Retrospective: SMAP + DBSK Performing “Purple Line”

I know, I know, I’m supposed to be writing a recap or something along those lines. But I can’t help it if I’ve been mesmerized by the collective awesome that is SMAP + DBSK. It’s about 15 years too late for me to fangirl SMAP’s actual singing or boyband performing, and I’m about a year too late to get on the DBSK bandwagon now that it’s one-has-become-two.

At least no one can stop me from watching this video on repeat! Thanks to my twinnie @mookiehyun for sharing the performance of “Purple Line” by SMAP and DBSK on an episode of SMAPxSMAP back in 2008.

I’m tempted to go back and finish Sungkyunkwan Scandal after hearing Yoochun sing (and feeling twice as bad that Changmin can’t act worth jack in Paradise Ranch because he’s so damn gorgeous onscreen).

Click here to watch “Purple Line” ala Super Junior-version (i.e. extra large-sized boyband after combining the collective awesome of SMAP with DBSK).

P.S. Twinnie please stop sharing so much goodies – I know you want me to adore 6002 as much as you. At this rate, I just might. He’s adorable when singing. *runs back to watch video again*


Retrospective: SMAP + DBSK Performing “Purple Line” — 9 Comments

  1. Awww… I’m so moved, tears welling up, sob, sob. Welcome to the club. That was one of the first video which turned me on to DBSK>6002>JYJ. The thing is All JYJ can really sing. New DBSK, one of them has really narrow vocal range but can dance, other one has wide range & cute but sort of immature(I’m not naming name cause I’m not ready to be murdered yet).

    This is the one of Smap’s famous song Lion heart sung by DBSK, the one I fell in luv with through JB’s post. Smap is a Phenomenon in J pop culture in every way except they can’t really sing(ducking bullets) & they even admit it themselves when DBSK was a guest on Smap x Smap 😉

    So happy to see the video on this fantastic site.

    Thank you!

    • No! Nope! Not turning into a DBSK fangirl. Refuse to start trolling for old vids. I already have no life as it is. I’ll enjoy what little you and mookie spazz about. That’s enough for me.

      Totally agree on the JYJ being able to sing. A few verses from Yoochun knocked my socks off. W.O.W. Boy can *sing*.

      I know which one can dance and which one can sing in the new TVQX! Me, me, me, can I name names? 😛

  2. Very happy to wecome a new cassie? haha a year to late? you are already late if you don’t see them from debut (I know that by experience) You can still fangirl over them though. I still fangirl over the dbsk who sang the beautiful “doushite” and now I fangirl over JYJ.

  3. Yoochun got better with each episode (not perfect but better) 🙂

    it’s fun to watch but…i didn’t finish the series (almost though ;-P)

  4. O Twinnie!

    I’m the opposite of completist and I stopped SKKS at 18 and content w/ snippets of the remaining. (the downhill-ness we’ve heard of…I dun think there’s need to finish) I snatched what I liked, hopped off happy and contented as a bumblebee w/ my nectar.

    I thought the clip will be silly hilarious pick me up (w/ the hilarity entirely supplied by our lovely singing and dancing SMAP ojisans ), but it’s saddened me for obvious reasons..
    Are they hinting on pairing up individual SMAPojisan/TVXKboy and calling it an equivalent of sorts?! hmmmmm interesting, and suddenly funny again, the clip.

  5. I admit that the soft white effects make the video a little cheesy and a side-by-side comparison makes it obvious who can sing and who can’t, but EEEEEE! they’re singing one of my favorite DBSK songs, “Why Did I Fall In Love With You?”

    Thanks for posting this clip, ockoala!

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