Jaejoong and Yunho Attend the Same Military Performance Event and Send YoonJae Fans into a Tizzy

Now I’m wondering if the media has tons of secret YoonJae shippers, how else to explain why K-ent overly covered the week end military performance event where former DBSK group mates Yunho and Jaejoong were in joint attendance. Yunho was the MC while Jaejoong performed, so they weren’t even interacting or on the same stage at any given time, but that hasn’t stopped diehard YoonJae fans from launching into fits of glee after six long years of the boys forced separation thanks to the epic JYJ split with SM Entertainment.

Right now Yoochun is also doing his military service, and later this year Changmin will be enlisting. It would be a feat of ROK scheduling to try and get as many original DBSK members together for whatever “performance” requirements are forthcoming during their service period. It’s called a public service, right? It’s great seeing Yunho decked out in his military formalwear, while Jaejoong looks ridiculously handsome still thanks to whomever let him grow his hair out long. The media pictures from this event are hilarious, with tons of snaps trying to get the two boys in the same shot, which also tracks Yunho staring at Jaejoong as he walks past. So much LOL. Continue reading