnt knw ‘Romance has started…sike! ‘ post. Flirt, flirt boy, flirt you to the moon!!!!

  12. OMO hot hot, sukkie’s shower scene, which secretly i have in my cellphone is publish here, lol. so dying to get the translation, someone pls help do the translation since i cant speak korean nor chinese.
    he should stop teasing us … cmon announce who is your love, boy !!!
    i am sure i wont get my life back (spank his butt) you naughty boy

  13. Is it just me or would you all be disappointed if they or he loved someone else?
    I know it sounds childish but I would actually be angry I think even though it is their happiness that is important. Anyway Lee Min Ho attended the same premiere MGY went to wearing (I believe) the same scarf that JKS was wearing at the airport.
    Would he really lose fans if it turns out to be true? It seems to me that HB hasn’t lost fans.
    I think they are playing with our feelings. BTW, the two classical pieces had more to do with the Venezuelan children performing them and the the “the reality” part is a documentary titled “El Sistema” about impoverished children of Venezuela.
    Translation. The System.

    • RM, I will be glad if either of both find someone for themselves, be it with each other or not.. they deserve to be happy 🙂

      aww..the part abt the venezuelan children.. MGY is such a great girl.. As for us shippers, well we can dream can’t we? Thanks RM for ‘ grounding’ me

      I always appreciate a reality check so that my ‘couple shipping’ does not go all crazy

      • mysin, lol idk, if they read it they might think these ajuhmas are creative writter and they might hire us to write their drama. ameen

      • Who knows… maybe we can moonlight as scriptwriters Oh! this applies ONLY to ahjummas who truly embrace life like we embrace the cutie boy!!! 3 cheers…. [giving out free forms… registration to Ahjumma scriptwriting club!!!] good day to all…

      • LOL………. cheers… to u all too gals… u all do surely can become a great scriptwriters (especially for d’geuns)… an imaginary-scriptwriter-in-a dream-world, wait… thats spielberg’s company…
        well, then maybe… we’re not dreaming at all… yeeeey…

  14. Oops, I meant MGY was wearing the scarf not LMH.
    I wanted to add that MGY is all about the welfare of children in poverty. Everything she does is about a charity cause for children. LizzyD, don’t hate me cause I really love him but he is just working on his career and I need to see him and get out there for charity work like all the other Hallyu stars and Kpop stars. KHY was pictured recently handing out coal for heating in a poor neighborhood of Seoul. I don’t like that actor/singer anymore but Charity is so damn sexy.

    • Oh my really?maybe sukkie gave it to her and she think people wont notice she wearing the same scraft.
      yes,I do think so,someone esp artist/actor do charity add their beautiful&sexy soul and if our wish come true that they love each other,Jks really cherrish MGY then he will eventually get influence by her and start to put his heart into charrity and that would be wonderful,gorgeus and beautiful in and outside couple of all times

      • Totally agree with both. MGY had rock solid foundation in that, thanks to her grandma.. she was cultured from a young age on charitable acts. Wise men sez “”IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO TAKE”” Let’s hope that the boy will learn the positive of life from his girl..[being able to give back]
        YES… Charity is SO cool..

    • Hi rory’s mom,

      First, just want to tell ya that I always read your posts and love your passion for our favorite Geun-Geun couple. I hope it’s okay for me to chime in regarding JGS – whether or not he does charitables works. I do not know the answer to this, but I heard from the Sports world that some celebrities do charitable works anonymously. So, maybe JGS does the same…

      About MGY’s charitable works, yeah I agree, she is so admirable! I wish her continued success and generosity.

      Cheers to all Geun-Geun fans!

    • the best part abt MGY doing charity is she does it in secret usually, like donating money in her mum’s name.. the cynical part of me thinks that many others are seen doing it for publicity purposes.. usu arranged and ‘publicised’ by their management companies..

      • RM, I think JKS did do the photoshoot for the orphans recently and some other stuff some time ago, can’t remember now .. if i’m not wrong, he runs his own tiny management agency.. so he does not have all the support and publicity connections the other huge agencies have.. besides, i’m not sure he has that much money if he is paying all his staff..compared to MGY 😛

      • Yes she did it under her mother’s name and the charities posted her name anyway on their year end donation list, probably for some publicity. And then she got bashed for it. So I don’t blame them for doing it truly anonymously. It bugs me that the some of the bigger stars have to do it in private because of the potential negative publicity they may receive. My reasoning is that even if they are insincere, it still raises awareness and publicity for that charity/cause, which is a good thing. Why make it so hard for everyone involved?

  15. Omo omo these two ♥

    Regardless of whether these ambiguous allusions are misinterpreted or not, this little piece of news made my GeunGeun-tinted heart squee with delight. The fact that MGY blatantly used JGS’ drama OST is so adorable, notwithstanding her real intention of using it. Surely she may have liked the drama as well, no? I think MGY and JGY are very much aware of each other’s works all this while…she did say that she watched his dramas and films and JGS even teased her by making a pun about her CFs. Cute!

    And what is this I hear about JGS’ suspicious “A romance has started” message having some cryptic indecipherable words in it? Or is that just a joke to drive us all crazier?

    Also, about the scarf – I think the piece of garment on JGS that looked similar to MGY’s scarf was his turtleneck sweater, I don’t think it was a scarf. Leopard print garments are so JGS’ cup of tea though, so who knows, he may have gotten the scarf for her, haha! Regardless, I absolutely adore what MGY wore to the premiere, that is so my style and she was glowing ♥

  16. dear chingu,
    are u guys already seen JGS’s song black engine????truly,i don’t like the last part of that song..just feel like jgs cheat on mgy….arggghhhhh geuns just mike me out of my mind……
    it will be nice if they declare that their in love each other so i will back 2 a normal life….
    btw, it would be amazing if jgs,mgy n lmh pair 2gether in 1 project…it would be rock my mind…….
    @ockoala, can’t wait 4 another news ’bout our lovely couple…

      • the kiss scene of jgs n phs at the last…make me scream…..
        no, can’t take it anymore…plis bring my normal life back…

      • Aw.don’t you read that JKS said he never want to get married because thats what his mom wants meaning that he only wants MGY.he said that because he doesn’t want to hurt PSH and sukhye relax

    • hahaha…u’re rock…….hope just like what u said…
      sorry, my wrong, i mean psh (a.k.a park shin hye)…..
      btw, do u also read news bout jgs in japan????? when the journalist asked him, between Park Shin hye and Moon Geun Young who will he choose, and the answer just killing me…..WTF hell??????

      • he choseed mgy as his girlfrien coz it’s fun, they have same age but then his also chossed psh as his wife????? what the heck….the answer just pissed me off….why i turned like this????this is my first time being unbelievble crazy ’bout that things….geuns just make sound weird ha???? i want my normal life….

  17. @ Rory’s Mom- are you asking if we’d be mad if he’s dating someone else and announces it? If he doesn’t announce it, I’m free to continue my Geun-Geun spazzing. 😛 If he does announce it, then I’d wish him the best. At the end of the day, all we can expect of and from them is what they produce for us on the public arena. They are free to choose their own personal lives. I do agree that charity work is nice, but I generally feel that it’s done for publicity reasons anyway. Although the charity work does enhance a star’s image, I don’t think it’s necessary a reflection of them as person. They may be doing things off camera that we don’t know about. MGY has a special background and upbringing that leads her to be very involved in these things. I don’t think there are many stars (or people) out there like her.

  18. Yes, absolutely true that a lot of stars do it for publicity just like in Hollywood. That is why I mentioned KHY cause I got that vibe. I am not an easy fan and by that I mean, show me your worth and I will follow you. Every once in a while I forget how rich these two are but people around me remind me. JKS is a very wealthy man and J-Tree is a multi-million corp. I Google everything. Yes, JKS does secret charity work, of this I am sure.
    South Korea is about “honor” and love of country (just like us on the love of country) and I think he would be loved more by all those older folk in SK if he did more. His popularity in SK has to improve.
    I visit a lot of Asian newspaper sites (my family thinks I am crazy) and read the entertainment pages to learn if he is mentioned and what I see is that he is more popular elsewhere than in his own country which bothers him. I saw that on a twitter post. I want him to be more popular in South Korea.
    BTW, I already told my daughter she has to marry a South Korean, I will not be happy otherwise. LOL. We are not Asian.

  19. I freaking love these geun-geun photoshop montages. heck, one of them is even my desktop wallpaper! It’s going to be a long road for me to kick off this geun-geun adoration, but that is fine by me! 😀

  20. my jaw dropped since the first hugging without drama script at KBS award. I suspected them since then. Love them and wish they are happy. I know many fans may self-fish and jealous. I don’t think they are good fans. Good fans always support their idols, no mater what they do or are. Fighting!! Guen-Guen

  21. I’ll die if Geun-Geun never happens. Then again, I’ll probably die if it does. Wah, they’re just so freaking perfect for eachother!!!

  22. ” The romance has started” or ” Love Beegin” as translated by some…..while MGY was scribbling away with dreams & reality story etc etc…

    So, are they flirting online or JGS just teasing to his hype up fans like us, with his “Just kidding” ? Well in my humble opinion its neither!!! Hehe..Its just a post effect of a guy who’s bursting with happiness…Now if he wants to flirt, dun you think he’ll just use the phone, texting or whatever…I’m sure if he’s crazy abt sumone he’ll find a way to get her number…if he’s just teasing fans, did he ever do the same thing after his high rocketing popularity in YB? Surely he’s fully aware his Sukhye fans were rooting for them to be for real…did he made any response to that? No rite? After the drama was over he made it clear that there was nothing between them except friendship & he thinks of her as a sister the most…he even made a clear stmt that though they went out for drinks, he was never alone with her…they only hang out in groups, which I believe together with the other 2 Anjell members…in another word he’s as close to her as he is to the boys & nothing more…

    But now with this kind of mushy messges? Is it even his style? So my bet again, the boy is in love!!! you know the kind that starts missing his gf rite after he sent her home..come home…turn on his computer…nothing on his mind except her…wanted to tell the world he’s in love…so type out a few mushy words…yet still sober enuf to know with his status he cant outright say it out until on their wedding type out the word “just kidding” …..I mean we did this too from time to time rite…There’s sumthing we want to share but not ready to share…so usually we started to talk abt it but end saying “Oh, nothing” or “Just kidding”…

    As for the girl…if he did this at any other times may be I can believe it can be anyone beside MGY…but as it happen at this point of time, I dun think there’s any other girl in his head rite now except MGY…I mean, just look at his action towards MGY during the KBS…if a guy who’s in love with a girl, actor or not he cudnt have been attentive towards another girl the way JGS did that night…he’s been to awards with his costars before but has he ever acted this attentive with any of them…sure he goof around with them, he playfully push HJW on stage that she almost stumble on the actor on her other side, that she had to bow an apology to the guy…this JGS? Talk abt awards show I notice he was quite aloof with PSH during the SBS awards..beside the ‘fan service-like hug he gave her at the end of the ceremony he hardly had any interactions with her…I’m sure if he did, there’d a lot of fancams on them…but none…of cos he was the MC but he can still joke with her while prensenting the bouquet rite…but he ddint…cud it be becos MGY was there too?

    Anyway, the KBS awards wasnt scripted…and nor was it to promote MSOAN since it has ended airing…he didnt have to act like MGY’s bf/date that nite but he did…Micky Yoochun is noted as a ladies man, and he is quite friendly with his costar PMY, yet he wasnt half attentive as JGS fact Micky wasnt attentive at all …therefore if there is indeed another girl beside MGY that nite, I’m sure he’d be dump by new year!

    You’re not happy becos he choose PSH as ‘wifely’ type & MGY as ‘gf’ type? Why? Given this situation when the host was asking a direct question to choose between MGY & PSH how else can he answer…he cant choose MGY bluntly, he has to think abt his Sukhie fans too…he has to think abt PSH’s pride as well as MGY’s safety & career too…and he cant choose PSH for the same reason…only I wud add (for my own saticfaction) especially becos he has feeling for MGY…

    But he still answer the question wisely…the truth hidden between the words…PSH for wife…MGY for gf….now think abt it, how can a girl becomes a wife if the guy has no interest to even make her his gf? Becos by end of the day almost every guy wud end up marrying their gf…their gf might chg from time to time until they find the rite one but still its going to be the one he’s attracted to that he’s dating & make her his gf before marrying her…or as the current Korean celebrity trend…dating secretly…baby on the way…marry the gf…so again to me if he’s attracted to a woman or has romantic interest in her, it will be his ‘gf’ type but if he has no romantic interest it’ll be the ‘wifely’ type…its just a polite way of saying, “She has all the good qualities but I’m not interested to date her”…afterall even an old married ahjuma like me want my husband to see me as his hot gf, not his boring wife…haha…see what I mean?

    So at the premier MGY has done with her red scarf & go with the gey & black design huh? And JGS seems to have gotten over his flamboyant colours now huh… to also wear black & gray…hmmm interesting…MGY was wearing all black to finsih with grey & black scrf while JGS looked like he wore all black except his black & grey top & I think he’s wearing a black scarf…their color coordination are totally in sync…I mean why grey? why not red or pink or green? I’m sure all other colours are popular too but specifally grey with black design?

    • Oh come you put it with right makes me believe thats the truth!I just want that suhye fans see that and accept it that MGY way better and JKS loves her.

      • you’re only seeing what you want to see. read other pages like geunshin so you will understand why the hype for JGS and PSH. dream on…

      • Erika & lxandra,

        Don’t be fooled by JGS words and actions. JGS is so popular that he likes to create news with his lead actress. This year he acted in Love Rain’ and now his fan are pairing Yonna with JGS as the perfect match.

    • @ Ixandra, I totally agree with you. Whilst the pictures were taken separately on individual occassions, if we were to put the both of them together, JGS (at airport) will look PERFECTLY matched with MGY (at movie premier). How can there be such PERFECT coordination? Amazing and Wonderful at the same time, isn’t it? Our GeunGuens must be in LOVE!!!

      • Same same.. Keep the detailed analysis coming…. you have our most loyal support…

  23. Diun laugh…just want to share this caps..a bit annoyed that ppl still making a big deal abt how hot JGS kiss PSH over MGY..saying that a drama is scripted & a cf not? Huh?? I have involve in making tv cf before…for a cf they even give you a drawn pictures on what & how you have to do the scene!!! Not like you can simply do your adlibs in a cf, like when filming a drama/movie…they’re selling product, the marketing company people are the ‘king’ there..even the director has no say in their concept…

    Anyway look closely at the position of their lips…now tell me which is more of a real kiss & the one that is more scripted…
    the arrow pointed in the 1st caps are the position of PSH & JGS lips respectively..while the bottom caps, well their lips ‘intergrated’ with each other so I can only circle their lips position…

    Anyway, the Etude cf was done way before YB, and JGS didnt know PSH well yet, therefore no feeling was involve there..yes they became friends & keep in touch after that but then again JGS has many celebrity friends including SNSD Tiffany which he freely call her on YB set to show off his cross dressing as an idol female groups, flaunting that he looks better than her…and during YB, his kiss wasnt pssionate at all that the director has him to do a retake telling him to make the kiss looks more real..I think at fist he didnt even touch her lips..but after he touch lightly….that’s the director didnt focus on their lips much, more on the back of their head…Even the 1st kiss in M3 was more intimate than YB…I think the 1st time he did, the kiss was more than just a peck, that’s why they were teased but becos the 1st kiss wasnt suppose to be a real kiss…it was just for a show..but watching the bts, JGS’s head & lips were really moving like he was kissing her fore real but that part was edited in the finish scene…I think that’s why he was so embarras after the kiss…

    • Auwww auww auwww….

      You know i really love ya Ixandra dear…

      Amazing! awesomeness… I love how u observe the things, the act, the pose etc etc between these two geuns… keep them coming. Cause we love reading your comments =)…

    • Ixandra, u r a great analyst. i did my homework, went back to first kiss BTS. Indeed he moves his head!! (tiny little so only good eyes like Ixandra has can catch it) even his lips seem moving but cant tell that for sure ’cause of the grainy video. u know im quite easy to be pleased but again easy to be affected by the negative perspectives. so im counting on you Ixandra to go up on the ring each time ‘JKS-Girl who’s not MGY’ idea came out and knock them down! BTW I saw JKS and MGY wore same star earrings. MGY was wearing them sometime in 2010, and the photo JKS wearing it is in Thailand this month i think. First, the same bracelets and now earrings? Sure, star shape earrings are quite common but between these two ppl? my guess is ‘Take my earrings and bracelets with u instead. I’ll miss u!’ ur thought?

  24. Sorry, I made a lot of spelling error & missing words in my earlier post…I was in a kind of hurry..

    Rory’s mom….
    PSH = Park Shin Hye, JGS leading lady in You’re Beautiful…also he cf partner in Etude Cosmetic before they acted together in YB…MGY got bashing mostly from her fans becos they cant stand to see JGS closeness to MGY even before they acted in MSOAN..

    Ever wonder why they ‘brightened’ the kissing part during BTS? I was a bit annoyed when I 1st watching it…tot my comp is fussing up on me…until I realised it was made that way..I had to tone down my comp brightness just to have a clearer vision of the part…It looks like they wanted to show the bts to us but not willing to share it…haha

    Actually their relationship status in the later part of 2009 really bothers me…Remember the Champagne World Cup JGS attended? Well it was aired on Dec 20, 2009…so the filming must have taken place in the 1st week of December..It just too weird that MGY was never listed as one of the candidate, yet the host pointedly asked him abt her rite before the game starts, yet her name was omitted from the list..yet Moon Chae Won, MGY’s partner & friend from Painter of the wind was in the list & she never even work with him before…sumthing is not rite…these ppl from Champagne wud include any names not only link to their guest but also to the people who are close to their guest…but MGY’s name wasnt there…made me ssupected that it was specially request that her names not to be included…I remember JGS once refer to the game as Crazy World Cup or sumthing like that…

    Then the SBS Award nite…JGS was named to be the host first..later MGY also was named as the host…how interesting..I wonder how the select their host? I know JGS has done hosting or dj before but I dunt think MGY has done any (of cos I cud be wrong) but to have her hosting such a big event? Even if she wins an award the previous year, she cud always come as an award presenter like it was usually done…anyway, I notice JGS too was a little too aloof towards PSH..he seemed chummy with the 2 guys from YB but quite distance towards PSH..beside the scripted table interview & the quick fan service like hug at the end of the award, JGS hardly spoke to her…not even on the stage while he & MGY was presenting award for the YB team and a few others..I wonder why?

    Of cos I have my own theory which has no evidence what so ever…just a theory…
    I think JGS has always shown some interst in MGY & they became friends since 2006…along the way JGS playfully pursuing MGY, only become more serious towards the later part of 2009…but of cos MGY was reserved not knowing how to response due to work, study & JGS himself…may be watching his closeness to PSH waiver her faith in his seriousness in pursuing that’s why in the later part of the year he seems quite aloof towards PSH to prove to MGY that there’s nothing going on except friendship between him & his costar…perhaps he’s the one who persuaded her to co host with him as SBS…even in the sbs rehearsal clips JGS was more well behave when MGY was around…when she ask how to imitate his HTK script, he show her gently while smiling sweetly..but other times when MGY wasnt around he was goofing around unbasfully..and seeing her dress nicely he cudnt help himself saying sumthing lik e..”whoa..who do we have here” of cos the other host was there too but his gaze was directed at MGY’s direction…

    Anyway, during Baeksang award 2010, I dunno was it just me or was JGS a bit protective of her…standing close to her, looking so happy walking out side by side with the extremely sext MGY in an extremely mini dress…wow, i guess this was the kind of dress MG warn MR not to wear at any circumstances while staying with JI..hehe

    • Absolutly right lxandra.he never bashing and playfully around MGY and that happens to someone when they fall in love…I mean I would easily joking,filtring and being silly toward everyone but when I had feeling for a guy,I go ga ga gu gu,lucky enough if I’m not humiliating myself.I believe that goes to mr.janggeunsuk here.he wants to make good impression and make MGY see that he’s serious with her,proving that nothing happen with PSH.I say sukkie just jump at her and make her yours already.

    • lxandra,

      As celebrity JGS will not say it openly whoever he likes or dating otherwise both will be in ‘hot soup’
      JGS is a good actor, don’t be fooled by his words and actions. He always says he fell in love with his leading actress.

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