Pictorial Mash-Up of Moon Geun Young in Basic House and Jang Geun Seok in Codes Combine

Who wants Geun-Geun presents? Me, me, oh me! Bringing you all zitalei’s stupendous creations – a mash-up of Moon Geun Young in Basic House with Jang Geun Seok in Codes Combine. I am totally not biased at all when I say these two look amazing together being all high-fashion, sleek, and sexy. I’ll be back later when I’ve stopped swooning.

I thought what Jang Geun Seok said at his FM two days ago was exceedingly calculated – he’s way too seasoned in the entertainment industry to say things off-the-cuff, especially at an event where he knews the general types of questions he’ll likely be asked.

If you read between the lines you can assume things (about their relationship perhaps is/will/could be more than friends), but I won’t discuss that possibility since you guys can extrapolate for yourself. But if you take it at face value, there is also something quite sweet about how he described Moon Geun Young. He said that she is just like him, i.e. she is the female version of himself.

Knowing how much he’s proud of his own accomplishments, that’s quite a compliment indeed. In Chinese there is phrase 红颜知己 which literally means red-complexioned kindred spirit – but better described as a feminine soulmate. It describes a man having a female soulmate not in a romantic sense, but someone who intuitively understands him completely.

A good analogy would be to that giant mess of a drama Boys Before Flowers, where Jan Di was told that she would have a soulmate (Ji Hoo) and a husband (Jun Pyo), and that it would not be the same man. What I take away from Jang Geun Seok’s statement is that Moon Geun Young is akin to his soulmate. So regardless of whether they actually get together as a couple (which would make my lifetime quota of happiness), I’m pleased as a peach with where they are now. Good friends is hard to make, especially in a tough-as-nails K-ent industry. It’s nice to know some of my fave actors have one another to call on from time-to-time.

[Credit: all pictures courtesty of zitalei from Baidu Moon Geun Young bar]


Pictorial Mash-Up of Moon Geun Young in Basic House and Jang Geun Seok in Codes Combine — 172 Comments

  1. *swoons*

    LOVE the first one and the one where she’s leaning her head on his shoulder.

    Why doesn’t this level of cute-amazing-sexy-ness not exist in my everyday life?

  2. oh, Ockoala, you are too precious for words!!! (”,)

    to share what the wonderful Zitalei has come up with once again in homage to the Geun-Geun couple!!!

    Zitalei, please accept my shout of gratitude for all your undying love for the Geuns… (;”,)

    Ockoala, thank you ever so much for your take on what JGS said abt MGY…that she is so similar to him that is akin to being a soulmate…

    and i can’t agree with you more on how wonderful to know that our dear JGS and MGY have each other to turn to for a comforting ear or shoulder or presence to help them go thru the cut-throat world of the entertainment industry… (”,)

    i just love you to bits, dearest Ockoala!!! (”,)
    as much, if not more, than i love the Geuns (”,)

  3. Someone needs to send these photos to all the major brands/dept stores in Korea and the rest of Asia. It’s an outrage that these two haven’t been in an ad together. A wedding ad would be ideal. kekeke

    Even if I objectively look at the two ads- MGY looks kind of squat and too young next to Won Bin and JKS looks too slim and pretty next to this other lady. Plus, you should never be paired next to a woman who has a larger waistline than you. Neither party benefits from that arrangement. The world is in balance again, seeing these pictures of them together.

    • LizzyD..
      My thoughts exactly! GeunGeuns both have this “youthful, baby face” look. I wrote earlier that Won Hin somehow made MGY look wide. JGS’s partner look l

    • Sorry had to write again, don’t know how to remote comment.

      My thoughts exactly! Our GeunGeuns both have a “youthful, baby face” look. I wrote earlier that Won Bin somehow made MGY look wide and childish. JGS’s partner in the Codes photoshoot look like a noona to him. Put our GeunGeuns together and WALA… we have a PERFECT match, not only in expressions but also in terms of intensity in the eyes, the poses and general overall feel. They just compliment each other like the pair of blue gloves which MR/MGY knitted for MG/JGS.

      I DEMAND a valentine’s day cf featuring our GeunGeuns!!!! (If I repeat that request/demand/wish often enough, perhaps it will come true??!! Advertisers, open your eyes and see the limitless possibilities that our GeunGeuns can bring you!)

  4. Oh love you so much ockoala! They look so good together like that. this should be a real ad lol. Aww yes they are soulmates and it would be lovely if they will be together but I still think its very possible that they will at least give it a shot.

  5. what A lovely picture…ahh this one is better that their individual photoshoot…oh why does not a cloth brand or any add use both of them, I’m sure their product will be sold out..with the two hotness, no one will not get attemp to buy the product,…

  6. these are amazing creations!!!! She/He should send these directly to their agencies and set up a CF for them immediately!!!

    The time is now!!! ^_^

  7. These are great photos! Thanks Ockoala! I do hope that they’re secretly dating already. I hope they’d be paired off in a movie or maybe in another drama.

  8. Hi ockoala, Thanks much for another Geun-Geun gift! 🙂
    While there are many other equally interesting and juicy news in the K-drama or J-drama world, you generously find time to bring joy to Geun-Geun fans, almost every week. I’ve gotten spoiled and I’m super grateful.

    Zitalei, thank you for yet another masterpiece. I bow to your genius! 🙂

    Like everyone has already said, JGS and MGY look so good together in these pictures.
    I too wish advertisers will realize and employ quickly this golden pair.

    I like ockoala’s take on JGS describing MGY as just like him – that MGY is his soulmate. I hope that because of that description, both will be able to work together in many more dramas and projects. Oh I can’t wait!

  9. I know you are tired of hearing it but I Love You, Ockoala! Thank you and Zitalei for the mash up.
    1. LizzyD: Your post to Moom, “just throw your baby at him ..” hilarious.
    Stalking: Creeps me out too, I have only camped out for rock concert tickets.
    2. I think I am biased but he just doesn’t look good anymore with anyone else but MGY. Seriously!
    3. Not getting off the GeunKeun ship ever and no one is going to make me. So how am I going to enjoy any of their future works?

    • You laugh but it would totally work! If I had a baby, that would be my tactic. Maybe I can borrow one from work. I think the fatter, cuter ones work best. Anyone want to offer up a juicy baby to lure JKS into a box destined for MGY’s house?

      • Honestly ladies, you can’t just sign up for something because you see the words “JKS” and “baby”. It’s not safe!! hahaha I’m looking for a chubby baby to lure him. He’s so skinny right now I could prob carry him myself. Plus, the fewer hands groping him the better. We want him in pristine condition when he reaches Miss Moon’s house.

  10. Love, love all the smash up pics of my fave pair..sigh.. they really look amazing together!

    Oh and i love everything what you said Ms Ockoala..about their relationship. It’s very
    heartwarming opinion and i feel it… Thank you so much!

  11. The pictures looks fabulous. The artist that created this is a genius, she read our minds and put it into pictures. Moon Guen Young & Jang Geun Suk look so good together, advertisers really should see this.

  12. Exactly what I think! *high-fives* Soulmates! BFF! I’d be happy if they’d be friends forever

    Thank you, chingoo. I’m going to bed and this post will be the very last thing before I close my eyes. Maybe I’ll get a GeunGeun drama-like dream? That would be awesome.

  13. I love how JGS is pretty than Kim Ok Bin…and her pants are too loose for him. tx ockoala for feeding my geun geun addiction.

  14. The above picture is from right after JGS’s FM – his new logo for his Lounge H party is now a butterfly. Who loves butterflies A LOT? Why, none other than MGY. She’s shown up at various events wearing butterfly rings and she’s mentioned how much she loves them.

    JGS even tattoed a butterfly behind his ear during his Lounge H performance (and his dog wore a cute T-shirt with the logo). And there were two butterfly logos that night, one pink and one blue. Just like Mae Ri and Mu Gyul’s matching pink and blue gloves. *sniffles, miss MM so much*

    I give up. You guys go extrapolate. At a certain point where there are too many coincidences, it’s no longer just a coincidence. I’m sure some pithy philosopher said that.

    • awww.and now JKS is showing his interest in miss Moon so openly…I don’t think this just : ” a a coinsidence” or ” ah I just find butterfly cute and suite the theme and it has nothing to do with geun young because I don’t know she like butterfly?” No way hose…he just give us more clue..and now what will it be for miss Young answer..hmm what is the most JKS love that can be a symbol?anyone??like MGY with butterfly..what is JKS????

    • You guys, the boy already publicly announced in front of all his fans that’s he’s going on a date with MGY. I don’t need any further evidence! Have you looked at his schedule? He sleeps 1 hr a day and yet he has time to go meet up with her “for drinks”? I’m sorry but unless the guy loves you, he’s going to go home straight to bed (alone).

      I know some people are still insisting that they’re just buddies. But please go and look at some previous interviews and BTS videos of JKS. That’s not how he acts around other ladies, friends or otherwise. He’s so attuned to her emotional and physical reactions that he doesn’t even need to look at her to respond appropriately. By that I mean that he is always aware of where she is, as well as how she’s feeling. For example, if an interviewer brings up a sensitive topic, he’ll deflect.

      My sister has taken to calling Miss Moon our boy’s security blanket. If you watch the YB BTS, every time the director calls cut, JKS sprints off to a warmer place with no regard for his costar. Now watch M3 BTS where he’s wearing even less clothes. What does he do? He lingers around whenever MGY is there. I highly doubt he developed an immunity to cold in a year’s time. The only difference is he’s got his snuggly Geun Young blanket with him.

      Guys are really obvious when it comes to girls, if you just pay attention to their actions and words. I don’t care how good of an actor you are, you can’t hide those feelings. What makes it even more obvious is that he only recently started treating MGY this way. So clearly something happened during the filming of M3 that changed their relationship.

      I believe this is page number 242 in my Geun-Geun Thesis. This is exhausting!

      • *whispers* I get the same impression when I watch them together. Compared to their professionalism and calm attitude with other co-stars, on the set of M3 they are like kids together with their heightened energy around each other.

        TBH, it’s not just JGS. MGY is normally very reserved but sweet, look at CU BTS with PIE. With JGS, she seems to naturally drop her professional veneer and shows a gamut of emotions.

        During an early BTS, when she was off knitting his gloves for real to be used in the drama, when the camera interviewer asked her if its was a gift for JGS, she snapped back “of couse not!” But her instant reaction was so strong, it’s not commensurate for a teasing question she should have been expecting.

        Btw, eagle-eyed Baiduers noticed something – MGY was still knitting the gloves during the BTS scenes for their Nami Island getaway in episode 9. But the gloves were given to Mu Gyul in episode 6, and he threw them away in episode 8.

        I know they were live-filming by about episode 5. So explain to me why MGY was still knitting gloves when filming episode 9 when the gloves had to be completed for a scene in episode 6!

        My money is that she was knitting gloves that were given to JGS, and the production found another set to shoot.

      • WHY ARE YOU WHISPERING? hahaha I am not ashamed of being a nutcase, which is basically what these 2 have turned me into. I read the same thing you did and found it confusing because there were earlier shots of her knitting and him teasing her about being a knitting factory. So my conclusion is that she was going to give the original pair to him, but they got ruined during filming. Thus she made him a new pair on the side. What else does a gf do for her bf during her 15 min of spare time during the day? Makes perfect sense.

      • yes, i noticed how he took the mike from MGY at the KBS award when they received the couple award. He wasn’t even looking at her but instantly knew she wanted him to take the mike.
        LizzyD, I think we’ll need a bigger guen2 ship. For those who tried to stray away, this should nail it?
        If we all have the same dream, it will come true! hehe

      • Koala.. did they really see her knitting the gloves in the Nami BTS???? I read abt it in an article which quoted MSOAN staff as saying she was still knitting his gloves and thought it odd, since she had already given it to him in MSOAN. If there really is BTS ‘evidence’ that she was indeed knitting in Nami and not just MSOAN staff anecdotes aka publicity, then 😀 😀 😀 :D. KDL and all our questions abt MGY’s feelings towards JKS are answered !!

      • At the rate we are going we’ll be having 1 hour sleep per day as well! I keep coming back to this blog ever few minutes when I should either be working or going thru my daughter’s homework….this is how my life is presently….

      • Can anyone confirm whether MGY really did knit the red sweater as seen in Episode 11? I’m sure if that’s the case, she’ll give it to JGS as well. Girl sure knows how to make her boy stay warm in winter ^^

      • You guys, seriously! Stop with the hints and the theories. I’m already shipping them and the more I hear, the more I’m like, please, let them be together.

        So much love the the geungeun couple.

      • Dear F1968
        totally identify with you… well, am off now ‘cos my junior’s breathing down my neck to sign off so she can have a piece of the action… he he…

    • Hi ockoala,

      Thanks for this news. I did not know MGY loves butterflies. Thanks to JGS, now I know. 🙂

      I think not only by some Philosopher but also by Statistics we can explain that a certain number of “coincidences” means more than just a “coincidence”. I’ll review my Statistics book tomorrow and will report back to ya. 🙂

      • While we’re on school subjects, you can add in a Psych analysis as well. Tons of evidence for that.

      • Hi LizzyD,
        You’re so funny! 🙂 And you’re right we can check the Psych books too. But have we not done all that psych analyses here at AKP? 😉 Remember the YouTube video’s second by second interpretation of the movements of JGS and MGY in the KBS Drama awards; the comparative analyses of the CU and M3 lip actions; and there could be others I forgot…

        Have a good evening/day!

    • Ockoala,
      you are driving me crazy! One minute you are so down to earth making MGY, JGS’s female soulmate (platonic), and the next minute you are telling me he tattoos her signature favourite behind his ears!!!!! Pick one… you know you want to choose to believe the latter ie that they are IN LOVE (and dating)! Lets’ face it, that’s the ONLY reasonable, logical and most natural thing to happen in the universe!

      If we look carefully, JGS’s Lounge H blue butterfly logo design is similar to how a print (inverse) of MGY’s ring would look. He has the mark of MGY written all over him, his dog and his most passionate profession. What a WOW declaration of LOVE, so very Geun Suk!

    • Oh my goodness! Okay, I’m going nuts again ha ha! My gosh, oh really, these two. I was always like, “Oh, why don’t you two just date already!!!” Well, I guess they are now… I wish!!!

    • Dear ockoala,
      You are so great – better then Sherlock Holmes!
      I liked your interpretation of JGS words about MGY that lead you think about soul mates, but I don’t believe in them being just friends. Both of them will benefit SO MUCH if they will have a relationship or just give it a shot!! If they are soul mates , why not to go for more, shoot for the stars? With such a chemistry that they OBVIOUSLY have? They HAVE TO GIVE it a TRY. Both of them. Period.

      Thank you Thank you ockoala

    • oooh… so that’s what she was wearing at the pressCon, the bracellet with a butterfly shape, the one that JGS playing with… hmm
      “too many coincidences, it’s no longer just a coincidence”… I heard that a lot everytime I see a detective-murder-case-movie

  15. ROFL!!!! we are a hopeless bunch, we are. I love how we narrow and arrow whatever point, no matter how insignificant, to tie these two up! They are so entangled in the web we weave for them there is no way on earth they can extricate themselves except just resign themselves and make our dreams come true…. We should give serious thought about writing a drama just made for them and mail it to their TV stations!

    • LOL!!! F1968, you said it best “we are a hopeless bunch…” I’m about to sleep when I saw ockoala’s reply about the JGS new butterfly logo and MGY loves butterfly; so now I just can’t stop giggling and laughing at yet another sign/evidence/hint that link up JGS and MGY. I really want to let go of this Geun-Geun attachment but with this continuing flow of signs and no formal conclusion, what’s an avid fan got to do? 😉
      Have a good day, F1968! 🙂

      • This is the best entertainment on my bday! Thanks all! You really have me in stitches on an otherwise gloomy and wet Monday. It’s been raining nonstop here since Friday!

      • Many happy returns to a young 25yr old ahjumma!! [let’s see you did say 1986 right??!! …] Am glad for you that it’s evident you are having a jolly good day!!
        best wishes and cheers

      • Awwww….thanks tangee! Had a pleasant surprise at home which my eldest tried her best to keep the lid on but my youngest kept prompting me to go check out the cake in the fridge!

    • Hey hey hey! Who you calling “hopeless” bunch here? I prefer to be a member of the “hopeFUL” bunch, thank you very much! 😛 And I’m telling you right now, if you told me he cut his toenails and she washed vegetables today, I’d still find a way to twist it into a sign that they’re dating. That’s a promise!!

      • Ok ok LizzyD I believe you! You will put the scriptwriters of M3 to shame by your talent to make sense on any nonsensical idea that they couldn’t make any sense of… Am I making any sense?

      • What?? Is that supposed to be a compliment?! My 3 yo nephew could put those writers to shame and he can’t even write yet. I’ve already shipped that psycho writer off to N. Korea in my head. I never want to hear about or think of her again.

      • OMG!!! you’re making me look like an idiot trying to control myself from laughing in the train!!!

  16. Sequels are pretty rare in the Korean drama world and the ratings tanked. I would bet on a Geun Baby before a sequel. 😛 Yes, it would be a win-win bet. hahahaha

    • There you are! I was going to say that whenever used to say I want a baby, my friend would say, I’ll just go the mall and get you one. LOL. I can’t get over the baby thing, I’m still laughing.

      What makes me happy is that although we are a small group of ladies wanting our Geun-Keun to get together, the eels are happy too, they adore their prince and with the exception of a few people being fans of another actress, we are all on the same page.

      So, can a collective wish something to happen? Yes LizzyD I hear you already saying it has happened.

      • Of course I’m here. Where else would I be? I don’t sleep and I’m not allowed to go out until after boards. I’m seriously considering starting my own blog/discussion forum. At least then I won’t be overrunning AKP with my obsession. 😛

        She also reportedly has short hair now. I guess she got rid of the extensions. They’re probably at that awkward growing out stage. I need to stop cyber-stalking so diligently.

        Also, extra wishes never hurt anyone. 😛

      • Rory’s mom, I just read a posting on FB (GeunGeun couple), introducing this blog. The optimistic power of our small group of ladies on this GeunGeun ship we are defintely spreading the happy bubble virus. We have to stay upbeat and hopeFUL. We shall prevail~!!

  17. The last thin I wanted to share cause I love her so much. This is excerpt from moonsclub.com
    I have no idea if fans were male or female but it is so what I feel looking at her eyes.

    Fan said Moon’s eye like a big ocean, look into her eyes feel like to swim into it, hahaha.
    Fan’s said, Moon’s eyes are beautiful and deep set, it drove fan’s crazy.

    • I wouldn’t go that far…. Actually it was a typo. Should be 1986, so that makes me younger than JGS…. and the daydream won’t end there…

  18. m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=130431177013508&id=114446341945325&refid=13
    Look at that one.aw MGY hugging JKS when no ones notice

    • gosh! Haha… thank whoever captured this pic, I’m on cloud nine now 🙂 and all those theories about coincidences, and babies, and… ah, you’re all too lovely for words.

      Anyway, is this bad that now I don’t think I can see either of them with someone else? Like… uh, nothing compares to this coupling really… *sigh* think I’m starting to lose my life as well…

      • Me too.I don’t like other people standing next to them,at least I would think ah this girl not as good as MGY

    • this was after the MSOAN press conference. they all walked off the stage and apparently, JKS stopped to rub his eye or something so MGY put her arm around him, prob just to ask him if he was alright.. such a sweet and concerned friend ..

    • Oooh I found the video! I found the video! It was cut just right after she put her arm around him, but what the heck.

      Look how when everybody but JGS was going to the other direction, MGY lingered behind him for a bit before touching him, as if asking him to go together. She’s sweet ^^


      • yeap..that’s what I’m talking about..is like there they can’t help to have skinship..especially when they think no one notice it..look at the big difference with KJW and KYJ…

    • Also, I’d like to say that I love how they can just latch themselves to each other. Skinship may be common when people get close, but like at the KBS Awards when MGY won the Top Excellence Award, the way they mutually reached for each other simultaneously for the hug is just the sweetest thing. I believe it’s a testament as to how well they can read each other’s body language.

      And in the drama, their hugs seem like the most comfortable hugs ever. Their height and bodies mesh perfectly in an embrace, I feel like snuggling my kitty everytime they cuddle.

      • is she who hugs him!!!! I love it!!! I’m so happy!!!!! Someone at the office asked me if i went to the beach this weekend cause my face was so coloured… And it’s true i’m red!!! So flushed after giggling and with so exciting clues!!!!

  19. Wow! when looking at JGS’ photos and going back to MGY’s, I thought what if these two were mashed up again by zitalei and voila! you are a gem Koala and zitalei, thank you thank you! what a treat! I wonder if JGS and MGY have heard of these photos and check it out…if so, they must be thinking ‘little do they know!’ haha
    ok gotta check out DH it’s about to start!

  20. Awww! The butterfly logo connection turned me into a fluffly ball of squee! And look how prominent the butterfly is made to be, it’s even domineering over the name of the event itself. The romantic in me is happy in my burst-proof GeunGeun bubble to think that all these little things he’s been doing (like donning that handcuffs necklace, for one) are plain shout-outs to MGY. She’s affecting his life, y’all. Although he’s not writing his own songs (but I’m sure he’s pretty much in control of them), I can’t wait to hear the lyrics so that we can ravish every single line and connect them to MGY, hee. He’s in love with her, and my mind will not and refuse to compute any other deduction!

    Despite JGS saying that he and MGY hadn’t met up for “drinks” (specifically), I’d like to think/fantasize/daydream that they have actually been seeing each other at other times, considering they’ve been in contact. Be it secretly in a car park, in a garbage bin etc, etc. I agree with LizzyD when she said the reason he said that he’d go out for drinks with her might be a preemptive justification when people see them *cough*dating*cough* together publicly in plain sight. The fans are the paparazzi.

    And about them being like each other, I’m happy that M3 brought them together and made them realize this. M3 is like fate’s little nudge for them to get closer and see how there is after all that perfect kindred spirit in the world. MGY surely has a much stronger personality than what the media painted her to be. I remember in Happy Together, her Cinderella Unnie’s co-stars said that they’re afraid of her (even Chun Jung Myung, ha!) because she’s a pro and very confident in acting. MGY said that she had to instruct CJM how to make his embrace to her look more believable because he was stiff. I guess that’s why her interactions with JGS in M3 are just pure magic – not only because they’re not technical, but also because their chemistry is oozing out from them being close and truly understand and mirror each other’s behaviour; strengths and weaknesses.

    Sigh…I really miss Mary and Mugyul. I can’t wait for the photobook to be out so that my extreme fixation on JGS and MGY together will deflate a little. Dissecting them is so much fun though, and I love Koala and the rest of you Geunies for warming up my freezing, dreary afternoon ♥

    • Car park? GARBAGE BIN?? hahahah I didn’t realize both of them are homeless…LOL I think his apt would be a lovely place for a date. Why will the photobook deflate that bubble? I would think it’d make it bigger, no?

      • GARBAGE BIN, right spot… no fan will ever notice…
        but what if they’re hungry? oh… I know… load a lot of Ramen before get into the garbage bin….. LOL

  21. Wow, Hachimitsu, awesome descriptions. Very romantic. I am starting to believe that she is a perfectionist just like him. The closeness of opposite sexes depends on how deep the friendship is but I remember something he said about being touched by strangers, so naturally she is not.
    I have been thinking why he was jumping with excitement when he found out she would be his Mae Ri. They probably don’t discuss business with friends just like we don’t discuss our jobs with our families, we don’t. I hope they got closer doing MSOAN.

  22. i was absent from one day and look all that i missed!!!!
    first this is the best work of zitalei, no doubt 😛 . thanks koala for all the goodies
    second we can’t and won’t be decieved, after all those clues they must be or will be together, i’m sure… and lizzyd, please count me in the hopeFul bunch 😀

    • antonia, I was gone for only few hrs and did not refresh page when returned to comment on original news/photos of this post that I totally missed Koala’s butterfly post!!! *knocking head* must refresh page more often than current refresh rate 😀 oh well happy go lucky is me right now at this butterfly info and there was pink and blue logos even! thanks AKP and all Geuns fandom for all the news and any connection to their becoming a couple, having drinks, etc, wedding, and Geun babies! 😉

  23. Great CSI work Ms Ockoala on butterflies! JGS is busted! ahahaha!

    @hachimitsu thanks for finding the vid, It was indeed sweet. I remember
    how JGS did the same to MGY while she is about to get her award at
    KBS. I also noticed in the vid, even KJW did also touched MGY bracelet..
    but look at MGY reactions, she just look and smiled at KJW. But when
    JGS touched her bracelet during the interview session, she playfully hit
    him and JGS teases her back, as if their having a lovers fight…oh these two is
    too much eye candy!

    just smiled and look at KJW

  24. Hachimitsu- re: the red sweater, there’s no way she could have knit that sweater while filming due to time restrictions. I would guess she knit the bits during filming and the real sweater is most likely store bought. If I’m not wrong, the part she was knitting looked like a straight stitch while the sweater had some discreet pattern on it.

  25. I feel like the butterfly logo doesn’t have anything to do with MGY. I thought it last night but refrained from mentioning it til now. Please don’t hurt me. My guess is it has to do with the butterfly to caterpillar metamorphosis and how that’s symbolic of JKS’s career. He’s coming up to his 20th anniversary in the industry and he’s obviously grown and flourished a lot, going from a cute little child star to the dynamic hallyu star he is now. Also, he’s releasing a cd which is a new direction for him.

    Lastly, I would like to comment on the skinship mentioned by Hachimitsu (and others during the past few months). That was really what got me suspicious about their feelings to begin with. I’ve seen professional actors who are good at acting comfortable with costars, but it’s diff from actors who are starting to feel a little something more towards each other/or already dating. The hugs are really full body binds with them melting into each other. Please note that the hugs also changed in intensity/closeness towards the end of the series, as they grew closer, in my opinion. In addition, there are many other M3 moments, some from her side actually, that I found interesting.

    1. The handcuff scene at his apt when he confesses he had feelings for her. She sits there for the entire extended scene with her hand/arm resting between his legs. Yes, it’s because he put it there first and her hand is attached, but she could have shifted it. In my opinion, the Mary character would not have been comfortable with that, which is why it’s a reflection of MGY’s comfort with JKS in a non-buddy way. Would you really sit there with your guy friend and have your hand resting in such a sensitive area? I think not, unless you guys are friends with perks.

    2. There’s a scene at JI’s house when he jumps on her bed to wake her up to ask for water. When she shoves his hand off her face, instead of pushing it away, she actually holds onto it and presses it into her chest. He even shifted his hand a little as if he was vaguely surprised but she didn’t let go. I think most actresses are naturally a little sensitive about the chest area, but if required, they will be professional about it. But here once again, the touching has nothing to do with directing or Mary’s character, she just did it so naturally. (Side note: I would love to have him for my alarm clock but that we’d never make it out of bed…hahah)

    3. When that wall fell on Mary and MG jumped to protect her, if you watch the scene right when it’s lifted you can see his positioning. He’s completely lying on top of her/wrapped around her. I was more concerned at that moment that she’d die of suffocation than from the 2 oz wall that “fell” on them. Besides the obvious level of comfort with full body touching that this reveals, it also shows how protective he is of her. I think he was actually worried she would get injured in that scene by that wall.

    There, I have submitted my evidence for the day. I could go on and on. I actually haven’t even watched this series in over a month. This is from memory, that’s how memorable it was for me. 😛

    • drooling and panting like a dog….I’m going to go back to these episodes and watch it in slo mo……..
      KBS world is airing M3 here in CA….it’s so different watching it on a tv screen.
      my happy bubble continues on and on and on……………………….

      • Does it have subs? I always burn onto dvd and watch on tv then buy when it comes out. My hottie bfs are too hot to watch on my little laptop screen.

      • Yes, it has subs. I just watched the handcuff scene but in my opinion it looked more like she was just resting her arm on his legs. I was expecting her hand to be on his lap or something…naughty me….but anyway, ended up watching the epic kiss scene.

      • What are you laughing at?! hahaha The only person I would be unable to lure into the Geun-Geun LoVe bubble is an eel who thinks she’s going to marry JKS!

    • @LizzyD,
      Yes the butterfly metamorphosis sounds reasonable but that does not exclude the fact that he probably knew it is MGY’s favourite and therefore contribute/reinforce (ie kill two birds with one stone) his decision to make it his official logo.:)

      Thanks for all the evidence, you have just validated what no one else to date has yet been able to do – show concrete proof that MGY LOVES our JGS too! Exquisite taste and excellent choice, MGY! Our Geun Suk is the absolute BEST in the market and he knows how to love you well.

    • LOL, LizzyD,
      You are definitely a strong competition to ockoala in attention to details and deduction method. I saved a version ( downloaded from torrent) of MSOAN on my movie/drama drive, so I checked all moments you mentioned. I was so surprised that you are actually right!:) After you published your research data I had to watch all episodes again .Thank you! hahaha.
      They ARE very comfortable together.
      They don’t have any chose but date now.

  26. LizzyD you forgot where they are in the bathroom and I swear that boy is intimately right behind her until KJW walks in.
    I have been reading stuff and it isn’t so much that I want them to be a couple but rather the lip service we the fans get from our stars. He says one thing and does another. I understand that he has his career to protect but leading us on is not good either.
    1. His favorite song at FM was I will Promise You not My Precious-I read other fan accounts. I was not there so who do I believe and why can’t his fans remember?
    2. Jang Geun-seok has no love scandal since he involved the acting business. He said if I have a girlfriend I won’t hide to the public because relationship is also part of one’s life.
    3.I read on soompi back in Oct 2009 he had a girlfriend, very famous and a performer. I probably am not allowed to quote so I won’t.
    4. MGY is not a performer but an actress.
    5. He already had an interview where he said he had only been in love with two women, one for 4 years and the other for 3 years. By my calculations he started dating at age 12.
    6. An interview by Hi Cut during YAB he said “Rena Jang is a short for “Renaissance Jang”, because I like the type of girls who has that about them.
    Girls who are very feminine and sophisticated.
    He went on to say that PSH was a Renaissance Woman. Also during the interview he said that there was no other woman he could think of as an ideal. Yet he was dating someone at the time.

    • RM, when you try to make a timeline like that, it’s never going to work. I rarely believe things unless it’s actually an interview where I see the words coming out of his mouth (and even then, read between the lines). Some of the stuff he may or may not have said, some may have been misquoted, and others are poor/inaccurate translations. And lastly, people change with time, stars included.

      I wouldn’t weigh too heavily things like “my favorite” because honestly, how many people have the same favorite all the time? In addition, he sometimes says things to throw people off. Like his “ideal” woman has varied quite a bit and he’s smart enough not to list a woman who could possibly be rumored with him. He always jokes and flirts around with people in interviewers, ie. PSH but when asked very seriously, he says she’s like a little sister. If it’s posted on Soompi, you can repeat it, since that’s totally public.

      He’s had rumors but not never been outed bc he’s too smart to get caught and it was all before he became really famous. #2 was an older quote. I think he’d like to make it public but that doesn’t mean he can or will. I think his manager would duct tape his mouth shut.

    • P.S. I’d like to cite an example- the stuff he said about MGY the other day. Because it’s from memory and not in a live interview and been translated and re-translated so many times, there are multiple versions. In some of them he called her “a friend” and in another version that friend line was actually a translator’s comment which was later included as part of his words. Same with the “She’s like a female JKS and I’m like a male MGY” or something like that. I believe that was a translator’s comment that in some versions is now being included as part of his words. That’s why I mostly just read translations of his actual messages. He tends to be more honest, though cryptic, in those.

      Lastly, responding to your comment about him leading fans on. I’d just like to mention that this is the entertainment industry. I’m sure some of the stars would like to be honest but honesty doesn’t usually serve you best when people are just waiting gleefully to twist your words into headlines that will sell. I actually think JKS is one of the more “honest” stars out there. Unlike the many stars who will always only give you the politically correct answer, he mixes in his feelings/opinions sometimes. That’s my take.

      • I tend to agree with you on the honesty part cause he gets himself into hot water by spouting the hot water.
        On soompi there is a girl by the name Ginger who is good friends with one of JKS buds and she was told by this bud exactly what I wrote but that she could not say the name even though she was begged. This post was in Oct 2009. Oh I meant at age 14 not 12.
        I also believe that PSH had the hots for him but I don’t think he reciprocated, he had a girlfriend. Did they break up? Inquiring minds will find out. LOL.
        I admire his tenacity for his career, as young as he is and to be so dedicated but I agree with you, he loves himself. He KNOWS he is good looking.
        I am a little punchy, been reading soompi all night cause I hate mysteries.

      • Rory’s Mom- sorry if my response was harsh, I think I reacted defensively to your post. This is mainly because, as you just said, he’s gotten burned pretty badly trying to be his honest self in the public arena. That’s why I do not blame him at all for being vague and/or flippant in interviews. There’s a marked difference in the way he talks in interviews vs when he’s with his fans (his messages included).

        I am very wary of people who claim to be people close to stars. I think JKS has a close-knit group of friends whom he trusts completely. As for the rumor you mentioned I do know about but don’t really believe it and wouldn’t care if it were true. I do think that hookups/dating happens a lot between the stars in Korea. You’re young and gorgeous surrounded by similarly young and gorgeous people. It’s bound to happen. The best part is that that person is motivated to keep the secret because s/he is on the same boat.

        Lastly, based on his messages I don’t think he’s been dating for awhile…

  27. let me add my 2 cents on JKS’s dating history..

    After YAB, in abt early 2010, his mgt company admitted that he was dating someone while filming YAB ( hence PSH was said to have chided him for always texting during filming), but had since broken up with her.. He was also seen wearing a ring on his left ring finger from before YAB till about after the new year in 2010.. it then disappeared and subsequently, the mgt company mentioned it, prob as a response to fans asking abt his ring.

    yeah, so I agree with LizzyD, he has been single for about a year probably

      • I know.. i saw this and am hoping he is texting someone.. but he could also be surfing the net, checking on work, playing games.. you can’t tell anymore with smart phones

        I also read in a fan acct that when he was leaving the FM venue in his car, he was seen ‘playing’ with his phone.. instead of his usual loudspeaker messages to his fans.. crossing my fingers he is texting someone

        gosh, I should really snap out of this…

    • ok so he was dating. that would be #3 girl. i saw the ring at the awards thing. guess psh was jealous too if she scolded him. mystery solved. at least he doesn’t sound lonely anymore. let me say for the record i am not an easy fan. see how tired i am don’t care about capital letters or spelling so much.

      • This might enlighten the issues of dating and texting pattern by JGS (prior to M3) as what reflected in M3:-

        The last episode : “MG and I are the same. We broke up 12 times and are dating for 13th time.” “We choose another beginning among many crossroads.”

        I guess that explains.

    • Moom, I think that was speculation (though likely true) . I don’t think his management company admitted to anything. He also wore a couple’s ring during his previous relationship as well. I’m waiting for it again this time. Though now that he knows we’re onto him, he might not. hahahah

      • Ooh the blog is changing or am I half asleep. Anyway I wanted to add Muy Gul (did I spell it correctly?) said couple rings were childish.

    • I came across this video on YB courtesy of chame0717, it’s the making of SBS Awards.
      JGS and Hong Ki enters MGY’s dressing room (so freely!) and HK is surprised that MGY is the MC, but then he says oh yeah and laughs. JKS responds with a “I’ll strangle you if you say anymore” action. ANy take on this?
      HK also teases him about the ring, saying it’s the same as his. I assume that’s the couple ring.
      So, JGS stopped wearing this ring after the awards? Something must have started between the geuns from this time?


      • I don’t know when it was actually aired but it was taped during the rehearsal on dec 31, 2009.

      • We won’t hear from LizzyD for awhile but since MGY is all smiles on the rest of the tape, I am wondering if she had anything to do with the breakup cause why would Hong Ki make issue about it and JKS try to brush it off. Very weird.

      • I don’t know Korean but from the Japanese subtitles, nothing about MGY came up when JGS and Hongki were talking.
        Hongki: Whose dressing room is this?
        Staff : This is JGS’
        Hongki: JGS is the MC?
        JGS: You didn’t know?
        Hongki: Really?
        JGS: So you didn’t know…
        Hongki: Oh I see…
        Something must have gotten lost in translation for sure, but I don’t think I heard MGY’s name being said either.

        Also, after JGS taught MGY how to say his Go Minam line, the word “ぎこちない。。” appeared between them – it means “Awkward…” Haha. He seemed so shy and wouldn’t look at her in the eye! Oh, how time has changed.

      • Alright, R’s M, I heard your call. hahah Unfortunately I know neither Korean nor Japanese. I don’t think it has anything to do with MGY, unless Hong Ki’s teasing him about his crush on her. Although I’m not convinced of that.

        The purported couples ring is the other one he’s wearing on his right hand, ring finger. The one Hong Ki is pointing to is a different ring, so maybe he’s teasing him about how flashy it is?

        Here is the “couples ring” for your review. And for the record, I’m not commenting anymore on his past rumors. 😛 It has nothing to with his present and future.


      • Hachimitsu- I was just wondering if you were Japanese. I listened to it 5x and didn’t hear her name mentioned either. And I still maintain based on the rest of the BTS of that event that there was nothing going on between them.

      • Noted. My brain was working, here is what I think. You are right the dude has a crush on her from afar and two guys acting like guys. Also The Painter in the Wind and Iris helped to demolish ratings for a job well done until the final two episodes. I am convinced he had a crush.

      • okay, my bad! with all the excitement whirling in my head, I misread the name of ‘geun suk’ and thot it was ‘geun yan’. everything I see is geun=geun…………………….

      • guys…I know Japanese and yes hongki mention he didn’t know that JKS is the mc so he surprice bout it and bout the ring, he said that the ring is similiar to his friend or a girl name .ehehe IDK the kanji is not that clear..and yes when MGY and JKS sitting together he teach her how to pronounce the line, using the intonation and all… and yes he look shy around MGY at that moment..cute…

      • ughh i like watch him in casual clothes. is there any LINK as same as this (JGS) ..?? i like watching the making or Behind the scene video^^ thanks friend 🙂

      • Hachimatsu…listen closely after he “You dunno?” he was facing HK then & mumble “MGY aaah..” And HK said “Bashta…MGYssi’ which I understand as “That’s rite…MGYssi” check out JGS’s reaction…he was abt to sit down…but why after HKS said the last sentence he got up & push HK laughingly with a warning look…

        And yeah, like MikiMouse said “I’ll strangle you if you say anymore” action…which to me his act was very suspicious…if he got nothing to hide why did he care if HK yell out MGY’s name if he wants to?

  28. lizzyD – skinship evidence

    1. MGY as his right hand- when she lay on the bed next to him, she actually held his free hand for a while while lying there

    2. On top of the building in construction – when they were hugging and snow was falling.. she buried her face in his chest.. I thought the usual thing to do would be to hug with her cheek on his chest.. I felt what she did was more intimate

    Then to be the devil’s advocate – maybe they are really truly such great actors who are so talented, and because they are so much like each other, they instinctively know what the other is doing, that they can exude so much chemistry together..perhaps they hate each other’s guts IRL , after all, they ‘quarrelled’a lot on the set right? MGY is def no pushover and JKS is prob used to getting his own way as well..i dunno

    Abt them blending into each other’s hugs.. it is prob easier to do so when they are both dressed in layers and layers of ‘protective’ clothing.. so lots of buffer and no akwardness there

    Lastly, abt what JKS says abt MGY.. I am so gonna get lynched for this,, and i’m a staunch JKS fan.. JKS is a smart guy and yes, he is sometimes brutally honest to the point of getting into trouble.. but he has been in entertainment for 20 years…there are things he says for publicity..

    eg1 world cup ideal woman thingy- he picked Soo Ae because I think, he had /was confirming for Kimi wa petto and she was prob shortlisted as his female lead.. so he was just trying to drum up publicity for his movie..note he has not mentioned her again since she turned down Kimi

    so what my cynical mind wants to say is this—MGY is a huge star and bigger than him in Korea.. it would definitely be good for him to be linked to her as a good friend, drinking buddy.. rather than just a co-star in a drama that failed abysmally.. so i’m not putting that much weight on his FM words 🙁

    So despite all my hopes that they are good friends and can possibly become a couple, I am still waiting for MGY to say something, anything.. that will truly make me hopeful

    • moom- I agree with you on the publicity thing, but I think of that more as his interviews and public appearances. The Lounge H events, reporters are not allowed in. He also picked and let fans ask questions, even though a scripted thing (allowing them to prep their answers) is more common practice. That’s why I think the stuff he says at these events is directed more at his fans than at the media/general public. Hence my conclusion that the drinking comment was preemptive. It’s reported that when the fan asked that question, ppl were shouting Ha Ji Won, NOT MGY, so he wasn’t saying it to appease fans.

      Re: the awesome acting skills, which they both possess, but doesn’t explain their behavior at the awards. It also doesn’t explain his BTS behavior in M3. Notice in 2009 SBS Awards, after the photo op, he ran off and ditched MGY (and her big dress that she could’ve used some help with) the way he did to PSH at the end of every scene in YB. He stopped doing that during M3 filming because she was finally on his radar. Side note: I believe the SBS 2009 Awards behavior was because he already had a gf. I didn’t want to mention this before in case any eels attack me, but since you brought it up… they can go after you instead. hahahah @ eels who live within striking distance of me- I TOTALLY believe that JKS is still a virgin who loves only his eels.

      Lastly, he has NEVER tried to link himself to famous stars for publicity. He actually actively avoids those kinds of tactics. Come on, this is THE JKS, he thinks too highly of himself to do things like that.

      • This is why it’s great to read your comments LizzyD.. I… need to hear your positivity….as one can tell.. i am a truly conflicted shipper… I really want to believe.. but I need MGY to say ‘we still text each other’ or something mundane like that.. note that all this texting and communication after filming has been said by JKS alone.. not a peep from her

        Please LizzyD, pelt me with more evidence abt the 2.. frankly I don’t see much longing or unusual interaction between the 2 in the paltry BTS we have been given.. I need evidence…

      • About the drinking comment, he said that they’ve been keeping in touch and “have already agreed” to meet up for drinks sooner or later. That’s different from saying something like “I plan to call her and see if she wants to meet up.” This is firm and set from both sides, and JKS is a man of his word. Plus, if he says he’s been calling/texting her obviously she’s responding. JKS doesn’t strike me as delusional, so I doubt he’s talking to himself. Have faith!!!

      • Thank you Lizzy abt the ‘drinks’ clarification.. I feel so much better now.. sorry abt the crisis of faith…

    • P.S. If you watch the BTS of the final scene with the hug in the playground, notice how slowly he lets her go when the director calls cut? The JKS from the past would have sprinted off for the heatpacks before the director even finishes shouting the one syllable word. He looked like he didn’t want to let go and she was in no hurry to step away. moom- stop giving me more essay questions!! just kidding hahaha You know I can argue this forever…

      • Alright, to further prove that it’s not for publicity purposes, this was a Korean Lounge H, the show already aired, ratings are done with, there’s no need for publicity for the Holiday Couple. If anything, he should be aiming to avoid rumors and this comment would have the opposite effect.

        If this took place somewhere like Taiwan or Japan and the drama was about to air, I would consider the possibility of publicity. All the flirtatious comments with PSH occurred when the series was airing (that Renaissance comment was during filming), or when the series was being or about to be aired in other countries.

        Do you believe me yet? Because I can keep going…

    • Thank goodness you wrote that now I don’t have too. DITTO.
      She is a great actress and I am sure he admires her above all the others but publicity was the first thing I thought of and I was afraid of admitting it to myself but I noticed the pattern which is what led me to my quest. He knew what we wanted to hear so he added the drink thing but yet his manager would not let him divulge the next co-star.
      If you who read this think that I am not still hoping WRONG! I just want it so badly that I have to ground myself in reality.
      I promise, I am still in that bubble and on this ship with Geun-Keun lovers.


  29. LizzyD, fighting! Please save our happy bubble.
    I will never ever disembark this Guen2 ship.
    They need not announce anything to me until they’re ready to tie the knot.
    In my thoughts they are already a couple and nothing will sway me….hopefully…
    Am i crazy, yes! Never ever been this crazy over a celeb couple.
    Captain Koala, I need more doses of guengeun goodness!

    • As long as I still have fingers to type and a laptop that works, the Geun-Geun Happy Love Bubble is not in any danger. I dare JKS himself to come here and argue it with me. 😛 hahahah

  30. Hachimitsu- Where are you? I could use some help over here…my fingers are getting tired from writing this never-ending thesis.

  31. Thanks LizzyD, please continue with your thesis.. am devouring every bit of it..
    good point abt the closed door korean lounge H thing.. no reason to milk for publicity there.

    any other BTS stuff? I’m not seeing the ‘love’ in those.. will go revise the last scene BTS

  32. So much speculation.if we talk bout reality yes they could be just friends but talking bout body language its different.in ep 13 where MR as MG right hand,I notice its not MGY only put her hands on JKS hands but they are holding hands,MGY’s right hand at the bottom then JKS’s holds it them her left hand on top of it to cover it up so that it looks like she just put her hands there and look at JKS smile,boy he just smile all the way.oh how sneaky they are.
    and in off screen,on awards..we have seen many picture but I observe on others sits and interaction.boy not only they sit far away,they hardly show intimate talk while JKS-MGY so different.they sit so close,whispering..now this one,why they are whispering?what secret they have to hide and then hands gesturing.JKS put his hand on MGY seats..he can put his hand on table or else where but he so can’t help his hand though he still control it hence he would put it on MGY body but when MGY won the awards he just think he had the chance.he just grab her hands and never let go,he let go a bit just to change it to hugs and he once again hesitate to let go..hence I believe that if he was allowed to go on stage with her he would still hugs her,hold her hands when his lady give some words then when she finished he would be back hugging her.
    call me dellucional girl but who cares.if you had other theory be my guess to throw it at me.

  33. You guys! Don’t give up hope, we all have to dream the same dream and we might get a good announcement. Until she or he deny or date someone else, we have to believe that they are soulmates. All it takes is one look at them and all the similarities; career, temperament, honesty, great acting, good looks, great family upbringing and adoring fans.
    I was watching the press conference for MSOAN when they are taking all those pictures and I notice how easily she handles the press and her costars. She seemed quite the little general. No longer a child even though she looks like one and I thought he is not in control here, she is. That is either respect or affection cause I have read that he can be the little hitler (not capitalized on purpose) with his staff.

    • He’s totally the type to be whipped (and happily so) and she’s the cutest little militant general ever. That scene when JI tells him to sleep on the couch instead of with Mary, he threatens to leave. Then she pouts and asks him to stay…”for my sake” and he gives in within .00005 seconds flat. That’s how I picture their real life relationship. He lets her “win” not because he’s stupid or scared of her, but because he WANTS to. Alright, that’s it from me. I’m off to study. Don’t anyone dare burst this bubble while I’m away.

      • Bravo!!!!!LizzyD, You are awesome!! And that’s just what I will picture if the two cuties are dating. MGY is the general and our dear JKS will be just like a kitten.

      • That’s the analogy or reason behind the mong-mong-yawww thingy in M3. It reflects how their real characters are. I believe that the M3 holds & portrays 70% of both Geuns’ true characters. As much as I want both of them to get married and committed & to love each other till death do them apart, that is as much as I want to be in this happy bubble. Differences in their approach is what makes them sticks together. In reality, there should be check and balance. So far, both are doing that.

      • 150% agree with zz! “I believe that the M3 holds & portrays 70% of both Geuns’ true characters.”

      • @ LizzyD,

        Agreed! JGS is totally the type that will indulge in his girl. He knows how to love and MGY would have made the best choice ever in being his gf/future wife!

  34. Commander LizzyD! I love you and your tenacity in defending the GeunGeun bubble/ship (ship in a bubble?) from the inevitable storm. I shall wait for Captain Koala to officially promote you to the rank of Commander for your awesome-sauceness. Darn timezone, I don’t know what time people start spazzing or freaking out about the Geuns over here.

    And yes! All those skinships that were given so freely! Honestly while watching the drama, I felt that the Geuns weren’t so much acting when they were together because what was on the screen came out so naturally, so it didn’t surprise me when JGS said that they ad-libbed with each other a lot. Assuming that they may have improvised some subtle skinship, I noticed that MGY is the one who’s more touchy-touchy between the two, too. I can enumerate more moments (other than the ones listed), but I may then look like I’m making headlines out a touch, haha. And ooh, as moom pointed out, the rooftop scene in Episode 10 – I thought I was the only one who thought that the way MGY had her nose/lips against his throat/neck was intimate (and looked so comfortable!)…and how she just plopped her face back to that position like it was the most familiar spot, after looking up at Mugyul/JGS right before that scene ended. It was so cute.

    And Lizzy! I totally noticed how JGS ever so slowly let her out of his embrace in that last filming BTS…glad you did too ^^ And during the Nami Island filming when he just deftly put his hand on MGY’s while playing the guitar chord…look how MGY quietly took a peek at him while he was fiddling with her fingers on the fretboard.

    I’m staying put in the GeunGeun bubble, thank you very much.

    • You were sorely missed. I lost hours of studying trying to keep this ship afloat. This is a tough bunch, let me tell you…:P Please feel free to enumerate the innumerable skinship moments since I don’t want to be the only nutcase here.

      Rory’s Mom brought up a good one- the handwashing scene. I was sorely tempted to start handwashing all my clothes in the middle of the night because they made that chore seem so sexy and fun. He was totally standing on top of her with both arms around her and his face stuffed into her hair. I’m amazed that she could move enough to breathe let alone wash clothes. I can’t believe I left out that moment! Thanks RM!! And I doubt that the director told them to do it bc it seems to me that director more or less let them do whatever the heck they wanted to do (which was the right choice. Good job, Director!) If you recall the 1st kiss scene, JKS did all the talking while they were preparing too.

      • GeunGeun shipping is robbing me off study time too! I feel like re-watching their cute scenes every time I settle myself down to read. I really need to learn how to prioritise…

        Well, the skinship evidences may be minor and might even be directed, but yeah as you said, given that the actors had a lot of input as to how the scenes should be played out, maybe it won’t be an exaggeration to say that they pretty much directed themselves, haha. Anyway:

        Episode 11 – The ice-skating scene is a skinship-galore in itself (JGS grabbing her by placing his hand on her tummy etc etc.); MGY covering his cold fist in her mittens; MGY clinging onto JGS’ arm so hard til he was tilting to her side while walking back to Jung In’s place
        Episode 13 – After Mugyul advised Mary to poke Jung In’s eyes if he makes further drunken advances, JGS put his arm around MGY as if to continue walking but not before she pressed herself against JGS and gave him a good body squeeze
        Episode 14 – MGY stroking JGS’ hair on the bed
        Episode 16 – After giving JGS a kiss on the cheek, you can see her hand lingering for awhile on his arm/elbow when the camera panned out; the arm-rubbing when they were cuddling on the sofa at his place; and who wants to bet that the JGS’ kiss on MGY’s cheek in the final frame was an impromptu one?

        And have I mentioned that I love their hugs? I have? Yeah. And I notice that 82.5% of the time when they hug/snuggle, JGS or/and MGY will heave this contented, happy sigh. Go re-watch their hugging scenes now and turn up the volume!

      • Awwwww…….. I’m not allowed to rewatch again until after my exam. You’re killing my resolve! But yes, my sister pointed out the sighs to me. It’s like she’s been waiting her whole life to get to that very moment when she’s in his arms. And he holds her like she’s the most precious thing in his life and he’ll never let her go again…Actually some of the hugs he pulls her in so hard it looks like it might hurt even. Very intense. I love it. And that playground last hug? They were in full contact such that their feet were touching. Unless she stood on his feet, they couldn’t get any closer together. Sigh… I love them. I want a kdrama romance in my life!! Ok, maybe not. I’m not a big fan of crying into my soup bowl.

        And I wouldn’t bet against that last kiss being ad-libbed because I don’t make bets I can’t win. 😛 The reason I think it was added on was because of her positioning. Usually when shorter actresses are about to be kissed, they tilt their heads up almost in preparation. He had to lean in really far to kiss her, leading me to believe that he did it spur of the moment because she was not in a kissing position.

      • Haha, if only my resolve is as strong as yours. I need to get some work done myself, and I need to prepare a presentation for tomorrow!

        And gosh, the hug he gave when she came back to him in Episode 15. Hot ♥ JGS always has all the right expressions on his face before he does something romantic in M3…like before he gave her that alley smooch. Sigh…

        I too think that the final kiss was ad-libbed, for me because of MGY’s clueless facial expression before he went straight for it. It was as if he asked her something and she was all “What?” and then bam! And the smile that was carved on her face at that moment seemed so genuine ^^

        PS – Your sister sounds cool, drag her to AKP!

      • She is very cool and we have the greatest discussions. I told her we should move to Korea and be the next Hong sisters. hahaha Anyway, I think we need to figure out a way to set up some sort of discussion forum so we don’t have to keep going from post to post here. I nominate you to do it. Is there a soompi geun-geun forum? I don’t like twitter/facebook.

      • ^ Ooooh, does this mean that our Captain is making a special GeunGeun discussion forum for us sailors to sail into a happy Geunified sunset?

        /throws confetti

  35. Hachimitsu, at the end right before pictures are taken just look at his face when she is off camera but he sees her and they cut. Hong Ki probably started goofing off again cause he knows JKS has a crush on MGY.
    LizzyD, you win, go study.

  36. @ ockoala- you mean on soompi or here?

    MGY added some music and on her website:

    “The meaning of reflecting/reviewing, looking back, and reminiscing.”

    JKS- are you listening??!! She’s waiting for you!!!!

  37. Hi guys. I remember all the skinship of our Geuns couple you’ve just all mentioned. The fact that I’m rewatching it ..so aside from my work it’s the Geun’s I spend my other spare time haha…I don’t know but the last hug of them during their last filming is very mysterious. I noticed that too when I first saw the bts filming before..JGS seems makes it hard to let go of his hug to GY, like he is very much affected that it will be their last day of working together…sigh..but I want to think in my Geuns haven, happiness continues hehe..

    And since you guys talked about the SBS awards 2009 rehearsal clip. Lxandra last Jan 18, posted her version of the rough translation of the conversation of JGS and LHK. Though I don’t speak korean I think this more reliable, bcoz i find it mysterious why LHK suddenly mention MGY ssi..unless JGS mentioned it to him in passing and by whispering it. I really heard LHK say.. “ah right MGY ssi”. I want to think he is already crushing GY that time haha…

    2009 SBS Awards bts link
    Check out beginning from 0:25 I think HK was surprise to know that JGS wud be the mc for the night…just a rough translation..
    LHK: Seriously MC?
    JGS: Yes..you dunno?
    LHK: Really?
    JGS: Moon Geun Young too (in a low voice, wasnt clear unless listen real carefully)
    LHK: Aaah…right, Moon Geun Young ssi…(in a loud voice)
    JGS was abt to sit after he mumble MGY’s name but when LHK repeated MGY’s name out loud, he stood up again & playfully push LHK & they both chuckles…I believe knowing the camera was following them JGS intended to mention MGY discreetly to LHK..he didnt want to be caught oncam mentioning MGY’s name while talking to LHK but of cos LHK seem to purposely repeated her name loudly..and the way he put it…that’s right, MGYssi…confirming JGS just mention her name…that’s why he playfully push HK to shut him up…
    (credit to lxandra – thanks!)

    • Oh My Goshhhh.. Thank you for sharing with us.. I believe ur info since in the vid whenever GS is around GY, he looks like a little boy who is acting all weird around the girl he has crush on.. ^^

  38. call me bias but in their recent cfs, I think they didnt look as good with their respective partners as they are with each other…They look great individually but not to gether…example I luv WB…he’s drop dead gorgeous & so is MGY with her angelic beauty…however put their picture together it didnt come as good…sumhow they didnt compliment each other the way JGS & MGY did…Of cos as I said I’m bias..

    I really really hope both will be given a chance to do a cf soon & to be a spoke person of the same brand together…perhaps with some overseas filming…so they can have more privacy…hehe

  39. well i watched msoan only recently. since then i have been an avid fan of geungeun couple.and i read all the posts here.

    but after reading these it occured to me wether jgs is really doing it for publicity ?? i mean he played and flirted with shin hye during YAB times.now he is doing it with MGY. i adore MGY <3
    so if he is doing it i don't think i can like him anymore 🙁

    and i watched a kbs drama award video where MGY n jgs are presenters. and YAB A.N.Jell performed.while performing yong hwa went to MGY n bowed.after that JGS went psh and sang with her 🙁

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